Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 8: Inverse attack on the end of the world (

The plan to attack Yunxi City, which was planned for a long time, was voted against and the meeting was not happy.

Ye Liu clung to his lips, and the plan that cost countless efforts was denied. Rao was his firm mind and he was somewhat frustrated.

Before Qin Shiyue brought back so many materials, it not only eased the dilemma of the lack of materials in the base, but also ignited their hopes.

The end of the world suddenly broke out. They didn’t respond to the world. They were in a mess. Large quantities of materials were stranded in the city. They had no hope of collecting materials in the city where the zombies were gathered, but Qin Shiyue’s success made them see hope. .

It is said that after Ye Si Nian killed the fourth-level zombies who were talking about the color change, the squad of the base abilities rushed into Qingyi County, and the collected materials almost made everyone earn. The fullness of the surplus also prompted them to turn their attention to other cities.

Ye Liu naturally will not let go of this opportunity. According to the current momentum, he can’t be strong in Jingcheng. He can only hope to attack other cities, so as to make a big effort to absorb more talents. Strong strength.

Of course, he does not want to share with his opponents, but there are so many zombies in a city, and his own strength is almost impossible to retreat, let alone collect valuable materials.

He was ready to be opened by the lion, but did not expect that Qin Shiyue would simply veto.

"According to satellite feedback images, Yunxi City has at least one hundred three-level zombies, ten four-level zombies and six five-level zombies, and at least millions of low-level zombies, relying solely on the power of our hands. It is a nonsense to want to attack Yunxi City. It is tantamount to finding a dead end."

Ye Liu can clearly recall the way Qin Shiyue said when he said this sentence. His faceless expression contains almost no other emotions, but he feels that it is more embarrassing than full of ridicule.

It has been prepared for so long, and the collected information is not even as detailed as the photos that others have thrown out. It is really a shame.

"Hey..." Li Feiyan followed Ye Liu and looked at his tired face, and he stopped talking.

"Reassured, I am fine." Ye Liu licked his hair and comforted: "You go back first, I still have something."

The armed forces under his command were relatively weak. The previous troubles on the stage of Ye Si’s dynasty made him lose countless people in an instant. People thought that he could even give up even his parents. He would not be willing to join him. The team, which led to his strength reduction, coupled with Qin Shiyue's target, he can now be considered to be struggling in the base, otherwise it will not be desperate to attack Yunxi City.

He is now tearing up Ye Sinian’s heart, but now that he has reached this point, he can only contact other forces with great enthusiasm and seek cooperation to survive the temporary crisis.

Leaning over the lover's forehead kissed, Ye Liudao: "We don't have much time, your experiment..."

Li Feiyan flashed a hint of hesitation and said: "I will speed up, you can rest assured."

"Yeah." Ye Liu patted him on the shoulder and saw his words and thoughts. He couldn't help but care about the earth: "Is there anything else?"

"...No." Li Feiyan raised a smile, fluttering to the disappointment of his eyes, and shook his head: "Nothing."


In the heavily guarded laboratory, Ye Sinian was wearing a white coat and was standing at the bench next to the three-stage crystal nucleus.

Whether it is a zombie or a versatile person, they have a crystal nucleus in their brains. This nucleus is the source of their energy. Both the abilities and the zombies can supplement their abilities or advances by absorbing the energy in the nucleus. In essence, the difference between the abilities and the zombies is not as big as people think.

When the power is awakened, people will fall into a high fever, and the nucleus will also form.

It can be said that to unlock the secret of stimulating abilities, crystal nucleus is the most important key.

But having a key is not enough.

Ye Si Nian retracted his gaze and leaned against the lab bench and exhausted his eyebrows.

With the information provided by the system, he also has a certain grasp of how to stimulate the abilities. After all, he has reincarnation of the hundreds of generations, and the knowledge reserve in his brain has reached the point that others can't imagine. In this respect, he is also knowledgeable.

Moreover, he has gathered a lot of experts in this laboratory. Some of them have even succeeded in their previous lives and developed a power-exciting device.

But to succeed quickly, it is not that easy.

The lab door made of special metal slides open on both sides, and the tall and strong military uniform man strode in.

Ye Si Nian picked up his lips, and Feng Yan picked it up slightly and slanted it over.

Qin Shiyue's footsteps were stagnation, and his eyes stared at the handsome young man leaning against the bench at the distance. He only felt that his heartbeat suddenly increased several times.

"Sinian." Qin Shiyue’s expressionless face suddenly floated with a gentle smile, and walked to Ye Sinian’s side in a few steps. The movement naturally inflicted him into his arms, and his eyes looked up and down. This is a distressed touch on his face: "Is there no lunch yet? His face is very poor."

Ye Si Nian turned his eyes and opened his hand, but he said: "It’s like staying in the lab for a long time."

"You can't be too anxious to do experiments. You have been in the lab for a few months. Do you want to go out for a walk? Maybe you can relax and improve your efficiency. Just in time, I booked a seat in the night, let's join together?" Yue looked at his thin face, and the pain in his eyes just overflowed.

I swept my eyes and held my hands on my shoulders, considering that I had been in the lab for too long, and I had rejected someone many times before, and I couldn’t give too much hope. I thought of it here, Ye Sinian provoked Eyebrows, nowhere to nod.

Qin Shiyue, who has been prepared to be refused preparation, slammed his eyes and stared at Ye Si Nian’s eyes. Unbelievable: "You promised?!"

"Why, do you hope that I will not agree?" Yess young is easy to break the arms of Qin Shiyue, turned and leaned against the table to stand up, and raised his eyebrows to squint at him.

"Of course not!" In the arms, Qin Shiyue slammed his heart and said, "I am just a surprise! Yes! Surprise!"

In the phoenix phoenix, a smile was made, and Ye Sinian satisfactorily lifted her lips and lifted her chin. She said, "What is still doing, lead the way."


In the base research institute, two women wearing white coats stood in the unmanned corridor and said something fiercely.

"You heard that there is no such thing as Ye Shao's people can be treated well!" The taller woman glanced around and determined that no one had opened her mouth with enmity: "I heard that not only the food, but also the daily Provide milk eggs, even their families have arranged work!"

“Really?!” The woman with a round face asked in amazement: “Everyone is this treatment?”

"This is still the lowest treatment!" The tall woman envied: "I am not a doctor in the distant house? I almost starved to death. Now they have a shop in the base. How do you say the treatment?"

“How could this be?” The round-faced woman sighed: “It’s all research, why do we eat chow chow, they are treated so well!”

"Not because of that person!" The tall woman raised her finger and pointed her face, and her face was dissatisfied: "It’s just a little lover of Ye Liu. What's so great, don't you look at yourself and grow up well? There is nothing to do. I also tried my best to seize the power and kill the doctors. Now the institute has become his one!"

"You are a little bit!" The round-faced woman took a quick look at her and said, "You don't know the temper of the man. Now the lab is still closed to those who have offended him before!"

"Reassured, he didn't dare to do anything!" The tall woman smiled and said: "We are the people of Cao's family. Ye Liu is now married to our family! I heard that I have to marry Miss San, I don't see you tonight. Parents?"

"It’s also true." The round-faced woman thought for a moment and said, "But if Ye Liu and Miss San are married, is that person not..."

"Oh, Miss San is not a good match, then there will be a good show!"


After the corner, Li Feiyan clenched his teeth, his face clenched his fists, his eyes full of tyranny and killing.

Suddenly flashed through the accident that day, Ye Liu and a beautiful woman talking and laughing at the restaurant scene, Li Feiyan's eyes gradually became red.

He is a person who has died once. The only goal of his life is revenge. Ye Liu impressed him with love, and he vowed to speak, but what is the last? In exchange for only betrayal!

He worked so hard to help Ye Liu, experimenting almost in the research institute, just to develop a vaccine as soon as possible to help him consolidate his position, but what about Ye Liu? He is not dating with other women. Laugh! I even want to marry another woman!

He betrayed his trust!

If Ye Liu is not betrayed first, he will not go to Yang Jun to drink alcohol, and he will not be with him afterwards...

Thinking of everything he saw after waking up that morning, Li Feiyan closed his eyes in pain.

The footsteps came, Li Feiyan opened his eyes and his eyes were full of hate.

Leaves, willows!

You are betraying me first!


As night falls, the night lights are shining.

"What are you doing with me staring at me?" Yesian put down the chopsticks and lifted it to the side to sneak a peek at his Qin song.

The two worlds were destroyed, Qin Shiyue did not have a good face to his nephew, and the hidden blade's eyes swept to the unsolicited Qin song.

Qin Ge's body was stiff, and he coughed a little. He held a cup and smirked and said: "Nothing, I am a little curious about you..." Curious is what kind of talents can actually impress their own virgins for many years.

"Curious?" Yessian raised his eyebrows, and Feng Xiao swept over Qin Shiyue, who said, "What are you curious about?"

"Cough... It’s a long time to see the name. I’m really excited to see the real person today!” Qin Song subconsciously squinted and took his eyes to his uncle, knowing that if he told me truthfully, he would definitely not have a good fruit to eat. Road: "Do you know Li Feiyan and Yang Jun?"

"What is it?" Yessin frowned and puzzled, looking at Qin Shiyue.

Afraid of the sadness of Ye Si Nian, Qin Shiyue, who was never mentioned in front of him, was as black as the bottom of the pot, and he did not want to pay the money to the pot.

Qin Ge: "..." Grandparents save me qaq

"What happened, say!" Yesan was keenly aware of the dark tide between the uncle and the squad, and impatiently kicked Qin Shiyue's calf under the table.

"Ah, haha, I suddenly thought that I wouldn't bother you later when I had something to do!" Qin Ge suddenly stood up and said that he had won the door and even forgot the cup in his hand.

"..." hate the iron and not to the steel floor and smashed the door to be smashed. Qin Shiyue’s face was inconspicuously on the line of sight of the upper sage, and the words stopped.

"Don't want to say?" Ye Sinian phoenix whispered slightly, his chin lifted slightly.

"Of course not!" Qin Shiyue said with a quick explanation: "It was Qin Song who once discovered that Li Feiyan and Yang Jun had passed the night in the night, and then he told me."

"They spend the night in the night?!" Yesny surprised and widened her eyes: "Are you sure? Not Li Feiyan and Ye Liu?"

"OK." Qin Shiyue frowned slightly, and did not sell his teammates at all. He only thought that this kind of thing was quite embarrassing: "So Qin Ge will tell me."

"Li Feiyan wears a green hat for Ye Liu?!" Yesi looked tangled, and she didn't know what to look like.

It is reasonable that this will not happen!

According to the original world trajectory, although Yang Jun and Li Feiyan will be a bit embarrassed, most of them are Yang Jun’s unrequited love for Li Feiyan. Li Feiyan and Ye Liu are true love!

How could they roll together?

In the original world, Yang Jun was so strong that he could not win the Ye Liu. Now he has been abolished by his own power and can actually succeed?

Is it difficult for Li Feiyan to like weak?

The world of the protagonist is really difficult to understand!

It seems that the brain has made up a lot of pictures, and Ye Si’s teeth snorted in pain, and he quickly took a few mouthfuls of red wine and stunned.

The red lips were wet with the wine, and reflected the light of the fascinating and fascinating light under the sly light. It seemed to induce the person to bite a bite. Qin Shiyue inadvertently swept the line and suddenly jumped.

Looking back to God's Ye Si Nian, looking at Qin Shiyue, just want to say something to transfer the heart that wants to be embarrassed, but he was caught in the eyes of the two inks.

With a heartbeat, Ye Sinian suddenly smiled at the lips, and the tip of his tongue slid slightly, slowly licking the liquor on his lips.

The phoenix phoenix is ​​half-opened, and the eyes are swaying and the style is eternal.

Really a fairy!

Qin Shiyue snorted, only feeling. Tight and tight, busy drinking a drink, this barely pressed the mouth dry. 2k novel reading network