Rebirth 2003

Chapter 315: Can't satisfy everyone

This leader named Xiaoming Shenjun was the first to join the Wen Chou Group 1, and when he came in, he made a surprised Q`Q expression, and then he said: "Huh? I was the first to join? I was so lucky. Do I want to buy a lottery ticket today?"

   Lu Yang smiled slightly and said in the group: "Happy? Do you want to be more happy?"

Xiaoming Shenjun: "Huh? Wenda is talking to me? Do you want to be so happy? By the way! What does Wenda mean if you want to be happier? He wants to send me a signed book? There are also those with blessings. ?"

   Immediately after this sentence, Xiao Ming Shenjun made another drooling Q`Q emoticon, which came alive.

At first glance, you know that this Xiaomingshen is the master who often chats on the Internet. The online language and Q`Q expression are easy to come by. He is very proficient. Seeing his speech makes people want to laugh. Lu Yang's smile is undiminished, and his fingers are on again. After a quick tap on the keyboard, a paragraph was sent to the group.

   Wen Chou: "Uh, you think too much! I mean, if you are interested, you can let you be the deputy group leader. Of course, if you have no such interest or time, when I didn't say it!"

   Xiaoming Shenjun was quiet for two seconds, and then quickly entered a paragraph in the group.

Xiaoming Shenjun: "Oh, it turns out that I think too much! It's okay! I believe that with my handsome appearance and unruly conversation, Wen Da will willingly give me a signed book sooner or later, um! And it's definitely the same kind of belt. There is a blessing! As for the group owner, he is disrespectful! But he is disrespectful! Thank you Wenda! I will definitely help you manage this group!"

Wen Chou: "Well, that would be a burden for you! I have to go to work every day in addition to the codewords. I am afraid that I don’t have much time to take care of this group. This group will rely on you! Well, I will go to the codewords soon. I should pay back later. Someone will join in and see an application from the leader, you can let it go!"

  Xiao Ming Shenjun: "OK! Don't worry about Wen Da! Don't worry about typing your words! Leave it to me here! Don't worry if I do things!"

Lu Yang sent another Q`Q emoticon shaking hands. After setting the account of Xiaoming Shenjun as the group leader, he quit the book friend group. As soon as he quit, Q`Q's avatar jumped again and another leader. Reminder message for applying to join the group.

   Lu Yang just clicked on this message, and Xiao Ming Shenjun has already passed this person's application for joining the group. It seems that this person has a high enthusiasm for performing the duties of the group leader!

   Lu Yang was suddenly a little curious about how this Xiaoming Shenjun would chat with the new leader of the group, and then clicked on Wen Chou 1 group.

   Then I saw the following dialogue.

  Xiao Ming Shenjun: "Welcome to the group! The first rule of joining the group! Burst three `surround and burst fruit` photos!"

   Lu Yang laughed when he saw this sentence, it turned out to be an old fritters on the Internet.

  The new leader of the group is called Lao Nayong Rejoice, and when he sees Xiao Mingshen's welcome message, he replied: "Sorry, I don't engage in the foundation!"

   Lu Yang laughed again. It seems that he is an old dough stick on the Internet again, but it is right to think about it. Generally, those who can reward the leader at the starting point will not be newcomers to the Internet.

Xiao Ming Shenjun: "No! If you don’t engage in a relationship, don’t you want to grab a girl from me? Unless you are really Lao Na! Well, if you have a girl in the group, you are allowed to say: Master! You will become Lao Na. !Hahaha!!!"

   Seeing these words, Lu Yang was completely speechless, and he couldn't help but start to wonder if he chose this Xiaomingshen as the leader of the group, did he owe consideration? How many people can stand such a group leader in the future?

   Lao Na uses Rejoice: "Xiao Ming! You will be Lao Na!"

   Xiao Mingshen, who was still laughing just now, made a dark Q`Q emoticon, and then he said: "Old Na! Didn't you just say that you don't engage in base?"

   Lao Ye used Rejoice: "I just thought about it carefully. Instead of only being a teacher, it's better to be a teacher!"

   Xiao Ming Shenjun: "..."

   said that after being speechless, Xiao Ming Shenjun compromised.

Xiaoming Shenjun: "Okay! I also thought about it just now. I forced an old Na to engage in a foundation, which seems not great! It's ill-mannered! Ok! It's for the sake of Lao Na that you are a good monk, Ben The owner of the group has allowed you to make a "girl" in the group! Of course, if you like to say to the girl: Master! You can just follow Lao Na! I have no objection!"


Seeing this, Lu Yang smiled and shook his head, then quit the book friend group, quit Q`Q, closed the browser, created a new document, called up the outline of "Magic Sword Eternal" and saved the manuscript, while watching the outline, and saving In the last chapter of the manuscript, I conceived in my mind how to write the chapter tonight.

   Lu Yang is preparing codewords here. In Wen Chou Group 1, the two leaders are still talking nonsense.

  Old Nie used Rejoice: "Xiao Ming! Why are you the leader of the group? Can you explain it?"

   Xiaoming Shenjun: "Because I am the first to join this group! Explained! Also: Please call me Xiaoming Shenjun or Shenjun! Thank you!"

Lao Na used Rejoice: "Wipe! The first person to join can be the group leader? I want to tell Wen Da, I also want to be the group leader! By the way! Xiao Ming, the word **** is not for you! The name Xiao Ming It’s more sexy! It’s better against you!"

   Xiaoming Shenjun: "Hi! I'm not a woman! What a **** hairy? I emphasize it again! Please call my full name Xiaoming Shenjun or Shenjun! You can't call me Xiaoming again!"

  Old Nie used Rejoice: "Okay! Xiao Ming!"

  Xiaoming Shenjun: "Well, good!"

   Lao Na made a series of expressions that covered his mouth and secretly laughed with Rejoice, and then the poor Xiao Ming Shenjun realized that he was actually fucked! Suddenly issued a series of angry expressions.


As time passed, the leaders who had not yet joined the group joined the Wen Chou group one by one. Everyone just joined the group, and most of them were in high spirits. They were accustomed to diving in other groups. , I can't help but talk to everyone in the group.

During this period, some book friends whose fans were not worthy of the leader also tried to join in, but they were all rejected by Xiao Ming Shenjun. In order not to hurt the enthusiasm of these book fans, Xiao Ming Shenjun returned to the book review area of ​​"Magic Sword Eternal". Made a short post here.

"Uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters who want to join the group! Uh, there should be no grandparents, right? I am the owner of Wen Chou Group 1, declare! I am not the deity of Wen Chou Group! I have rejected a few bookmates whose fan value is not enough for the leader to join the group. First of all, I'm sorry! Wenda has already stated in the introduction of the book that this group is first open to the leader, secondly the master, the head, and so on! Please wait patiently and wait in line to enter! When the leaders have almost entered, the Grandmaster will be let in! Well, hereby declare! Please don't hate me!"

   After writing this post, Xiao Ming Shenjun glanced at the book review area of ​​"Magic Sword Eternal", and he saw that several fans who had been refused entry to the group had already complained in the book review area.

   Someone said: "What are you doing? Why is it that I have already established a group, but I am not allowed to join?"

   This is just a simple complaint, but also angry and angry.

   "I scolded the next door! Actually rejected my application to join the group? Wenda! I don't read your book anymore! Never read it again!"

   In addition to these two types of posts, there is another category that reads roughly like this: "Leader is advanced? What a mess? Everyone is equal in the law! If you enter a group, you are divided into three or six or nine grades? Wen ugly! You are really good enough!"

   Regarding Wen Chou’s act of letting the leader join the group, many readers said they were hurt. Some readers with bad tempers have already screamed in the book review section of "Magic Sword Eternal", but more readers did not say anything.

   are those leaders who have already joined the group, and several of them went to the book review area to speak.

   Lao Na uses Rejoice: "Lao Na is rewarding more than two thousand yuan, Wen University gives me advanced group, just such a little benefit, some people are jealous? Some people call Wen Da? Do you want to be so glass-hearted? Someone has to come in first, right?"

: "I am also the leader! I just want to say that I am rewarded more than 1,000 yuan. Although I only enjoy the benefits of an advanced group, I think this leader is worth the reward! Well, I will reward another 1,000 soon! "

Regardless of any matter, if someone opposes, someone will definitely agree, especially in places with huge traffic such as the Internet. After this leader took the lead in rewarding, there are seven or eight leaders who have added a reward of 1,000 yuan, or even more. Many, in this batch of large rewards, there are also a few readers who were not the leader of the alliance before, and they also quietly rewarded a leader, and then they were very happy to join the Wen Chou 1 group in the first batch.

   This kind of thing is actually very common in the online literature circle. Many authors only form groups. There are no screenshots of chapter subscriptions in the group, and the group owner will not let you in at all.

It’s not that the author looks down on ordinary readers, but out of two considerations. First, readers who are willing to spend money to subscribe, after joining the group, will truly support the author and will truly contribute to the work. Consider, give suggestions to the author, or make an appointment with everyone to vote for a monthly pass or something.

The second point is the author’s energy problem. For an author, the establishment of a book fan group does not mean that it is finished when it is completed. When you have time, it is best to go to the group to chat with you every day to cultivate and cultivate Feelings, otherwise, over time, the author who is the group leader will always not show up, and there will be fewer and fewer book fans talking and chatting in the group. In the end, a good group will become a dead group, maybe a month or even Few people have spoken in the group for a year. This atmosphere will affect some readers who originally liked this book. In the end, they may feel that the author's character is not very good. Even if he originally liked this book, it will become annoying in the end. NS.

As mentioned earlier, the number of readers who have collected the book "Magic Sword Eternal" at the starting point alone has exceeded 200,000, plus the readers who read pirated editions ten or even a hundred times, and the book fans that Lu Yang has accumulated in the previous few books, if There are no restrictions. Even if only one in ten people choose to join the group, there may be dozens of groups to be built. With so many groups, can Lu Yang manage it? Maybe there are hundreds of people who send private messages to Lu Yang from the group every day. If that happens, can Lu Yang still be on Q`Q every day?

  Q`Q is opened, there are hundreds of private messages to be processed, how much time does it take each day?

   For authors with few book fans, I hope that every reader will join his own book fan group, but for writers who are as popular as Lu Yang, building a book fan group can only choose those readers. R1152

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