Rebirth 2003

Chapter 152: Refusal?


Salmon and Li Jiu are sitting a bit far away, but he also saw the scene just now, and a curiosity arose in his heart. Wen Chou's manuscripts have always been collected by him. For the first three works of Wen Chou, He has also read a few. Unlike Li Jiu, his favorite is the "Master of Loneliness". For a while, his catchphrase became "I don't understand, I don't understand! The gap is the gap." For a time, his colleagues suspected that he was accustomed to it. Sexual equipment is forced.

   And that sentence is a classic quotation from "Master Loneliness".

   Is this killing novel as the main story, also very good-looking?

   had such curiosity in his heart, after Li Jiu sat back in his seat, Salmon made an internal call.

   "Li Jiu! Did you tell Lao Zhang just now that "Infinite Killing" I sent you this morning?"

   "Well! That's it! It's so good! It's more classic than Wen Chou's "Three Warlords"! What do you say? Anyway, you know it after reading it, really! I definitely don't lie to you!"

   "Oh, let me see."

   Putting down the phone, Salmon squeezed the mustache on his chin. The editors of the novel all have a common pissiness, that is, they have no resistance to good-looking novels.

   As a receiving editor, he doesn't do much every day. Thinking about it, he opened the manuscript in the mailbox and looked at it slowly.

After reading all the content, it was time for lunch. My colleagues had already gone to the cafeteria to eat in twos and threes. Salmon was still sitting in the seat and seemed to be immersed in the story I just read. His expression was a bit sluggish, and the cigarette between his fingers was about to burn. To the fingers, I haven't noticed it yet.

   At this time, Li Jiu passed by him, saw his expression, and saw the manuscript of "Infinite Killing" on his computer screen, he showed a knowing smile, a little self-satisfied, and thought: It seems I really have a bit of foresight! I discovered the wonderfulness of this book at first sight! No, Brother Yu was also shocked.

   "Hey! Brother Yu! Going to eat!"

   Li Jiu smiled and patted salmon on the shoulder.

   "Huh? Oh."

Salmon Woke up for the first time, only then closed the document, turned off the computer, and when he stood up, he still said to Li Jiu: "The creativity is great! I really don't know how the author came up with this story! What a genius! Look! It’s okay to come to publish. I wonder if the editor-in-chief will increase the price for him?"

Li Jiu heard these words in his ears, as if he was complimenting him, and said: "Don't worry! The editor also went to the cafeteria just now. I immediately had a meal and went to ask him. The news comes first. Time will tell you!"



   When the two arrived in the cafeteria, the editor-in-chief Lao Zhang really ate quietly in an empty corner. Li Jiu took the time to eat the food and leaned over.

   With a small smile, Li Jiu sat across from Lao Zhang.

Lao Zhang raised his drooping eyelids. He is old and his spirit is obviously not as good as that of young people, but he has been in this industry all his life, and he has developed an aura of no anger and prestige, so even if he just raised his eyelids. Li Jiu also felt nervous for a while, but at this time Li Jiu was very confident and a little proud in his heart. He thought that the editor would definitely praise himself, so even though he was nervous, he was not afraid.

   "Editor-in-chief! Did you read the "Unlimited Killing"? How do you feel? Very creative, right? Would you like to notify the author as soon as possible to sign the contract?"

   Li Jiu smiled slightly and asked several questions in one breath.

Old Zhang looked at him with muddy old eyes, and after he finished asking for a long time, he coughed twice, frowned his thick gray eyebrows, and said in a low voice, "The book you are talking about, I read it. The story is a bit novel. , But there are also many problems. For example, in the first episode, there are too few female characters, and the **** scenes are not enough. The current market... You should know that serious killings like that, even if it is written too well, no one buys it. ; Also, the setting is too complicated, what points? The rewards for the main storyline, s-level and a-level, and the rewards for the side plots, too many and too complicated. Now readers who read novels are watching with a relaxed mind. Few people are willing to use their brains; the most important point is that he writes scenes of horror films, and may have copyright disputes with those film companies. Therefore, this book cannot be signed! Let him rewrite the mainstream Let’s look at his fantasy essays! Seeing that his first three books are considered best-sellers, I can consider publishing them for him!"

Li Jiu was dumbfounded, and he couldn't believe that these words came from the editor's mouth. In his eyes and Yu Ge's eyes, his classic novel was worthless. Not only did he not mention the possibility of price increase, but also Still refuse to sign?

   "Editor in chief! That book is really good..."

   Li Jiu still wanted to work harder, Lao Zhang was already impatient, and slightly raised his right hand to stop Li Jiu from continuing.

   "I have already sent Salmon the comments on the rejection of the manuscript! If the author is humble enough to get another work that meets the market demand, I will still give him a chance."

   After finishing talking, Lao Zhang lowered his head and continued to eat his own meal, obviously not wanting to talk about this issue anymore.

   Li Jiu left with his own food silently.


   "How? What is the bottom line for the editor-in-chief to increase the price?"

As soon as he sat down next to Salmon, Salmon asked him curiously. Li Jiu shook his head and said disappointedly: "Don't mention it! The editor-in-chief means that this book cannot be bookmarked. Let Wen Chou get a new manuscript that meets market demand. In that case, , Will still give him a chance!"


   Salmon’s eyes widened, and, like Li Jiu just now, he couldn’t believe his ears. So if you don’t increase the price of a classic novel, you have to refuse to sign?

   "The editor-in-chief said that he has sent you the rejection comments!"


   After school in the afternoon, Lu Yang went back to the rental house with Cao Xue. Cao Xue took the initiative to take the cooking job and pushed Lu Yang out of the kitchen, as if she wanted to be a qualified cook.

   Lu Yang had nothing to do, so he went to the study to turn on the computer, log in to the mailbox, and wanted to see if Salmon had seen his manuscript and handed it over for review.

  The mailbox login was successful, and there were two new emails in the inbox, both of which were replied by Salmon.

   Why did you reply to two new emails this time? Isn’t it sent one more time? Lu Yang thought with a smile, and opened the first reply.

   Wen Choujun Hello!

   Thank you for giving the manuscript again. The manuscript has been submitted to the editorial team for review. Please be patient. The review period is about half a month.

   I wish the prosperous writing and the wonderful pen to give birth to flowers!


   was indeed a template reply received. Lu Yang smiled and clicked on another reply, thinking that the content of this e-mail was mostly exactly the same.


   Wen Choujun Hello!

I regret to inform you that your new book "Unlimited Kills" has been carefully reviewed by our editorial team and is deemed to lack publication value and does not meet the mainstream market demand. However, because you are our old author, the editor is willing to give you another one Opportunity, as long as you write a mainstream fantasy essay, a few more female characters, and a bit less killing scenes, we are still willing to continue to cooperate with you.

   I wish the prosperous writing and the wonderful pen to give birth to flowers!



   The smile on Lu Yang's face disappeared, and his relaxed expression disappeared. This result was completely beyond his expectation. He spent more than a month conceiving a new book, his ambition, and he couldn't even sign a contract? Write a mainstream fantasy essay? How many more female characters? A young man and a few female protagonists. Marvin?

   Lu Yang was in a bad mood.

   In his memory, the first Infinite Streaming work was sold in Taiwan. How can I write it myself? Even signing a contract is a problem?

   What I wrote is much worse than that book?

If this is his first work and the visa is rejected, Lu Yang is not surprised, because the publishing house is always more demanding on newcomers, especially the first work, the possibility of rejection is very high, but he is already in c Publishing House has published three works, this book should be passed smoothly! After all, the first three books have sold well.

   Let me rewrite a mainstream fantasy essay for you?

   Lu Yang's anger rose in his heart, and he felt a naked insult. He refused to sign the work he carefully prepared, and asked himself to get a copy of the trend before signing with himself? What's the meaning? Look at the consolation prizes given to the previous few books that are considered best-sellers?


   Sitting in front of the computer, sitting silently for more than half an hour, Lu Yang pondered carefully what to do? Re-create a mainstream fantasy genre `Marvin and pass it over?

It is impossible for Lu Yang to do He is not short of money now, and will no longer throw his dignity on the ground for tens of thousands of dollars. Once this kind of thing spreads in the author circle , How will you mess up in the future? Who can value him? After publishing three books, the New Book Publishing House refused to sign, and then, for the sake of previous cooperation, reward him with a bite of food?

   After half an hour, Lu Yang finally made up his mind. From the mailbox address book, he found out the contact information of several other publishing houses, and submitted the manuscript and outline one by one.

   Even d publishing house, e publishing house, and f publishing house, which are obviously weaker than c publishing house, have submitted a manuscript in the past.

   It's not that they don't miss the old feelings and don't give the manuscripts to c publishing house, but that they have too high a vision, no wonder they themselves. Even if several other publishing houses are unwilling to publish, he will not re-create a **** mainstream fantasy essay to contribute.

  The dusk of publishing is approaching. In the next few years, Taiwan's publishing houses will go bankrupt one after another. Even those surviving publishing houses will not be as effective as before. The bulk of the money made by Internet writers will be electronic copyrights! Computer and mobile phone reading.

Therefore, when submitting to these publishing houses, Lu Yang had already made a decision in his heart. Even if no publishing house was willing to publish, he would post this book to the starting point. As long as readers are willing to read it, he will keep updating it. To the end of this.

   He wouldn't just swallow this breath. As for c publishing house, he would never submit articles to them again. RS

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