Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 6: Inverse attack on the end of the world (

When the door is closed, where is the Ye Si Nian in the room, who is irritated by anger and loses his sense of reason?

With a slap in the face, Ye Si Nian turned his eyes to the sky.

I haven’t played a play for a long time, so a arrogant and arrogant young man, who is very angry, is still very enjoyable.

Only the maliciousness in Yang Jun’s eyes made him very uncomfortable.

Just because he and Li Feiyan are right, so he wants to put himself to death?

According to the original fate trajectory, the original owner and Yang Jun will also have a battle.

The original master returned from Qingyi County, unable to bear the ridicule of others, so his character became more and more violent and irritated. He was even more jealous of Li Feiyan who compared him to the soil. The two had a bad relationship. More often it is a conflict.

When the original Lord once again yelled at Li Feiyan and threatened to kill him, he was just heard by Ye Liu and Yang Jun outside the house. Before he really acted, Yang Jun was in the limelight of Ye Liu’s acquiescence.

The same words and excitement, where can the original owner of the sensitive violent period be able to endure? When the mind is hot, it raises the challenge of the downfall, and Yang Jun’s heart is in the middle.

Ye Liu reprimanded, Yang Jun faked, stunned on the surface, privately swept through the eyes of Ye Si Nian but full of contempt, as if you said that you did not use only rely on the father! Therefore, the original decisive decisive move, categorically rejected the proposal of Ye Liu’s handshake and insisted on going down.

Ye Liu was dismissed from the face, and the heart did not like more points. Anyway, he didn't care, so he didn't care.

The two also signed a bet, and whoever lost the bet left Ye Family and could not go back for life.

How did the original attacker with poor attack power fight Yang Jun who had strong combat power? Of course, he lost, and he lost a lot. The loss was extremely shameful, not only because he was broken by the nucleus, but also because he cheated, he bribed the referee, and was exposed by Yang Jun in front of everyone in the base. Therefore, the reputation that was not so good was stinking to the extreme, and Ye Liu was dragged down and faceless, and he was even more disgusted with him.

But now Ye Si Nian is not the original owner.

He won't bribe the referee, and he won't lose it.

The original challenge of smashing all the hopes of the original owner would be the first high tide of his successful life.

Isn't it to defeat Yang Jun?

He will make everyone look at each other.


I heard that Ye Sinian and Yang Jun had the news of the downfall, and the reactions of the people at the base varied.

Yang Jun is a well-known fire abilities. His strength is not at the top of the pyramid, but he is also at the top of the pyramid. Ye Si Nian is the opposite. The rumors of weak water power attack are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Although he had previously had the experience of killing the four-level zombies, most of them only happened to be lucky. No one thought that he could rival Yang Jun.

Some people think that Yang Jun is too shameful to be bullied and young, and that some people think that Ye Sinian does not know how to succumb to the high spirits. Some people think that Yang Junding has a shackle with Ye Family, otherwise he will not be in trouble with Ye Liu... ...

Everyone reacted differently, but all of them were waiting for their test. The challenge in the base was to allow people to watch. Although they had to buy tickets to enter the game, if they could learn something from the masters, then the tickets were also spent. It’s not enough.

Although it is the end of the world, people love to join in the fun of love gossip, but they have not faded. Instead, they have become more and more high because of the degradation of entertainment activities. In addition, they have just passed the LAN before, so there is a variety of speculations in the base forum. The post of the original issue, the netizens all kinds of gossips, and the news that Ye Sinian and Yang Jun will carry out the challenge of the downfall will be rumored.

Ye Si Nian was wearing a pajamas in a chair, looking at the computer with gusto, and stunned the netizen's brain-filling ability.

Qin Shiyue frowned at the computer, hesitated for a moment, or picked up the communicator at hand.

Ye Si Nian was able to see the strength, and he heard that the communicator’s voice didn’t even think about it.


The mellow and low voice sounded in his ear. Ye Si Nian breathed for a moment, and took the communicator in the ear a little further. This is: "Qin General? Is there something?"

"Call me when Yue." The man at the end of the communicator seemed to be helpless. He said: "I saw the news on the forum."

"Oh." Yesi did not care, but her eyes remained on the computer screen. There were a few gangs on the truss, and the controversial topic was to challenge who will win tomorrow.

“Why?” Qin Shiyue seemed to have not realized the perfunctoryness of Ye Si Nian, but instead asked the reason with great interest.

"I made a break." Ye Sinian took back all her heart and put it on their conversation. Suddenly, her eyes turned and she asked in a tone: "Who do you think will win?"

"It was you at the time." The man at the other end of the communicator gave a chuckle, but the voice was very calm. He was still jokingly saying: "I have made a big bet on you, don't let me lose my blood!"

“I have a note?” Yessin asked in surprise: “How much?”

"Cary's money has been thrown in." Qin Shiyue smiled and said: "If you lose, I will become poor."

"Then I have to think about whether or not to win." Yesnian deliberately ridiculed, and the phoenix flashed a clear smile.

When Qin Shiyue glanced, he suddenly gave a hearty laugh, saying: "It doesn't matter if you lose, just when I invest."

Ye Si Nian naturally would not ask what investment, he licked his lips, laughed and said nothing.

Qin Shiyue suppressed the embarrassment that could not be said in his heart, holding his breath and listening to the young and shallow breathing of the communicator.

For a time, the two fell into an unspeakable silence.

After a while, it was not too early to see the time. Qin Shiyue was quite reluctant to say: "Get to sleep early and raise your spirits."

"Yeah." Yesny laughed and licked her lips, and gave a low voice.

"I will pick you up tomorrow?" Qin Shiyue slammed the tension in his heart and asked carefully.

"... um." Yesny raised her eyebrows and smiled a little deeper.

Qin Shiyue, whose heart is willing to reach, almost jumped out with excitement and coughed a little. This is the only way to say: "See you tomorrow."

"see you tomorrow."

Listening to the sound of "dudu" in the ear, Qin Shiyue regrettably put down the communicator.

But only for a moment, he regained his excitement.

Yesian did not reject himself! He promised to let him pick him up tomorrow! ! !

Qin Shiyue took a deep breath and waited for a while to calm down the excitement.

There seems to be a shy voice in the crisp as if still lingering in my ear. Qin Shiyue unconsciously rubbed the three characters of "Yesian" on the communicator, and the eyebrows were soft and smiling.

Early the next morning, Yesian was ready to leave the Yejia Villa.

Turning his head and looking at the home of the original heart, Ye Si Nian suddenly provoked a satirical smile.

When I was picked up from the orphanage at the age of ten, this is the home of the original heart, the place where he tried his best and left, but what about the last?

Ye Liu opened an all-night meeting and rushed home as soon as he got the news. He didn't expect the car to see the rebellious face that made him lose face, and suddenly his face was blue.

"Funny!" Ye Liu screamed: "What crazy are you sending! Who will allow you to challenge you, Uncle Yang?! Don't rush to apologize to you, Uncle Yang!"

Yesi’s frowning, she only felt tired and tired. What would his cheap father besides reprimanding? He never cared about the original owner, and he never thought of him as his own son. This time he did not know the truth of the matter and forced himself to apologize. Why?

So he no longer disguised, coldly said: "Why should I apologize? Just because you are my father?"

"Isn't this enough?!" Seeing that he dared to talk back, Ye Liu's face was even worse. He never liked this night. The product of love, now I feel awkward after having a lover: "If you still want to be I am your father, stop immediately!"

"It’s late." Yesn turned his head and waved at the black buggy that was slowly coming from the villa.

After the modification, the off-road vehicle is more wild, and looks like a wild steel monster from afar. It doesn't look like ordinary people can have.

When the window was shaken, Qin Shiyue’s cool face came out. He smiled slightly toward Ye Liu’s head and shifted his gaze to Ye Si Nian. His eyes softened and the voice was smiling. Meaning, said: "Sin, get on the bus."

"Yeah." Ye Si Nian did not look at the sluggish Ye Liu and Li Feiyan, who was not far from the look, and neatly got on the passenger seat.

Seeing that he did not sit in the back seat, Qin Shiyue's smile in the eyes was a bit deeper, and the moment is no longer staying. Turning the front of the car to the square in the center of the base, and the platform is there.

When they reached the collapse, the audience who bought the tickets had already entered the scene. There were many people outside the venue who could not get the tickets in time. The bets on the business of chatting and chatting were full of people.

Ye Sinian looked at the sign that wrote the odds and smiled and swept the man around him.

Qin Shiyue followed his eyes and immediately, while carefully avoiding pedestrians, he said: "I can't let go of the opportunity to earn crystal nucleus so easily."

"So sure, I will definitely win?"

"I believe in you." Qin Shiyue turned his face and looked at him meaningfully.

Ye Si Nian pulled the corner of his mouth, but did not say anything.


Yang Jun walked into the ring with confidence. Although his firepower has not been advanced for some time, it is a means of life-saving. Even if he is busy, he has not stopped practicing, and Ye Liu is very generous to him. The supply of crystal nuclei has not been lacking, so he is very confident in his ability.

The sight of the audience sweeping through the crowd around the venue, stopped in the ugly Ye Liu and Li Feiyan, and Yang Jun secretly calculated.

Ye Si Nian is, after all, Ye Liu’s biological son. Even if he hates him to the extreme because of Li Feiyan’s sake, he can’t be too excessive. Although the challenge is no matter whether it is life or death, it is to leave a face to Ye Liu.

Yang Jun frowned, and decided to abandon the kid's ability today, so that he is no longer qualified. As for the rest, when he was driven out of Ye Family to drive out of Jingcheng, he naturally secretly grasped and slowly rectified.

Yang Jun originally thought that it would not be his name to defeat Ye Si Nian with a few tricks. However, when Ye Siyan came to him slowly, he suddenly jumped his heart.

The young man who is slender but not thin is standing tall, and the face is still a casual expression that seems to be everything, but when the calm and waveless eyes look over, he sees a clear disregard.

It’s like watching an ant.

Yang Jun’s heart is cold.

Tightly clenched his fists, Yang Jun put away a careless attitude, his body jerked, his hands ignited with a golden flame, and instantly formed a huge fire dragon. When the sun was around, the heat was raging and the audience was amazed. Unexpectedly, I saw the fire dragon rushing toward Ye Si Nian.

Ye Si Nian’s face was cold and his right hand was light. In a flash, a crystal clear water dragon appeared in the air. This dragon was almost twice as big as the water dragon, and the faucet was lightly swayed, and it was hedged toward the fire dragon with a momentum of nowhere. go with.

The two dragons suddenly collided in the air, only listening to a loud noise, and the ring was suddenly wrapped in thick water vapor.

The crowds on the crowd had not had time to exclaim, and they saw a more imposing water dragon slamming through the water and rushing into the air, and swooping down and rushing toward the side where the original Yang Jun stood. past.

A scream came out of the fog, and all the onlookers couldn’t help but chill, but they were smoldered by the curiosity in their hearts. They only hated to look at the eyes, so they could see through the thick water mist. The situation.

In the fog, Yesian slowly raised his lips.

Fingers gently hooked, not far from the dead, Yang Jun, who was lying dead on the ring, violently twitched, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood.

There was a fierce tingling sensation in the whole body, and the blood flowed uncontrollably, and the blood vessels contracted madly. He instinctively curled up his body and tried to relieve this dull and intense pain.

However, the pain on * is far less than the pain in my heart. I found that I could no longer feel the crystal nucleus in my body. Yang Jun was stunned and looked at Ye Sinian in horror.

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