Rebirth 2003

Chapter 176: New Year's weakness

In the evening, Lu Yang gave the room to Tong Yaqian again. The bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and so on. Lu Yang’s mother had just come over to change them. Lu Yang is not at home all year round. He usually doesn’t have quilts on his bed. With a faint smell of washing powder, Tong Yaqian sat on the edge of the bed, smiling and in a good mood.


   "Talk to me for a while!"


   Seeing Lu Yang standing and preparing to leave immediately, Tong Yaqian whispered to him, and when she said it, she patted the position beside her.


   I don’t know who took the chair in front of the desk. Lu Yang scanned the room and didn’t see it. He hesitated for a while before sitting down.


   Tong Yaqian's smile is thicker.


   She has an advantage that Cao Xue doesn't have, that is, she has won the recognition of Lu Yang's family. This is the second time she has come to Lu Yang's house. This time, when the new year was approaching, Cao Xue never came.


   "It has snowed in these two days, and you will take you to play when you come." Lu Yang didn't want to continue to maintain the silent atmosphere. The two people sat together and remained silent for a long time, which made him feel a little bit of rapturous atmosphere.


"It's okay! The snow scene outside is also beautiful! By the way, I heard that fishing can also be done in winter. How about we try tomorrow?" She looked interested. Since the last time she caught a few fish in his fish pond with Lu Yang, she has always missed the feeling that day.


   If this were a cartoon, Lu Yang would definitely have three more black lines on his forehead at this time.


   Winter fishing, it seems that northerners are quite popular. In many places in the north, in winter, thick ice will seal the entire water surface. The hibernating fish are very deprived of oxygen in the water. If the angler digs a hole on the ice, the fish in the water will feel that there is fresh oxygen here, and they will naturally swim over. The child's appetite gradually opened up. Only then can you catch fish.




   The weather is also cold in winter, but it is rare to freeze the entire surface of the water, and the hibernating fish in the water are not very hypoxic. The appetite is almost lost because of hibernation, how to fish?


   Lu Yang patiently explained the reasons to Tong Yaqian briefly. Tong Yaqian was a little disappointed and sighed: "That's it! If it freezes tomorrow, it will be fine!"


   Lu Yang: "……"


   saw Lu Yang's speechless expression. Tong Yaqian covered her mouth and smiled. Then the two fell into a brief silence again. Just when Lu Yang wanted to find a new topic, Tong Yaqian sighed and said softly: "Lu Yang, if I pester you like this, will you look down on me?"


   Lu Yang did not speak.


Tong Yaqian continued: "I know that you like Cao Xue in your heart. I tried to forget you last semester. I didn't find you very much, right? But in the end I found that I can't forget, and there are many boys who pursue me. But I always I can’t help but compare you with them, and then I miss you even more. I like it here, like your parents, Lu Ying and Lu Fei, they also like me very much, you should see it, give me a chance, Also give yourself a chance, I will prove to you that I love you more than Cao Xue and treat you better, okay?"


   Lu Yang looked at Tong Yaqian's serious face, suddenly got up, and said: "You go to bed early! I have to go to codewords."


Just about to leave, Tong Yaqian stretched out his hand and held his hand. Lu Yang turned to look at her. Tong Yaqian stood up and walked in front of Lu Yang, her eyes were a little red, but she tried to keep calm and whispered, "Lu Yang! Give it to me." a chance!"


   Lu Yang shook his head slightly.


   Tong Yaqian: "Then give me one last kiss! Kiss me for the last time, and I will stop pestering you in the future, otherwise, I will come to your house next summer vacation."


   Lu Yang looked at her red eyes, with a headache.


"you promise?"


"I promise!"


   A smile appeared at the corner of Tong Yaqian’s mouth, and the red eye sockets were a little poignant. Lu Yang thought for a while and said, "Will you turn off the light?"


   Under the bright fluorescent light, he was a little bit clumsy.


Tong Yaqian smiled and pressed the switch behind her, and the whole room plunged into darkness. She stepped forward slightly, the crisp chest under the sweater pressed against Lu Yang's chest, her slender hands gently hugged Lu Yang's head, and then Lu Yang felt her breathing close, and followed her soft cherry lips to kiss his mouth.


   Soft and soft, with a moist, and a touch of girly fragrance, Tong Yaqian's hands slowly moved down, and finally hugged Lu Yang's generous back. The soft breath blew between Lu Yang’s nose, the wet kisses, and her strong hugs, all of which made Lu Yang’s long-suppressed passions rise rapidly. For almost a minute, Lu Yang felt that it was difficult to breathe. Finally pushed her away, and then said in the dark: "Remember your promise, don't come to me in the future!"




The switch of the fluorescent light was turned on by Tong Yaqian, and the bright light enveloped the whole room again. Tong Yaqian smiled and wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth, and said with a smile: "Lu Yang, you are so stupid! You forgot that I told you before that I like to lie. Huh? You've been kissed by me twice, how could I let go?"




   Lu Yang didn't know whether to be angry or cry, dare to feel that she just lied to him? Just for a kiss?


"You go to sleep early!"


   After Lu Yang finished speaking, he quickly opened the door and left. This time, Tong Yaqian finally didn't stop him again. When he walked out of the room, Lu Yang could still hear her soft laughter.


Oh shit! I was cheated by a woman, but I was cheated by kissing.


   Lu Yang felt like he was about to collapse, but he never expected that Tong Yaqian would become like this.


   Women are indeed liars!




After what happened that night, Lu Yang didn’t spend the next few days alone with Tong Yaqian. She wanted to build a snowman, and Lu Yang accompanied her to build a snowman. She wanted to go out for a walk and Lu Yang accompanied him, but Always keep a little distance from her.


   So, the smile on Tong Yaqian's face became less and less. Although Lu Yang's family was very enthusiastic to her, Lu Yang's indifference made her decide to leave after two days.


   Lu Yang’s mother and younger siblings tried their best to stay, but did not persuade her to leave. When she left, she booked a train ticket online.


The day    left. At the instruction of his mother, Lu Yang sent Tong Yaqian to the train station, watching her disappear into the train door.


   A faint melancholy appeared in Lu Yang's heart.


   refused to be such a good girl. There is always some regret, but he already has Cao Xue. Before Cao Xue had betrayed him, he didn't want to do anything to apologize to her.


   also didn't want to delay Tong Yaqian.


   Although she likes to lie, Lu Yang knew that if she didn't really like him, a girl like her would not kiss him with such a lie.


   It is precisely because I know that she has paid her sincerely. Lu Yang had to make a choice even more.


   Standing on the platform of the station, Lu Yang silently lit a cigarette in his mouth, in the smoke of the cigarette. Watching the train slowly go away.


When    turned around to leave, the phone in his trouser pocket rang. Lu Yang took out his mobile phone. It was a text message that Tong Yaqian had just sent.


   "Lu Yang! Time will prove that I love you more than Cao Xue."


   Lu Yang looked at the message on the phone. Looked for a few seconds. With two thumb movements, the message was deleted, and then he strode out of the station.


   If time can really prove this, let's talk about it then!




   The 2005 New Year is gradually approaching, and Lu Yang's family is slowly getting busy. To purchase New Year goods, he will have to make two trips to the county town. Tobacco and alcohol, fireworks, couplets, candy, and gifts for New Year's Eve.


   Lu Yang took his younger siblings and went around the county. After busying with the New Year goods, I still have to be with my dad. Braving the snow flakes, rowing small wooden boats to pick up fish in the fish ponds, and the big fish that came up were raised in a net pond by the pond, ready to be sold before the Chinese New Year.


   These fish raised in rural areas are usually difficult to sell at a price. Only in the few days before the New Year, both big and small fish can be sold at a good price.


The big fish are bought back for the New Year to eat. The smaller ones, even if it’s only a slap-sized one, are sold for a few dollars each. Every family and every household has to buy this small fish, and buy it back and fry it for ancestor worship. .


In Lu Yang’s hometown, chicken, duck and fish meat are indispensable when celebrating ancestors during the New Year. Generally, people buy a small fish for use. They don’t care how small they are, as long as they look a little bit. When buying, they are not weighed on a scale. They are sold at three yuan and five yuan each, and they are sold for ten. It can still be sold out for a dollar.


   The fish is ready, and Lu Yang lays hands on Dad again, fry popcorn, fry peanuts, fry sesame seeds, and use maltose to make syrup for the New Year.


   On the night of the Chinese New Year, the three brothers and sisters set off a lot of fireworks on the balcony.


   My family used to be poor. During the Chinese New Year, only my dad set off fireworks according to the custom. There is absolutely no fireworks. This year, a new house was built at home. When Lu Yang bought the fireworks, he bought a large carton of fireworks in one go.


When the sky full of fireworks was put on the night sky by the three brothers and sisters, the younger brothers and sisters yelled and were too excited. Lu Yang's parents watched in the yard downstairs, but also smiled silently. The three children grew up. , New clothes may not be able to be worn during the New Year, so where are you willing to buy fireworks for them?


   Now that the family life is good, Yangtze wants to set off the fireworks, so let it go! The couple who had been thrifty for half their lives did not blame anyone.


   The younger brothers and sisters in new clothes and shoes were still shouting something, and they were setting off fireworks one by one. Lu Yang suddenly started thinking about Cao Xue again.


   If she was by her side at this time, she would be very happy too, right? What kind of fireworks does she like? Red or blue?


   It would be great if she was there.


   Just as he was thinking about it, the phone in Lu Yang's trouser pocket rang. Lu Yang didn't hear the noise, but the phone was still vibrating, and Lu Yang felt it.


   took out his mobile phone, and it was Cao Xue's name displayed on the screen.


   Press the answer button and put the phone to his ear. Cao Xue's voice came from the phone. Because the fireworks were noisy, Lu Yang could only vaguely hear Cao Xue saying: "Dear...Happy New Year..."


   What else was said later, Lu Yang could not hear clearly, but at this time, when he was thinking of her, she was able to call, and Lu Yang was already happy enough.


   Regardless of whether she can hear or not, Lu Yang whispered: "Cao Xue! Come back! I will support you!"


   Cao Xue on the phone did not hear what Lu Yang was talking about. She raised her voice and asked, "Lu Yang! Are you setting off fireworks over there? It's noisy!"


   "Yes! Fireworks are on!"


   Lu Yang watched the colorful fireworks blooming in the night, and raised his voice a little.


   "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Cao Xue continued to ask loudly.


"very beautiful!"


   Lu Yang stared at the fireworks in the sky, as if seeing Cao Xue's smiling face at this time, maybe, it was time to see her, Lu Yang thought in his heart.


  On this New Year's Eve, he suddenly felt that he did not pay enough. Since Cao Xue is no longer in the entertainment circle, he might not be testing her.


   In how many movies and TV shows, the hero and heroine test each other, and then the test is divided.


   No feelings can stand the test!


   "Cao Xue! After the new year, I will come to see you!"


   made a decision in his heart, Lu Yang suddenly told Cao Xue on the phone.




   Unprepared Cao Xue whispered, and then his eyes were red.


   "Okay! Come on!"


After    shouted loudly, Cao Xue's eyes were blurred by tears. These days, the conversations with Lu Yang are getting shorter and shorter, and the topics between each other are getting less and less. She wants to try to change and try to recover, but every time she talks on the phone, she finds that she can’t find the topic again. No matter how much preparation has been done before.


   How many times did she cry when she wrote documents in the office; how many times she dipped her tears on the pillow; how many times she recalled the happiness before, she was so heartbroken that she couldn't breathe.


   are you all right now? Lu Yang is coming to see me! He still likes me...


   Cao Xue’s sudden shouting attracted the attention of Cao Xue’s mother, grandma, grandfather, and uncles and aunts who were watching the Spring Festival Gala in the living room. Grandpa Cao Xue has been recuperating at home.


   Hearing Cao Xue's shout just now, Grandpa Cao Xue coughed and told his daughter: "Yong Li! What's wrong with Xiao Xueer? You just called so loudly."


   Wu Yongli got up and walked quickly to the room between her and Cao Xue when her father ordered her.


   As soon as she entered the door, she saw her daughter bursting into tears. Wu Yongli hurried over and asked nervously: "Axue! What's wrong with you? What are you crying for?"


   Immediately Wu Yongli saw the phone in Cao Xue's hand, her expression changed, and she immediately said, "What's wrong? Lu Yang broke up with you?"


   The current relationship between Cao Xue and Lu Yang is clear to her mother. If her daughter broke up with Lu Yang, she would also feel it a pity.


Unexpectedly, Cao Xue smiled and wiped the tears from her face with the back of her hand. She continued to cry and smiled: "Mom! No! Don't worry! It was Lu Yang who said he wanted to see me! He said he was going to see me. !"


Wu Yongli heard that this was the case. She became nervous and walked over with a smile. She wiped the tears from Cao Xue's face with her sleeve, and said with a smile: "You! Such a big person, your boyfriend said to come to see you, you I actually cried! Are you ashamed?"


"Ha ha!"


   Cao Xue just smirked. (To be continued...)


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