Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 60: Counterattack martial arts np text (eigh

All the way to the boat, when they stop and go to Yuezhou City, there are only three or four days left before the martial arts conference.

The martial arts have been calm for a long time, and the people in the rivers and lakes who are unable to live are full of enthusiasm for the forthcoming martial arts conference. Almost half a month ahead of schedule, the people in the Yuezhou city can be seen everywhere.

Except for a few invited sects, most of the other people can only live in the city of Yuezhou. There are more people. The city inn is full of business. You are a martial arts rookie or a famous river and lake. Later, almost no one has a good position. Either a few people will stay together in a big room, or they will just stay in a simple inferior room.

How many martial arts people walking in the rivers and lakes are good-tempered? For a time, the conflict in the city due to the competition for housing did not know how many times it happened, and almost ran off the legs of the city.

Fortunately, Yesian does not need to worry about this. Yuezhou City is a big city. There is no Muslim industry here. There are prepared houses.

The carriage passed by the front of the crowded pub and went straight to the south of the city.

After the car turned over a street, I only heard the voices of people sizzling, and Ye Si’s young picking up the curtains went out. In addition to the people of the rivers and lakes who were wearing the swords, they were all trying to sell the businessmen, and they couldn’t help but squint, some doubts. .

At this time, it is natural to be the performance moment of the Almighty. He is keenly aware of the incomprehensibility in his eyes. The cloud does not give up while carefully driving the carriage, while laughing and confusing for his own teacher: "Master, today It is fifteen, there is a market."

In the eyes, there was a trace of sorrow. Ye Si’s gaze could not help but add some fun. He swept his eyes and looked at the pedestrians who were dressed in various costumes. He listened to the accent of the accent in the north of the sea and thought of his own children. When I stayed on the island, I rarely touched outsiders. When I was in the middle of my heart, I suddenly said, "Would you like to take a nap?"

The cloud did not abandon the strange eyes and blinked. He knew the character of his own teacher and the quiet, and there was no market in the island. But the Master has never been to even once, how did he now have such a thought?

Although the heart is full of doubts, but the cloud does not abandon the fact that he does not know to refuse his own master, so the words immediately agreed, and the carriage was stopped to stop.

Ye Si Nian opened the curtain just to go down, and saw a strong and strong hand reaching out to the front.

The cloud did not abandon the face and raised a little smile, and looked up and looked down at his master.

The man is the best age, and his body is slender and strong because of the practice of martial arts. The black clothes cover the smooth muscles of his body, but he can’t cover the kind of face, let people want to breathe. The charm of the mature male.

The hand that stretched out stretched out a bit, and the cloud did not give up the blink of an eye, hiding the more and more burning light in the eyes.

Although she has been used to the care of her own children, she still feels helpless at this time.

Although the heart feels that there is something wrong with his behavior in the public, but the eyes of the child are expecting fullness, Ye Si Nian immediately forgets the uncomfortable feeling.

What is wrong with the filial piety of his own children? !

With both hands in the grip, Ye Sinian borrowed the car in the cloud's smile.


"Golden Jade! Buy it back and give it to the lady!"

"Wooden combs, kits, purses! Sell it cheap! Come over and take a look!"

"Sugar gourd! A bunch of money! Sweet and big sugar gourd!"


A variety of screams were heard in the ears, and for a long time, I had never approached this lively and awkward occasion. Ye Sinian flashed a smile on her lips and joked about the ordinary people behind her: "What? never seen it?"

"Ah?" The cloud did not give up and suddenly returned to the gods, slamming his hands behind him, his eyes staring blankly at the teacher who was full of interest.

Ye Sinian raised his eyebrows slightly, and Feng Xiao gently swept his eyes, aiming at the hand he was hiding behind him, but did not force him to ask anything. Instead, he regained his gaze and repeated it very well: "This seat... I ask you Not seen before."

The right hand hidden behind him clenched tightly. The cloud did not abandon the lively market in front of the eyes. He smiled and said: "Of course I saw that whenever the market is set, there will be many people in the city. Whenever I am, I will You can get more copper plates than in the past, that is the happiest time for me."

Saying, the cloud does not deny it as if it is very missed, and it looks like a hook. Look at the teacher and respect: "But after that, the teacher appeared, so every moment has become the most beautiful moment."

At the beginning of Ye Si Nian, he still had some distressed feelings. When he heard his last sentence, his distressed emotion suddenly disappeared. He gave him a squint and said: "The mouth is slippery!"

Cloud does not give up a smile, does not explain, directly pull his sleeves and go to the depths of the market, while walking and saying: "Master, I will take you to eat delicious!"

Ye Si Nian shook his head, although he didn't say it in his mouth, but it was still affected by his words. At this time, he saw that he did not use the appropriate movements of his sleeves, and he did not say anything to reprimand. His mind went forward.

When I first walked in the front, the cloud did not abandon the person behind me and refused. The eyes flashed a glimmer of light.

"How about this sugar-fried chestnut?" The cloud did not give up and shrugged his nose, and looked back at the master with his eyes flashing.

The aroma of sweet scent is in the air, and it smells really good. Ye Sinian nodded to the bright eyes of the singer.

I got a positive answer, and when the cloud did not abandon, he took him and smiled and went forward.

Attentive shopkeepers gave them sugar and fried chestnuts, and looked at them with a smile. They praised: "This little brother is really handsome! Your brother is also a talented person in Yushu! I don't know who it is." In order to raise such a good son of Longzhang Fengzi good character!"

The cloud did not abandon the paper bag that the boss handed over. He couldn’t help but feel his heart. He did not refute the fact that he recognized his master as his brother. Instead, he smiled and nodded.

Ye Si Nian, who had been watching for a long time, couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, but he himself did not have the habit of explaining it to irrelevant people. He only thought that his own children were the same, and he did not care too much.

But soon, he realized that he should not let it go.

Leaning at the side of the cloud, smiling and smirking, Ye Sinian raised his voice slightly and said, "What do you call me?"

"A brother!" Cloud did not give up and smiled and reached out to him, lying on the palm of his hand and peeling a few chestnuts.

"No big or no small!" Ye Si Nian Feng slammed, whispered: "Who told you to call it!"

The cloud does not abandon the smile, said: "Isn't it meant to cover up the identity? If someone knows that the teacher is so young, he will accept the disciples, and he will be suspicious. Maybe they will pay attention to them, although we are not afraid of trouble, but trouble. The less the better, the better!"

"Strong words!" Yesan looked at him silently, but he reached out and took the chestnuts of his palm.

The cloud did not give up on him and did not strongly oppose it. The mysterious mind in the heart grew higher, but the face was not revealed at all. The smile on his face was clean and sunny. He smiled and bent his eyes, like a child who was satisfied with a prank. general.

So, in the lively market, Yesi Nian listened to the people behind him and did not stop calling themselves - "A brother"

"A brother! You see there are sugar candies!"

"A brother! The wooden comb there looks good!"

"A brother! I can't walk..."

"A brother..."

"A brother..."

The voice of the young man lingered in the ear, twirling relatives, calling the brother-in-law with a hint of sorrow, and it was touching the heart.

But I don't know why, obviously it is a normal name, but Ye Sinian has a faint sense of shame from the bottom of my heart.

just like……

It's like hiding secret thoughts after these two words.


Ye Si Nian’s eyes swept over his face, full of excitement and full of sunshine, and felt that his thoughts were simply inexplicable.

But the children like to play, and where is the secret?

I thought that my family was a person from a young age. After I was brought back to teach, I didn’t have any playmates. Ye Sinian suddenly realized that she was incompetent.

Although the singer has never shown the need for a playmate, how can he ignore such a big problem?

It’s **** it!

Ye Si Nian, who has fallen into self-blame, has forgotten that he has never been alone in the cloud. He was not alone. No one tried to be friends with him, but he was unrelentingly rejected without exception.

In the minds of the young clouds, he and the masters will always be together, and each other will be together forever.

What to play with, but it is an obscure light bulb that may separate the attention of the master.

He naturally would not allow that kind of person to appear.

The gaze of the teacher's body on his own body is full of distressed feelings. Rao is the cloud that does not abandon the mind that is good at trying to figure out his own master. At this time, he can't help but feel a little confused.

Well, I am visiting the market. Where did this distressed mood come from? Is it that I have performed too much, so that the Master has misunderstood that he used to live too hard before he saw the world? This……

Is this good or bad?

The cloud does not abandon the face and looks at the silver ring in the hand, some of which are uncertain.

He just wants to try to give himself some opportunities to take advantage of it. If you really let your own teacher feel bad, then it is worthless!

He hasn't figured out why he has come here, and Ye Si Nian has come out of the self-blaming emotion.

After making up his mind, he must pay more attention to the physical and mental health problems of his own children. It is rare for Ye Si Nian to show a glimmer of color on his face. He said softly: "Do not abandon, like this?"

The cloud did not abandon it and was scared by the abnormal master. He threw the ring in his hand. You must know that since he was ten years old, he felt that he was already an adult. On the other hand, he tried to exercise his heart. There is no such soft and caring expression on the face.

Especially... it’s so gentle to call your name...

Don't give up...

Don't give up...

The two words spit out from the mouth of the master, and turned out to be such a hook!

The strangeness on the face of the disciple is clearly visible. Ye Si Nian will not miss it naturally. His eyes flashed a sly look. He licked his lips and reached out and handed the boss a few golden leaves. He said, "Is it enough?"

"Enough is enough!" The boss looked at the undressed son in front of him and was busy nodding.

Ye Sinian swept his eyes and stood next to him, saying: "Let's keep it."

After that, he turned and went to the booth next to him.

The cloud stood in the same place, he looked at the back of the eye, and looked down at the material in his hand, but the engraving was not bad.

Finally, slowly tightened his hand. 2k novel reading network