Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 93: Cannon fodder counterattack **** text (9

Zhao Feixiao looked uncomfortably and looked at her brother. In the eyes, she looked forward to surprises and incredible embarrassment and uneasiness.

Ye Sinian appeased and smiled. "Reassure, my friend is quite good at the technique of Huang, you just have to let him take a look."

The look was changing fast, and Jasper stood with a slap in the side, and a low squint flashed through a dark smudge. When I looked up again, it was no exception. I saw her biting her lower lip, and her face was somewhat difficult: "But after all, It’s a man..."

Aside from the incompetent hand-in-hand and the high-profile man, Zi Yuan heard a deep and unpredictable smile. The tone was low and the taste seemed to be with a hint of fluttering: "The poor road is a person outside the party, and Just treating the disease, the lady doesn't have to care."

"Yes." Yesnian heard the words and gave him a look. He smiled and said: "Fei Xiao does not have to worry, Ziyuan is a... a monk."

To his eyes, he was full of jokes, and there was a clear smile in the eyes of Ziyuan. He said that he nodded calmly and said: "It is true, the lady is relieved, although the poor road is a man, for men and women. There is no other thoughts about the situation."

Zhao Feixiao was red, and she was busy saying: "This is the case, then it will be a long time! Jasper, remove the screen!"

"Miss..." Jasper looked anxiously, slammed the slap, and the nails on the onion tube left a few deep marks on the palm. She looked at Zhao Feixiao incredibly, like she made An unreasonable decision.

Zhao Feixiao smiled at her and her eyes filled with the yearning for life: "Jasper, I want to live."

When Jasper looked awkward, she looked at the firm look of Zhao Feixiao’s eyes, and quickly swept her eyes and looked at her with the complicated eyes. She finally showed a smile, and her tone was somewhat difficult: "Miss said Yes, it is most important to live."

Seeing that they have reached a conclusion, Ziyuan finally reluctantly took back the sight of Ye Sisian, and gave a slight nod to him. "This will start."

Zhao Feixiao looked at the jade belt and took the screen away from the people. The eyes flashed a bit of tension and anticipation.

Of course, she knows that men and women don’t kiss each other. I have seen so many famous doctors before, and no one has ever proposed to remove the screen of the gauze. She is not sure whether the leader can cure his illness, but I don’t know why. But there is a voice that keeps telling her and promises him! Promise his request!

When the mind flashed quickly over Lin Fei’s movement in the sky, the whole body’s painful picture disappeared. Zhao Fei’s heart was excited and excited. She quickly looked up and looked at the path of the fairy wind bones not far away. A little excited red.

Did God feel his heart?

In the heart, these thoughts that make people excited and difficult to make themselves, Zhao Feixiao gently bite his lower lip and sit at the table.

Ziyuan looked up and saw Ye Sinian, and found that he did not have any unsatisfactory color, this was a little relieved, sitting on the other side, carefully observed the face of Zhao Feixiao.

Ye Sinian certainly does not have any other ideas, he is just a person who has just passed through the unrestrained orc world! This level of contact is nothing in his eyes, and is it just a doctor?

Unlike Ziyuan’s worried eating anger, he is quietly looking at the jasper standing on the side.

According to the original fate trajectory, Jasper is not a too important role, and he did ignore her before.

But when he sent Zhao Benxiao the last time, he suddenly raised a doubt in his heart. This time, he was prepared by himself, but who bought Zhao Feixiao before?

With doubts in his heart, Ye Si Nian inevitably paid attention to Jasper. With this concern, he found that she could see her figure everywhere.

It was her who bought Zhao Tanxiao’s words and miscellaneous books. She accompanied her to see the lanterns and met Li Bingxun’s. She also covered her for Zhao Feixiao on many nights. Even Zhao Feixiao, who finally recovered from illness, The reason why she can run away from home is because she is helping her!

Yesan couldn’t be sure that Jasper was simply a loyal servant who could do anything for the lady, or a different kind of mind, but he did not intend to keep her in the side of Zhao Feixiao.

Now is the key moment for Zhao Feixiao to reshape the world view. He does not want his plan to be flawed. In any case, Jasper is considered to be an unstable factor.

Such a person, he naturally wants to separate her from Zhao Feixiao.

As for what kind of means is used, it depends on Jasper's attitude towards Zhao Feixiao.

If she is a loyal servant, then Ye Si Nian will certainly protect her for the rest of her life without worry, but if she is holding the mind of using Zhao Feixiao to climb the dragon with the phoenix...

There is no one right in this world.


Staring at Ziyuan and Zhao Feixiao's jasper, the heart was cold, and her face was suddenly stiff, afraid of being seen differently, and hurriedly lowered her head.

She has been around Zhao Feixiao for almost seven or eight years. At the beginning, she felt that the lady could be cured. However, seeing that Zhao’s doctors are getting more and more, Zhao Feixiao’s body has no healthy hope. Disappointment again and again, completely rubbed her patience.

You know, she is entering the house together with ruby ​​and purple jade! She was very young at the time, and she was very happy to serve a young lady who was quite the same age. But as time went by, she saw that the red jade became the right assistant of Zhaomu. Ziyu waited for the young master to be In the income room, in the end, only the future is not yet!

How can she not worry?

But she is also in no hurry. Zhao Feixiao's physical condition is unknown to Qinghe Town. No one will come to mention the relatives, and Zhao Feixiao will not marry, she will only be a beggar in her life.

Even the famous doctors have asserted that Zhao Feixiao is not only twenty years old, but where should he go? Is it going to follow the red jade purple jade to live? How can she be reconciled from a big shackle that is comparable to that of a young lady?

Although Zhao is not strict with others, she is only a shackle after all. If she reveals the thought of trying to find a way for herself, she will certainly be dissatisfied by everyone, and then she will have no hope.

She could only endure anxiously and hopelessly, groaning until she met Li Gongzi.

In the words of the talented person in the book, the lady met with Li Gongzi's heart, and Li Gongzi also had a good impression on the young lady. Although she was embarrassed, she was very happy to combine them.

She is not Zhao Feixiao who is not in the world. In her heart, how can a man who is handsome and handsome, who can only guard one person in his life?

As long as he does not dislike the lady's body, willing to marry her through the door, when I am afraid that I am not landing?

As for Zhao Feixiao, will it be sick after death...

As long as she passed the Ming Road before Zhao Feixiao died, even if she died of illness?

Even if she is dead, she is only good for herself.

In my heart, I thought about it. On the jasper side, I was expecting to be mixed with tension, as if I was really worried about Zhao Feixiao’s body.

Ye Si Nian’s eyes were undercurrent, but he said nothing, only silently turned his eyes to Ziyuan.


Look, smell, ask, cut.

The inevitable physical contact made Zhao Feixiao face rise red, but Ziyuan’s expression and eyes were too indifferent and serious. Zhao Feixiao knew that these were good for themselves, although the heart was still ashamed and difficult, but it was gone. I want to retreat.

Slowly withdrawing the pulse of the hand, Ziyuan frowned and pondered for a moment, this turned Zhao Zhaoxiao's nervous and anticipating eyes, looked at Ye Sinian's direction, smiled and said: "Can cure."

To his eyes, his eyes were full of pride, and Ye Sinian smiled as he wished.

Ziyuan's lips flattened and unconsciously curled up the corners of his mouth. He coughed and looked at the Lord. He said seriously: "But the dysentery is difficult to remove, and the body of the lady is also weak, so the time needed is not short."

Zhao Feixiao has been excited in his mind since he heard that he can cure.

The heart seemed to be hit by a hammer, and the ten fingers that were maintained by the green onions shivered slightly. The beauty in the eyes was awkward. She looked at Ziyuan with a sly look, and looked at her brother with a gentle look.

The big teardrops fell down.

Her illness... can it be cured?

From the time of the note, the bitter medicinal juice that does not leave the mouth, the pain of the bones and the curse that day and night, and the curse generally do not survive the 20-year-old assertion...

All of this, is there really a day away from myself?

At this moment, what life is ideal, great ambition, what is the future, what Li Gongzi... All of them are forgotten, and what she can think of now is that she is saved!

The excitement and tremor of life was finally saved into tears. Zhao Feixiao first plunged into the arms of his brother and grew up crying.

She is just a woman who has just turned 16 years old. How can she be cared for by her family, and the shadow of death has always been in her heart like a mountain.

Like to cry all the uneasiness and grievances that have been stagnation in the past few years, Zhao Feixiao squatted in the arms of Ye Si Nian and burst into tears.

There was a dampness in the chest, and Ye Si-nian’s expression was a little subtle, but I knew that Zhao Feixiao was really in a state of refusal. He licked his lips and did not speak. He only raised his hand and patted her shoulder comfortably. Then she let her go.

Jasper's face was pale, and she bit her lip tightly. There was a slight panic and panic in her eyes. There was uneasiness on the face, and there was no excitement and joy.

Fang Cai’s worries have become true. Jasper has forever regretted that he has not resolutely advised Zhao Feixiao to reject the request of Zi Yuan, and he is looking for a way out in the chaotic thoughts.

If I put it in the past, she will be happy to hear this news, but now...

In her mind, she quickly flashed Li Gongzi's handsome face and focused passionate eyes. She secretly clenched her teeth, and her eyes were full of unsatisfactory eyes.

When Zhao Feixiao plunged into the arms of Ye Sinian, Ziyuan kept staring at them both. Although she knew that she was a brother and sister, it was unreasonable to have a sour water here, but the heart was hoping. The desire to launch Zhao Feixiao is getting more and more high!

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