Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 80: Cannon gray cat's counterattack (seven)

After a few days of preparation, when the Beast God Festival finally arrived, the Ig tribe was almost completely new.

Contrary to the atmosphere of the whole tribe's excitement, although I don't want to admit that I have become so sticky, but because my lover is absent, Ye Si Nian has quite a bit of difficulty in these days, so the scum who originally planned to rectify it. Completely became the object of his venting.

His abnormal performance also caught the attention of his family. Although he did not say anything on his mouth, he was very concerned that his family almost knew that his little milk cat was in a bad mood recently.

In the past, he was not very willing to move. In the past few days, he went to the edge of the tribe to wander around the corner. He stayed in the house for the rest of the time. If it wasn’t for Iss, he might not even want to leave the room. !

Ye Sinian certainly does not want to retire to that point. He loves people and has only something to go out. Although he can’t come to the world’s first beast day with his lover, he has some loss, but it’s not As for the seriousness of needing family members to worry about it!

As for the unwillingness to move, he was only busy making a "big gift" to the beastly priest's beast festival, so he didn't have time to go shopping.

I don’t know his little tricks, shouldering the ardent hopes of the two parents. I think only the pressure is big. If he put it in the past, he would have gone out directly to his little milk cat brother, but now I don’t know why. I always feel that I am better not to be so direct...

In fact, after the night of the long talk, he felt that he had discovered the other side of his brother. Although he sometimes doubted the inappropriate movements that his brother had inadvertently revealed, he thought of the same person who was sheltered by the orcs. It’s impossible to regain life as a miracle, and is it not natural that the younger brother is different from before?

With such an idea, Iss even intimately helped his brother to start a firefighter. Otherwise, according to the love of Eli and Andy to the original Lord, in order not to make them suspicious, Ye Siyan must spend a lot of energy to completely Imitate the character of the original Lord.

In this way, time came to the Beast God Festival in a hurry and worry.

During the day, it is the time to sacrifice the beasts. Although the whole tribe is not audible, it is also full of solemnity and solemnity. The adults do not say anything, even the youngsters who have been mischievous in the past are not stunned. Like words.

But when the sun sets the last touch, and the sky gradually turns green and black, the whole tribe is like a resurrection. The laughter of people can be heard everywhere.

A family surrounded by a bonfire, on the broad flat ground in front of the temple, a few clumps of bonfires became a big circle. In the center of the circle was a huge stone pot. With the burning of firewood at the bottom of the pot, a stock of lures. The aroma spreads from the stone pot, lingering around the nose, and it is very appetizing.

In the stone pot, there are sacrifices for the beasts during the day. They will be thoroughly cooked and boiled, and will be given to everyone in the tribe at the end of the party.

Ye Si Nian glanced at the quaint stone pot of the mouth, and flashed a trace of darkness in the blue eyes that jumped into the fire. He licked his lips and took his eyes back to his own campfire.

Andy is carefully crafting the main food barbecue tonight, and the tall, middle-aged man on the sidelines is busy with him. His face is soaked with the heat of the campfire.

He is the father of Ess and Ian.

This time, I did not have to do it myself, and Eli was greatly relieved.

Although Ian was very eager to eat everything he baked, he couldn’t taste it. He naturally knew that he had a few pounds, but as an orc, he couldn’t make it. The little son who held the palm of his hand went to other people's home to eat, so every time he looked at the little son's lightly frowned eyebrows, he felt very distressed.

Now, Andy finally has no need to help, and he can eat normal and delicious food at home. I think that this time I can finally get together and have a happy and delicious beast day. Eli can’t help but want to wipe it. A bitter tears!


Ess quietly sat on the side, staring deeply at the young beasts who danced a little bit on the belly and danced happily. The jumping fire cast a shadow on his handsome face.

The reason why the Beast God Festival is so popular is, of course, because of the prayers to the beasts and the delicious food, but a large part of it is because many young orcs of underage will take this opportunity to court the beloved orcs.

Bring the prey caught by himself to the door, or open the heart to the person in his heart to ask for the prey he captured. If the person agrees, then it will naturally become a pair of lovers who will be blessed by the beast god. After the Beast God Festival, a joint ceremony will be held directly, and the two will move out of the house and form a mutual support partner.

Although not everyone will choose to woo the favorite orcs on the Beasts, the position of the Beasts in the minds of all underage orcs is irreplaceable.

Every time there will be courtship scenes will push the atmosphere to the most, everyone will bless them, and the excitement is at its peak.

Iss was once the object of blessings for everyone. In his life, Bert was wooing him at this time.

Like all other orcs, he thought that the beast would really bless them, and he would have a perfect and happy life.

But the reality is often unpredictable.

He actually can't figure out until now, why Bert, who he loves so much, will make that decision.

But it doesn't matter if you don't understand it. The love in your heart has long been replaced by hate. What he wants now is to let him pay the price he deserves.

There was a bite to eat the roast meat that was not bad in his hand. Ye Si Nian took a quiet look at the side, and his brother with a low mood looked at him. The more the crowd of singing and dancing, looked at Burt, who was not very happy.

Sitting next to him was a young orc who couldn't see his face. The two were close together. The upper body of the orc was almost attached to his arm. The posture was very close. Because of the distance, I couldn't hear what was being said. .

Ye Si Nian blinked and felt that he needed to do something.

"Brother." Yess slowly moved to the side of Iss, while holding the loving barbecue in his hand, and turning into a warm heart angel: "Are you not happy?"

Thoughts were separated from the memories. Isis turned to look at the worried younger brother beside him, and my heart was warm. I couldn’t help but reach out and rub his hair. "No, just think of some previous things."

With a slap in the lips, Ye Sinian said in her heart to the patriarch of the distant big cat tribe, Blair, and then he tentatively said: "Brother, do you really want to be a patriarch?"

Iz's eyes glanced. He had a brainstorming idea of ​​the idea of ​​battling the patriarch's position with Bert. He still gave up the idea with the help of Ian. How come it now?

To the serious eyes of his younger brother, Ess frowned. For the first time, he seriously thought about whether he really wanted to be a patriarch.

In the last life, because I have been following Bert, even if Isais himself is not too concerned, but in fact he is also very familiar with the position of the patriarch.

He is not a person without thoughts. Sometimes he also thinks about what he would do if he was a patriarch. Although the idea is not mature, it also represents his heart.

Now...if he really has the chance to be a patriarch?

Bert must have revenge, but in addition to revenge Bert and Casey, does he need his own life?

And it is unkind to say that in the younger generation of the entire tribe, in addition to Burt, he is the most suitable patriarch candidate.

Why can't you fight for it?

Why can't I be a patriarch for the Horde's tomorrow?

The heart seems to have erected a lighthouse that can illuminate all the smog. Isis only feels that his current goal is very clear, and his life should not only be revenge!

Vigorously took two shots on the shoulders of his brother. Isa’s blue eyes were full of smiles. He smiled and stood up, happily joining the cheerful crowd.

He is now a new-born Iss, why bother for things that no one knows and will never happen again?

He should live happily! Don't live up to the new life that the beast **** gave him!

I only said one sentence from beginning to end, and Ye Si Nian, who had not yet had time to talk about it, said: "..."

It’s just an internal injury!


The night is getting deeper and deeper, and the bright moon in the sky is gradually slanting.

Ye Si-nian took over the stone bowl that Andy handed over, while drinking a fragrant broth, while staring quietly at Bert, who also held the bowl not far away.

There is a piece of meat in the bowl that has been cooked for a long time, and the meat of the Dim beast that sacrificed the beast **** is very delicious. It is something that must be eaten every time.

Shallowly sipping the soup in the bowl, and seeing Bert not far away, eating the meat and soup in the bowl, Ye Sinian’s eyes crossed a trace of secret light, which took back the line of sight and slowly ate it. .

After tonight, he would like to see how Burt still maintains the prestige of the roots.

Because everyone was drinking soup and eating meat, there was a brief silence on the lively open space.

Ye Si Nian is planning to finish the last soup, but suddenly, there is a commotion suddenly coming from afar.

I don’t know why the apex is trembled. Yesi’s frowning raises her head and looks at it in the eyes of everyone.

With a glance, he was completely stunned.

His lover, who had disappeared for a few days, suddenly appeared at the end of his sight.

The strong fishtail has become two strong and powerful long legs. It has always been red in the past. The naked upper body is covered with animal skin, and the black unknown animal skin hangs straight down, revealing only the calf.

The long black hair was simply bundled behind the head. I wonder if it was because the action was too hasty, and a few hairs were drilled and naughty.

Ye Si Nian’s blue eyes almost forgot to move. He held his breath and looked at the lover who came to him not far away. All the beggars around him seemed to leave themselves, and they could only hear themselves. The heartbeat of the sound.

She couldn't help but stand up. Ye Sinian stared at the deep eyes of the lover who was full of tender love, and the lips were tilted up uncontrollably.

The distance is getting closer.

Because I have never participated in such activities, the appearance of the mermaid Odley made the people in the tribe very surprised. At this time, I couldn't help but watch the mermaid who landed for the first time. I was curious about what he wanted to do.

Eli, Andy, and Iss, who are eating and drinking, are also naturally aware of the anomalies here. They are just looking at the music with their faces, and they haven’t reacted to see the mermaid. Going closer and closer, getting closer and closer...

Then suddenly slammed his own baby cat into his arms...

Eli: "..."

Andy: "..."

Is: "..."

The three children's control and brother control were simply irritated by this picture and they lost their senses. They stood up fiercely and had not had time to turn around and smother the **** mermaid who bullied his little milk cat. See...

The little milk cat who was "bullying" at home happily caught the neck of the mermaid...


I kissed him on that odious face.

Kissed a bit...

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