Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 4

Since being discharged from the hospital, the original owner's house has been at home for almost half a month, as if hiding in a tortoise shell, shielding the outside world. With mental depression and despair, his already weak body in the past half a month is now getting weaker and weaker.

After Lin Yi decided to take a good night's sleep, she almost fell asleep on the sofa with her eyes closed.

At the same time, at Yinyue Entertainment, Ye Jin was sitting in the office, looking displeased at a prompt received on his personal terminal.

It was an e-mail forwarded to him by his wife Song Shu. It was a message confirming that Lin Yi was going to participate in "Where Are We From". Except for the text, this message has no other words, but what Song Shu wants to express Ye Jin already knew.

That's what he did this time. Song Shu hasn't calmed down yet, and she wants to take action against Lin Yi, much easier than pinching an ant to death.

Ye Jin couldn't do anything about it, and at the same time, there was an unrelenting anger in his heart. This kind of anger comes from Song Shu not taking him seriously, let alone the respect he enjoys by other alphas. He didn't have any special feelings for Lin Yi, but he fancyed Lin Yi's appearance and easy-to-handle character, but he didn't expect things to show through.

Although Ye Jin's family background is also good, he is not ranked in the capital star. The reason why he can sit in his current position and enjoy the extravagant and worry-free life is all because of the relationship between the Song family. As the queen’s mother family, the Song family ranks high among the major families of Capital Star. If Ye Jinzhen angered Song Shu, he might not be able to continue to maintain a glorious life.

Ye Jin frowned for a while, and then sent another email to his subordinates, emphasizing how to highlight Lin Yi’s stupidity and ignorance in the first episode of the program, and it’s best to give it to him. He dug a few pits and made him the laughing stock of the entire empire.

As soon as the program is broadcast, Song Shu will receive his obvious flattery, and he will be able to truly put away his crooked thoughts about Lin Yi at the beginning. Based on experience, this matter can also pass. .

As for Lin Yi, Ye Jin didn't have the slightest psychological burden to push him out to sacrifice. Even the pain, humiliation, and despair Lin Yi had suffered, neither he nor Song Shu would care about it. To put it bluntly, in the eyes of the upper-class nobles of these empires, Lin Yi's life and death were not worth mentioning.

Sleep is an irreplaceable and excellent way to rest. When Lin Yi woke up naturally from the deep sleep, only the round head of Little A standing in the corner of the living room was shining with a soft light, and the whole room was dim. Light, Lin Yi couldn't tell what time it was.

He opened his lips and his voice was a little hoarse: "Little A, what time is it now?"

The light on Little A's head brightened, and quickly drove the wheels to Lin Yi's side: "Master, it's 5:30 in the morning, and you have slept for twelve hours."

Lin Yi stood up to relax his muscles and bones. After a sleep, his head, which had been groggy before, felt a lot better.

The apartment he currently lives in is not large, but it is well-equipped and the location is actually very good. Lin Yi pushed open the glass door of the balcony, and Little A followed Lin Yi out.

The so-called balcony is actually not accurate. It is only a space about three square meters in size, and because it is completely wrapped in transparent glass, it is still a place completely isolated from the outside world.

Lin Yi tilted his head to look at the balcony next door, and only saw his face reflected in the glass. It must be the same when you look at him on the balcony next door.

Although the original owner lived in this house for a month, he rarely came to the balcony, let alone see the real prosperity of Capital Star.

The environment on Capital Star is the most similar to the previous earth. The sun rises and sets throughout the year. At about 5:30, Lin Yi looked up and looked outside, but he did not see the sun on the horizon as he expected. In fact, he looked up. The only thing that can be seen from the head is the tall buildings towering into the clouds, and the entire sky seems to be obscured by some special device, and half of the clouds can not be seen.

It is said that the four seasons and various climates of Capital Star are artificially created, but it seems to be true.

Lin Yi retracted his gaze and looked down through the glass. He couldn't see clearly up and down. He seemed to live in mid-air.

Although it was 5:30 in the morning, bright lights were still flickering outside the house, and occasionally aircraft flew over Lin Yi's head or under his feet, and no sound was heard through the glass.

The whole environment can be clean and tidy and meticulous, even to the point of excessive.

Lin Yi originally thought that the earth he had lived on was enough for people to feel suffocating. However, compared with the current Capital Star, it can only be described as a drop in the bucket.

Lin Yi, who originally wanted to go to the balcony to see if he could open the window to breathe the fresh air in the early morning hours, was a little disappointed, but he still wanted to be slightly connected to the outside environment instead of being enclosed in a fixed space, he asked Little A behind him, "Little A, can I open the window?"

The green light that flashed regularly on Little A’s head turned into red, and his tone became serious: "Master, Little A does not recommend that you open the windows. The outdoor air quality is C level, and the indoor air quality is B level. It will be contaminated after opening, which may cause discomfort to your body."

Lin Yi let go of the palm of his hand that was on the window, "Forget it, I just wanted to breathe some fresher air, so there is no need to open the window."

Little A said diligently: "Maybe the master can upgrade the air level."

Lin Yi asked Little A as he walked back, "Upgrade the air level?"

Little A is like a salesman: "Yes, the owner, referring to the area of ​​the owner’s residence today, you can raise the air quality to level A for only 300 yuan per month, and you can raise the air quality to level A for only 500 yuan per month. The air quality has been upgraded to S level."

"Don't you know how much money I have?" Lin Yi stared at Little A's chubby head, her hands itchy.

Little A dripped twice, and realized that he was talking a lot of **** in front of a pauper, and quickly went quiet to reduce his sense of existence.

Lin Yi walked to the refrigerator and opened the door of the refrigerator inside. It was empty except for two cups of nutrient solution. He took out one of them and drank it, then walked a few steps in the room, and simply went back to the sofa and sat down.

He is facing three problems now, one is poor, the other is weak, and the third is that he doesn't understand the current environment very well.

It took just over a month for the original owner to arrive at Capital Star. Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden for a good stroll. The original owner had no chance to really understand Capital Star, not to mention that the next half month was basically the self who was hospitalized and hiding at home. Closed.

Lin Yi's current understanding of the empire in his brain is mostly derived from the experience of the original owner when he lived in the rare star, which is very limited and scarce. Lin Yi knew that she had to spend a lot of time to understand many things from the beginning.

Lin Yi's current body is more than just eating better. Strengthening exercise is the key.

Lin Yi paid great attention to body management due to professional reasons in her previous life, and she is very clear about how to exercise. It's a pity that the physical fitness of the original owner obviously couldn't keep up with Lin Yi's exercise plan.

This first day, let alone exercise for half an hour, he had just exercised for less than ten minutes, and he had already sweated on his body, and even felt that his limbs were soft.

Lin Yi lasted ten minutes, but she couldn't help but fell to the ground, panting.

It was too vain. After a while, Lin Yi sat up and did another set of actions. He did three sets of actions like this intermittently, and it was the end when he stopped.

At this time, there was already an artificial light like sunlight outside, and it gradually flooded his balcony windows.

Lin Yi sat on the floor and turned on the personal terminal, opened up the virtual web interface in front of him, and placed it at a suitable distance. The intangible web interface is like a ball of light that can be easily grasped, changing its shape with the movements and wishes of Lin Yi's fingertips.

Everyone in the empire has a personal terminal, similar to a kind of real-name authentication from birth, but most of the time people can still have a virtual face on the Internet, and only a few websites force users to display their true information to the outside world.

Lin Yi opened the mailbox of her personal terminal, and there was a new email in it. It was some information from the first issue of "Where Are We From" from Yinhe Film and Television.

The broadcast method of "Where Are We From" is live broadcast throughout the whole process. There is no room for post-editing or dubbing. The audience loves this broadcast method, but many stars are unavoidably nervous and afraid of making mistakes.

Lin Yi didn't feel nervous. He was doing interviews on the show. He saw a lot of different scenes. For him, facing the camera is no different from eating and drinking.

Instead of recording and broadcasting, he appreciates the way of live broadcasting. Lin Yi knows how many tricks can be played by editing these two words. He has seen many of his colleagues who were saved or killed by editing before. Rather than leaving room for the opponent to piece together in the later stage, the live broadcast is more comfortable across the board.

"Where do we come from" this variety show is under the banner of retro roots, and the content naturally revolves around all aspects of the earth. What the earth is like, star-level residents look at flowers in the mist, but Lin Yi, who has come from that era, is clear.

Lin Yi watched the entire process of the show once, and she probably had some points in her heart. The key word of this first episode is "Earth Diet". The flow chart is mainly divided into three parts, one of which is for the guests to make a piece of earth food. Lin Yi didn't have any cooking experience in his previous life, so it would be difficult for him to let him cook, but it's not impossible to let him cook. In his previous life, he participated in a variety show related to food. In it, he learned a braised pork with the chef. It should be no problem to deal with it.

Just don't know what the food on earth in the empire at this time is like?

Lin Yi opened the web page to enter keywords, and a lot of related content popped up immediately.

There are people in the empire who like to share the food on the earth, but Lin Yi stared at the weird food on the web, and some wondered if he was a real earthling.

After a little screening, he clicked on one of the highly praised cooking web pages, and saw the ingredients and seasonings shared by the people inside, as well as the praised comments below.

"Wow, it looks great."

"Taste the taste, it seems to be okay, it is the taste of pure earth food."

"Good recipes of the year, but unfortunately I can't buy the same ingredients. I really want to make such retro dishes."

Taste? Lin Yi looked down and found a link that said "click to taste". He tried to click it. The picture of the dish originally displayed on the webpage suddenly seemed to be in front of him. , And there was also a strange smell in Lin Yi.

He tried to pick up the spoon and tasted the soup. He was expecting a bit, but the food that was obviously overcooked was choked by the taste as soon as he entered his mouth.

What the hell! Lin Yi opened her mouth to spit out something, but found that there was nothing in her mouth. The virtual food only created a virtual taste experience.

Lin Yi hurriedly fetched water to rinse her mouth, while watching the genuinely flattering comments, she wanted to tell these interstellar fools through the screen, "The sour, sweet, bitter, and salty food is not the taste of the earth's food!" "