Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 19

This time I came to shoot. Although it was said that the conditions were difficult, the suffering was just like Ku Linyi and the staff at the bottom. People like Li Xingzhou and the film’s lead character Chen Qiaoxu can basically maintain the standard of living in the capital star.

Huangxing is the main force station of the First Army. More than 60% of the land is forbidden by civilians. Most of the ordinary residents who really live here are also for the ordinary people who serve the army. Many are in People who can't live on other ordinary small planets.

Whoever has a good life suffers from a place where chickens do not lay eggs and birds do not shit. So I heard that someone would come here to make a movie, and many people find it weird.

In fact, this kind of shooting on the spot is indeed maverick at this time. Because special effects and the like can achieve fidelity in the current imperial technology level, which is difficult to see with the naked eye. At most, there will be some small bugs in some details, which are so small that they can be ignored.

Therefore, in many movies and TV series produced by the Empire now, the protagonist even only needs to show a face, and the intellectual brain can make up for the remaining body language. It takes about one or two days to make a movie, and the speed is amazing.

Of course, this streamlined operation method has been criticized for several years, and because the development level of the intellectual brain is too fast to cause a crisis and conflict between humans and the intellectual brain, the intellectual brain’s understanding and learning ability of emotions are always limited, and try to Make them unable to truly resemble human beings.

In this way, the plot content developed by the brain based on the script is particularly inadequate in terms of emotional expression. That is to say, the film and television works of the Empire themselves tend to be reserved and do not require high actors, which allows such fast-food filming to occupy the mainstream.

However, it is not that there are people who are dissatisfied with the status quo and want to change. For example, the director of the film "The Wasteland", Fred, is completely immersed in the art world. Both the film and the requirements for the actors are completely different from other directors. It also earned him the title of a madman.

Lin Yi had read Fred's previous works and resumes thoroughly during the three days on her way here, and fully understood Fred's path. This is an artist who is immersed in his own world and just wants to shoot works that suit his own wishes.

Although Fred still has a reputation for moodiness, in Lin Yi's view, such people are the best to get along with, because their emotional expressions are direct and true, and they don't mix with the slightest sophistication.

This time, Little A wanted to take his machine body to take care of Lin Yi. Lin Yi had no objections, but before leaving, he was told that his share of luggage could not cover Little A, so he had to give up. Let Xiao A stay at home with snot and tears on Wei Que's side.

Originally, Lin Yi thought that this was the general treatment of the actor, but when he got off the aircraft, he saw everyone’s checked luggage coming out of the unloading warehouse, and even the bottom-level assistants brought the machine shells for the brain, so he knew he was. Was scolded.

Lin Yi carried the luggage on her own expressionlessly, and stood in the queue waiting for the army to inspect.

A lot of the content of the filming needs to be carried out in military buildings. Although no confidential content is involved, all personnel who enter are still subject to strict inspections.

Many of the staff in the queue, if alpha is okay, such as beta or omega, it's not too uncomfortable now.

The most indispensable thing in the First Army is alpha, which is usually carefree. The pressure on the other genders formed when they gather together makes all the staff and actors very uncomfortable.

This is an important content that needs to be overcome in the shooting at the time. For example, alphas in the army have to inject certain drugs daily to suppress the hormone levels in the body at a stable stage. The body has adapted to the effects of such drugs for a long time. Even if the staff and actors who arrived at Huangxing filming were injected with the corresponding drugs, it was difficult to fully adapt to such an extreme environment. One carelessness may cause disorder of the pheromone secretion in the body and affect the overall health.

In comparison, such negative effects have no effect on Lin Yi at all.

Others lined up in the line, the sky was gray as far as they looked, the air was dull, and even the ground seemed to tremble, making it difficult to stand on. Facing the serious-looking soldiers with guns and live ammunition around them, almost everyone didn't dare to breathe, and they all accepted the inspection honestly.

Omegas like Li Xingzhou have already taken special passages to take a rest because they can't withstand such an environment.

Only in Lin Yi's eyes, the alpha coercion exuded by the soldiers had no effect at all. The sky was transparent, the air was fresh, and the ground under his feet made him feel real and solid. As for the guards, Lin Yi didn't feel that they had three heads and six arms when occasionally looking at them.

The glands in the original owner’s neck were deliberately damaged by surgery, and almost all of them were stripped out of his body, which caused a lot of pain to the original owner in the initial stage. However, so far, the disordered hormones in the original body have returned to their normal state. With the decline of many omega hormones and proper exercise, Lin Yi can clearly feel that his physical condition is constantly improving.

The existence of omega hormones is a constraint instead.

It took more than an hour for the entire inspection to be over.

After the military personnel took them to an independent building, they used a simulation screen to seriously announce the places where they can enter the entire barren star, and what kind of punishment they might be punished if they illegally broke into the forbidden area.

As a fringe planet, Barren Star is actually an experimental planet of the empire. The overall environment is basically the same as that of the earth, and many regions still maintain unique landscapes of biological diversity.

Lin Yi listened indifferently, but was rather interested in some of the wonderful scenery in the picture. He will stay here with the entire crew for about half a month, but there is not much filming content. A lot of the time should be free to control. Then I don't know if he can have the freedom to go around.

It was regarded as a vacation trip, and Lin Yi had a very good mentality.

On the side of the military office, Song Qinrong was looking at the inspection data entered in the background. The images and movements of everyone on the screen kept sliding down.

Song Qinrong yawned and was a little impatient with his arms folded.

The colleague on the side called him: "Going to eat?"

Song Qin Rong said: "Where to go, drink a bottle of nutrient solution to deal with it, can the meal in the cafeteria be eaten?"

The food in the cafeteria is nutritious. It is specially provided for military training. At the same time, it is also necessary to solve the problem that the nutrient solution cannot bring satiety, but this taste is a little hard to say.

To say that the soldiers in the former army didn’t think so, but the taste of the braised pork made by Lin Yi in "Where We Come From" a few days ago is so good, so good that people have to wonder if they had eaten it before. It's all pig food, and it seems to be eating very happily.

For this reason, the number of people dining in the canteen of the legionary has plummeted in the past two days, and the brains of managing the back kitchen have been overwhelmed.

When eating, everyone is willing to open the real experience to stuff fake meat in their mouths, and they are not willing to eat a bite of the real braised pork made by the chef Zhinao.

Although "Where We Come From" broadcasts the entire process of Lin Yi's cooking, it is difficult to explore what seasoning he used and how much he put in it.

Hou Chu Zhinao learned to do it a few times, and the taste was a bit nondescript, and few people supported it.

The colleague grinned, unable to refute Song Qinrong's words.

Song Qin Rong's gaze fell lazily on the screen, watching the faces flash past, and when he was about to get up and go away, he suddenly saw a face and name flashed on the screen. Refreshed.

He manually moved the time forward to freeze the picture on the content that refreshed him.

Name: Lin Yi.

Of course Song Qin-song knew Lin Yi. He eats meat made by others every day, but can he not recognize who this person is?

He was thinking about eating braised pork with his own mouth, and even thought about how to ask Lin Yi to cook a plate of meat for himself after returning to Capital Star for a while, but he didn't expect it to be so coincidental. Lin Yi sent it by himself. Here comes the door.

I don’t know what to say in Capital Star, are there not many excuses I can find on my home court at this moment?

At this moment, the two words Lin Yi were directly and automatically transformed into braised pork in his eyes.

Song Qinrong laughed and slapped up on the table, scared his colleagues around him and almost drew his guns, "Song Qinrong, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to eat meat." Song Qin Rong eagerly fists, pushes away the stool and rushes out, even more reckless than the recruit's egg.

At the same time, the army's inspection has ended, and Lin Yi waited for the crew to arrange check-in at the back of the team.

There are basically no single rooms in the accommodation provided by the military. Those who can live in single rooms are just a few of the main actors and important staff. The remaining people must live in a group dormitory according to the standard of four people per room.

Because the various genders in the crew are mixed, people of different genders may have many inconsistencies when living together, so this is also considered when arranging the dormitory, so that the three categories of abo are distinguished.

Many omegas are in a quadruple room with two people.

Therefore, when Lin Yi saw that he and the three alphas were assigned to a dormitory, he felt this deliberate targeting all the more.

Even in Lin Yi's eyes, the gap between the three genders of abo is basically zero, but this kind of bullying is on his head, he has no reason to swallow it.

"I have a question," Lin Yi stepped forward and looked at the crew in charge of logistics. "Why was I assigned to a room with three alphas when the room was so sufficient?"

The staff member didn't look good at Lin Yi's question, he himself accepted the above meaning, and the more tossing Lin Yi, the better. At the moment, how could he care about Lin Yi's objection.

"This is the arrangement of the crew. You can't love it, and no one cares about you if you sleep on the main road."

An alpha who was assigned to a room with Lin Yi laughed and said, "What's wrong with living with us, you an omega that doesn't even have pheromones, what else can we make?"

The other two alphas also laughed wretchedly.

Lin Yi chuckled lightly, looked at the three of them for a moment, and thought about it: "You can make me sick."

Regardless of how the alphas changed in an instant, Lin Yi turned his gaze to the worker, waited to see the name tag on his chest and said, "Is that Archie? I refuse to live with the alpha. Please give it to me. Arrange a place to live."

Archie looked impatient and threatened: "This is an arrangement that has been determined and cannot be changed. If you don't live it, then you will find a way to stay here for fifteen days. The crew will not be responsible for you, Lin Yi, your mind. Be clear, this is a barren star, not a capital star, and there are no hotels open for you at any time. If you insist on not staying with your roommates, then I hope you will be prepared to face the outdoor temperature drop to minus fifty degrees for a while. The consent form signed before I came to Huangxing to shoot has already guaranteed that even if you freeze to death here, we won’t be responsible.”

When Lin Yi was farting, he raised his foot and walked out. Archie saw that he really dared to leave, thinking that Lin Yi was arrogant, and he was a little smug.

If Lin Yi left at this time, he would not be able to tolerate the sharp drop in the outside room temperature. Then he would have to turn his head and beg him to let him enter the dormitory. At that time, he would be okay with the other party how he wanted to.

However, Archie's self-imagination hadn't ended yet, he saw Lin Yi's footsteps stop by the door, and then raised his head and pressed the red alarm button at the door.

Everyone was taken aback by the sound of the alarm that suddenly sounded. Archie recovered and shouted at Lin Yi angrily: "Are you crazy?"

Lin Yi pressed the emergency button connected to the army, and it didn't take a minute for someone from the army to come and investigate.

It is extremely difficult for the crew to come to shoot. If it were not for the director Fred himself, it would be difficult to obtain permission to shoot. The crew of the crew treats people in the military department with sincerity, fearing that the other party will be unhappy.

Now that Lin Yi presses the alarm for no reason, how will he explain it then?

When Archie thought about this, he didn't have the time to think about how Lin Yidan's fat was like this, and his brain was full of sweat.

Without waiting for Archie to come up with a countermeasure, the intellectual brain who manages this building speaks out first.

"It is detected that there is no dangerous situation indoors, do you cancel the alarm?"

"Yes!" Archie yelled quickly.

"No," Lin Yi said, "According to Article 52 and Article 106 of the Imperial Constitution, I apply for assistance from the Military Department."

Article 52 of the Imperial Constitution states that omega has the right to request special protection when in a life-threatening environment. According to Article 106 of the Empire’s Constitution, the army cannot ignore the civilians and ask for help.

Zhi Nao received Lin Yi's voice and immediately responded: "If you insist, I will apply for you in 30 seconds."

Archie gritted his teeth: "Cancel the application immediately!"

If it really disturbs the military at that time, no matter what Lin Yi is, he will not have a good fruit first, and it is very likely that even his work will be affected.

Lin Yi said lightly: "Since the crew can't arrange my accommodation here, and you said that the temperature outside will drop to the point where I can't bear it, then I can only ask the military for help. This is legal and reasonable."

Archie's head buzzed, and he didn't expect Lin Yi to be able to threaten him in turn.

However, this is the situation now, Archie didn't know how to say a few words, but was restrained by Lin Yi. But if he doesn't appease Lin Yi right away, it won't be easy for the people in the military to end this incident.

"The crew can arrange your accommodation and cancel the application!" Archie frowned and looked at the countdown of the dozens of intellectual brains left.

"Arrange for me to live with the three alphas?" Lin Yi asked back.

"Let you be with the omega," Archie said, but seeing Lin Yi raise his eyebrows slightly, he didn't seem to be satisfied, and seeing that the countdown had jumped to single digits, he had to say fast in a panic, "Damn it," I will let you live in a single room by yourself. Hurry up and cancel your application!"

Lin Yi smiled slightly, and said to Zhinao: "Please help me to include this conversation as a prerequisite for canceling the application."

Zhi Nao paused and replied: "It has been included."

Now Archie didn't even have the chance to go back.