Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 18

In this day, apart from the unclear gossip repertoire that maintained its popularity, another one turned out to be the anonymously created "Dawn".

However, this song was originally only heated among ordinary netizens, and when it really went out of the circle, or when it hit another circle, it was also attributed to a repost of Song Qinrong.

Song Qin Rong Song: Nice certification! I don’t know if the composer is a colleague in the military [Internet link]

Song Qin Rong's account has hundreds of millions of fans, not because of him, but because he is Qin Nuo's deputy. Qin Nuo himself did not open any public accounts. The only channel for enthusiastic fans to obtain Qin Nuo's current situation, apart from the cold text or language description, is Song Qin Rong the most intuitive.

Song Qin Rong also went on the road, as long as he had the opportunity to not violate the principle, he would always show one or two shots to make Qin Nuo appear for a while. Then took advantage of the trend to send several waves of conscription advertisements to the First Army.

Of course, it is not only Qin Nuo's enthusiastic fans or suitors who follow Song Qinrong, but a large part of them have military backgrounds. Therefore, after Song Qinrong shared this "Dawn", the melody of this song can only sweep all the legions of the empire in almost two days, which is really making this song out of the circle.

No one can deny the refreshing and uplifting feeling this song brings to everyone. The soldiers' resonance in this song is deeper than that of ordinary people, and the rewards are more generous than ordinary people.

No matter whether it is the money or the traffic, the administrator of the music area can take the data to the general management of the Empire Forum with tears in his eyes to apply for the continued opening of the music area.

The Empire Forum was not unwavering, but I was afraid that this situation was only temporary, so I didn't let it go for the time being.

It's just that the curiosity of anonymous authors has become stronger in all aspects, and I have been guessing who is so calm, and even this time, he has not moved, and looks like he is indifferent to fame and wealth.

As a result, fans of Lin Yi's anonymous account in the music forum have broken through his public account fans on, and the private messages they receive every day are about to squeeze his personal terminal.

But for the time being, Lin Yi still has no plans to directly expose his identity.

Unsurprisingly, the message area of ​​Song Qin Rong Star Network's personal news is basically inquiries about Qin Nuo.

"When can I post a picture of Master Qin Nuo? Weeping." Song Qinrong read this sentence while typing, "Will you see it soon after he returns to Capital Star?"

"Master Marshal is still single!" Song Qin Rong read this comment while sitting at his desk. He couldn't help but laughed. He urged narrowly: "Unless the stone becomes refined, I think this state will never change. of."

As soon as he finished typing and pressed the send button, he felt a cold wind behind him. Song Qinrong turned his head alertly and saw Qin Nuo wearing a straight military uniform two steps away behind him.


Song Qin Rong immediately closed the personal terminal, pretending that nothing happened, took his military cap and put it on. Qin Nuo turned and walked out. Song Qin Rong hurried to follow. After a while of silence, he couldn't help but cough to break the deadlock, and asked Qin Nuo: "My lord, speaking of returning to Capital Star this time, you should start to think about personal issues. ?"

Qin Nuo is more than 40 years old this year. Although this year is relatively more than 300 years old, and based on Qin Nuo’s physique, he is still very young in terms of a life span of 400 years, but he is the strongest in the history of the empire. Alpha, all aspects of Qin Nuo are destined to be under the spotlight.

Together with his marriage are the most concerned things of the entire empire.

There is one sentence that sounds absurd, but there is a high consensus among the empire that Qin Nuo should not belong to him, but should belong to the entire empire. Such high-quality genes are worthy of infinite omega. Therefore, among the voices that do not support Qin Nuo's marriage, many people adhere to this concept: Qin Nuo should be combined with different omegas, so that his genes will not be wasted. After all, Qin Nuo's physique, even if it is labeled with beta, the pregnancy rate will increase several times, and it can be said to be perfect for marking the omega.

Lin Yi was sitting on the spaceship heading to the Wild Star and was watching a documentary about the history of several major families in the empire. During the intermission, he saw such a comment in the comment area, and felt dumbfounded at the moment.

Doesn't this kind of natural description use Qin Nuo as a stallion?

Not having fertility is despised, and having super fertility is not necessarily a good thing. In the final analysis, it is morbidity to measure a talent by this.

Lin Yi watched the argument that netizens started for a while, and found it a bit boring, so he pressed the play button again to read the rest of the content.

The original owner's learning level is indeed very insufficient. Lin Yi has to use all his free time to supplement the information and knowledge he can obtain from various channels, and to have a comprehensive understanding of his current environment.

However, Lin Yi still couldn't finish watching the video, because he pressed the play button again only for two minutes, and the cabin door he was in rang the food delivery bell on the spacecraft.

Lin Yi got up and opened the hatch to retrieve the nutrient solution in the door, then turned back and sat down on the bed.

The spacecraft he was on was the special ship of the crew who filmed "The Waste Land". It took three days to fly to the barren star. Today is the first day of the journey. The cabins allocated to people like Lin Yi are naturally very poor. After the cabin door is opened, there is only about five square meters of space. Except for the bed and the small bathroom, there is only a narrow foothold. Even the glass windows in his cabin are just images simulated by the spacecraft, not real.

Lin Yi doesn't care about the environment. It is enough for him to have a fairly comfortable bed and his own personal space.

At the other end of the same moment, facing the still silent Qin Nuo in the office building of Huangxing’s First Legion, Song Qinrong sighed again: “I think I’m going back to Capital Star this time. Mrs. Williams should not be like that. It's easy for you to let this problem go again."

Qin Nuo, who had not spoken all the time, suddenly stopped at this moment. Although he is also an alpha, he is about half a head taller than Song Qinrong. In addition, there is a natural coercion between the alpha. Feeling, "Is this something you should be concerned about?"

"Sorry, sir!" Song Qin-song hurriedly stopped and lowered his head. "The subordinates just think that maybe you can try to interact with the noble ladies and princes of Capital Star, maybe there will be something you like in the middle. maybe."

Although the two are in a superior relationship, they have known each other for many years. It doesn't matter if many things are straightforward, Qin Nuo won't be really unhappy.

In terms of the current reputation of the Williams family, a Qin Nuo can support the appearance, but for the glory and continuation of the family, Qin Nuo is bound to choose a spouse with the same prominent family background to marry. This is after he determined his blood. Fate.

"Then make ridiculous decisions based on the momentary brain fever of pheromone?" Qin Nuo said.

In those forums and on Starnet, there are countless people who fanatically pursue Qin Nuo. I am afraid that none of them know that Qin Nuo himself maintains such a negative attitude towards pheromones. This thing that attracted them to fall in love with Qin Nuo was something that Qin Nuo hated.

No one could resist his pheromone, but Qin Nuo thought that no one would really know him by dissecting the appearance of pheromone.

Due to the influence of his strong physique, even if Qin Nuo controlled his alpha pressure and the release of pheromone, ordinary omega and beta would almost lose his head when he met him. Strictly speaking, he has hardly married anyone for so many years. Have had normal communication.

As long as the pheromone is appropriate, it doesn't seem to matter who is who.

Absolutely absurd.

Song Qinrong was choked by Qin Nuo. How could anyone in this world not care about pheromones?

In his opinion, this is simply a full man who doesn’t know that a hungry man is hungry. It really is a marshal who can marry anyone who wants. Maybe as long as he speaks to the queen, he will immediately divorce and marry him. The problems and troubles of the talented person are destined to be single for a lifetime. .

The Huangxing-1 spacecraft flying in the dark moved forward steadily.

Lin Yi, who was at the bottom of the spacecraft, used almost all available equipment to do several exercises in the limited space. After sweating, he cleaned up and took a shower, and picked up the script refreshedly. .

The movie "The Waste Land" is set in a turbulent period on the border of the empire a hundred years ago, and describes the hero's growth and choices when he suffers in his home country.

When the original protagonist first got the role, the character he wanted to play was the supporting actor in the play. It was a white moonlight-like existence that the protagonist had always been thinking about. As a character that only exists in the memory of the protagonist most of the time, he is a male. The source of all the positive and warm memories of the protagonist, and in the end, the death of the male partner promotes the development of the male protagonist's role.

However, this role is no longer for Lin Yi. The actor who is currently finalized to play this role is another actor with a positive image and a small popularity, named Li Xingzhou.

But Lin Yi's current role is not so pleasing. From the script that Lin Yi has received so far, this dragon set has also interspersed the life of the male protagonist, but it has no impact on the male protagonist himself. It is more an allusion to the general environment of that era.

The role played by Lin Yi is simple in three scenes. It is a dragon suit without a name. The first scene is in his teenage years. As the child of a male partner's domestic servant, Lin Yi is the poor child in the male partner's mouth.

In the second scene, Lin Yi became a male prostitute in the ups and downs of the war. He saw the male partner when he was drinking and laughing, and was blamed for his own depravity.

The third shot was when he settled after the war, his character chose to end his life, and the desolation ended his life.

In the nearly two-hour movie, Lin Yi estimated that the last shots were cut and cut, and there would be more than two minutes left for him. In addition, the role itself is a prostitute, and there will be some relatively naked fragments according to the need of the plot. This is placed in the empire’s secular requirements for omega, and it is very unpleasant to play, and no one wants to take such a role. It has been shelved before.

It was also deliberately embarrassing for Lin Yiyan, but he didn't expect that he would really dare to take it.

But for Lin Yi, there is nothing to dare to take. Not to mention that what the script says is just showing his shoulders to the camera. Even if he is shirtless, it’s a big deal. Lin Yi doesn’t care about the restrictions of omega status. .

On the afternoon of the third day, the Huangxing-1 spacecraft finally landed slowly on Huangxing. Lin Yi stepped off the spaceship and stepped onto the soft muddy ground under her feet. She felt uncomfortable with other people facing such a primitive environment. Lin Yi's eyes lit up. The lush woods in the distance, the soil under his feet, and even the moist air rushing towards his face made him feel cordial.