Rebirth 2003

Chapter 215: Concentrated code word

   Two days later, my father sent Lu Fei to his second uncle’s apprenticeship. Summer is the peak season for the catering industry. The weather is hot. Many people with a little money don’t bother to cook at home, so the restaurant business is booming. On the contrary, every summer in the catering industry, the chefs will be very nervous. From the master chef to the junior apprentices below, many people can’t stand the heat and busyness in the kitchen during the summer and will quit their jobs. People resigned because they felt that the salary was still the same in the summer months and the hard work was not worth it.


   In 2006, young people have more and more job options, and fewer are willing to learn chefs. After all, compared to other industries, although the salary of chefs is not bad, it is really not a good choice.


There are three reasons for   .


First, learn to cook dirty and tired, not to mention the low salary, and be scolded by the master every day, being bullied by the chopping board and steaming stove, bad luck, encountering tough washing vegetables, killing fish, and even washing. Auntie Wan, you can feel **** off. What? There are beautiful girls in the restaurant? That's also the pain in the hearts of the pupils! The beautiful waitress girls, even those who are not good-looking, are the masters who want to find them. The least help is to find a chopping board, a little student? Let the girl roll your eyes every day!


  Second, the time for apprenticeship as a chef is too long. Young people entering the factory will be skilled workers in one or two years. Learn to cook? One year is lottery, if your head is not bright or careless, you still do lottery for two or three years! What is playing lotus for? Just an apprentice! Brush the pot and sweep the floor to take out the trash, bring seasonings for the master, carry the dishes, wash the work clothes and wash cloths, and do it all if no one does it. Even if you learn fast, you don’t have to learn craftsmanship in four or five years. I can't get out of the teacher, because in the first year, the master won't teach you anything. In the second year, depending on your performance, he may occasionally say something to you, maybe there is a chance to touch a kitchen knife.


   Third, the chef's work is very unstable. Especially in the first few years when you haven't learned the craftsmanship, you may work here today and be laid off tomorrow. The day after tomorrow I found a new place, and the day after tomorrow I had to roll up and leave.


   The second uncle Lu Yang has been a chef for half his life. The Lu Yang family naturally knows the truth, so when it first started. The family did not want to let Lu Fei learn to cook.


   Lu Fei left. Lu Yang also temporarily put aside his thoughts and rested his codewords at home.


   "Magic Sword Eternity" has only been on the shelves for a few days, it is the time to work hard.


Fortunately, this month’s monthly ticket list competition is not fierce. The three masters’ "Airspeed Stars" is coming to an end, the monthly ticket list is entering a weak period, and dancing is still writing "Supreme Rogue", which has good combat power, but "Supreme Rogue" will be released in May. . Dancing was very hard in the first few months, and July was a period of weakness.


   Goose test? The last book has just ended. The new book hasn't come out yet. Lu Yang heard him say in the Dark Realm that the new book "My Little Witch" will not be uploaded until mid-July.


   sentient beings? The subscription of the "Dragon Domain" he is writing is very high, breaking the subscription record of the starting point, but he only updates two chapters a day, and he is not rushed, and it is difficult to rush to the first and second places on the monthly ticket list.


  Five platinum, the other four are not in the violent period, so it is naturally cheaper for Lu Yang. Lu Yang has not added any changes yet, and is still far ahead on the monthly ticket list, ranking first.


   Except for these four platinum, the few great gods in Lu Yang's memory are not in their peak state.


Toad is writing "Time and Space Demon Spirit", which is not his pinnacle work, and occasionally breaks for a day or two. Fang Xiang is already writing the famous book "Legend of Shishi", but Fang Xiang is famous for his slow speed. The first and the second are basically nothing to him.


   The masterpiece "Buddha Is the Way" has become very popular recently, but he has not yet entered the professional codeword state, and occasionally breaks the update.


  Chendong’s famous work "The Tomb of the Gods" has come out. The first chapter, the tomb of the ancient gods, was published on May 25, 2006, but it is now July, and the second chapter has not been seen yet.


   The powerful people such as Blood Red and Yun Tiantian have already left, and the masters who are still at the starting point just happen to not be there, and are still affected by the turbulence of the starting point. At this time, when will Lu Yang not exert any effort?


   From the second day after returning home, Lu Yang has three chapters and nine thousand words a day, quickly advancing the plot, every day at home, besides eating and sleeping, it is a code word.


  The great gods are not in a state. Don't bully them at this time, when will they bully them?


With three chapters and nine thousand words guaranteed every day, Lu Yang also promised that for every additional 100 monthly tickets, one more chapter will be added in just a few days, and the gap on the monthly ticket list will be further widened, so large that it makes people feel like this month's monthly ticket list. First, the suspense has been lost.


   The plot of "Magic Sword Eternity" has been advanced to the last level of Qin Yu's five-element qi-the golden qi.


In the front, the Qi of Wood, the Qi of Water, the Qi of Fire, and the Qi of Earth, each have their own characteristics, but the power of the four types of Qi is not much different. It was not until Qin Yu became the golden Qi. It was discovered that the Jin Zhi Gang Qi that was trained was so powerful that it was ten times the first four Gang Qi.


why is that?


   Qin Yu is puzzled. Is it because the golden qi should be so much stronger than the first four kinds of qi?


   He could not guess that he was the reincarnation of the Heaven Swallowing Devil Sword with a ray of divine consciousness, and he was born with the attributes of gold.


  Qin Yu, who was trained to become Jinzhigang, has a strong combat power not just one or two points. On the battlefield where the Emperor Qin's mansion fought with an army sent by the emperor, the masked Qin Yu slashed several members of the court with Jin Danqi masters.


  Golden Qi Qi is not only amazing in lethality, but the killing distance can also reach kilometers away. A golden Qi Qi, in a flash, traverses the void of kilometers and kills enemy soldiers thousands of meters away.




  Qin Yu, whose combat power has greatly increased, has changed again in his dream for several days.


The black giant sword in the dream that was sealed in the night when he was trained to become the golden gang energy, in Qin Yu’s dream, suddenly the black energy soared, and once again broke a layer of seal, compared with the first time. The scene of the opening of the seal, this time the black aura of the giant sword seemed to be more restless, and when it broke free of the outermost seal, the black aura that rushed out was more intense and ferocious, and the momentum it made was greater, once again attracting a large number of gods. Shot the seal.


   This time, in Qin Yu's dream for three consecutive days, the gods were working hard, and it took three full days to re-seal the giant sword.


   In Qin Yu's dream, the old man wearing a golden dragon robe appeared again.


   Same as last time, in his dream, Qin Yu still couldn't hear what those gods were saying.


   Why did my dreams change again?


After    woke up, Qin Yu's doubts deepened.


   Day by day, Lu Yang is still focusing on codewords in his hometown. There is no pressure on the monthly ticket list this month. He just put his mind on the plot of the story.


During the period, his mother asked him if Tong Yaqian would come this holiday, why didn't he invite her to play, Lu Yang also casually went over, Cao Xue wanted him to see her on the phone, Lu Yang also said that there was no time for the time, and even complained about him. A deep Bai Jingjing called and asked him to meet in the county town, but he also refused without morals.


   Wang Lin from the capital also called and asked him to go over to see the candidates for other roles, but Lu Yang did not go.


During this period of time, the state of his codewords is just right. For a writer, the best state for a long time is hard to find. If he can work hard in the best state, he can write more exciting plots. Stay in the hearts of more readers, turn ordinary readers into **** readers, and make **** readers more devoted.


   Right now, I am in a good state. Those great gods who ran away are not in their peak state. If you don't work hard at this time, if you miss it, Lu Yang will definitely regret it.


   With Lu Yang's efforts, the plot of "Magic Sword Eternal" continues to advance.


  Qin Yu, who has all cultivated the five elements of qi, suddenly lost the direction of his efforts. He only cultivated the flesh, and he has no previous experience to refer to. The practice of qi is the product of an accident. What should be the next step? Qin Yu was at a loss.


   This world is the world of cultivating immortals and demons. The vast majority of cultivators don’t pay attention to the cultivation of the flesh. Those who pay attention to the cultivation of the flesh, at best, only cultivate the flesh to the extreme.


   The whole practice world believes that cultivating true qi and condensing golden cores is the great way of cultivation. No one thinks that there is a future for cultivating the physical body.


   What's the next step?


  Dazed Qin Yu tried to find ideas from the ancient scrolls. After the war between the Qin Palace and the court was temporarily over, he buried himself in the library of the Qin Palace, and never left for several months.


   It wasn't until he saw a few words in an incomplete ancient book that he finally vaguely found the way forward.


   There are a few words mentioned in the incomplete ancient book, the key word is-witch.


   Legend has it that in the ancient times, apart from the gods and demons, there was a powerful existence in the world of cultivation-witches.


  The witch, who does not cultivate vitality or inner alchemy, only cultivates the flesh, the flesh becomes holy, and the ancient great witch who has accomplished cultivation also possesses the supernatural powers of overturning the river and the sea, and is omnipotent.


   But how did the ancient witches practice? What is the next realm after the anger? In other words, in the process of witch cultivation, is there such a realm of Gang Qi?


   New questions came to Qin Yu's mind again.


  In order to find the Qin Yu began to search for more ancient books about witches. Time flies, nearly a year has passed, Qin Yu finally got a related ancient book from his father's friend.


   It's just that the ancient book does not record the practice of witches, but only mentions a few areas where great witches appeared in ancient times.


A few areas are all places where the cultivators talk about the evil, but in order to get the direction of the next step of cultivation, make himself stronger and give his father and brother more help, Qin Yu left a letter in the middle of one night. The letter quietly left the Prince of Qin's mansion by himself, and went to those fierce places, looking for a chance.


   The outside world is fierce, and going to those fierce places is even more deadly.


In Lu Yang's writings, from this period on, Qin Yu's journey was lonely and extremely dangerous. Along the way, robbers who murdered and overwhelmed, practitioners of the evil sect, and demons who practiced for hundreds of years and even thousands of years between heaven and earth. The beasts appeared one after another, and Qin Yu finally stepped into the first fierce land. (To be continued...)


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