Rebirth 2003

Chapter 11: Encounter Feng Tingting

   In a blink of an eye, three more days passed.

   This afternoon, Lu Yang had no class. After going to the cafeteria for lunch, Lu Yang put on sportswear, sports shoes, and gloves, and then went to the martial arts club to practice boxing.

When    was about to go out, Cheng Hua, who was sleeping in his lower bunk, suddenly shouted to Lu Yang: "Hey! Lu Yang! The various clubs in the school are recruiting people this afternoon, won't you go with us?"

When Lu Yang went back to the dormitory just now, he saw Cheng Hua, Yang Zhi, and Shi Jijun changing clothes, shoes, and getting haircuts. They thought where they were going to pick up girls. Only then did Lu Yang understand that they were going to join the club. .

   There are many clubs in universities, such as English clubs, basketball clubs, martial arts clubs, calligraphy clubs, etc. These clubs leave graduates every year, so every year new students will be recruited soon after the beginning of semester.

   What can be learned in these clubs is second, but it is good for broadening contacts or getting to know beautiful women. After joining the club, it will be easier to enter the school student union in the future.

   When you are looking for a job after graduating from university, if the employer knows that you were a member of a certain club or student union when you were in university, you will get extra points.

   Therefore, every year when various clubs recruit new students, those freshmen who have just entered school are very enthusiastic.

   However, Lu Yang has no interest in this.

He has joined the martial arts club. In addition to class, he also writes novels at night. The extra time is only enough for him to practice boxing, and he has no time to spend elsewhere. So I heard Cheng Hua call him to join the club together, Lu Yang After a slight daze, he smiled and refused.


   Lu Yang goes to the activity building where the martial arts club is located, and he needs to pass a section of boulevard.

Before approaching there, Lu Yang saw from a distance that there were abnormally many people on both sides of the boulevard today. There were 20 or 30 desks on both sides of the boulevard. Some older seniors may sit or stand. Behind the desks, hundreds of younger freshmen surrounded those desks.

   Lu Yang thought about it for a little while, and guessed that it should be the place where the various clubs are recruiting new people today.

   Lu Yang didn't think about any other clubs to join, so when he passed there, Lu Yang didn't stop, but when he passed there, he glanced at the new clubs on both sides of the boulevard.

   Basketball Club, English Club, Computer Club, Dance Club, Taekwondo Club...

   glanced over, twenty or thirty societies.

   Only then did Lu Yang know that there are so many large and small societies hidden in this seemingly loose campus. He went to school here for a few years before he was born again, and he never knew.

   "Hey! Lu Yang!"

  While passing the dance club, Lu Yang suddenly heard a familiar voice calling him.

  —Feng Tingting's voice.

   Hearing someone calling him, Lu Yang subconsciously stopped and turned his head to look.

Next to the recruiting office of    Dance Club, Feng Tingting, dressed in pink casual clothes, stood there as slim as a beautiful flower, looking at him with **** and white eyes.

   "Feng Tingting?"

  Lu Yang was a little surprised. He actually ran into Feng Tingting here. After entering the university, Lu Yang did not try to get close to Feng Tingting like in his previous life. He never thought about pursuing her again, and almost completely forgot her.

   I never thought that I would go to a martial arts club to practice boxing and walk well, and I would suddenly meet her.

   You must know that the English Department and the History Department are located in two corners of the campus, and they rarely overlap.

   Lu Yang discovered that within a month of entering university, Feng Tingting had changed a lot.

   has become more beautiful, in other words, she has started to make-up. The light makeup makes her who is beautiful, more beautiful, and no longer looks like she was in high school.

Feng Tingting walked up to Lu Yang with a smile as before. She looked up and down at Lu Yang with her smiling eyes. She noticed the glove in Lu Yang's hand, and a trace of curiosity flashed in her eyes and asked Lu Yang, "What? Where are you going to fight? My classmates have never heard of martial arts for so long before? Have you practiced martial arts before?"

Although he didn't plan to pursue Feng Tingting anymore, but by chance, Lu Yang didn't want to ignore her at all. At the moment, he only smiled and shook his head, and replied perfunctorily: "No, I just joined the martial arts club not long ago. I just want to exercise. It doesn't count. Practice martial arts."

   "Huh? You joined a martial arts club?"

   Lu Yang's answer was obviously beyond Feng Tingting's expectations.

   In Feng Tingting’s impression, Lu Yang has always been an introverted and non-sporty boy. He never thought that one day Lu Yang would join a martial arts club.

I grabbed the glove in Lu Yang's hand and looked at it carefully. Then he looked at Lu Yang up and down again with his scrutiny gaze, and said in praise, "That's right, Lu Yang! Actually, he will join the martial arts club. After that, when you become a masterful martial artist, you must protect me! Hehe, come on! I can wait for you to be my flower protector! Hey!"


   Lu Yang perfunctory Feng Tingting for a while, then left.

   He was obsessed with Feng Tingting before, but now he is not infatuated.

   Before he was reborn, he lived to be 29 years old, and Lu Yang's outlook on the world and life had long been distorted.

   In his eyes, love is just a fairy tale, which makes people look forward to. If you really want to chase it, sooner or later it will be bruised and bruised. There are many ways to get a woman, but you don't have to change your feelings.

   For love, Lu Yang would not dare to touch and chase it anymore.

   He still likes beautiful women, but in this life, he will not exchange feelings again.


  As he passed the boulevard, out of the corner of Lu Yang's eyes, he caught a glimpse of Teng Hu, the president of the martial arts club, putting a table under the shade of a tree, and several young men and women were surrounding him and talking.

   Lu Yang saw it, but didn't move forward.

  Lu Yang joined the martial arts club, only thinking about exercising his body, and didn't care about whether the martial arts club could grow and develop.

   Just when I saw Teng Hu and the young men and women surrounding Teng Hu, I couldn't help thinking: It seems that after today, I will no longer be the only member of the martial arts club.

   Soon, Lu Yang arrived at the door of the Wushu club classroom.

   Teng Hu recruits newcomers there, UU reading www. The gate of uukā martial arts club was naturally locked by General Iron.

In this situation, Lu Yang has often encountered this situation since joining the Wushu club. Teng Hu usually practice boxing at night, while Lu Yang only comes to practice boxing when he has time during the day, so Lu Yang almost always When I came here, the doors of the martial arts club were all locked.

   Lu Yang didn't care about this either.

   Anyway, I met Teng Hu a few times occasionally. Teng Hu had already told him the main points of punching sandbags. There was no problem in practicing boxing alone.

   After opening the door and going in, Lu Yang put on his black gloves, moved his arms twice, and began to practice his punches alone.

   His fists hit the heavy sandbag one by one. Lu Yang's current fist strength is not strong. Every punch hits the sandbag, the sandbag will only slightly swing and make a muffled sound.

   Lu Yang didn't care, he had a good mentality, as long as his fist strength gradually improved, sooner or later he would become heavier.

   Lu Yang didn't know that when he was focusing on boxing, a slim pink figure appeared outside the glass window.

   Feng Tingting stood outside the window and looked inside the martial arts club. Lu Yang lowered his head slightly and punched the sandbag in front of him. There was a smile in Feng Tingting's eyes, as well as a hint of doubt.

  , Lu Yang, who was practicing boxing, made her feel a little strange and admired. She suddenly realized that she didn't know Lu Yang as much as she thought.

  He is such an introverted person, one day he will take the initiative to join a martial arts club and practice boxing silently by himself...