Rebirth 2003

Chapter 116: Rui Xiaoxiu

Not knowing how to persuade her, Lu Yang touched his clothes pocket and wanted to touch a bag of napkins. When he touched the pocket, he remembered that Cao Xue was not there and he didn't have a napkin on his body.

   But there is a convenience store next to him, so Lu Yang walked to that store.

   The girl looked at Lu Yang's back stupidly, and she forgot to cry for a while, thinking that she was not comforting me? why did you leave?

   Until a moment later, when Lu Yang came back with a pack of napkins, took out two napkins and handed them to her, the girl's mood was better. It turned out not to be gone.

   said thank you in a low voice, the girl took the tissue and slowly wiped the tears from her face.

   "Will you go home after crying?" Lu Yang saw that her tears no longer shed, so he tried to persuade her.

   "I don't want to go back!" The girl vetoed it.

   "Then it's not a problem for you to sit here, right?" Lu Yang looked at the black lamp here. A girl sitting at the door of a store crying at night was really not good.

   "Your dormitory opened so early?" the girl suddenly asked.

   Lu Yang didn't think much, and replied, "I'm renting a house outside!"

   The girl rolled her eyes twice, then looked at Lu Yang carefully, hesitated for a moment, and asked: "Then I can sit there for a while?"

   Lu Yang hesitated for a moment. It’s lonely to live in the same room, but she still looks at him with red and swollen eyes. Lu Yang realized that he could not say a word to refuse, nodded, and said, "Yes!"

   So, the girl went back to Lu Yang’s rental house with Lu Yang, and when she passed a braised cooking shop, she came out to find something to eat, so she bought some beef, husband and wife lung slices and so on.

   A few minutes later, the two came to Lu Yang’s rental house. After entering the door, the lights were turned on. The girl looked at the house and said unexpectedly: "You are so big here. You rented it with your friends?"

   "No, I live alone!"

   Lu Yang said as he put the stewed vegetables on the table, and then began to pour boiling water for the girl.


   The girl took the boiling water and held it in both hands, but Lu Yang went to grab two sets of dishes and smiled and said, "I'm hungry, do you want to eat too? I bought two for two!"

   The girl glanced at the beef, husband and wife's lung slices that had been opened on the table, as well as duck blood and dried tofu. She squeezed her mouth and nodded, and took the dishes and chopsticks that Lu Yang had handed over.

   Seeing that she was in a much better mood, Lu Yang smiled and started to eat vegetables. The stewed vegetables were a bit salty. As she was about to pour herself a glass of boiling water, the girl suddenly asked, "Do you have any wine here?"

   A girl came to a man's place alone, asking for alcohol? Lu Yang was taken aback, and then said, "Isn't there any liquor! There are still a few bottles of beer, would you like to drink?"

   Lu Yang sometimes drank a little wine, but seldom drank white wine. It took less than half a bottle of that thing, and his head became dizzy, which affected his codewords.

   "Get a few bottles!" the girl said.

   Considering that the girl just broke up in love today, Xu wanted to borrow wine to seduce her sorrows. Lu Yang has had this experience, so it is understandable that when he broke up with Feng Tingting before, he relied on alcohol to numb himself for a long time.

   Two bottles of beer were brought over, and the two began to drink from the bottles while eating.

   "I am Lu Yang, what do you call it?"

   "Rui Xiaoxiu!"

   When drinking, there will naturally be chats, otherwise the atmosphere will be too boring.

   "Why do you break up during the New Year? You don't have to choose such a day when you break up?" Lu Yang was a little puzzled. He grew up so much. He really didn't see anyone breaking up during the New Year. I have never heard of it.

   It may be the reason for half a bottle of wine. Rui Xiaoxiu is obviously too strong to drink. Both cheeks are already flushed. After hearing this question, she hesitated and spoke.

"When I was studying, my academic performance was terrible, so when I was in the third year of high school, when someone tried to read books, I talked about a boyfriend who was in the key class! His grades were very good! In high school! Everyone likes boys with good grades. , And he looks good..."

   At this point, she gave Lu Yang a glance and shot Lu Yang: "Slightly more handsome than you!"

   Lu Yang was speechless, only to take another sip from the wine bottle.

Rui Xiaoxiu saw it, pursed her lips and smiled, then her expression dimmed again, and continued: "After the third year of high school, I fell out of the list naturally and went home to sell things to my mother. He was successfully admitted to a good university. Before going to university He still loves me very much. He promised me that he would love me when he entered the university! He would never like other girls, I trusted him! He also bought him a set of clothes with the private money he saved, but... "

   said well, Rui Xiaoxiu suddenly cried out, and the tears that had just been dry soon came out again.

   The result that follows, Lu Yang had long thought of, similar plots were written in Lu Yang's novels a long time ago, Rui Xiaoxiu's story is not tortuous, he guessed the end after hearing the beginning.

   silently handed over two napkins, Rui Xiaoxiu wiped the tears from her face, while continuing to whimper and said, "But it has only been a year and a half, and he actually talked about a new girlfriend..."

"How did you know?"

   "Today her new girlfriend came to his house to spend the Lantern Festival with him..."

"you saw it?"

   "His home is in the community next to my home. When we were in high school, we often went to school and after school together. Otherwise, he might not chase me..."

   "Stop talking! Drink and eat food!"

  Looking at her crying so sad, Lu Yang didn't want to listen. She cried so sad that Lu Yang couldn't feel better after hearing it.

After crying, Rui Xiaoxiu drank more ferociously. After a while, a bottle of beer hit the bottom. Lu Yang said that she stopped drinking. She insisted on Lu Yang to get the wine again. Lu Yang couldn't help her, so she had to give it to her again. Bring a bottle and say it is the last bottle.

  Who knows, she vomited after drinking half a bottle.

   Lu Yang helpless, UU reading www. uukanshu. com had to pour boiling water for her, get a towel, and work around her for a while before finally calming her down. Just as Lu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, she suddenly threw herself into Lu Yang's arms, put her arms around Lu Yang's neck, and kissed him.

   The kiss was so jerky that it hurt Lu Yang's mouth, but it was very crazy. Lu Yang pushed her hard, she just hugged Lu Yang's neck and held her back. In the end, Lu Yang couldn't help but pushed her away with a violent effort.

   Then both of them were silent.

   After a while, she said, "I'm going back! Thank you tonight!"

When he said that, he got up and walked towards the door. If Lu Yang didn’t have Cao Xue, he still had the mentality he had just reborn. At this time, he just rushed up and held her in his arms. Tonight will definitely be a breezy night again, but Lu Yang’s mentality has changed. I didn't want her to misunderstand, so I just sat there and didn't move.

   Rui Xiaoxiu just walked out of Lu Yang's door, tears came out of her eyes again, she hurriedly covered her mouth and ran to the small building.

   Lu Yang listened to the sound of her fast-distance footsteps at home, and touched the painful lips, only to realize that his lips were bleeding from Rui Xiaoxiu's just now.

   Regarding Rui Xiaoxiu's mentality just now, Lu Yang could probably guess that 80% of them wanted to indulge themselves after being broken in love, and shook his head. Lu Yang went to get another bottle of beer and continued to eat and drink.

   For Lu Yang, what happened tonight is just a small episode.

   But is it really worth it?

   Lu Yang didn't realize it at this time.

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