Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 9: Inverse attack on the end of the world (


It was pleasing by Qin Shiyue’s sloppy performance. Ye Si smiled and licked his lips. He held his chin on the table with one hand, and the phoenix squatted, staring at the ear of Qin Shiyue slowly red.

The beautiful and innocent young man’s mouth sighed with a light smile, but the phoenix on the slightest pick revealed a hint of evil, slanting over it, and it looked like a crime.

Ye Si Nian eyes stared at Qin Shiyue, who was standing beside him, his eyes squinting up and down his figure, and the ambiguity was clear.

Qin Shiyue was in a stalemate, and his heartbeat was stagnant for a moment. He repeated and fluttered in the eyes of his dew.

Ye Si Nian’s lips were more intensely smiling, and he suddenly hooked his fingers, his voice was low, but he was not strong enough to refuse.

"I want to do you."

Qin Shiyue raised his head violently, regardless of the overturned glass of wine, barely maintained a calm and reserved attitude, and his voice was hoarse: "Do you really?"

Ye Si Nian raised his eyebrows and simply stretched his arm around his collar, pulling the distance between the two and breathing.

"What, don't you dare?"

Finger presses on the neck side of Qin Shiyue, and the lifeline of the beating is constantly beaten. Ye Si Nian squints dangerously, and suddenly the base lifts, and the tip of his tongue smashes through the lips of Qin Shiyue.

The whole body vascular burst, and Qin Shiyue no longer cares about the other, slammed the man and slammed it back.

Ye Si Nian closed his eyes and deepened the kiss.


Ye Zhai, Ye Liu put on a custom suit, standing in front of the mirror, rarely a bit fascinating.

He did not know what had happened. Since Ye Si Nian left Ye Family six months ago, he was not doing anything.

In the base, Qin Shiyue’s power gradually grew, and even the trend of the first person in the base was aroused. He was greatly reduced by the strength of his suppression. Because of Yesian’s sake, he and Qin Shiyue did not have any possibility of easing. Combined with other forces to barely support.

He didn't even know why Qin Shiyue valued Ye Sinian so much. Is it just for his appearance?

Yes, although his personality qualifications can't help the wall, it is really good!

That's it!

Thinking of the beautiful boys in the base who depended on the strong people to survive, Ye Liu wrinkled his face in disgust, and added a few points to the person who had his own blood in his body, the disappointment and disdain in his heart.

Clearly flowing his own blood, why didn't he inherit his own advantages?

Unlike Feiyan, he did not say anything about his heart and mind, and he worked very hard. In order to help him, he stayed in the institute day and night, only to develop a virus vaccine at an early date.

Thinking of the various advantages of the lover, Ye Liu's face gradually improved.

Also confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the body, Ye Liu grew a tone.

In the evening, Miss Cao Jiasan had a date in the night. Although he had no interest in Cao Meng, he did not like the place like the night, but his cooperation with Cao is now a crucial period, although his heart is intolerant, Can only be able to withstand the temper to accompany her.

Fortunately, flying words are very considerate and considerate, and they don’t care much about these tricks. Otherwise, he should have a headache.

If you have a lover, why should you ask for it?


Yang Jun reluctantly suppressed his heart and dressed up well, confirming that there was no omission in one place, and then he smiled and sighed.

Feiyan had already made an appointment with him to meet in the night tonight. Although it is not the first time, it is naturally very exciting to see his lover in his heart.

What's more, this lover now appears to belong to another man on the surface.

Thinking of Ye Liu, Yang Jun's expression has a moment of distortion.

He has been so heartbroken for Ye Jiayu for so many years, but how did they return him? !

Ye Si Nian abolished his abilities! Ye Liu just let him go, and he never thought about revenge for his own!

It is the fault of Ye Family!

Not only did he become a waste person! Also hurt the flying words, Ye Liuming Ming became a Cao family son, and even used the rhetoric to deceive the words and continue to stay with him!

The flying words are so beautiful, Ye Liu is not worthy of him!

One day, I will take the flying words from Ye Liu!

Yang Jun shines in the mirror and slowly reveals a distorted smile.

Anyone who has hurt the flying words, he will revenge!

Standing in front of the mirror for a while, Yang Jun calmed down the dark emotions and smashed the communicator in the pocket.

Li Feiyan glanced at the name displayed on the screen and frowned. While taking off the protective glasses, he waved his hand to indicate that the assistants had to rest first. Then he went to the corner and said, "What happened?"

"Flying, are you still studying?" Yang Jun's gentle voice came out of the communicator, making people feel that he is the center of his life.

Li Feiyan pulled his mouth and raised his eyes and swept his eyes to the assistants who stood far away. "Yes, what?"

"I think we are going to meet you tonight, I am very excited." Yang Jun is as gentle as ever, and the deep affection seems to overflow through the communicator.

"I didn't just see it the day before yesterday? Why, you are so dissatisfied?" Li Feiyan snorted and spoke in a bad tone.

As long as you belong to Ye Liu, I will never be satisfied!

Yang Jun’s eyes were twisted for a moment. He looked at the man in the opposite mirror and looked at the imposing man. The temperature was full and caring: “I just love you too much, and I don’t want to be separated from you for a minute or two!”

It’s a pity that we are just a smuggling gun. Friends, Li Feiyan’s pleasure in revenge in his eyes, regrets in his voice: “It’s a pity that the Institute cannot be without me.”

"When the research is successful, we can be together forever!" Yang Jun was very excited when he thought of a bright future: "When you get rid of Ye Liu, with a virus vaccine, no matter where you are, there are people who are swearing! You don't have to be angry in this city!"

"Yeah!" Li Feiyan looked at the front with deep gaze, and there was a morbid madness in his voice: "There will be no more patience when it comes to time..."

Ye Liu...Yesian...

One by one, he will definitely get back!


The curtains were closed, and in the dimly lit bedroom, the stunned cockroaches, cockroaches and flesh. The body crash finally stopped.

Ye Si Nian gasped and opened his eyes, pushing the man who was pushing on himself, whispering in a hoarse voice: "Heavily dead..."

Qin Shiyue smiled low and his face was full of suffocating squats. He kissed his lover's sweaty neck and stroked his flexible waist with his big hand. He whispered and whispered: "Come back Once, huh?"

"Do you want to kill me?" Ye Sinian glanced at him. The slender phoenix smudged the emotional water, the reddish-eyed eyes were upturned, and the eyes seemed to be irritating.

"It's a fairy!" Qin Shiyue sighed with sincerity. The action skillfully held down the long legs that were kicked up, almost pressing the person into a fold. I couldn't wait to print the seductive red lips and exchanged one. Intense kiss.

Ye Si Nian snorted and suffered a strong and powerful impact on his body. The slender fingertips touched the handsome facial features of the man, and the chilly face was dyed with fiery and obsessive, apparently moving.

Qin Shiyue looked deep into the lover under him. He never thought that he would love someone to love this level.

In the beginning, he was only interested in his personality that was inconsistent with the rumors. Because he had a different understanding of the use of his abilities, he wanted to figure out what his abilities were, so he went to Qingyi County. Will separate his mind to observe him and pay attention to him.

After observing it for a long time, he will find that his appearance is excellent. He laughs like a phoenix that glows like a radiant glow. It makes people feel violently jumping. Sometimes the character is a little bit off, people can’t help but shake their heads and laugh, and they are happy. .

He still can clearly recall the expressions and movements of this person when he killed the fourth-level zombies. It is so powerful and confident that people can no longer bear it. They want to catch the person who will shine, and take it for themselves.

But such a strong self-confidence, people feel that they will never get sad, but in the end they can only cry in their arms.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that he should do something to strengthen himself, and firmly protect the youth who looked weak in his arms so that he would never be hurt.

After closer contact, he found new surprises in the youth every day.

If you lose him, you may go crazy.

Qin Shiyue's eyes were a little scary, and his hands subconsciously clenched the youthful waist. The impact was even more fierce, and the depth of the embedding was unprecedented.

"Hey, bastard!" Yesan shook her head in an unbearable manner, her lips wide open and gasping, her legs clasping Qin Shiyue's strong waist.

Qin Shiyue showed a sultry laugh, the **** chin was tight, and the sweat slid down from the front with the intense movement, and broke in the forehead of Yessian.

Yesan suddenly raised his head and bit his shoulder.

Qin Shiyue has a deeper smile, and he caresses the back of his lover. He almost lifts the whole person, and the movement under him becomes more and more fierce.

It’s like connecting the two together.

From the afternoon to the evening, Ye Si Nian was softly moved into the bathroom by Qin Shiyue.

Not only is it a day of prostitution, but it is ridiculous to the point where the strong body of the abilities can't stand it. Rao is Ye Si Nian's face has long been practiced, and at this time he can't help but blush.

Qin Shiyue, who was smirking and smirking at the side of his hate, couldn’t help but say: "Are you taking the wrong medicine today?"

"It's hard to bring you out of the lab. Of course, I have to seize the opportunity to eat!" Looking at the liquid flowing down the thighs of the lover's traces, Qin Shiyue's eyes were dark and he quickly recovered his sight.

"Tossing to the present, starving to death!" Yesian kicked him and frowned.

After staying in the laboratory for so long, he had intended to come out to satisfy his appetite, but he did not expect that his meal had not been eaten. Instead, he first fed Qin Shiyue.

Although it is really cool, it can't be eaten!

"Reassured, listening to Qin Ge said that the night has added a new dish, I let him stay in the seat." Qin Shiyue smiled and grabbed the lover's waist, quickly stole a kiss.

Ye Si Nian turned his eyes and thought that the behavior of this person's skin hunger was already strange.


Cao's family, young and beautiful Cao Meng snorted slyly, and his slender fingers turned over a stack of scattered photos.

The photo is obviously a sneak shot. The big bed with unique characteristics in the night, the tall man will hold the young man with outstanding appearance under his body, and his posture will be swaying, and the expressions of both of them will be very confused. Just looking at the photo just makes people blush.

"It's just a matter of personal pressure. I thought it was a pure white lotus flower!" Cao Meng reluctantly took back his hand. "Loss Ye Liu also regards him as a pure and innocent white moonlight! Today I am going to tear it. Open his fig leaf, I am going to swear, what qualifications does he have to fight with me!"