Rebirth 2003

Chapter 200: Star rain


That night, Lu Yang drank a lot of wine. Although Rui Xiaoxiu could only accompany him with a wine glass, Lu Yang was still very happy. With Rui Xiaoxiu's soft personality, he did not dare to take his wine glass. So, finally Lu Yang fell drunk.

   Fortunately, Lu Yang's wines are not bad. When drinking, he didn't run the train with his mouth full, and he was so drunk that he just slept on the dinner table when he was drunk.

   Rui Xiaoxiu took pains to eat, finally put Lu Yang on the bed, and then began to put hot water from the solar water heater, wipe Lu Yang's face, wash his feet, and then tidy the table, wash the dishes and pots.

   When everything was done, when he returned to the bedroom, Lu Yang was still sleeping with his eyes closed, frowning or licking his dry lips from time to time.

Rui Xiaoxiu sat down quietly on the edge of the bed, looking at Lu Yang who was sleeping, her cool little hand gently stroked Lu Yang’s face, she still didn’t quite understand how precious the platinum contract Lu Yang said was. I just know that Lu Yang is very happy today.

   When he is happy, she will be happy with him, for her, that's enough.

   Before graduating from high school, she was confident. Because of her appearance, many boys handed her love letters. Since junior high school, there have been many boys like that, but after failing the college entrance examination, she gradually woke up from that self-confidence. Suddenly discovered that there are too many girls better than her in this world.

   There are so many officials and so many wealthy businessmen in China. Many girls are born with a starting point far beyond her. Even if those girls are not beautiful, they will be pursued by countless boys.

   There are so many universities in China, so many female college students, and every one of them will surpass her in the future; there are so many more beautiful than her.

   In the past few years, showing her mother to the shop in the canteen of H City Normal University, she became more and more aware of her smallness and fell in love with Lu Yang. At first, she felt at ease.

  Because Lu Yang is not handsome, his family does not seem to have much power. He was born in a rural area, and his major is also a relatively unpopular history major. After graduation, he should be just a little teacher.

   The salary of teachers is not particularly high this year. With her appearance, he should be very happy to marry him.

   It's a pity that the more she understands Lu Yang, the less self-confidence she has, and in the end she is completely inferior.

Lu Yang not only has a girlfriend, but he is also such a beautiful college student who is studying music. Moreover, Lu Yang can also write novels. He can make a lot of money by writing novels. Such a big internet cafe...

   If it hadn't been for Lu Yang to become another person later, and his beautiful girlfriend hadn't appeared by his side for a long time, she might have given up long ago.

   gently stroked Lu Yang's face, Rui Xiaoxiu's mouth suddenly overflowed with a smile.

   She does not regret giving her body to Lu Yang. She has almost understood what he is like after having known him for so long. Even if one day they cannot finally come together, she will not regret it.

A woman always has a beloved person in her life, thinking about it, Rui Xiaoxiu and her clothes lay gently beside Lu Yang, stretched out her hand to hug Lu Yang gently, sleeping Lu Yang is very quiet, it feels good to lie with him ...


   When Lu Yang woke up the next morning, Rui Xiaoxiu was no longer there, but she had made him a cup of tea on the bedside table. Lu Yang didn't know when Rui Xiaoxiu left last night.

   After the hangover, my mouth was dry, so I picked up the cup of tea and drank two big mouthfuls, then leaned against the bedside, pinching some swollen temples.

   While pinching, he was thinking about yesterday and the future in his heart.

   Lu Yang doesn't regret the drunkenness last night. It's rare to be so happy. Being drunk once is nothing.

   For the future, he has become the first batch of platinum writers at the starting point. He must be worthy of the word platinum, and he will not allow himself to fall like the broken platinum of the past few gods.

  Platinum is not the end. People living, as long as they are not dead, will not end, there will only be new beginnings one after another.

   "Magic Sword Eternity" is one of his platinum, the first work like the industry to prove his strength, not to be missed. If this book can be written as a classic, when the tide of online text adaptation and online games arrives, this book is also very hopeful to become the first batch of works to be adapted.

   because he is now a platinum author!

   The first batch of adaptations of online games will definitely consider their platinum works first.

In addition, the Xingyu Internet cafes that Xinxin Xin wants to transfer to him are all integrated with the Dragon Race Internet cafes. It should not be the best choice. Now there are more and more Internet cafes outside, and the competition is getting more and more fierce. As time goes on, It's definitely getting harder and harder to make money. Maybe it's good to get a computer store. Notebooks will get cheaper and cheaper. Desktop prices will also drop. The computer penetration rate in China will get higher and higher in the next few years. You should be able to take advantage of this. Make a fortune in a few years.

As for stocks, when you save more money, you can buy some other stocks. In his memory, Vanke stocks are very good, but he is a stock rookie. He doesn't know how much the 1.9 million will make in the end. Baidu and Tencent stocks still need to be bought. Some of them are safer if you have them in your hands. By the way, there are also Apples...

   Lu Yang regrets that he can't remember the specific time when the prices of garlic and soybean crops rose in his previous life.

   At that time, the prices of these things soared one after another, and slogans appeared on the Internet, what is called garlic, you are cruel, teasing, Jiang Youjun, sugar Gaozong, coal super crazy, Ping Shenma...

   If you can remember the specific price increase time of those things, maybe you can also make a fortune in the futures market. Unfortunately, how do you know that you will be reborn in your previous life? How many people write novels who will write down the price increase time of those things?

   Just thinking about these, Lu Yang put on the bedside trousers and suddenly a cell phone ringing rang.

  Who is calling me early in the morning? Is it Rui Xiaoxiu?

   was interrupted, Lu Yang pulled his pants over and took out his mobile phone, only to realize that it was Xing Xinxin calling. Before she left that night, the two exchanged mobile phone numbers.


   The phone was connected, and Xing Xinxin said over there, "Lu Yang! Do you have time today? I want to meet with you to talk about the transfer of Internet cafes."

   Just now I was thinking about how to operate the Xingyu Internet Cafe after it turned over! The call came, and Lu Yang said, "What time? Where will we meet?"

   Anyway, I have missed a lot of class recently, and it doesn’t matter if I have more.

   Xing Xinxin: "If it's convenient for you, let's meet at nine o'clock in the morning! Let's meet in the tea room next to the Internet cafe? Okay?"

   Lu Yang: "Yes!"

   Fortunately Xinxin: "Then say so, see you then!"

   Lu Yang: "See you then!"

   At the end of the call, Lu Yang realized that there were two more new text messages from Bai Jingjing on the phone. It looked at the time it was sent in the middle of the night.

In other words, this semester Bai Jingjing has been asking him to visit her at her school, and will send text messages to chat with him every three to five, but he has been pushing and pushing again in order to prepare new books this semester. Until now, the semester is about to end. Did not visit her once.

   Open the text message, the first content: "What are you doing to die Lu Yang?"

   The second content: "No answer? You are amazing! I fell asleep in anger!"

   As time went by, Lu Yang never went to see her. Bai Jingjing, who was taken advantage of by Lu Yang during the New Year, had a worse and worse attitude towards Lu Yang. When she was in a bad mood, she would call and scold Lu Yang.

  Because it was indeed his own fault, Lu Yang never cared about her bad words. What's more, every time she scolded him, she was not really angry, just expressing her dissatisfaction.

   replied: "I was drunk last night." Lu Yang deleted all these short messages.

Women provoke a lot. The mobile phone is a time bomb. I don’t know when it will hurt the women around him. Lu Yang didn’t want Rui Xiaoxiu to be sad when he saw it. Gradually, he developed the habit of deleting text messages no matter who came. This is also often done in the recording of connected conversations.

   It was already past eight o'clock at this time, and at nine o'clock he had to meet with Xing Xinxin and his wife. Lu Yang put down his phone and got up immediately.

First go to the study and press the computer's start button, and then rush to wash, instant noodles, soak the noodles in a bowl, then bring them to the front of the computer while waiting for the noodles to be soaked, while recalling the saved manuscript, and sending it to "Magic Sword Eternal" The first chapter of today.

   Today, Xing Xinxin and Xing Xinxin don’t know when they are going to talk about it, but they can’t let the readers who follow it look eagerly. That would be a shame.

   A few minutes from nine o'clock, Lu Yang rushed to the tea room. A few minutes ago, Xing Xinxin had sent the number of the private room to Lu Yang's mobile phone-Hunan Hengshan Hall.


   When Lu Yang heard the man on the opposite offer the price, he was taken aback and then burst into laughter.

Lu Yang's reaction obviously made the man who was not pleasing to Lu Yang very upset. He took his teacup on the table and said angrily: "What are you laughing at? If you can't afford it, just say it! Don't waste Lao Tzu's time. !"

   Lu Yang ignored him, looking at Xing Xinxin who was beside the man. Although the two who had not yet gone through the divorce procedures were still sitting together, they were separated by a foot.

   Fortunately, Xinxin gave Lu Yang a wry smile and shook her head slightly, indicating that this was not what she meant.

   "Hey! Are you listening to Laozi? Talking to you! If you can't afford the price, please give me a word!"

   The man didn't get Lu Yang's answer, and when Lu Yang went to see Xing Xinxin, his anger grew even stronger.

   Lu Yang kicked him to the ground with that kick at the end of last year. He has always remembered this hatred! When he learned that Xing Xinxin was going to sell the Internet cafe to Lu Yang, his first reaction was to disagree.

   At that time, Xing Xinxin did not say much, only said: "Yes, don't sell it to him, you can find another buyer!"

  How can it be so easy to find a buyer in a short time? Xingyu Internet Cafe has been out of business for so long, even if someone wants to take over, look at the dragons and little angels next to them, and they will retreat.

   It can be said that he came here with anger today, and he obviously didn't want to sell to this person, but in a short time, he couldn't contact other buyers, so don't mention the aggrievedness in his heart.

Lu Yang was not in a hurry, nor was he angry. He smiled and leaned on the sofa, across the table, and said to the man: "Dragon, when I bought a house and added decorations, computers and monitoring, do you know how much I spent? Xingyu's The decoration and computer configuration are inferior to the Dragons, and the house is not yours, so you dare to ask for 600,000 yuan? Really when I have a lot of money and burnt too much?"

   The man shot his forehead with anger, and he wanted to shoot the table, but he was still a little sensible, knowing that the guy opposite opened the Internet cafe, and wanted to fool him on the price, I was afraid that he couldn't help it.

   The expression on his face changed a few times, but the idea of ​​getting the money in a hurry took the upper hand, reluctantly pressed his anger, and asked, "Then how much money do you say?"


   Lu Yang chopped off in half.

   The man finally couldn't help it. He slapped Xing Xinxin heavily on the table in front of him, suddenly got up, picked up the leather bag beside him, and was about to leave. Xing Xinxin sat there without moving, so he angrily let Xing Xinxin get out.

Xing Xinxin glanced at him coldly and said, "Are you here to talk about business? Or are you here to get angry? I can remind you that half a year is coming. If you still can't go through the formalities, I will appeal again. , The court won’t decide what you think!"

   "You threaten me?" The man's anger came up again, and he reached out to slap Xing Xinxin in the face.

   Fortunately, Xinxin still looked at him coldly, neither dodge nor dodge. In the end, he had scruples and sat down again angrily.

   At this time, Xing Xinxin spoke with Lu Yang.

Some helpless and imploringly said: "Brother Lu Yang! Let's add a little more to my face! Three hundred thousand, to be honest, too little! You know my star rain, not long after opening, Almost all are new, 300,000 he couldn't agree to it! You should help and let me get rid of it sooner."

   The man who was still angry just now sits next to him smoking a cigarette, but Xing Xinxin listens with his ears erected for every word Xing Xinxin said.

   Lu Yang nodded. The 300,000 yuan was indeed a stimulus to that guy, but in business, Lu Yang would not consider Xing Xinxin's face, adding too much money, his money was not brought by the wind.

   said: "You can say a real price! If you can accept it, I will do the next thing. If you can't accept it, don't blame me."

   Fortunately, Xinxin first thanked Lu Yang, and then reported a number: "400,000! Sister will remember your kindness."

   Lu Yang sat there and did not respond immediately. He tapped his index finger on the table unconsciously, his eyes turned on the couple's faces twice, and finally he nodded.

   The price of 400,000 is a bit higher than he thought, but Xing Xinxin's posture is so low that he can't bear to see her embarrassed in the middle.

  The extra tens of thousands paid, at the speed of that guy’s prodigal, it won’t last a few more days, let’s see how long he can linger!

   "When can you give the money?"

The price has been negotiated, and the man Xing Xinxin finally speaks out again. This is what he cares most about. If Lu Yang says that he can’t spend so much money for the time being, he will definitely find a way to contact other buyers again, as long as someone can pay. For the same price, he would definitely not sell Xingyu to Lu Yang.

   "The contract is signed, just give it!"

   The royalties in the later period of "Unlimited Killing" have been in the Lu Yang bank account for more than half a month, whether it is on the Taiwan side or the mainland side.

  400,000, Lu Yang is not struggling at all now. RS

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