Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 30

Lin Yi didn't know what was happening outside. When he got out of the car, the outside was peaceful. Fred and Chen Qiaoxu behind him both came out with their stomachs belched.

Fred was somewhat reserved before entering, but after eating the dishes inside, he immediately forgot about his face and manners.

But when he came out, he was a little worried, and he couldn't expect others to invite him to dinner every day, but when he thought that he would not be able to eat this meal in the future, I felt quite disappointed and awkward.

Lin Yi noticed that the gazes cast by these people on him were extremely friendly, and even a little flattering?

Without waiting for Lin Yi to ponder over it carefully, the little D on the side greeted him and said to Lin Yi, "My lord, are you satisfied with the taste of lunch?"

Everyone was at a distance, carefully and secretly watching Little D, who was still ferocious not long ago. Especially Li Xingzhou, now I saw Xiao D from the corner of his eyes, and his legs felt a little soft.

At this moment, seeing Xiao D speaking to Lin Yi so softly, it all felt like a dreamlike distortion.

Lin Yi thinks that Little D looks like a child, and he especially likes the recognition and encouragement of others. He bent down and touched its head several times, "The taste is very good. It is worthy of Little D. He is making rapid progress, and he will definitely be able to make progress soon. Become a generation of chefs."

Little D was content and laughed again.

Lin Yi turned around and told Fred that if nothing else happened, he would leave the crew first.

While he was talking to Fred, Chen Qiaoxu next to him saw that the little D monster who touched Lin Yi in front was obedient, and felt that he had also eaten little D twice. Maybe he should also be encouraged.

Thinking of this, Chen Qiaoxu planned to reach out and touch Xiao D's head. Unexpectedly, Xiao D, who was facing Lin Yi, suddenly turned his head and looked at Chen Qiaoxu silently.

And Chen Qiaoxu was stuck in the air in a straightforward embarrassment, because he felt that the expression in Xiao D's eyes clearly stated that it is okay to touch me, and keep your hand.

For Little D, most people have lost the basis for him to trust. When it was self-doubt and self-confessed to be useless, a person came over to add fuel to the fire and made it feel self-rejecting. Only Lin Yi saved it and gave it the most important encouragement and support. Others just fart. .

The people who surreptitiously looked at this side noticed this scene, and they all cast a sympathetic and empathetic look at Chen Qiaoxu.

Lin Yi got Fred's approval and got on the mecha with Xiao D.

Before getting into the car, Lin Yi still noticed the strange gazes of people around him, so she turned her head and asked Little D, "Little D, did you say anything to them before?"

"No." Little D said, "Oh, maybe I said that I can open ordering food in the future, so that they can buy lunch from the military cafeteria."

Lin Yi was puzzled.

Although Xiao D’s lying function is restricted, it can selectively tell part of the facts. It said, “It is a taste evaluation project of the military canteen. I think the participation of these samples from different planets may be more beneficial to the data. It’s true and accurate. In addition, I have charged them twice as much. I can save the extra money to buy things when the time comes."

Lin Yi nodded, agreeing with this reason.

An independent brain like Xiao D can indeed shop on its own, and even automatically purchase software upgrades within a certain reasonable range. And for a brain with a master like Xiao A, most of the activities require the owner's permission.

Lin Yi looked at the military uniform on Xiao D, wondering if he should buy a few sets for Xiao A when he returns to Capital Star? One set of two sets may not be small enough.

I don't know what others think, but in Lin Yi's view, there is no difference between a home brain and a pet.

Little D asked Lin Yi: "My lord, where do you want to go now? If you go back to the military cafeteria with me, it will be crowded, but it's good if you are willing to stay with me in the back kitchen."

Lin Yi shook her head: "I'll go by at dinner, and now you can send me to the entrance of the primeval forest."

From here to the primeval forest, it takes about 20 minutes by car.

This time it was Little D's turn to feel strange: "My lord, what are you going to do in the primeval forest alone? There is a dangerous area."

"Not alone, the marshal will go with me." Lin Yi said, "so don't worry."

Hearing Qin Nuo's title, Xiao D relaxed a little, but then curiously asked: "Why do you and the marshal go to such a place to perform the task?"

Lin Yi smiled and said, "For a date."

Little D was surprised and said: "Dating, is the Marshal Lord pursuing you?"

"No, I am pursuing him." Lin Yi said calmly.

However, Little D was taken aback for a while, but when he turned to stare at Lin Yi, he became more admired and enthusiastic, "As expected of Master Lin Yi!"

All kinds of actions are thunder on the ground, making Xiao D frantically waving light sticks for him.

The mecha car moved forward, and the scenes on both sides of the road retreated rapidly, so fast that they almost disappeared in front of Lin Yi's eyes. He opened his personal terminal and sent a message to Qin Nuo to confirm the time.

Lin Yi: Marshal, I am on my way to the primeval forest. Do you have time now?

Qin Nuo finished most of the work in the morning, and he pushed some of the content that was supposed to be done in the afternoon until tomorrow morning. After thinking about it, he felt a little strange.

This kind of inexplicable restlessness, waited until the time of the noon break, Lin Yi did not move at all. During this time, Qin Nuo opened the emoji package that Lin Yi had sent him in front of him, and repeatedly dropped a table of red hearts.

Just as he was about to frown and do it again to pick up the work content, Lin Yi's news finally came.

Qin Nuo shook his hand and immediately planned to reply to him. However, he paused after typing, and only pressed the send button after a few seconds.

Qin Nuo: Well, see you later.

After sending it, Qin Nuoduo glanced at what he had sent and what Lin Yi had sent. He couldn’t help but feel that the content he sent might be too flat. He was worried that Lin Yi might misunderstand his emotions, so he wanted to find some opportunity to post. Supplementing the sentence, Lin Yi's reply has flown over again.

It's still an emoji pack, but it's more direct than the one in the morning. A little angel-like child flew out of Qin Nuo's personal terminal, and then took the small bow and arrow on his back and aimed it at Qin Nuo's heart. The voice said, "A blow will hit your heart!"

The small arrow shot directly with a swish, and it pierced Qin Nuo's chest. After staying for four to five seconds, the illusion disappeared.

Qin Nuo touched his heart uncomfortably, feeling that he was obviously too worried just now.

The virgin forest has an entrance, but there is no guard to guard it, so Xiao D insists on waiting for Qin Nuo to arrive before leaving.

Looking in from the entrance, the trees inside are basically as thick as six or seven people, and the height is straight into the cloud, almost invisible to the end. The various flowers and trees inside were a circle larger than those Lin Yi was familiar with, and any small flower was as big as Lin Yi's face.

When Qin Nuo's aircraft hovered down in midair, Xiao D got into the car and slipped away.

When he came here straight, Lin Yi didn't take off her makeup in the morning. At this time, she was sitting on the edge of a huge tree stump. When Qin Nuo stepped off the aircraft, Lin Yi leaped off the stump, walking towards Qin Nuo with a clear face.

"Good afternoon, Master Marshal." Lin Yi said as he looked down Qin Nuo's tightly clasped neckline.

Qin Nuo didn't know if it was his own illusion. When the words of Lord Marshal came out of Lin Yi's mouth, they always carried some special tail tone that distracted him.

"Good afternoon." Qin Nuo said sternly, his expression on his face as meticulous as his clothes.

Lin Yi looked up at the sky, her tone of regret: "But it doesn't seem to rain today."

There were no dark clouds in the sky, and there was no sign of rain at all.

"The weather in the primeval forest will change as soon as it changes. It's uncertain whether it will rain or not." Qin Nuo said.

"In fact, it doesn't matter that much. If it doesn't rain, I can make time to come again. Can I invite you again?" Lin Yi smiled, her tone jumping between reserved and unrestrained, which made people feel very touching. I don't know what he really thinks.

And Lin Yi's eyes were so clear and bright that every word he uttered was a lot more sincere, making people feel that if they wanted to be crooked, they had misunderstood him.

Qin Nuo is not as good as Lin Yi. He looked away uncomfortably, "We will discuss it at that time."

"Okay, it's up to you." Lin Yi squinted back.

He picked up one side of the umbrella that Xiao D had left for him just in case, held it as a crutch, and started walking inside with Qin Nuo side by side.

The breeze in the forest is mingled with the smell of trees and flowers. Lin Yi used the umbrella to push aside the green grass, and after walking for a while, suddenly said, "If it rains, the entire virgin forest will smell of your pheromone."

After finally adjusting to a calm mood, Qin Nuo, who walked beside Lin Yi with full demeanor, kicked a stone. The stone that was half buried in the soil was instantly kicked out of the ground, and the upper part was broken to the ground.

Lin Yi turned her head when she heard the voice, and asked Qin Nuo enthusiastically: "Marshal?"

Qin Nuo: "It's okay." Then he walked in front of Lin Yi by himself.

The whole forest is his pheromone. If someone is over forty but has never interacted with omega at all, he will encounter Lin Yi, who is generous and naked, and Qin Nuo is fake.

He walked a few steps in front of Lin Yi and felt a few rapid heartbeats. Qin Nuo's five senses are much better than ordinary people. Right now, only those few heartbeats shook the sky.

At this moment, Lin Yi suddenly said behind him, "Did you hear?"

Qin Nuo didn't dare to turn his head back with a guilty conscience, and covered his chest with his hand, thinking that Lin Yi had just heard his heartbeat: "What?"

"The sound of rain." Lin Yi said.

Qin Nuo turned his head and saw Lin Yizheng looking up at the sky. He followed Lin Yi's line of sight. A few drops of rain fell on his forehead, a bit cold, and soon the raindrops became dense.

Qin Nuo's mood also relaxed at this moment, a trace of pheromone leaked out without Qin Nuo's control, and the wind from the raindrops blew Lin Yi's nose.

Lin Yi curled his lips, raised the umbrella in his hand, opened it with a clatter, and put it on top of himself and Qin Nuo.

The transparent umbrella surface was quickly covered with raindrops, and the two stood between the giant trees.

There was a difference in height between the two, and Qin Nuo took the umbrella initiatively after a while. He raised his head and glanced into the sky, and somewhat unexpectedly did not find the sign of artificial rainfall.

Lin Yi held the screen of his personal terminal on the side, which showed the afternoon weather in the virgin forest, "Sure enough, the weather here will change as soon as it changes. It's already raining."

Qin Nuo gave a hum, and raised his hand to inform Zhi Nao to cancel the artificial rainfall. However, in front of Lin Yi, he was not easy to operate, so he could only hold it back for the time being.

The rain is getting stronger, and it is a pressure that cannot be ignored when it falls on the umbrella.

Lin Yi and Qin Nuo stood on a tree stump and watched the rain slowly converge into a small stream toward the low-lying place.

"Is this kind of rain normal in the primeval forest?" Lin Yi asked Qin Nuo, raising his head.

Qin Nuo nodded: "It's normal."

Lin Yi glanced at their umbrellas again, and felt that the surface of the umbrellas was strong and strong enough to hold them, and Qin Nuo's hands were strong enough to keep the umbrellas still.

He stretched his hand out of the umbrella surface, and the palm of his hand was quickly covered with raindrops. "I like rain very much," Lin Yi said, "because the sound of rain can make me very peaceful, and the land after the rain has a nice smell. smell,"

Lin Yi looked at Qin Nuo, always not forgetting to tease the Marshal, "It's like your pheromone."

In the moment when Qin Nuo didn't know how to deal with it again, the intellectual brain that had previously received the artificial rainfall order started to act at this time. Even though it was raining in the primeval forest, the marshal's order was not to be defy, it still manipulated some data in the background.

In a short while, several aircraft flew over the virgin forest together, specifically locking Qin Nuo's position, and moving on one by one, a literal downpour poured down from mid-air for a while.

It almost smashed on the umbrella that Qin Nuo was holding. The umbrella surface couldn't bear such a heavy pressure, and the umbrella was directly crushed. Lin Yi and Qin Nuo both gave the toppings a pot of water.

"Puff." Lin Yi spit out some raindrops that accidentally ran into her mouth, and asked Qin Nuo as she stroked her hair back, "Is this rain normal?"

Qin Nuo: "..."

What he wants to say is that he arranged the rain.

After a moment of silence, Qin Nuo nodded with his conscience behind his back for the first time in his life: "It's still normal."

At this time, the two of them were all drenched into drenched chickens, and even Qin Nuo's meticulous hair was drenched, and he seemed to be tamed.

Lin Yi stared at him, and felt that the two people were so indifferent in the rain to say something funny for five or six seconds, so he suddenly reached out and grabbed Qin Nuo's wrist: "Run."

Qin Nuo was staggered by him for two steps, but he quickly recovered and followed Lin Yi to the aircraft at the entrance.

However, seeing Qin Nuo running away from a few artificial rain aircraft, they still chased him to rain without discouragement. The rain water gathered under the feet of the two of them was broken by their footsteps, smashing into small puddles.

The wind in the rain chased them on their backs, mixed with the sound of raindrops falling on various vegetation, like a piece of music in the rain.

Lin Yi's mood jumped, and countless emotions poured into his mind like raindrops. The raindrops were cold, and Qin Nuo's wrist he was holding was hot at the moment.

Until Lin Yi and Qin Nuo both boarded Qin Nuo's aircraft, the two had escaped.

The two water men rushed into the aircraft together, and immediately stained the cabin soggy, and the carpets in the cabin were all wet. Qin Nuo's flying machine's brain quickly appeared, and looked at Qin Nuo and Lin Yi in surprise, and it took a while to understand what was going on.

"How can it be soaked?" It asked strangely, where is the rain in the primeval forest so heavy? However, it is more important for the master to clean and tidy up. It quickly activated the pumping mode to drain the excess water from Lin Yi and Qin Nuo and let their clothes and hair dry again.

After going back to work, both of them have lost their hair styles. Lin Yi is okay. He usually wears more hair casually and doesn't care about it. Qin Nuo was different. The hair he had combed back was hanging down obediently at this time, making him drastically reduced and looking much softer.

Under the problem of Wisdom Brain, the two looked at each other, and they probably thought of the previous moment's embarrassing rush together. Or maybe it was the first time that Qin Nuo could ignore the various things that were overemphasized on him because of such a trivial matter. It seemed a bit stupid to get caught in the rain, and made him want to laugh, and Qin Nuo's mood was soaring. stand up.

He and Lin Yi faced each other, saw themselves in the pupils of the other party, and laughed together without burden.