Rebirth 2003

Chapter 210: 3 black lines

Two days later, Lu Yang sent the script of "I Know Women’s Heart" to the Necromancer. It was in the morning, and the starting user name was Wang Lin, who was named Necromancer. After receiving the script from Lu Yang, he was the first to react. Just rejoice, and then I can’t wait to open the document, wanting to see what Wen Chou’s modified "Office Romance" has become. He is very confident in Wen Chou’s creativity and writing style.


   As a result, the document opened, and he was taken aback by the top few lines.


   Movie Title: "I Know Women's Heart"


  Type: Urban Emotion


   Screenplay: Wen Chou


   The name of the movie has changed? Why has the screenwriter's name changed? Even if Wen Chou helped me modify it, the screenwriter's name should be the frog first, right? Why is there only one name left? Is Wen Chou habitually assigning his own name? Or do you think that you have made a big contribution to the modification, and deliberately only signed him by his name?


   There was a cloud of suspicion in his heart, Wang Lin reluctantly pressed the question in his heart, and continued to look down, intending to wait until the entire script has been read, and then ask Wen Chou with other questions.


Twenty minutes passed in a flash. After reading the entire script, Wang Lin blinked his small eyes and finally understood why Wen Chou only signed him by his name. It turned out that he did not modify the script for him, but rewrite it directly for him. one……


   This script is much more exciting than Frog's "Office Romance", Wang Lin smiled on his face and thought: Wen Da is really interesting! With this script, after the film is made, it will not lose money in all likelihood. If it works well, it is not impossible to make a lot of money.


   After a few minutes in a good mood, Wang Lin quickly picked up his cell phone and dialed Dai Qingwa's cell phone. The call was quickly connected. After listening to Wang Lin's narrative with the blue tile on the phone, he learned that the network author had directly rewritten a script for them. The name is "I Know Women's Heart", and the plot is much more refreshing than his original one. Some can't believe it, and immediately said: "Lin Zi! Hurry up and send a copy of the script to my mailbox! I will watch it when I have time at noon!"


   Wang Lin did not talk nonsense, ended the call, and sent a copy of the script that Wen Chou had given him to Dai Qingwa.


   At noon, Dai Qingwa took advantage of lunch time. I borrowed an office computer, read the script, and read it. He himself admits that this script is indeed better than his previous "Office Romance", but he always feels that this story has a feeling of deja vu. Have you seen similar movies before?


  As a top student in the Beijing Film and Television Department of Directors, he is different from Wang Lin who is a photographer. Wang Lin studies photography. It’s just because of his own interest that he mostly has fun. He studied hard at Qingwa University for several years. After graduating from university, he has been in the directing industry. He has basically seen all the famous movies at home and abroad.


   just for a moment, I can't remember the name of the movie that I seem to have seen.


   Lit a cigarette, Dai Qingwa did not immediately reply to Wang Lin. He pinched his eyebrows, he was still recalling the familiar feeling. Have I ever watched a similar movie of this kind before?


   I have to say that Dai Qingwa is indeed an individual, with excellent professionalism. Before he finished smoking a cigarette, he suddenly remembered the name of the movie.


   "Man Hundred Percent"!


  Mel Gibson and Oscar actress Helen Hunt starring! It seemed to be the box office champion at the time!


   The male protagonist in that movie can overhear a woman's thoughts.


   Is the script of "I Know Women's Heart" adapted from "Man Hundred Percent"?


   is not right! The movie "Man Hundred Percent" can now be searched on the Internet. This "I Know Women's Heart" can overhear women's thoughts, but the other plots are almost completely different.


what is the problem?


After reading this script, I have to say that Dai Qingwa also thinks it has more market prospects than his previous "Office Romance", and wants to shoot it. Hearing Wang Lin’s happy tone on the phone in the morning, as long as he agrees to shoot this For the script, Wang Lin would definitely not say anything else, he would also invest in selling iron.


   But what if there is a copyright conflict?


   Dai Qingwa was tangled.


   has been an assistant director for so many years, and shooting a film completely directed by him, even if it is only a small-cost film, has always been his dream.


   The opportunity is right now, as long as you nod your head, your dream will become a reality.


   But in case copyright...


  In an upset Dai Qingwa lit another cigarette, took two suffocations, and finally made a decision. He told Wang Lin about the situation and let Wang Lin make his own decision.


This script is more than wonderful, but there may be copyright issues, but it may also not be litigated with copyright after it is released. After all, a movie with the same creativity and different plot is not uncommon in the film industry, such as this movie. The protagonist of the movie travels through time and space and returns to the past, and the other movie protagonist also travels back to the past through time and space. Are these two films going to have a copyright lawsuit?


   Anyway, Wang Lin is an investor. If you want to shoot this, let Wang Lin make the decision! In this way, even if he gets into lawsuits in the future, Wang Lin can't blame him for Dai Qingwa. As an old classmate and friend, Dai Qingwa can't get too rid of Wang Lin, even though he very much hopes to have the opportunity to direct him independently.


   The phone is connected, and Wang Lin just asked happily how Dai Qingwa's script is? Did you underestimate web authors before?


   After listening to Dai Qingwa's concerns, Wang Lin's happy mood slowly disappeared.


   said to Dai Qingwa that he asked him to think about it, so he hung up the phone, and then searched out the "Man 100%" on the Internet. It took more than an hour to see the whole movie from the beginning to the end.


Unlike Dai Qingwa, who always wants to direct and deceives himself, Wang Lin’s position when watching this movie is more objective, because he is an investor in the new movie. If there is a copyright issue, he will go to court at that time. It's himself.


   Watching the entire movie with an objective attitude, Wang Lin was disappointed.


Although the details of "I Know A Woman's Heart" are not the same as "Man Hundred Percent", the actor's abilities, identity, and main story line are too similar. Once this movie is released, it will most likely lead to copyright lawsuits. .


  Wen Chou would write such a script to me? Is it trying to harm me?


   But this is not right! I am the leader of several of his books. The autograph he gave me also stated that I am his number one fan. Boss Wen Chou can't hurt me like that, right?


   Is it just a coincidence?


   After thinking for a while, Wang Lin landed on Q`Q and told Lu Yang directly about the matter.


   At that time, Lu Yang was coding in the study. Today Saturday, he didn't have to go to class all day.


   The script was passed to the Necromancer in the morning, and the other party had no final news yet, so in the afternoon when Lu Yang coded words, he rarely put Q`Q on the line.


   Seeing the doubts from the Undead Archmage, Lu Yang seemed to have three black lines hanging on his forehead instantly, so embarrassing.


   unexpectedly made this kind of oolong, I only watched the movie "I Know Women's Heart" before, and did not understand the movie-related information, unexpectedly it was an adaptation of the Hollywood box office champion movie.


   Huazi is really cheating! A lot of years old also played a remake of the movie!


   uttered a wordlessly in his heart, and Lu Yang hurriedly responded to the Necromancer.


   "Sorry! I didn't expect to crash with another movie, wait a minute! I will get you another script before twelve o'clock in the evening!"


   Necromancer: "I'm so embarrassed? It's too much trouble."


   Lu Yang: "It's okay. If I said a good thing, I didn't do it well, of course I have to remedy it."


  Wang Lin thought for a while, just waited until 12 o'clock in the evening, and replied: "Then it will be a big trouble!"


   After finishing the conversation with the Necromancer, Lu Yang closed his eyes and thought: Sure enough, he specializes in the art industry, and he has a code word. If he wants to make a movie, he will make a joke if he is not careful! Take a ditch and gain a wise, be careful in the future!


   As for the script of "I Know Women's Heart".


   Lu Yang retrieved the document he had saved from the computer, looked at the text in the document, half-squinted his eyes, and began to wonder how to make a new look.


   It's too much effort to write a new one, it should be possible to make a change.


How to change   ?


   Within a few minutes, several thoughts appeared in Lu Yang's mind.


   One, change the ability to hear women’s minds into time reversal. This urban gold finger, which will be popular in a few years, should be very fresh when it comes to use now? Even if a film company has filmed similar ideas before, as long as the plot behind you is completely original, there will be no problems.


   One is to directly rebirth a small urban white-collar worker. It is also a good boo to rebirth a year or three years ago. The comparison before and after the rebirth should also be very exciting.


   Another one, borrowing the technique of the movie "Butterfly Effect", allows the protagonist to go back to the past at any time and change the past. However, such a subject matter is too similar to "Butterfly Effect" and may also cause copyright issues, pass.


   The fourth is to draw on the creativity of the classic Hollywood science fiction film "Teleporter" in 2008, and set the protagonist to use the power of the soul to shuttle into the scene in the photo, and time and space change instantly.


   But that movie seems to be an adaptation of a novel? The movie of 08, the original novel may have been out long ago.


   However, if the originality is the same, this is China. There shouldn't be copyright issues in making a Chinese drama "Teleporter", right? But it’s not The fifth one, borrowing from the hit movie "Never Ending" a few years later, after the protagonist took some kind of forbidden drug, his intelligence quotient increased rapidly, and the originally bad life was very short. In a period of time, it has undergone tremendous changes. But the small cost seems to be unable to produce that kind of effect. It is very likely that the movie is also an adapted novel, and maybe that novel has already been released.




the seventh……


   One by one sparks of inspiration shined from the depths of Lu Yang's mind. He has a lot of creativity. What he is afraid of is colliding with other people's copyrights, or it is not a small cost.


   Finally, Lu Yang still feels that rebirth is the safest, and there is no need to spend a lot of money on special effects. It is no problem to shoot a rebirth-type urban story at a small cost.


   So, Lu Yang began to modify the script on the computer. (To be continued...)


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