Rebirth 2003

Chapter 28: Lu Yang's bottom line

Although Lu Yang regretted that he had already written a chapter of the manuscript, and subconsciously lit a cigarette, at this time, no matter how regretful it was, it would not help. The current priority is to do his best to reduce Cao Xue’s smoking of himself. Disgust.

Lu Yang blinked his eyes twice, pretending to be embarrassed, he smirked twice, and cooperated with the action, scratching his head, his voice lowered a few degrees, and he moved closer to Cao Xue's face and said softly: " Cao Xue, this is a bad habit formed when writing manuscripts in the past. If you really hate it, can't I, I slowly quit in the future?"

   She looks willing to quit smoking in order to pursue her.

   A man can quit smoking in order to please a woman. This, no matter what woman it is, is a bonus move.

Sure enough, after hearing Lu Yang's soft assurance in her ear, Cao Xue, who was originally disgusted with Lu Yang's smoking, showed a smile on her mouth. However, she was afraid that Lu Yang was only trying to coax her, so she hurriedly put on a pretty face again. , Gave Lu Yang a roll of eyes, and whispered, "Don't lean so close to me! It's not good for people to see it."

In fact, it is of course impossible for Lu Yang to quit smoking for her. It’s just that when she picks up a girl, of course it’s what the girl likes to listen to, so he has to say what he likes, and after he really takes her down in the future, Could she really break up with him because of his smoking? Isn't that nonsense!

Cao Xue scolded Lu Yang and told him not to get too close, but Lu Yang didn't obediently pull away from her. From the smile on the corner of her mouth, Lu Yang could see that she was not real at this time. angry.

At the moment, Lu Yang smirked twice, picked up the Sprite that was placed by Cao Xue before and unscrewed it to her, handed it to her, and whispered: "Cao Xue! Here! Quit your breath, I promise you will take it easy in the future. Quit smoking."

   "Come less! What can I guarantee? I am not who you are?"

   Although Cao Xue still whispered at Lu Yang on her mouth, her snow-white little hand took the Sprite that Lu Yang handed over. She took a sip, and finally her cheek couldn't be stretched, and she unconsciously showed a little smile again.

   This made Lu Yang see him, secretly happy, and secretly said: Unexpectedly, until 2003, when he was born again, his buddies' ability to pick up girls had also increased. If there was the cheeky now, why would he be almost 30 years old and still not married?

   However, thinking of the past, Lu Yang's joy just now faded a lot.

After all, he has never been a successful person. After rebirth, everything has just begun. Even the Cao Xue in front of him, after so long of hard work, finally accumulated a little good impression, and the distance really won her. , There may be a long time.

   The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard!

Lu Yang just recalled the past. Cao Xue, who was sitting next to him, finally remembered the meaning revealed in Lu Yang's words, looked suspiciously at Lu Yang's eyes, and asked, "Hey! That's right, Lu Yang, did you just say you were writing a novel? I heard it right? You can write a novel?"

When it comes to writing novels, Lu Yang immediately became confident. It’s just that Lu Yang is a bit small. His self-confidence doesn’t show a triumphant look like many people with public personality, but implicitly. With a pursed smile, he pushed the manuscript paper in front of him to Cao Xue and said with a smile: "This is a chapter just written. You can take a look. If this chapter can't be proved, you can join me later. Go to where I live and I will show you the saved manuscript in my computer."

   Lu Yang did not mention the four sample books sent to him by the publisher, nor did he mention that his novels are now available on

I didn’t mention the four sample books because Lu Yang didn’t want to let Cao Xue know that his novel had been published right now. For the accidents given to girls, just give them a little at a time. Now he and Cao Xue are still in primary contact. At this stage, there is no need to reveal all of her bottom to her so early.

   didn't mention that his work had been published on After Cao Xue went back and searched it on the computer, it was Lu Yang's evil eyes.

Lu Yang wanted to arouse Cao Xue’s curiosity, and then when would she take her to the house he rented now, and when she arrived at the place where he lived alone, the two would live in the same room, whether it’s love or love, Both must be able to quickly increase the relationship between them.

   This trick was used by Lu Yang when he was chasing the three girls after Feng Tingting before his rebirth, and it worked well.

   It's a pity that Cao Xue didn't get hit at this time.

   She curiously picked up the manuscript paper that Lu Yang pushed in front of her, frowning and reading it down line by line.

   Poorly, she is also a full college student who passed the college entrance examination. She has been studying for more than ten years, but when she read Lu Yang's collection, she seemed to be illiterate.

   Lu Yang's extremely simplified text, which was connected from beginning to end, seemed to her to be a Martian text, frowning and trying to identify it, but it was impossible to identify two or three of the ten texts.


Cao Xue frowned and threw the manuscript paper in her hand on the desk, frowning and looking at Lu Yang, and said, "Lu Yang, what do you write? It's the same as ghost paintings! The writing of elementary school students is better than what you write, you! Didn’t I just write it indiscriminately? Although I haven’t written a novel before, I can tell from a glance that I didn’t write it seriously. Even if it’s a novel, I’m afraid the quality is not good. Lu Yang! You study hard. Is your professionalism bad? Why do you want to spend your energy in these areas?"

   The smile on Lu Yang's face freezes.

   Originally, when Cao Xue picked up his manuscript paper to read it, Lu Yang was still complacent and smiling. After she finished reading this chapter of the manuscript, she asked him something about writing a novel.

   How could she have expected this reaction after reading it.

   not only suspected that what he wrote was not a novel at all, but also humiliated him that his characters were not as good-looking as those written by elementary school students, and even criticized him for not being serious in writing, and asked him not to waste time on novels and concentrate on his studies.

   This kind of rhetoric is similar to the criticism and mockery of many relatives and friends about him writing novels seven or eight years before he was born again. At that time, Lu Yang was the most annoying of these remarks.

   Everyone has their own dreams, but most people do not insist on chasing their dreams.

  He Lu Yang has the courage and perseverance to keep walking on the road of chasing his dreams. Why do those people insult him like that?

   So, until now, those relatives and friends who have criticized and insulted him for writing novels, Lu Yang has no good impression of them.

   There are only a few elders, and Lu Yang doesn't bear any grudges.

   Because Lu Yang knew that although they had criticized and preached him, their starting point was not to ridicule and ridicule, but to sincerely hope that he is good.

   Lu Yang is not someone who doesn't know what is good or bad.

   In his bones, Lu Yang is a proud person and a stubborn person.

   Otherwise, he would not have insisted on writing for a full ten years, even in those few years when the manuscript fee income was extremely unstable, he never thought about giving up.

   Lu Yang has always been proud of his writing, not only because of his achievements, but also because that is what he is best at, and he will never allow anyone to insult.

   At this time, Cao Xue insulted him.

   Within a few seconds, the frozen smile on Lu Yang's face slowly disappeared, and then Cao Xue, who was waiting for his answer, nodded slightly, stood up, picked up the manuscript paper and pencil, and turned around.

   Cao Xue just moved his heart.

   Lu Yang doesn't believe that there is no second, or even third, girl among tens of thousands of girls on such a big campus.

   If Cao Xue only refused to pursue him, even once or twice, or even three or five times, even more, his stubborn temper would come up, and he might continue to pursue it.

   But she insulted his novel, which touched the most sensitive part of Lu Yang's heart.

   Yes, although he had a short glorious moment in writing novels before he was born again, he still belongs to a street writer after all.

   But now he has been born again. With his ten years of writing skills, he has returned to the era of the rise of online literature in 2003. He does not believe that he will continue to work hard, and he will continue to be as tepid as before.


   Cao Xue sat in his seat blankly, looking at Lu and leaving the classroom with his manuscript paper and pencil without looking back. He didn't understand what was wrong with him?

  I didn’t criticize too much, right?

   I disliked him smoking before, and he didn't get angry. Why did I just criticize the ghost painting talisman he wrote just now, so I was so angry?

   Are you sick? You still have such a temper after chasing girls?