Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 92: Cannon fodder counterattacks **** text (

The largest inn in Qinghe Town.

The heavy breathing and the strange noise in the room finally stopped. Li Bingxun, who was thought to have something to do with him, slammed his bed and went to the table to pour a cup of herbal tea.

"Wang Ye?" The little eunuch's face was full of cold sweats and he came out from the bed. Because of the rude treatment of the man, his face was very pale and his lower lip was bitten out of a deep tooth print.

"What is it?"

Li Bingxun did not return. He naturally knew how bad the person in the bed had been tossed by himself. This time has been facing Zhao Feixiao’s seemingly soft face, and he hoped to have accumulated a lot in the afternoon. Drink more wine, where do you remember temperance? I have been tossing from now on to the present.

Moreover, he is so big, and he never thinks that he needs to be temperate in this kind of thing. He is a dragon child. It is just a physically disabled person. In his opinion, this is a favor.

The little **** with fine skin and tender meat bit his teeth and went to bed, forcing his discomfort. He walked behind Li Bingxun and carefully said, "Would you like to see Miss Zhao tonight..."

Li Bingxun’s action of drinking tea.

After venting, I only felt refreshed. Before the stunned head of the wine was sober, I listened to the little eunuch. Li Bingxun remembered that it was going to be private with Miss Zhao.

After watching the time, Li Bingxun’s eyebrows wrinkled and said: “It’s too late.”

It’s almost an hour before the time for their appointment, and Zhao Feixiao must have been disappointed and returned...

Hearing the meaning of his words, the little **** flashed a hint of joy in his eyes. He bit his lip gently and carefully said: "The prince will not go out tonight?"

Li Bingxun came back and looked at the little **** with a blue-and-white print behind him.

Stretching his hand and pinching his sharp chin, his eyes looked at his red lips and his white face. Li Bingxun’s eyes sank and said: “When you see it, you can talk about poetry and calligraphy. Is it interesting to you?”

After that, he let go of the chin of the little **** and went to the bed to sit down and said, "Come here."

The little **** was red, and he walked down to Li Bingxun with a low eyebrow and squatted down.

=========================================================== ==

The next day.

A little bit of pale lips escaped an uncomfortable embarrassment. Hey, Ye Sinian frowned and squatted from the bed with his sore temples.

Master Zhao is a wine-loving person. The couples of Lianjiang Bi-color are still brewed by him when he was young. He waited for his son’s wife to drink it for a few decades. The taste and intensity are stronger than ordinary wine. Too much.

The amount of this body is really not very good. He had a little bit of drinking yesterday afternoon. If he had a good rest, it might not be a problem, but the small half of the basket Lianjiang Bicolor became the last straw to crush the camel. .

Sitting on the bed, Ye Sinian looked at her head and thought about what happened last night. For example, how did he return to the house without alarming anyone?

But he thought that his brain would hurt, but he found that his memory last night was blurred.

In my mind, except for the long, deep kiss with the scent of wine, there seems to be no more.

There was some warmth on his cheeks, and Yess coughed young and expelled the kiss that provoked him to be hot.

Outside the room, we have been waiting for a long time. When we heard the sound, the headed Daxu Ziyu knocked on the door and the sound was crisp: "Young master, do you want to get up?"

Stretched his hand and patted his cheek to confirm that he did not look abnormal. Ye Sinian said to the outside of the door: "Well, come in."

The servants who specialize in serving the young masters sneaked in. Assin reached out and took a clean cloth towel, and did not let the purple jade become a clean face, but instead acted on his own.

Ziyu was a sigh, although her heart was very surprised by his movements, but her nature was more silent and restrained, and she could not do anything to ask, so she only licked her lips and quietly stayed in place.

The warm cloth towel passed over the cheeks, and Ye Si Nian’s chaotic brain was finally completely awake. His eyes turned and he rubbed his hands and looked at the purple jade standing on the side, saying: “How old is this purple jade this year?”

The actions of our various divisions were unanimous.

Purple jade is a stiff face, and the eyebrows are wrinkled unconsciously. She opened her mouth and nailed her nails in the palm of her hand. This finally recovered the voice and said: "The slaves are fifteenth this year."

"Fiveteen..." Yesun did not seem to see their strangeness. If I thought thoughtfully: "I remember, you and the red jade and jasper are together?"

Ziyu bit her teeth, her eyes flashed a clear struggle, she pinched the hand in her hand and said: "It's all together."

Ye Si Nian left the clothes behind him and put on his clothes. He nodded and said, "Yes, it’s all big girls..."

His voice fell, and the room suddenly caught the needle.

He seems to just talk about it, but the ones on the side are different.

Everyone knows that because of the concern that Miss II can't marry, the young master hasn't had a cold person until now, and the sons of other people have some dolls at this age. The lady didn't think about letting him accept two. In the room, but the young master refused.

Ziyu has always been a big man around the young master. According to the usual rules, he will be admitted to the room, but they have never thought that it will be so fast...

On the side of what we turn around, I don’t want to say anything about it. Ziyu is very complicated at this time.

She is not a very ambitious person. Although she has a good impression on the young master of the light, she never thought that she would really have it.

When she was sold to Zhaofu, she was only five or six years old. When she was seven or eight years old, she followed the young master. After so many years, she did not have any feelings for men and women.

Before, the wife also talked to her in private. Although she did not raise any objections at the time, she still had some rejection in her heart.

Although this idea is very disrespectful, but in her heart, the gentle young master is more like a brother, especially his love for the second lady, but also her envy.

But now... the meaning of the young master is...

Ziyu gave Ye Sinian a fine burst of hair, and the movement was much slower than usual.

Seeing from the bronze mirror, her thoughts and complex words and sorrows, Ye Si Nian blinked inexplicably, and then found that what he had just said was somewhat fascinating.

His eyes turned, and the purple jade behind him said: "The purple jade is not too small. When I get married, I have to give a big gift to the young master."

Ziyu is biting his teeth and preparing to open his head with a scalp. Hearing his words, he can’t help but slam!

The meaning of the young master is!

Ye Si Nian did not see the surprise in her eyes. He touched his chin and thoughtfully said: "The red jade and the jasper are not small. It is time to give you a good personal home..."

A red face on the purple jade, she shyly shook her head, and the sound was like a mosquito: "Slaves... slaves and red jade sisters..."

Ye Si Nian’s eyebrows picked him up. He teased his lips and said: “How are you?”

"Everything...there are people who love you!" Purple jade rose to a face, and a good one had been pulled by her.

"The little cockroaches on the house?" Ye Sinian flashed a dark man's eyes. He saw the purple jade and nodded. He smiled and said: "This is all that is easy! When I say something to my mother, Let the three of you go out early, let the lovers become the genius!"

Ziyu’s heart is full of excitement, and the problem that has been plagued for a long time is easily solved today. Her gratitude to Yessian is overflowing!

I was excited to think that I would like to tell the good news of the red jade immediately. The purple jade face was red, and I did not notice that Ye Si Nian said that it was three people...


After spending a little late breakfast, and dealing with some chores in the study, Ye Si Nian remembered that he seemed to subconsciously ignore a stupid priest who likes to take advantage of it.

Hesitant for a moment, thinking that he is the master after all, to follow the hospitality, he stood up, finally out of the study, and went to the room next to his bedroom.

The door was just hidden, and it could be pushed directly with a push. After Ye Sinian knocked on the door, he waited for a while and did not see anyone answering the door. He simply pushed the door and went in.

However, I did not expect that I would be fully embraced when I stepped into the door.

Ye Si Nian was shocked, and the conditioned reflex turned into a winged lion and tiger beast. He was forced to press on the door panel by a man before he could struggle.

The heart flashed a glimpse of his own conditional reflection, and Yes coughed youngly, patted the man who bent down his body and licked his waist. He said: "Zi Yuanxiong?"

Originally buried in the neck of Ye Si Nian's face lifted up, Ziyuan's eyes widened, like a small daughter who was abandoned, the eyes were full of grievances: "The big man said a word! abandoned?!"

Ye Si Nian looked up at his odious face in disbelief, and his voice was raised a little: "Abandoning the end?!"

Ziyuan looked red, quite embarrassed and said: "Last night we all... all that, but Lingqiu remembered me until now!"

Said, his tone has become full of grievances.

Ye Si Nian's look suddenly stiffened, he subconsciously lowered his head, his eyes swept away toward the man's strong waist, and his eyes were a little twitching: "Who last night... Which one?" There is nothing discomfort on himself! Is it that he gave him to...

Ziyuan looked at his face with more and more strange expressions. The apex didn't know why it was suddenly cold. The expression of face grievances almost didn't fit.

Hurrying down and bowing in the lips of the Huaizhong people, he crushed Ye Si Nian and said: "This is this!"

Ye Si Nian’s eyes were pumping, and he couldn’t resist turning a big white eye.

Not arrogantly patted his hand, Ye Sinian bluntly walked directly to the table, poured a cup of tea in his hand, and said: "You said yesterday that you know something about sputum?"

Ziyuan heard the blink of an eye in his eyes, and he couldn’t take care of it. He took the road and said: "Slightly a little bit of experience, what happened?"

"Purple Yuan..." Yesian said with some hesitation: "There is a sister in my family who is asserted to live 20-year-old. I have countless famous doctors, but her body still has no improvement."

"Do you want me to cure her as soon as possible?" Ziyuan is even more puzzled. Is such a small problem worthy of hesitating?

"No, I hope that you don't cure her too soon." Seeing the doubts in his eyes, Ye Sinian frowned, simply no longer making excuses, directly blurting out his own ideas.

"Slowly heal?" Ziyuan picked up his eyebrows. He did not have any other thoughts on this request. There are even some hijackings. After all, the slower he manages, the longer he can live in Zhaofu. With Ling Qiu, he has no opinion.

As for medical ethics or something...

He is not a doctor~

There was no doubt in the eyes of the two candid faces. Ye Sinian’s heart was loose, and there was a smile in his eyes. “Yes! She is recently fascinated by a disciple. I am thinking of a good way to rectify. ”

The eyes of Ziyuan are bright, and they are not interested in the winding around them. Instead, they squint at the face of Ye Si Nian: "Ling Qiu can help? Killing and setting fire to the sap! The poor road can get the hand!"

Ye Si Nian: "..."

"Are you really a Taoist?" Yeshian raised his eyebrows. How can these skills be heard not like the best people!

Ziyuan reached out and re-entered him into his arms, and he was unpredictable and laughed: "There is no way to control the body!"

"But!" said, he suddenly slammed his head and looked down into the eyes of Ye Sinian. "The reward is of course still necessary!"

"What is the reward?" Yessin reached out and pressed his muscles to his strong, full chest. He always felt that there was no good thing.

Ziyuan slowly evoked his lips and said: "I have always forgotten and Ling Qiu said that the poor road is a fire priest..."

Ye Si Nian heard a word and turned his eyes, and his heart really! 2k novel reading network