Rebirth 2003

Chapter 353: Dance for you


   I wanted to appear in my new movie...

Looking at the expectant look of Xinyi, Lu Yang nodded and said with a smile: "The script has not been written yet, but with the addition of a beautiful woman like you, it will definitely add a lot of color to my new movie. The new script, I will Consider adding some dance plot! By the way, what kind of dance are you good at? Group dance like the last party or individual dance?"

Hearing that Lu Yang promised to add some dance plots to the new script, Dao Xinyi's eyes lit up, and a surprise smile appeared on his beautiful face. He subconsciously wanted to stand up to express his gratitude, and then he seemed to realize that he was too excited. He sat back again, but couldn't control the excited smile on his face.

   "Thank you! Thank you, Mr. Lu! Thank you so much! I am a dance major. Whether it is group dance or individual dance, it's okay. Would you like me to show you a dance now?"

   With excitement, Dao Xinyi looked at Lu Yang's eyes again, with surprise and gratitude.

  I am not a dance major, and I never know the hesitation and confusion of dance majors. Their performances in cultural courses are generally not as good as those of other majors. Even the college entrance examination and art students' admission scores are much lower than others.

  It can be said that they are good at dancing, but they are only good at dancing.

   When they graduate, there are not many jobs that can be given to them.

This is also one of the main reasons why many art school girls are trying to get a daddy before graduating. They have confidence in their looks and dance, but that confidence is not enough to make them confident that they can rely on their own after graduation. Dance ability to live decently.

   By the way, beautiful girls are often arrogant. In the years when they studied dance, I must have heard a lot of people say behind their backs about their majors, but they won’t use it in the future.

   The more others say that, the more these beautiful girls want to prove that they will live better than other girls.

  What can dance graduates do after graduation?

   Dance with big stars?

   That is not only the need for outstanding dancing skills, but also the opportunity! How many dance majors are there throughout the country? How many girls majoring in dance graduate every year? How can there be so many big stars waiting for them to dance with?

   In addition, if you are lucky, you can go to some schools to be a dance teacher, and some people can change careers. Where can the remaining people go?

   In society, there are always many people who are very puzzled about why there are always beautiful women dancing in dance halls, night clubs and other places. If there are better choices, who among those women would like to go to those places?

   knife Xinyi is very beautiful! The dancing skills are also outstanding, but none of these can give her confidence in the future, unless she is also willing to sit in a rich car.

   Lu Yang is well-known on the Internet. The first movie "Gate of Rebirth", which was released on the mainland not long ago, also became a hit. Just before her eyes, a TV station came to interview him.

   In the circle that Dao Xinyi has come into contact with, Lu Yang is the most talented and most likely to help her succeed. She already knows Lu Yang and she always wants to try for her own future.

   At this time, she was very fortunate that she had plucked up the courage to make this request with Lu Yang. No, Lu Yang agreed. At the moment Lu Yang agreed, a strong joy filled Dao Xinyi's heart, which made her always calm and uncontrollable.

Looking at the big beauty who has been thinking about it in his previous life, Lu Yang became so excited because of a word of his own. Lu Yang also felt a sense of accomplishment. When Dao Xinyi offered to show him now, Lu Yang did not refuse. , Nodded, stretched out his hand to indicate that we can start now.

Dao Xinyi pressed a white and slender palm on his heart, as if trying to calm his inner excitement, then with a soft smile, he got up and danced slowly in front of Lu Yang, with his hands touching his arms, as if soft. If there is no bone, the wave will swing softly, like a wave, and like a soft snake, slowly swinging and changing, lifted to the top of the head, with a slender waist, a tall chest, and an extremely exaggerated buttocks. , Swaying and twisting rhythmically, it seems like a Latin dance...

   This dance is only for Lu Yang alone.

At this moment, Lu Yang was very satisfied. He slightly leaned against the stone fence of the pavilion, half-squinted his eyes, and took out a cigarette in silence. On the spot, a woman who had been so obsessed with him now danced hard in front of him, only to praise him. , A nod.

   Lu Yang didn't know. Those who saw this scene were Qian Xiaoyu, Shao Dahai, Xu Heng and others in the corridor of the nearby dormitory building, but because the distance was a little far away, those people couldn't see clearly.

   Xu Heng's eyes were green, he licked his dry lips, and cursed in a low voice: "It's paralyzed! Lu Yang is so cool! People are more popular than others!"

   Shao Dahai touched his bare chin, feeling a little jealous in his heart. He chased a few women, but none of them went smoothly, but Lu Yang had beautiful women in broad daylight. Dancing for him was too easy to arouse class hatred!

   How did the hatred of many people come from? That's how it came!

   Looking at rich people who eat fragrant and spicy food, and beauties in groups, even those who are calm will inevitably give birth to hatred and wealth.

   Why are they all human, others live so moist and unrestrained, and they live like dogs?

   On the corridor, Xu Heng and Shao Dahai are definitely not the only ones who see the situation on the pavilion, especially men.

   Qian Xiaoyu frowned slightly when he saw this scene, and Wang Cuicui beside him cursed in a low voice: "Unconventional and corrupt! I just said that guy is not a good person!"

   Qian Xiaoyu: "Go back to the dormitory!"

After speaking, Qian Xiaoyu turned around and left. In this scene, she watched her heart get stuck, Wang Cuicui cursed, and when she saw Qian Xiaoyu was gone, she looked a little reluctantly, and then hurriedly followed Qian Xiaoyu. .


   In the pavilion, Dao Xinyi finished a fascinating Latin dance, and then changed another dance. This time, Lu Yang, the local turtle, could not recognize the dance. In short, it was still pleasing to the eye.

   There is no music, just dancing. When I jump out in Dao Xinyi, I am still beautiful. His beautiful face is always filled with a heart-stringing enthusiastic smile.

A woman like   , if she plays Chang'e or Diao Chan, she must be ridiculously beautiful, right?

Lu Yang had this idea in his mind. When Dao Xinyi was about to change another dance, Lu Yang noticed that her breathing became slightly thicker, and he smiled and said, "Okay! Thank you for your dance. It's beautiful! It's immortal!" Unforgettable!"

   Hearing this, Dao Xinyi stopped with a smile, bowed slightly and bowed to Lu Yang before pursing her mouth, breathing quietly, and sitting back to her original position. She was very happy to receive Lu Yang's praise.

   Lu Yang's satisfied expression made her see that Lu Yang was not talking politely.

After talking about the matter and watching the dance, Lu Yang felt that it was time to go back. Anyway, he never thought about pursuing Dao Xinyi. It is more practical to go back to the code. After Dao Xinyi sat down, Lu Yang said, "Today That's it! Don't worry! I will try to add some dancing to the new script! I will contact you then! Goodbye!"

   When he said goodbye, Lu Yang stood up and stretched out his hand to shake Xinyi with the knife.

   Dao Xinyi immediately stood up and held Lu Yang's right hand with both hands. The soft and warm touch, not knowing whether it was a psychological effect, Lu Yang felt very comfortable.

   Shaking Lu Yang's hand, Dao Xinyi hesitated for a while, and asked again: "Mr. Lu! Look...Could you try to arrange a group dance for us? I want to bring the last few classmates together..."

This request made Lu Yang take a high look at her. With this kind of opportunity, he actually wanted to help her classmates. If she was only given to her, her beauty and dancing style would probably be remembered by many audiences, but If it is a group dance, if the dance is not very brilliant, I am afraid that the audience will not remember it.

   More likely, the audience remembered that there were a few beauties who did a good dance, but few people would know who these beauties are.

   "Okay! I see how to arrange it properly, try my best!"

   Lu Yang nodded and looked at Dao Xinyi up close. He was stared at by those charming black jewel-like eyes, which made him a little bit overwhelmed.

"thanks, thanks!"

Dao Xinyi clasped Lu Yang's right hand with both hands, and shook it gratefully before releasing it. When Lu Yang was about to leave, Dao Xinyi suddenly thought of something and quickly took out a small mouse ornament from his pocket. Cell phone, and said to Lu Yang: "Mr. Lu! I have your phone here, but there shouldn’t be my phone on your phone? Can I call your phone now? Save it! It will be convenient for you to write the script. Contact me?"


On the way back to his place of residence, Lu Yang had a moment, imagined that Zhang Li, like the “rules”, put this knife in Xinyi as “rules”, such a goddess who could only dream and think in his heart before. Beauty, now she almost came to the door by herself, as long as he wanted to, Lu Yang was confident that she was at least 70% sure.

   But thinking about my messy relationship at the moment, I dismissed this idea again.

   is already a scum, you can’t go further and further on the road of scum!

   As for what to make in the new movie...

   Lu Yang didn't make up his mind for a while.

With the success of "Gate of Rebirth", if you continue to shoot an urban rebirth theme, the box office should not be too bad, but it is easy for the audience to think that he is exhausted. After the second film, I am afraid that the third film will be It's hard to attract an audience.

   Make those movies in memory that used to be big hits?

"Lost on Journey"? "Thai 囧"? "Thirty-Three Days of Broken Relationship"? Or "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years"?

Lu Yang hesitated. These four films require high quality of actors. "People on the Road" and "Thailand" require leading actors with a sense of joy and good acting skills. "Thirty-three Days of Broken Love" is for women. The master’s requirements are very high. Zhang Li has not graduated yet, so she may not be able to support this drama with her acting skills. Moreover, Zhang Li is too sexy! It seems not suitable to be the heroine of "Thirty-Three Days of Broken Relationship".

As for "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years", the female protagonist's schoolgirl role is not a big problem. The key is the male protagonist. I am afraid that it is not easy to find the handsome and somewhat scornful protagonist. The key is that this role, It seems that the newcomer is better than the old actor, so that everyone feels stronger. If you change an old actor that everyone knows well, even if you are the actor, playing this role, I am afraid that the audience will feel so fake!

   Lu Yang couldn't make up his mind about what to make in the new movie for a while, so he put it behind his head for a while, waited until he thought it through before deciding, and returned to the place where he lived, and continued with the code word from the previous idea.


   After Lu Yang left, Dao Xinyi did not go back to his school immediately. Instead, he called Simingjuan's cell phone and asked them where they were, saying that he had good news to share with her!

Simingjuan was aroused by her curiosity, but Simingjuan knew what Dao Xinyi was talking to Lu Yang just now. Simingjuan asked what the good news was on the phone, but Xinyi didn’t like selling the knives today. It's rare to sell off, and Simingjuan doesn't tell her how to ask her.

It was not until she walked into Liu Yuhu’s dormitory and saw Simingjuan and Liu Yuhu that she told Simingjuan the good news. Then, Dao Xinyi was surprised and surprised when she saw Simingjuan and Liu Yuhu for a while. Expressions.

  Si Mingjuan was surprised, but Liu Yuhu was surprised.

   "Really? Xinyi, you didn't lie to me? Are you telling the truth?"

  Si Mingjuan was surprised to hold the scented shoulders on the left and right sides of Xinyi with both hands, shaking to confirm.

However, Liu Yuhu suddenly slapped his thigh by the side annoyed and said: "Oh! I didn't expect it! With my relationship with my junior, as long as I talk to him, it is accurate. What's wrong! Look at my brains!"

Simmingjuan, who had already received nodding confirmation from Dao Xinyi, turned her head, glared at him fiercely, and scolded: "There are so many things you can't think of! You have been thinking about looking at beautiful women's legs all day! Your mind What else can I think of?"

Liu Yuhu's face blushed, especially Dao Xinyi's smiling eyes, which made him feel embarrassed, and insisted on retorting: "Nonsense! I'm a serious person, the "Min Jiao" teacher! How could you say it? So wretched? Dao Xinyi! You can be fair to me! Is Liu Yuhu that kind of person?"

   Dao Xinyi looked at the two people bickering very happily. Seeing Liu Yuhu asked her to be fair, she nodded with a smile and said, "Yes! Brother Tiger is indeed not that kind of person!"

"That's right! How could Liu Yuhu be so wretched? Or Xinyi's speech is based on conscience!" Liu Yuhu was satisfied with his boast, and Dao Xinyi made another shot: "In addition to looking at beautiful women's legs, Brother Tiger is sure I also like to look at the **** of beautiful women! Right? Brother Tiger?"

Liu Yuhu's mouth was slightly open, staring at Dao Xinyi blankly, suddenly covering his heart strangely, closing his eyes and saying: "My heart! What age is this? Are everyone not telling the truth? Dao Xinyi Classmate! I want to take back what I praised you just now! Let me tell you, you hurt your brother Hu's heart seriously! I want to tell my brother, I can’t arrange dance shots for you! Absolutely!”

   Liu Yuhu thought that the two women would demand him right away. The truth was cruel, and he was immediately suppressed by Simingjuan. R1152

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