Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 44: Counterattack youth campus text (1)

The two accompanied each other for decades, walked through the south of the Yangtze River, stepped through the wilderness of the northern Xinjiang, climbed the snowy mountain to find the silver fox, and sneaked into the bottom of the East China Sea to find people.

Throughout the whole life, they joined hands and loved each other to the whiteheads. The good love of a lifetime and a double was gradually spread in the world, and finally even turned into a beautiful legend.

Neither of them did not return to the capital, but they returned to Beijing after a lapse of ten years. The capital has long been a human being.

After Cheng Chuan’s resignation in Chu Yue, he was promoted to Cheng Chengjun. From the time he was young and he fought to the big, Yang Huailin, who was finally taken home by him, became the general’s wife. They both had three sons, in addition to the daily must-have blow beard. In the blink of an eye, life is also happy.

As for Yang Yuzhang, who once wanted to take advantage of the situation to leave the palace, he really did not leave the palace in the end, but the reality is not good for him.

Because he was found to be doing business in private, Wang Shu, who was taken over by the opportunity, was rushed out of the Jinwangfu, and even made the means to drop him into the business.

This is not the case, because he is not a capable person in modern society, so the propaganda methods, techniques, etc. that he remembers are actually not too many. The ancients are not stupid, and they learn cleanly in three or two.

His strengths are not many. Where can he compare to the ancient people who have been immersed in this countless years?

In the end, it only got the reputation of an anticlimax, and even more terrifying is that when he failed in business, he found that he had no way.

Jin Wangfu could not help him. The only one who was familiar with it was that he almost drowned him. His brother Yang Huailin was worried about his desire to seduce Cheng, and he would not lend a helping hand.

So in the end, he became a real loner.


Ye Si Nian blinked and pulled his thoughts out of his memories.

Without the idea of ​​wasting time in the system space, he didn't even look at the golden hourglass that had been full and unfilled. He couldn't wait to open the control panel, and his fingertips paused and settled firmly on the green tree. .

The vigorous and powerful green energy is poured into the soul, and the source is constantly full of vitality. Ye Sinian bites the lower lip tightly, and the sparkling phoenix stares at the slow progress bar on the control panel. Hidden with urging.

On the control panel, the green tree that looks like it is moving, and the whole body has a slight golden light.

But only for a moment, under the gaze of Ye Si Nian's eyes, the green tree was somewhat unwilling to restore the ordinary look. The slow progress of the progress bar became like a chicken blood.

Ye Si Nian flashed a glimmer of light in his eyes, he did not expect this speed to be so fast!

The excitement in the heart has not been calmed down. Soon, he was captured by the more and more violent energy.

The green tree proudly stretched out the branches from the control panel, and the claws of the teeth were generally shaken for a moment, and the eyes were fascinated by the feelings of Ye Si Nian. The disciple wrapped around his thin waist and intoxicated for a moment. And quickly retracted before Ye Si Nian was awake.

Slowly opened his eyes, did not think that the energy impact after speeding up the speed is so great, feeling the body's vigorous energy, Ye Si Nian's breathing is somewhat unstable, the upturned eyes are slightly reddish, the phoenix is ​​in the water It seems that there is no indulgence, the seductive red lips are slightly open, and the breathing is a little short.

He blinked and looked at the green tree pattern in a puzzled way. Did you just move this thing?

I didn't find any abnormality when I saw it. I thought that it might be the illusion that I had under my own excitement. Ye Si Nian licked his lips and temporarily put doubts in his heart.

The phoenix was scornful, and Ye Sinian looked forward to licking her lips. The slender fingers quickly clicked on the control panel, and disappeared into the system space in the blink of an eye.


Consciousness came back, and Ye Sinian’s heart moved and slowly opened his eyes.

The top of the head was a white ceiling, and Ye Siyan blinked and slowly sat up.

The half-long bangs fell and blocked the line of sight. Ye Si-nian smashed the quilt's movement and paused.

The line of sight moves down and falls over the hands that stretch out over the chest.

The slender and thin hands are pretty good-looking, but they are a bit too thin. Ye Siyan’s eyebrows are higher and the mind is somewhat puzzled.

According to the furnishings in the room, the owner of the body is not as embarrassed as life.

Is it a bad health?

Thinking that she had actually worn the sick scorpion before, Ye Sinian also endured the doubts in her heart, so she sat on the bed and opened the control panel, and browsed the dense information in a row.

The original name was Song Zichu, at the age of sixteen, and he had just started high school in Jinyang High School three days ago.

On the surface, he seems to be well-fed, but in fact he has a broken family. His parents divorced very early. He was sentenced to his father. His mother flew abroad and never appeared.

His father, Song Shu, is a barrister and has a good reputation in the industry. He has always appeared in front of people in the image of being just and not arrogant, winning numerous praises, but in fact, Song Song is a violent madman with a domestic violence tendency. The mother was beaten by him, and this resolutely proposed a divorce, even at the expense of leaving a parent and child, the divorce was successful.

She was free, but the life of the original Lord Song Zichu completely lost the sun.

Hunger, pain, cold, but can not escape, the original cheerful and innocent Song Zi began to change under the father's long-lasting brutality, he became no longer love to say love laughter, became shocked and overreacted, became a moment to others Prepare for alienation and indifference.

He keeps the bangs that grows to cover his eyes, wears rustic black-rimmed glasses, sits in the corner of the classroom, dresses up in the air, and looks down at almost every moment, not dare to talk to others. I dare not look at the sight of others, and even dare not stand up when the teacher answers the question.

Gradually, everyone is no longer willing to take care of him. He becomes an invisible person in the class. It is the existence of all people who turn a blind eye, even if they see it, they are upset and disgusted.

And all this happened when the female host of this world came to their class.

The female actor is named Tang Xue. She is confident, cheerful and youthful. She just moved to their class because the position was not enough for the teacher to arrange next to Song Zichu. But everyone’s surprise, Tang Xue did not resist very much, but instead I am very enthusiastic and careless, and disregard the advice of others in the dark, entangled the original owner all day, and made a bold statement in public, saying that I want to use the love and warmth to transform the original owner, so that Song Zichu becomes as cheerful and optimistic as her!

For the first time in my life, I met people who didn’t hate myself and wanted to help myself. Song Zi’s heart was so shocked that she gradually placed her in a special position.

Tang Xue’s charm is too great. There are countless pursuers and potential admirers in the class and school. But although she is commensurate with their brothers and friends, she has never promised and is not enthusiastic. In comparison, she can let her take the initiative. At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, it seemed extremely unsightly.

It turned out that Song Zichu was just a neglect for everyone, but after that, he became the object of almost all people's ridicule and bullying.

However, even if Tang Xue's approach made his situation worse, he never blamed her for even a trace.

After all, that was the first person to say that he would be friends with him!

But fate never looked after him.

Because the protagonist is never him.

In this world, Song Zi was just a small cannon fodder, only one of the emotional catalysts between men and women.

The male lord is a rich and arrogant second generation. He rarely came to class, but on the day the female host turned, he just happened to be in a good mood and came to class.

He was astonished to the female host. As a somewhat envious rich second generation, he had seen many women, but no one like Tang Xue, let his heart jump at first sight.

Therefore, when the teacher arranged her to be the same table of the invisible person in the class, he couldn’t help but open his mouth and said, but Tang Xue did not accept his kindness, but refused him very resolutely. He extended his hand to the invisible man with a smile.

Refuted in public, he did not feel angry and embarrassed, but felt that it should be.

So, from then on, this strange girl left a trace in his heart.

Therefore, how much he likes Tang Xue, how much he hates Song Zichu, and under his instigation, Song Zichu, who had a bad life, is even more upset. As long as Song Zi was bullied in the first day, Tang Xue would definitely run over and discuss his theory with him!

Therefore, Song Zi was even worse.

In this way, the time is up to the end of the first semester of the third year of high school, the college entrance examination is imminent.

Because of the work adjustment, Song Shu decided to move to the capital with Song Zichu.

The original owner did not dare to resist, but the female lord Tang Xue was filled with indignation. She decided to go to Song Zichu’s father theory!

But after she went to work, Song Shu turned to a very private club. The unbelievable scene in front of her eyes frightened the simple female host. She screamed out uncontrollably and was discovered. It was not the man who arrived in time, and the consequences were unimaginable.

Even if she was rescued in time, the female host was greatly stimulated by the spirit. She was discharged from the hospital for a long time before she was discharged from the hospital. The male lord was naturally furious and decided to retaliate against the son and son of Song Zi.

And Song Shu was caught by an outsider, and naturally he would not let go of the son who brought him trouble.

Therefore, when the policeman who received the report from the male lord broke into the door, Song Zi had already been beaten to death.

Song Shu was arrested on the spot and was notorious.

The female host was late when she heard the news. She was very sad. She went to the cemetery with the male owner to see Song Zichu.

The beautiful sunset, in front of the tombstone of the early Song Dynasty, Tang Xue, who was crying with pears and rain, accepted the embrace of the man, and the two finally got together.

Ye Si Nian took a deep breath and worked hard for a long time before he barely suppressed the nausea of ​​his heart.

This kind of earth-shaking is only to influence you, but we are only friends of the third-rate drama...

Lips pulled out a full of malicious laughter, and Ye Sinian blinked at the expectation and felt that life would be interesting in the future.

After all, it’s rare to see someone who is in a good position for you, but who is trapped in a desperate situation! 2k novel reading network