Rebirth 2003

Chapter 239: Try the unspoken rules

Feng Tingting!


The girl standing at the entrance of the restaurant and looking at Lu Yang was Feng Tingting. Neither she nor Lu Yang had expected that the two would meet by chance in the metropolis of Shanghai. The next day Lu Yang came to Shanghai, she unexpectedly met. Able to meet Feng Tingting in an unfamiliar fast restaurant.


   At that moment, Lu Yang felt that there was something like destiny in the dark. It was invisible and intangible, but it really existed. Otherwise, why would it be such a coincidence?


In this life, he has not pursued her anymore, and has always avoided meeting her. For a few years in college, he succeeded and successfully got together with other girls. The fate seems to have been broken, but at this moment, they can actually be here. A completely unfamiliar city meets unexpectedly.


In Lu Yang’s sight, a well-dressed man walked up to Feng Tingting and asked her with a smile, then Feng Tingting squeezed a little smile, shook her head, and said something, then the two of them just entered the restaurant and left again. When he left, the man also glanced at this side with a puzzled look, and made contact with Lu Yang and Wang Lin's eyes, and he was not sure whether Feng Tingting was looking at these two people just now.


   "Do you know that girl just now?"


   Seeing the couple leaving, Wang Lincai asked Lu Yang suspiciously. Lu Yang smiled and said casually: "A friend."


a friend……


   is not a friend, right?


   Lu Yang looked a little unconsciously to the side. He and Wang Lin were sitting by the window in the lobby. It was his habit to eat outside. He is always used to choosing a position by the window. At this time, Lu Yang looked out the window unconsciously, but saw a scene that changed his expression suddenly. Feng Tingting, who had just left in a hurry, sat in a high-end car with the man. The body is bright red with smooth curves.


   "Wang Lin! What kind of car is that?"


Lu Yang didn't have much research on various car logos, but he believed that Wang Lin should be clear. Wang Lin looked in the direction of Lu Yang's finger. He had good eyesight, and he could see the car logo at a glance. He smiled and said, "Porsche Cayenne! What? Want to buy one too?"


   When Wang Lin looked over. Feng Tingting and the man had already gotten into the car with the doors closed, so. He didn't see the girl and the man who got in the car.


   So when he said the Porsche Cayenne, his tone was brisk.


   However, he soon realized that something was wrong. Because he suddenly noticed that Lu Yang's face darkened.


  Porsche Cayenne...Porsche Cayenne...


   Lu Yang narrowed his eyes slightly subconsciously. With his teeth clenched secretly, a woman's voice seems to be echoing in his mind: "Lu Yang! You should give up! That man has a Porsche Cayenne! Do you know how much it costs? You can't talk to that person in your life. Better! Let go, Lu Yang!"


The dusty memory was opened. After Feng Tingting broke up with him in the previous life, Feng Tingting's roommate personally said these things to Lu Yang. Lu Yang thought he had forgotten it, but just now, I heard Wang Lin said that the car was a Porsche. At the time of Cayenne. Dust-covered memories rose from the bottom of my heart, words that I thought I had long forgotten. As if still echoing in my ears.


  The location of Feng Tingting's internship in the previous life was also in Shanghai.


   still here in this life.


   There was a Porsche Cayenne in the last life, but there is still a Porsche Cayenne in this life!


   "Wenda! What's wrong with you?"


   Wang Lin couldn't help but asked with some worry when Lu Yang hadn't spoken for a long time.


   Lu Yang came back to his senses, smiled at him, and said, "It's okay, I just remembered a little bit of the past."


   After this incident, Lu Yang didn't have any thoughts to eat. He took a bite and left with Wang Lin. In the afternoon, Wang Lin took him around Shanghai. Lu Yang smiled on the surface, but he didn't feel happy at all.


   He can ignore Feng Tingting's departure from him in the previous life, but he can't know who dug his corner and remains indifferent.


  In the last life, he was just a lowercase who wandered on the edge of the street. He was dug into the corner. For one thing, he didn't know who the other party was. Secondly, he asked himself that he had no ability to take revenge. But in this life, God's will let him meet that bastard, he didn't want to let go of his hatred like the previous life.


   This period of grievances has been buried in his mind for long enough, whether it is right or wrong, he has to let out this breath!


Porsche Cayenne?


   The red flag can't protect you either!


   After dinner, Wang Lin sent Lu Yang back to the hotel. Originally, Wang Lin wanted to take Lu Yang to see the nightlife in Greater Shanghai, but Lu Yang refused, saying that he would go back to the hotel to write a manuscript.


"Magic Sword Eternity" has a precarious position on the monthly ticket list this month. As Lu Yang's number one fan, Wang Lin knew it. Hearing Lu Yang said that he wanted to return to the hotel code, he sent Lu Yang back, but before he left. , He said to Lu Yang: "Wen University! Don’t leave tomorrow? If you don’t leave! Go to the crew with me, let’s take two group photos together? Sending the group photos to our readers will definitely cause a sensation. The promotion of our movie will also be very good!"


   Lu Yang squeezed a smile and agreed.


As soon as Wang Lin left, Lu Yang took out his mobile phone, entered the SMS box, and skillfully entered Feng Tingting's mobile phone number. It has been two generations. He has not entered this number for more than ten years, and it has not been stored in the phone for more than ten years. In the past, I still remember it in my heart.


   After entering the number, Lu Yang silently sent a text message: “It’s a coincidence today. Where are you doing your internship now? What is the name of the intern company?”


   A few minutes later, Feng Tingting replied.


   "It's a coincidence! Hengxin Foreign Trade Trading Company, what? You want to see me?"


   Hengxin Foreign Trade Trading Company...


   Seeing this name, Lu Yang's pupils subconsciously contracted slightly. Feng Tingting did her internship there in the previous life, and in this life she still has the same internship location and the same Porsche Cayenne.


   There is no need to verify it anymore. In all likelihood, that man today is the one who dug his corner in the previous life.


   The pain you caused me in the last life, Lu Yang will definitely double it back to you in this life! must!


   Murder in his heart, on the surface, Lu Yang gently replied to Feng Tingting: "Sorry, I will leave Shanghai tomorrow. I don't have time to see you, I wish you a smooth internship."


   After a while, Feng Tingting replied again: "Thank you."


   delete these short messages at will. Lu Yang felt a sigh of breath in his chest, his emotions tumbling, and his always calm mind always had one impulsive thought after another. He wanted to find that person tonight and stabbed him with a knife.


   Fortunately, the wolf still exists, knowing that it is not the best way to get revenge. It's just that if the breath in his chest doesn't vent, his mood can't be restored to peace.


   After walking around the room a few times irritably, Lu Yang suddenly took off all his upper body clothes. The slender upper body came out, and the sturdy muscles were tightly attached to him like a streamline.


   clenched both fists, Lu Yang's eyes were sharp. I started gritting my teeth and practiced Bajiquan for more than three years. With fists, elbows and knees, Lu Yang's Baji fist gradually took on the style of Muay Thai.


   When Lu Yang wrote those Slaughter Liu novels in his previous life, he studied many kinds of martial arts, read a lot of materials, and watched many videos of master duels.


   Finally, Muay Thai and Taekwondo impressed him deeply.


   Taekwondo heavy legs but not heavy punches. Fancy and beautiful legs are endless, but their power is limited. Even if it hits people, it doesn't have much lethality, it is vain, and it always attacks with its legs. After a long time, I will be out of breath, and my physical strength will drop drastically.


   The opposite of Taekwondo is Muay Thai.


   Muay Thai is known as an eight-armed boxing, with palms, elbows and knees all used. With the head hammer, it can be said that nine positions are attacked in turn. If the opponent has a slight flaw, he will be hit.


   Unlike Taekwondo, which mainly relies on two legs to beat people, the offensive method is too single and the lethality is not good.




Lu Yang, who was full of qi in his chest, practiced the Baji boxing for more than ten times before finally closing his hands. His fine red upper body was already filled with fine beads of sweat, and his breathing became heavy, but the tone in his heart was no longer the same as before. Blocked in panic.


   This does not mean that Lu Yang will not retaliate. When he is ready, he will definitely strike a thunderous blow!


Lu Yang is a person with a deep personality. No one provokes him at ordinary times. He will be very peaceful and will never take the initiative to offend anyone, but once someone offends him, as long as there is the possibility of successful revenge, he will be more ruthless than ordinary people. .


It’s just that it’s not the best time to take action. I met Feng Tingting today. I just asked her where to work. If something happens to that person tonight, Feng Tingting will definitely suspect him, even if it’s just a little bit of doubt, Lu Yang also. To avoid.


   Wait a few months!


  The next time I come to Shanghai to watch the crew, I will do it again. It is not easy to doubt him. Secondly, within a few months, it will be convenient for him to find out the details of the man and the rules of life.


   Two lives, except for fighting with children when he was a child, this was the first time Lu Yang really wanted to physically destroy a person. Whether right or wrong, he just wanted to breathe out.


   went to the bathroom to take a shower, Lu Yang began to feel at ease with the codewords, and put the hostility in his heart into tonight's storyline.


Qin Yu, the protagonist in "Magic Sword Eternity", has completed the round sea stage and entered the first stage of the Dao Palace Realm. The Dao Palace Realm is very magical. At this level, Qin Yu found that he had five Dao Palaces in his body. One's own divine mind can only enter the first Taoist palace, and in the first Taoist palace, there is actually a deity sitting cross-legged. When his mind is combined with the gods in the Taoist palace, the **** is the same as the original statue. Zhuan opened his eyes unexpectedly, and then he discovered that it was himself who opened the eyes of the gods, and his own divine thoughts were combined with the gods, and he was incarnate into the gods.


   Can the gods leave the Taoist palace?


   Dao Palace is in Qin Yu's body, Qin Yu's ray of divine thought is combined with the gods in the Dao Palace, and he becomes a god, and he wants to leave the Dao Palace?


   It stands to reason that this is absolutely impossible to succeed.


But together with his thoughts, the gods combined with his gods and minds actually stepped out of the Dao Palace. The next moment, they walked out of his body, and the gods that left Qin Yu's body grew as long as the wind was seen. In the blink of an eye, it grew from the size of a grain of rice to More than ten meters high and majestic, Qin Yu's heart moved, and the gods slammed his fist on the ground under his feet, and a circle of visible ripples quickly spread out. The ground with a radius of hundreds of meters was as if hit by a meteorite from outside the sky. Layers of soil were raised, and the soil several feet thick on the ground rolled up, and smoke and dust filled it.


   Dao Palace Realm is so powerful?


   Qin Yu wanted to try the speed of the gods, his mind flashed again, and the gods he incarnate instantly appeared hundreds of miles away...


Excited, Qin Yu continued to experiment with the power of the gods, causing pieces of destruction, and then attracted the masters of the godsword gate, the godsword gate served as the tyrant of the empire, and Qin, where Qin Yu was located, was a deadly enemy, the master of the **** sword gate. As soon as he recognized Qin Yu's identity, he acted immediately.


   The Heavenly Sword, unique to the God Sword Gate, was shot instantly, trying to kill Qin Yu in one fell swoop.


  Tianyan Divine Sword is extremely powerful, with one sword attack, forty-nine swords strike at the same time, as the so-called Dao Fifty, Tianyan Forty-nine!


   The Heavenly Sword of God Sword Gate takes the deep meaning of this sentence.


Divine Sword Gate’s swordsmanship is not so much a swordsmanship as it is a sword formation. One sword is forty-nine swords. Forty-nine swords change according to the law of the great road. The gleam of vitality in it, then you are in the middle of it, because the time is too short, you have not found the shadow of that gleam of vitality, those forty-nine swords have already taken your life.


   Everyone in the practice world knows that the Great Dao is fifty and the Tianyan is forty-nine. They all know that the heavenly way is incomplete, and the swordsmanship of the Divine Sword Gate clearly tells the world that their swordsmanship has loopholes, who can crack it?


  A loophole is a trap!


  Unfortunately, although the Tianyan Divine Sword is powerful, Qin Yu, who has been trained as the number one in the Dao Palace Realm, has broken the Tianyan Divine Sword in one stroke. The divine moraine controlled by Qin Yu's divine mind is inaccessible, and the Tianyan divine sword can't hurt it. In the blink of an eye, the sword is broken by the divine moraine. The light shot out, instantly turning the stunned master of the sword into nothingness.




When    codewords, Lu Yang couldn't feel the passage of time. He was only awakened by the sound of the mobile phone message when he had finished writing a chapter and halfway through the second chapter.


   The message was sent by Zhang Li, and it contained only a short sentence: "Mr. Lu! Is it convenient for me to come here now?".


   He wanted to deliver it to the door, but Lu Yang had no reason to refuse, nor did he want to refuse.


   Without hesitation, he replied: "Come on!"


About twenty minutes later Zhang Li knocked on Lu Yang's door. The weather in mid-October was already a bit cold, especially at night. Zhang Li wore a very curved leg tonight. His blue jeans, a light blue sweater on his upper body, an angel-like face, light makeup, and his hair is the same as in the movie, very beautiful.


  As soon as he walked in, Lu Yang smelled a faint scent. Unlike the last time I met, Zhang Li's expression was a bit cramped tonight, and her snow-white smooth face was stained with a faint blush.


   That night, Lu Yang was not polite. In his previous life, he could only watch the two long, white legs that were greedy, and finally let him play with him. All the secrets in Zhang Li's body were opened to him.


   Maybe I figured it out. I wanted to get Lu Yang's favor. This evening, apart from Zhang Li who couldn't let go of it at the beginning, he seemed very proactive behind that night, allowing Lu Yang to experience many wonderful things that he had never experienced before.


Unspoken rules……


   Lu Yang found that he liked it a little bit. (To be continued...)


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