Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 77: The counterattack of the cannon gray cat

Ye Si-nian was sitting on the side of the campfire with his hands on his knees, his eyes staring at the flame of jumping without a focal length.

"Ian!" Iss sat down beside him, screaming at his head and licking his furry head. He was concerned about his affection: "Why don't you eat?"

Not far from the eye, the process of making the rough and unrestrained roasting, the free and squinting eyes blinked for a moment, and Ye Siian almost did not stretch the expression of the toothache.

The world is still in the relatively primitive stage. Although the orcs have already learned to put a white stone in the roast meat, it still does not purify the high-tech method, so the barbecue is very fragrant. But the taste is rough and tasteless.

The unfortunate Ye Sinian had just bitten the first bite and was smashed into the teeth by the sand.

What is even more unfortunate is that a family of four who only came to see him is so unskilled that his "technique" is so unskilled, his toothache can't be expressed, he can only bear it silently, and it is simply depressing to vomiting blood!

In the heart of the mad spit, Ye Si's face did not show up at all, his blue eyes reflected the flames of jumping, his eyes were a bit stunned and seemed to be covered with a layer of mysterious yarn, the lines of soft facial features delicate face With a sly smile.

He slowly turned his head and looked at Iss next to him. His eyes still had no focal length. It was obvious that Iz, but it seemed to see something else through him.

"What's wrong? Is it uncomfortable?" I was stared at by the eyes with no focal length, and Isis suddenly felt a tight heart and asked with concern.

The face still retains the expression of the gods who can confuse people. Ye Sinian squints his eyes and frowns. The original crisp voice is a little low, and the impatient heart can't help but calm down.

There was a trace of embarrassment on the surface of Ess. Just after returning to God, I heard the low and ethereal voice: "Brother, I made a dream..."

The tight heart suddenly slammed, and Ess breathed a sigh of relief, and some of them did not breathe hard to lick their own brother's head.

He is still in the end what happened! It turned out to be just a dream...

"What kind of dream?" Isa's original stiff expression relaxed. He smiled and reached for the shoulder of his brother. In his heart, he was ready to comfort the younger brother and brother who had a nightmare.

"This dream is very strange..." Yessian licked his head, and the blue eyes were covered with a dark color, and the voice was low: "I dreamed that you and Burt broke, and two people robbed the patriarch, The Ige tribe blood flowed into the river, and even myself was caught in a quagmire by a giant python, hanged alive..."

When he said the first sentence, Iss’s smile was completely stuck on his face, and his voice echoed his brother’s low voice. It seemed to have flashed the **** and desperate picture. The lion and the beast and the scorpion fight each other. The tribes of the peaceful tribes in the past flowed into the river, and the favorite brother was desperately helplessly swept into the quagmire by the giant python. The sound of the broken bones is so clear...

Suddenly shuddered, and the heart could not stop chilling. Iss opened his mouth and found that his throat was like being smothered by force, and he couldn’t speak.

He believes in the existence of the beast, just like his own rebirth. This thing seems to him to be the gift of the beast. When he was young and prosperous, he still had doubts about the existence of the beast, but It’s different now, I knew that I had no life at the time, but when I opened my eyes, I found myself returning to the past!

He didn't think that all of this was his own dream, but when the dream coincided with reality, he could no longer doubt it.

The anger of betrayal and murder in the heart has been afflicting him. As long as he thinks that he will become a partner with such a person in the future, and eventually loses his child and life, he will not want to put Bert to death immediately!

But Bert is too powerful. Although he is a powerful lion and tiger beast, it is very difficult to kill Mori, and the Ig tribe is strictly forbidden to kill each other. That kind of thing will surely provoke the anger of the entire tribe, and it will be your family when you are tired!

They are the deportees. If they are expelled by the Ig tribe, then the whole continent will no longer have tribes willing to take them in! Without the blessing of the tribe, it is very difficult for him to survive in the wild alone. He can bear it, but what about his brother?

Moreover, why should he push himself into such a situation for such a person?

Although he still follows Beth in these days, he is different from the previous worship, and he has been trying to retaliate.

Beast God bless! When he heard Bert talking to others today, he finally found a way to retaliate, that is, to steal the position of the patriarch from under his eyes!

Others may not know, but he knows how much Bert pays attention to that position. As an orc who has been abandoned since he was a child, he had eaten too much bitterness at the beginning, and it took too long to live on precarious days, so when he was strong When I got up, I couldn’t help but start chasing rights and fame...

The previous Bert had his own help, so he could take over the position of the patriarch, but if he no longer supported him and even launched an offensive against that position, could Bert still do so?

The patriarchal position that is at your fingertips is taken away by others. How is Bert’s anger?

As long as you think about it, he feels a bad breath in his heart!

but now……

Suddenly a terrible guess came out of his heart. Iss retracted some of the trembled hands, and the expression was very reluctant to smile. He looked at his brother’s voice and hoarsely said: "I... Ian, what have you dreamed of? ?"

The bottom of the eye was a bit unbearable, but Ye Si Nian still shook his head and said: "I only remember this..."


Ess turned his head silently, staring at the flame that was jumping in front of him, and was unwilling to let his brother see the struggle in his eyes.

He had just made up his mind and Burt robbed the patriarch. The younger brother had such a dream. If the two were not connected, they would just be born again. Isa, who believes in the power of the beast, is unbelievable.

But... But what does the beast **** mean?

Is it true that you are born again, but can't do anything?

Is it the suffering that one suffers, and the poor child died in vain?

Can you watch Bert’s life as smooth as he can? !

Ye Siyan stared blankly at the side of his brother's beautiful face, and the fire reflected it. The deep three-dimensional facial features were covered with a faint radiance, the lines were soft and tough, and it was also put in modern times. A handsome man with a hormonal explosion!

Blinking in the blink of an eye, the rushing rushing in the phoenix.

Of course, he does not want to persuade him to renounce revenge, but it is irrational to directly create conflicts like the original fate trajectory.

This is the world of the orcs. All orcs have the same physical appearance. When they are underage, all the orcs are the same. Without sex, they can all become animal-type, but after eating the pregnant fruit, they are pregnant. The orcs will lose the ability to become a beast, and they will only have a human form in their lifetime.

This is a world of weak meat. The indecent orcs do not have sharp claws and strong body. Of course, they can no longer participate in hunting. They will transfer the center of life to the family and take responsibility for feeding the young, and the task of hunting. It will fall on the father.

Before, Isis had been following Bert, and he never showed any ambition. Although others did not say anything, most of them thought that his life goal was to become a companion with Bert and finally give birth to him. A few nests of small snakes, so if Isstrade rushes to the opposite of Bert, I am afraid that everyone will think that he is a traitor.

For a long time, Bert was the strongest of the younger generation in everyone's mind. If Iss is not prepared, it will be extremely difficult at the beginning.

In the original fate trajectory, in order to win the support of others and the Bert confrontation, each time Is went out to hunt with the tribe members, they all struggled to express their fighting power. On several occasions, they even died of serious injuries.

And his mad behavior also made others gradually realize that he really intends to break with Burt.

Some people disdain and think that he is the strength of Robert. He feels that he is not comparable to Bert who has always had the strongest title; some people are closer to Iss because he is intimate and tough, and Iss Both the father and the father are famous in the tribe. The fighting power is high and generous. Unlike Bert, who was hard when he was a child, and he was sought after after he grew up, he was arrogant and looked down on other orcs with weak combat power...

The two sides are almost invincible, and the Ig tribe is increasingly fierce.

If it wasn't for Iss to have a memory of the future, if it wasn't for the big cat tribe's patriarch, Blair, he would help him. In the end, it was the deer who died, but it was not sure.

and so……

Why do you have a conflict directly?

But it is a flowering snake...


The dark mans in the eyes flashed away, and Ye Si-nian’s expression was awkwardly hooked, and he whispered: "Brother, you have something to glare at me, right?"

Isa’s pupil was squashed, and he clenched his hands subconsciously. When he turned his head, his expression was so complicated for the first time.

Anger, despair, sorrow, struggle... There is also a panic that cannot be turned away.

He could hardly imagine how regretful he would be if his revenge would eventually lead to the death of Ian.

As long as he thinks about it, he feels heartbroken to almost suffocate.

The curled thick eyelashes cast two fan-shaped shadows on the face. The expression of Ye Si Nian was extremely soft under the fire. He reached out and held his brother's slightly trembling hand with almost no temperature. His voice was low and he was soothing with spring breeze. : "Brother, let me know, let me help you..."

The struggle and panic in Iss’s eyes slowly dissipated a little in his soft voice. He opened his mouth to his brother’s blue eyes, which was full of trust and concern. He said, “Ian, you. Believe in the beast god..."

The two brothers talked about the late night at the campfire. Although most of the time they were talking about it, Isis still felt the peace of mind.

With the companionship and comfort of my younger brother, the memories of those painful, unbearable, dark and desperate seem to be no longer terrible. For the first time after the rebirth, Isis felt a lot easier in my heart, just like I finally pulled out the root. The thorns buried deep in the heart, although the pain is inevitable, there is an indescribable pleasure.

After the rebirth came back, the violent emotions that had been lingering in the heart were alleviated, and the chaotic mind was clear.

Realizing how irrational his plan was, Is was scared to have a cold sweat on his back.

If you really are unprepared and you are right with Bert, can you really win? Even if you win, how much will it cost?

Ess froze, thinking about the gap between himself and Bert, thinking of the unpredictable heavy price, he felt that the daytime to think of the plan and the excitement of himself is simply unreasonable!

If Ian didn't do that dream, wouldn't he really rob the patriarch of Bert, and eventually lead to the tribe's blood flowing into the river, and even cause Ian to die?

Thinking of this, Ismail will look at his brother with his soft eyes and break into his arms.

The big hand smashed on the younger brother's furry head, and Ess smiled and said: "Ian, the beast must love you very much!"

If I am not blessed by the beast, how can Ian do such a predictive dream?

Just like blessing yourself, the beast **** is also blessing Ian!

In the heart to find a perfect explanation for the brother's anomaly, Isa's worship and gratitude to the beast is almost overflowing!

Ye Si Nian turned his eyes indecently. Although he was dismissive of the so-called beast god, he saved the trouble of explanation. He did not care what the beast was not the beast.

This is also good, after all, they are not the aborigines of this world, and some subconscious behaviors will inevitably appear to be somewhat out of place. With the umbrella of the beast, you don’t have to work so hard.

Thinking in my heart, Ye Sinian reached out and patted her brother's strong back and said, "I am sleepy..."

Only then did I realize that time had passed to the middle of the night. At this time, my brother had already slept. Is let go of my soft-brother, and I was embarrassed to touch the tip of my nose. "Go to sleep!"

"Well, you go to bed early!" Yessin nodded and stood up and walked to the stone house not far away.

Thankfully, the world already has houses, no need to live in caves...


The night is already deep, and the bright moonlight is scattered all over the earth, and the calm sea is sparkling.

The long dark hair of the dark ink hangs behind, gently fluttering in the night wind, the sturdy mermaid sits quietly on the reef, and the deep purple fish tail hangs straight down to the sea.

The dark-colored pupils are filled with the stars in the sky, and they are covered with a thin layer of sea fog. The long, white fingers are an ink-colored rope. I don’t know if the material is special or the craft is too rough. It looks very special.

The finger is finely played with pure black stone beads tied with the black-colored rope. Under the moonlight, the round surface of the beads reflects the soft radiance.

Ye Si Nian fluttered his furry wings and flew obliquely toward the flat, wide reef.

Is he already hungry and thirsty?

of course not.

He just fell asleep and hungry, so he came out to find something to eat.

The orc's roasting craftsmanship is really flattering, although the original owner's stomach can certainly adapt, but for centuries, life has been rich and comfortable, and Ye Si-nian, who is not tired of food and care, is quite unbearable.

In the previous world, the old attack had all his clothes, food, shelter, and care. Although he said that he was a little shameful, he did develop a habit of being hungry and not satisfied with the old attack.

Odley’s original half-eyed eyes lifted up, and he looked at the black spots not far away, and the ink-colored pupils flashed a stream of light.

It is like ice and snow melting in the sun in an instant, and the original chilly eyebrows appear a touch of softness.

He stared at the figure that was getting closer and closer, and the steady heartbeat could not help but temper.

Under the moonlight, the sturdy mermaid is red. Sitting naked on the black reef, the purple fish tail reflects the fascinating light in the moonlight, and the beautiful face becomes clearer and clearer. The ink-colored eyes looked straight at themselves, and they were full of concentration.

The ears hidden in the hair were a bit strange and hot. Ye Si Nian licked his lips and moved his heart. The pair of pink-stained ears disappeared instantly, but two hairy hairs appeared on the top of his head.

Shaking his ears, Ye Sinian fluttered the wings behind his lower body and flew to the mermaid, which was coated with a silvery glow by the moonlight.

O'Del raised his head and his eyes flashed with a clear smile. He looked at the little milk cat who was flying in the air and was not very stable. He opened his lips and opened his arms.

The eyes were stunned by the deepest eyes, and Ye Sinian, who was looking for a stop, trembled, his furry ears trembled, and the furry wings behind him stopped slamming and fell straight down.

The strong and powerful arm accurately caught the little milk cat who was throwing his arms, and Odley was very satisfied with a smile, holding the person tightly in his arms.

The palm is tightly attached to the smooth and smooth muscles, and the hidden explosive power can be easily felt. Ye Si Nian blinks and blinks, and the phoenix phoenix flashes a hint of coveted.

The more proud of her heart, O'Deal was quite a chest, and did not feel embarrassed at all, but rather generously allowed the soft little paws of the little milk cat to move freely.

After a handful of addiction, Ye Sinian blinked and coughed, pushing his hands on the shoulders of the mermaid and motioning him to let go.

I never thought about letting go of the prey in my arms. Odley licked his head and said with a low voice: "You call Ian?"

"Yes." Anyway, he couldn't push it. Yesnian simply took the strength of his hand, and his eyes swept over the azure stone beads that fell between the delicate clavicles. He looked up at his deep eyes and said: "Odley. ”

His name was drilled from the pair of bright red lips. Odley’s arm was unconsciously tightened with Ye Si Nian’s arm, and his eyebrows were clearly smiling. He smiled at the corner of his lips. The magnetic sound is fascinating and beautiful: "Little milk cat."

With a reckless blindness to this title, Ye Sinian put his fingers on his plump chest and said: "I am hungry and want to eat fish."

The eyebrows provoked a pleasant arc, and the caudal fins hanging on the sea did not open consciously. Odri’s iron arms with thin waists in his arms were loose and loose. He stretched his hand and grasped the rhythm. The hand that came, said: "Would you like to eat the fish I caught?"

The furry ears of the head shook in an instant, and the surface did not consciously float a touch of red.

The orc world doesn't have so much romance, and the orcs don't have the sweet words. In their world, the prey they capture can supply the cubs that are related to themselves, and the rest are only companions.

Unless you have a special situation, or accept someone else's prey, it means that you are willing to be a partner with him.

So Odley looked plain and impermanent, but with a deep courtship.

On the pair of ink-colored eyes that seemed to exude the expectation of light, Ye Si-nian licked his lips, tried to ignore the enthusiasm on the face, and raised his chin proudly: "Why not?"

The light in his eyes was even worse. O'Brien's chilly face was dyed with a pleasant look, and he happily reached out and gently rubbed the two furry ears.

The little milk cat who didn't wait for the instant hair to stretch out his claws, O'Deal took back his hand, and he was so happy that even the sound was good. "I am going to catch you!"

The long mermaid poses a deep purple fishtail with a fascinating color, and the action quickly jumps into the sea.

The sound of the waves is undulating in the ear, and the sea breeze with coolness is coming. The dark blue of the moonlight is almost black, and the upper part of the mermaid is flashing in the dark water. The deep purple fishtail Almost integrated with the sea, reflecting the moonlight of the moon, everything is like a dream.

Ye Si Nian’s eyes widened and his hands were annoyed to cover his hot and hot cheeks.


How do you beat your heart so fast...


Sharp and sharp nails popped from the fingertips, and Odley carefully took out the young fish that looked delicious.

Intimately cut the fish into thin strips and place them on the dark leaves from the bottom of the sea. Ordri carefully took them to the face of Yessian.

Curiously blinked, Ye Si Nian said: "What fish is this?"


"It's delicious." Seeing that he didn't do it, Odrisso took back his sharp nails and didn't skillfully pick up a piece of fish and put it in the mouth of Yessian. "Try it?"

The furry ears of the head shook unconsciously, and Ye Si Nian looked up at the pair of anticipation eyes for a few seconds, and then lifted his chin and scraped it.

The bright tongue tipped out from the white teeth of the porcelain, carefully rolled away the fresh fish at the fingertips, and gently passed the cold fingertips of the mermaid.

O'Brien's fingertips trembled, and he almost couldn't hold back and bounced his sharp nails. The tail fins hanging down the sea unconsciously bent up an unbearable arc and patted the sea quietly.

Looking at the vast sea surface with no expression, the dark color in Odley's scorpion almost condensed into essence, and the throat knot rolled up and down a few times, forcing the heart to want to jump into the sea immediately to find the impulse of hundreds of shark battles.

The line of sight has been secretly aiming at his leaves on the face of the leaves. The fresh fish in the mouth is full of honey. He licks his lips, but he can't hide the curvature of the lips.

The heart beat like a drum, he blinked, reached for a piece of fish, and looked straight at the deep eyes, saying: "Hey... can you eat or not?"