Rebirth 2003

Chapter 337: Screening four

The biggest obstacle between Duan Cang and Jiaqi was removed, and the plot afterwards became apparently refreshed. Duan Cang spent fifty yuan once in exchange for the boys at Jiaqi’s back desk to study with Duan Cang every night. When changing positions, Jiaqi felt very uncomfortable at the beginning, thinking that Duan Cang was talking to her again, thinking about packing up her things and going home, so she didn't go to study at night.


   But what makes her strange is that Duan Cang changes positions with that classmate every day and sits at her back table, but never disturbs her, just quietly reading and doing exercises.


  Occasionally Jiaqi turned around in confusion to see what he was doing, Duan Cang just gave her a smile, time passed, Duan Cang never took any action.


  Gradually, Jiaqi got used to Duan Cang's self-study every night, sitting behind her, and the indifference in her eyes also diminished day by day.


   This is a very warm plot. Many people in the theater watch this section with a smile. Who did not like girls when they were young? Who has never imagined that when I study myself every night, I can sit behind my favorite I’m tired from doing exercises, I can see her within reach, like Duan Cang~www or tired of doing the questions, raised her head and smiled at Jiaqi in front of her, closed her eyes slightly, took a deep breath, and could smell the faint scent of the girl...


Some couples who watched this movie together subconsciously held each other’s hands while watching this episode. Some men even learned the appearance of Duan Cang, closing their eyes slightly and sniffing the hair of their girlfriends. Fragrance, the girlfriends of these men just smiled and let their boyfriends do such things, a touch of warmth arose in their hearts.


actually. In everyone's lives, there are very few ups and downs of love stories that can have such warmth. Many people feel very happy.


Cao Xue, who was nestling next to Lu Yang, gave Lu Yang a smile and silently took Lu Yang’s arm. Lu Yang used to do it to her in the past. The pictures on the big screen let She feels extremely sweet. It seems that Duan Cang is Lu Yang and Jiaqi is her.


   The theater fell into silence again, and everyone's eyes were on the big screen. There are only some bad guys staring at the big screen, and a bad hand has touched his girlfriend's thigh or chest. When watching a love movie, there will always be such a person in any cinema.


   The movie is still going on.


   Li Deqing went to prison. Li Guowei transferred to another school. Duan Cang took advantage of his own prophet to help both laid-off parents come up with ideas and opened a small optical shop.


   Duan Cang said to his parents: "Now all young people are reading! There will definitely be more and more nearsighted people. There is not much investment in the optical shop, but as long as it is done, you can do it for a lifetime!"


   When the store opened, Duan Cang helped the store to make a playful advertising slogan-eyes are the windows of the soul, please put glass on your windows!


   Every pedestrian passing by this store. As long as you know the words, you can see this slogan. They all smiled knowingly, and in the theater, some low-smile audiences also laughed out loud.


  , although some people may have known it before, most people still don’t know it. Even if they know it, they can’t help but smile when they see this paragraph in the movie.


   The style of the movie gradually became cheerful.


Duan Cang's academic performance is getting better and better, and he is often praised by his teacher. Three years in high school is about to pass. Duan Cang still has not confessed to Jiaqi, but the tacit understanding between the two has gradually formed. Sometimes they will discuss topics together. For a while, we walked together in the sunset, and walked through a common road from school together.


On Jiaqi’s birthday, Duan Cang would put a box of chocolates and lucky stars into her desk drawer in advance. Every time there was no signature, Jiaqi asked if he gave it. He always smiled and shook his head, Ke Jiaqi Just knowing that he must have sent it, so every time she saw him shaking her head, she smiled.


The results of the college entrance examination came down quickly. The two were admitted to the same university. They sat on the roof of the abandoned factory where they used to sit when they were young. They watched the stars together, drank canned beer together, and talked about the joys of their childhood. Holding hands together calmly.


  The movie has come to an end.


   Duan Cang’s glasses shop is doing well. Duan Cang, who has graduated from university, and Jiaqi joined the same announcement company. In meetings, Duan Cang uttered the classic advertising slogans in his memory again and again.


   "Huiren Shenbao! He is good, and I am good!"


   "Fuyanjie, washing is healthier!"


   "Backgammon reads the computer, mother no longer has to worry about my study!"


   "Good Di! Hello everyone, it is really good!"


   "Shanghai's tap water comes from the sea!"


   "With Rejoice, you are so confident!"




   One by one classic advertising slogans made Duan Cang a step-by-step promotion and salary increase, and also made the audience in the theater laugh from ear to ear!


Some of these advertisements have been heard by everyone, but some have not yet appeared. Those are in Lu Yang's memory and will only appear after 2007. These novel advertisements that everyone has never heard of are from Duan Cang's mouth. Speaking out, immediately let the audience shout awesome and enjoyable, and then laughed with trembling shoulders.


   Seeing that the audience reacted so joyously, Dai Qingwa, Wang Lin and others sitting in the back row of the theater were relieved and temporarily put aside their worries about 007 and other movies.


   Cao Xue was also smiling, smiling and smashing Lu Yang's thigh with a small fist, and said while laughing: "You bad guy! How did you come up with these advertising words?"


   At the end of the movie, it ends in the kiss between Duan Cang and Jiaqi.


   A song that many people have been familiar with for a long time slowly sounded, and the voice of a mellow male singer gradually filled the whole theater-I was walking on the side of the street that evening,


  Looking at the people passing by like waves,


   Thinking of the past years,


   Thinking of you who used to love you,


   I don’t have a place to go,


   also don’t know where he is,


   just because you are no longer here,


   This yearning makes my heart move,


   I want to cry, but I can't shed tears!


   I want to shout, but I can’t make a sound,


   I am willing to abandon everything I have,


   If you can go back in time!


   is actually "Back in Time"? Many viewers were taken aback at first. Then I suddenly discovered that this song is really suitable for this kind of rebirth movie.


   In the ending song, the full subtitles slowly rise. Some audience members got up and left, and some audience members still sat in their seats reminiscing about the movie and the song "Back in Time."


   There was no applause, because this was not the premiere of the movie. The audience did not see the film’s main creators. Even if they wanted to applaud, they didn’t know who to give the applause to.


   Soon, the theater was almost empty. Only Lu Yang, Wang Lin and others sitting in the last few rows of the theater were left, and the two dozen book fans had not left yet.


   Wang Lin's mother quietly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, showing a smile on her face. Hugged his son, patted Wang Lin on the shoulder and said, "Yes! The movie is better than my mother expected!"


Wang Lin's cousin also smiled and got up at this time, patted Wang Lin on the shoulder, and smiled: "Yes, Lin Zi! This movie is very good! You haven't wasted more than half a year! You really should let your dad and the others watch it. Look! Because of this movie. They haven't shown you less for the past six months, right?"


  Wang Lin grinned. No matter whether the movie can make money under the siege of those blockbuster films, it is a comfort to be affirmed by his mother and cousin now!


   On Lu Yang's side, the big tiger stepped forward and smashed Lu Yang's chest with his fist, and smiled: "Congratulations! The movie is great! The audience's response is also very good!"


   Skeleton also learned the appearance of a big tiger. He stepped forward to beat Lu Yang's chest, and said with a smile: "Congratulations! Congratulations! It seems that you won't write novels in the future. You can never starve to make movies!"


At this time, the lights in the theater were all lit up, and the passing lamb stepped forward and looked up and down Lu Yang with smiling eyes, then patted Lu Yang on the shoulder and said, "Nima! Can you? Do movies or write novels? Going to the streets to grab food with us! Too shameless! Too shameless, is there?"


   The twenty or so book fans all gathered around at this time. You expressed your congratulations to Lu Yang in a word and a word. No one said that the movie was not good.


   The staff who manages the No. 2 screening hall walked in and said, "Hey! The movie is over, why don't you leave? Hurry up and go! We need to clean up soon!"


  Although the attitude of the staff is not very good, everyone is in a good mood at this time, so no one cares about him, and they walk out of the theater in a polite manner.




   At the same moment, movie theaters under the affiliated schools and departments across the country stepped out of the audience who had just watched "The Gate of Rebirth".


Jingcheng, as the starring actors of this movie, Cheng Bing and his two buddies walked out of the theater. One of the buddies put their arms around Cheng Bing’s shoulder and said with envy: "Grandma, a bear! Your kid can grow up like a bear. To be a film actor! It’s unreasonable! But this movie is a **** good thing! Did you two pay attention? The reaction of the audience in the theater is very good! I scolded and laughed, just when those people walked out. , But few people say that this movie is not good!"


   Another buddy hugged Cheng Bing’s neck from the other side, his tone couldn’t hide his envy, and said, “Don’t talk nonsense! A treat! If you guys dare not entertain you today for such a good movie! Humph!”




The buddies mentioned earlier were also humming at this time, obviously threatening Cheng Bing, and Cheng Bing was also in a very good mood at this time. Originally, with his respectful appearance, there was absolutely no movie that would choose him as the leading actor. In recent years, I don’t know how much he has played in various studios and supporting roles. Not only does no one think of him as the protagonist, even he himself, gradually, has also lost his heart as the protagonist. He didn’t expect to take it this time. The small-cost "Gate of Rebirth" actually had surprises. Originally, I just wanted to mix the qualifications of a leading actor, plus a remuneration. When shooting on the set, he did his best to act.


   But whether a movie can be successful is not the actor's best effort!


   No matter how good an actor plays, if the script is not strong, and the post-production editing is not strong, the film that the actor plays hard will be on the street!


   But now, he is not an investor, so don't worry too much about the box office. As long as the film has a good reputation, it is a great success for him.


   The films he starred in have a reputation. Are you afraid that no one will look for him to act and give him a good role in the future?


   "Okay! Isn't it just a treat? Where do the two brothers want to make it? Spend the money in your buddy wallet!" Cheng Bing, who has not been very lavish, is unusually lavish today.




In the same theater in Beijing, Zhang Li came out smiling with her boyfriend and girlfriend. The girlfriend was naturally her classmate and a student in the performance class. When she walked out of the theater with Zhang Li, she screamed and pinched. Zhang Li's neck shook "viciously" and said frantically: "How is it possible? How could it be so good-looking? Didn't you say that the low-cost movies are so popular? Why do audiences like low-cost movies? You cheated! Did you cheat, right?"


   Zhang Li smiled so that her eyes were narrowed, and struggling with a smile, opened her girlfriend's hand, and smiled: "I'm cheating! You bit me, bit me? Hahaha!"


   When Zhang Li said these words, she inexplicably thought of scenes with Lu Yang on the bed. From this point of view, she did cheat.


   But Zhang Li's boyfriend stood beside him with a complicated mood and forced a smile.


   He is a graduate of the directing department. He has a difficult future. He hasn't seen any hope yet, and his girlfriend is showing signs of fame. This is often not good news for unsuccessful men.


Every year in   中`the Opera Academy, how many couples break up because one of them became famous first? I'm afraid I can't count them.


  The showbiz is just a big dye vat. Whoever gets in will change! After becoming famous, it is not that there is not nothing, but too little!




   is the same theater. The third young master and his girlfriend walked out hand in hand, and the girlfriend said: "This "Gate of Rebirth" is really the investment of the writer of the ugly script of your website? The level is good!"


   Third Young Master smiled and nodded, and said, "It was beyond my expectation! I didn't expect that Wen Chou's servant would have such an ability!"


   his girlfriend squinted at him with a smile, and said, "You look down on the heroes of the world, right? What? Do you want to invest in one screenwriter if you are interested?"


   The third young master’s girlfriend naturally knows the third young master’s fortune. Such a small-cost movie like this can almost be invested with his contribution fees.


   Three young masters smiled and shook his head: "There is a specialization in the art industry! Wen Chou is willing to distract him, let him distract him! I don't want to learn from him! As long as I can hold on to the Internet, I may not earn less than investing in movies in the future!"




Feng Tingting walks out of the cinema with a complicated Every time she sees Lu Yang success, her mood is complicated. Judging from his achievements, he is excellent, but why does he move after going to university? Do not love? Where did I go wrong?


   Coincidentally, Feng Tingting and Bai Jingjing did not meet when they entered this movie theater, but when they came out, they happened to meet each other. It may not be a coincidence! After all, it is normal for everyone to come in first before the movie starts. When the movie ends, they naturally come out together.


  Bai Jingjing was standing under the platform near the theater waiting for the bus, Feng Tingting also happened to come over, the two looked at each other, but they smiled together.


   The cheerful Bai Jingjing smiled and hugged Feng Tingting. She tuned in and asked with a smile, "Why? You also watched "The Gate of Rebirth" and haven't forgotten him?"


  Bai Jingjing and Lu Yang and Feng Tingting were classmates in the past. Naturally, they knew the relationship between Feng Tingting and Lu Yang before, but Feng Tingting didn't know that Bai Jingjing had had such an ambiguity with Lu Yang. (To be continued...)


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