Rebirth 2003

Chapter 333: There are wolves in front and tigers beh

   Seeing Wen Chou's third quick answer question was "Am I handsome?"

All over the country, the fans of Wen Chou who were preparing to answer the third question were all taken aback. Some fans who were drinking even squirted it out, and then hurriedly wiped the computer screen and keyboard with their sleeves, for fear of being scrapped. Used my own computer.

   Cao Xue, who was sitting in Lu Yang's arms in front of the computer, turned her head in amazement, looked at Lu Yang again, her mouth moved, and said: "You are too shameless!"

   Lu Yang laughed. It was just a moment of evil taste coming up. At this time, it was quite interesting to see Cao Xue's stunned expression.

   A book fan named Takatodake first replied: "Handsome!"

   is a neat word, which is very decisive.

   Suifengju, who has received a movie ticket, replied secondly: "Frustrated!"

After    is a variety of replies:

   Yawei: "Handsome!"

   drunk and smiled: "Very handsome!"

   Zhang full volume: "Handsome, handsome, handsome!"

   Invincible old steel gun: "Not handsome!"

   Star Poke: "So handsome to alarm the Party Central!"

   Anonymous pirate: "Handsome shit!"

   Happy Five Tigers: "Spit!"

   Liang Xiaoyan: "Wen University, you are too narcissistic!"


In front of the computer, Cao Xue shrugged her shoulders with a smile. In front of the computer in another place, Feng Tingting's mouth turned slightly. She has been paying attention to this event. Seeing so joyously.

   Lu Yang has changed so much...

When    smiled, Feng Tingting felt such emotion in her heart. Lu Yang in her memory never made such a joke.

   Lu Yang smiled and announced, "Takatodake!"

   When Lu Yang announced the result, several book fans in the group yelled Wen Da to pay for their computer, saying that Wen Da’s problem was too weird. A sip of tea or a drink was sprayed directly on the computer screen.

   Cao Xue smiled and twisted Lu Yang's ears lightly, and said, "Look at you! The readers call you to pay for the computer, right? Harmful!"

   Lu Yang smiled and kissed her on the cheek, and then raised the fourth question in the group: "Fourth time to answer! Which part of me do you think is the most handsome?"

   As soon as this question came up, more people were messed up, and the first person to reply was the pudding on the tree: "I can't take it anymore! I can't take it anymore! I'm going to vomit, Wenda! I don't want to deal with basics!"

   Some people say they can’t stand it, and naturally there are also people who just want movie tickets and force their tastes. This warrior is a high-energy warning!

   The high energy warning followed the pudding on the tree and replied: "j`b!"

   "What does j`b mean?"

  Innocent Cao Xue asked Lu Yang suspiciously, Lu Yang had a black line, high-energy warning of this abnormality, as expected, there is not the most abnormal, only more abnormal!

   A big man actually said that he liked him j`b. This time he didn't disgust others, but he disgusted Lu Yang himself.

   "Meaning of gold coins!"

   Lu Yang closed his glasses and deceived Cao Xue. Cao Xue smiled slightly and said, "It seems that this reader is very witty! He can come up with this kind of answer!"

   is really witty! Wit j`b ash!

   Lu Yang couldn't laugh or cry. At the same time, he was disgusted. There were also many book fans who were preparing to answer the question. The leader Pan Niu, who had not participated in the answer, appeared: "Gao Neng! You are going to die! Normally, will the police arrest you?"

  Thunder God’s group also appeared at this time: "High energy is omnipotent! High energy! The earthlings can't stop you from being perverted!"

   Suifengju: "High Energy is already on the path of metamorphosis, going further and further!"

   After this question, Lu Yang didn't dare to ask similar questions anymore. After diving for a long time, the high energy exploded, and then asked similar questions. I don't know how disgusting this guy is.

   Pinching his nose, Lu Yang still announced that Gaoneng had won the issue.

   Gao Neng, this guy, saw that he got a movie ticket, and excitedly sent out a few Q`Q emoticons in the group, with a few words behind it-oh la la oh la la!


   Lu Yang came in groups for nearly two hours, and finally selected 70 lucky book fans to send tickets to the book fans, as well as other great gods, editors, and friends.

   When he came to the dark realm group, Lu Yang looked for the names of the great gods above the first line one by one in the group member list, and then sent messages one by one. The content of the messages was a bit shameless.

   "xx giant! Help me open a single chapter in the book to promote my "Gate of Rebirth"? Thank you for a movie ticket!"

   These great gods have a starting point, and there are also Xuehong and others from the digital station. The separation and recombination of the websites did not affect the friendship between these writers.

These great gods, in the past few years when Lu Yang wrote the book, have also talked a few words in the group. Lu Yang personally sent a message and made such a request. Even if the movie ticket is not mentioned, they will sell Lu Yang's face. .

   Someone jokingly said to Lu Yang: "Just give one? Wen Chouju! Are you too picky? Is my girlfriend (wife) at home waiting for me to come back from watching the movie?"

   As long as someone tells Lu Yang like this, Lu Yang immediately says: "You need a few, you speak!"

   After sending a private message to these great gods alone, Lu Yang sent another sentence in the dark realm group: "Brother's movie is about to be released. If you want a movie ticket, tell me a private message!"

   There are nearly two hundred popular authors in the Dark Realm group, and Lu Yang naturally cannot send a private message to everyone.

Cao Xue had been sitting in Lu Yang's arms watching Lu Yang doing these things. After Lu Yang said this, Cao Xue suddenly thought of a question: "My dear! How do you send this movie ticket? Each movie theater has a different ticket. Right? With so many people, how do you send movie tickets?"

Lu Yang smiled casually and replied: "I'll call and ask Wang Lin later! If he doesn't know, ask him to call the theater line for help. The theater line staff must know what to do! I don't believe it. Those big directors, big stars, new movies are released, don’t even a single movie ticket be sent out? Let’s do what they do!"


After Lu Yang’s event of giving away movie tickets, many other authors’ book fans had another topic. At the same time, on this evening, more book fans were surprised to find that among the great god’s works they were chasing Both have opened a single chapter, recommending the first film written and invested by Wen Chou.

This kind of propaganda has almost covered more than 80* readers in the online literature circle. As long as you have recently watched online articles, you basically know that there is an author named Wen Chou, who writes and invests in a film called "Rebirth of Life". The "Gate" movie will be released on February 1.

  Many people are surprised by the wide network of Wen Chou's contacts. Not only did he make such an unprecedented special advertisement at the starting point, dozens of first-line and above gods in the online literary world actually opened a special chapter recommendation for his movie.

Incidentally, it also attracted many readers who didn’t know who Wen Chou was before. Looking at Wen Chou’s works, some chose "The Doomsday Wasteland" and some chose "Legend of Masters", "Unlimited Killing", "Warlords of the Three Kingdoms" and "Magic". "Sword Eternal" also has readers of choice.

   Since these people are here, some of them will always turn into Lu Yang's book fans.


  Time finally came to February 1, the day when "Gate of Rebirth" was officially released.

   At 8:10 in the morning, when Lu Yang brought Cao Xue and Dai Qingwa and Wang Lin to meet, Dai Qingwa said worriedly: "We didn't choose this time period very well!"

   "How do you say?" Lu Yang and Cao Xue were both puzzled.

While driving, Wang Lin explained: "Last month, on January 8th, Tang Jili’s "The Looks of Men and Women" was released; on January 13, "The Great Adventure of the Storm" and "Happy Feet" were released. They are all American blockbusters! On the 16th, "Happy Birthday" starring Liu Ruoying and Louis Koo was released; "The Door" starring Chen Kun was released; afterwards, French "Arthur and His Mini Kingdom", Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan's " Fallen Leaves Return to the Roots, China Film's "Imperfect Love", and the Big Mac-"007 vs. Casino Royale" which was released yesterday!"

   When they heard that there was "007 Casino Royale" yesterday, both Lu Yang and Cao Xue sank in their hearts. The 007 series is completely a money grab series! Just a 007 name is the guarantee of the box office! Almost every 007 movie is a monster that eats the box office.

   By the way, this movie was just released yesterday, and it actually collided with 007...

   "Isn't 007 also showing on Lianhe Cinema?" Lu Yang frowned and asked.

   Wang Lin shook his head.

   This is probably a great fortune in misfortune. If two movies that are released almost at the same time collide in the same theater, the box office of "Gate of Rebirth" does not need to be counted on.

   "Did you know the release date of 007 before?" Lu Yang still frowned.

Wang Lin smiled bitterly: "When I our release date has been fixed! Two trailers have been released! How to change it? The release date is announced on the trailer. If it is postponed, don’t tell the audience. It’s not easy to explain there, and it’s not easy to make arrangements there, unless we are willing to wait a few more months!"

   This is not over yet, Dai Qingwa gave Lu Yang another shot at this time.

"On February 8, "Love Call Transfer" and "Ghost in Heart" were released, on the 9th, South Korea’s "Dancing Girl Innocent" and Britain’s "Air Combat Heroes", on the 13th, "The Disciples" starring Andy Lau and Louis Koo, On the 14th, "A Wonderful Night at the Museum" in the United States..."

   Lu Yang was speechless.

   There are wolves in front and tigers behind!

  007 was released yesterday, and there will be "Love Call Transfer", "Disciples" and "Wonderful Night in the Museum" in a few days...

Lu Yang has no impression of other movies, but these four have been seen by Lu Yang in his previous life. There is no need to question the 007 box office. "Love Call Transfer" and "Disciple" are also classics in many people's minds. As for "A Wonderful Night at the Museum", Hollywood Lu Yang’s blockbuster, in Lu Yang's memory, seems to be the US Box Office Week Champion. This movie is also a series of movies. I just don’t know if the Box Office Week Champion is this one.

  Dai Qingwa and Wang Lin were both a little frustrated at this time, and Lu Yang was also heavy in his heart. After all, it was a layman who wanted to make the movie well, edit and promote it well, but forgot to pay attention to other movies released at the same time.

   Could it be that the first movie I wrote and invested in is going to be crushed into **** like this?

   Lu Yang couldn't help but have such a thought in his heart. R1152

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