Rebirth 2003

Chapter 357: Hot

  &Nbsp;As for the fourth point-reward! In the era of increasing commercialization of web texts, the core of every web text is almost a cool text! Since it is a cool article, how to make readers feel cool from the story is a topic that cannot be avoided. In this regard, the hot online games of the past few years have been done very well. Very thorough and very obvious! The most typical example is a very common phenomenon in online game works, that is, after the protagonist fights monsters or kills, he will immediately receive various rewards, such as killing a monster and the corpse of a monster. It immediately turns into a pile of gold coins, or wind boots, shadow daggers, or something more straightforward. After a monster is killed, a martial arts secret will appear on the ground immediately. In real life, if you kill a chicken or slaughter a pig, you will immediately get a pile of gold coins, or martial arts cheats. It can be said that this kind of reward in online game novels, Very fake! But readers just look cool! This refreshing point, in addition to the real online games also do this, there is another point-readers like to see the protagonist fighting hard, they will be rewarded immediately. In real life, why do not many people find it good to go to work? The reason may be the word reward! If you make a document at work, as soon as it is handed over to the leader, a pile of gold coins will be scattered to you, or you can directly give you a martial arts secret book. I believe that most people will I feel great at work too! "Dragon Snake Rise" is not an online game, so the rewards in the story cannot be so obvious. Wang Chao’s martial arts went further. It is impossible for him to hear "Ding! Congratulations on your promotion to one level again!" Falling from the sky. Shrouded on him, and heard a "ding! Congratulations on your experience value increase by 5,000 points!" It is even more unlikely that the corpse of the master killed by him turned into a martial arts cheat. Can’t be so obvious and so fake! But as a web article centered on Shuang, "Dragon and Snake Rise of the Land" can often reward the protagonist, the rewards are very hidden, and the reward methods can also be varied. For example, after a period of hard practice, Wang Chao. The strength increased, the moves became more skillful, and more lethal; it could also be after Wang Chao defeated a master. Get greater fame, and the favor of a beautiful woman, or the appreciation of a master of Chinese martial arts, and then teach him one or two tricks. It can even be after Wang Chao kills a master. Attracting Tang Zichen's attention, enhancing the relationship between the two. If you have to use money as a reward, you can also make progress in Wang Chao, and let the big boss who hired him take the initiative to give him a bonus or salary increase. After the novel was written, the readers looked at these things naturally. It seemed that they were all normal plots, and there was no reward or anything involved. But when writing the outline, you can put these things into a system. The reward standard is from low to high. Many people divide web texts into upgraded texts and non-upgraded texts. In fact, to put it bluntly, authentic web texts are all upgraded texts. No exceptions! The only difference is that some authors write the upgrade system in the clear, and write it at the first, second, and third level of martial arts, and fools can see it as an upgrade text, while some online texts hide the upgrade behind the text. If you don't pick it up, it's hard to find. But as long as it is Shuangwen, there must be an upgrade system. Authors who are aware of this point can write this hidden upgrade very coolly. Authors who are not aware of this point have a messy hidden upgrade system, and the biggest reward and The upgrade is given to the protagonist, and when later, when there is no greater and better reward, the reader is naturally disappointed and unhappy. ……Lu Yang merged these four main lines into one, and the shelf of "Dragon Snake Rise" was immediately set up. The outline of the story is from beginning to end, the main line is very clear. On the basis of the main line, conceive the plot of the story. When will he practice with great concentration and then improve his cultivation; where to play a small role, let the protagonist kill it for the readers, after the killing, Give the protagonist some rewards. Because of an accidental understanding, the story of "Dragon and Snake Rises" was broken down by Lu Yang into many components, like dissecting a cow, carefully analyzing the skin, blood vessels, nerves, After the skeleton, build a new one according to this structure. In the eyes of outsiders, the recent Lu Yang has become a bit strange. He seems to have been thinking about something all day. Even walking and eating, he looks away from things, sometimes when he goes to work. When someone calls him, he has to shout two or three times to bring him back to God. In private, some teachers said that the rich are not willing to continue playing with the poor, and Lu Yang is thinking about making money ideas all day long. Only Cao Xue and Tong Yaqian, who are relatively close to Lu Yang, know that Lu Yang is currently conceiving a new book. Both women are very curious about this, because they have never seen Lu Yang in such a state. been. The smile on his face is less, and he is basically a dull and dumb expression all day long. From time to time, in a "daze", that is, holding a pen and paper, writing and drawing. Sometimes they can understand the written text, but sometimes the lines drawn and the marked numbers such as a1, a2, b3, and b4 make them completely incomprehensible. Sometimes, Lu Yang took a piece of white paper and quickly sketched with a pencil to outline the scene when the two characters met each other, which made them think about the beginning of Bruce Lee’s movie "Game of Death". Scenes. At the beginning of "Game of Death", Bruce Lee practiced a maneuver and used a brush to outline the moves in a blank book. The sketches that Lu Yang drew recently had that feeling. They were a little surprised that Lu Yang had such painting skills. What was even more surprised was that Lu Yang was in this state. Are you also writing a martial arts secret? It's just writing an online novel, do you need to be so authentic? Lu Yang’s recent abnormality naturally also spread to the ears of Vice President Sun and others. The difference from the past is that he may know Lu Yang’s current wealth and know that this job is for Lu Yang. It is dispensable. Vice President Sun and Vice President Lu did not say anything. Only the Director of Academic Affairs Chen Jian and the Director of School Affairs Ji Deping, who usually have a poor attitude towards Lu Yang, can be described by frowning and indifference. If Vice President Sun hadn't greeted them, he might come to Lu Yang's office often to criticize Lu Yang. ……During this period, Lu Yang often received calls and q`q messages from some people. Wang Lin told him that "The Gate of Rebirth" was in the box office of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Every time, after Wang Lin and Lu Yang informed the box office of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Wang Lin always would Ask one sentence: "Wenda! Is there a script for the new movie? Haven't the script been written yet?"Lu Yang frowned every time he was asked this question. His most recent thoughts are on the new book, and he has not even considered the new movie. After experiencing the release of "Gate of Rebirth" once, Lu Yang is no longer as ignorant of the film industry as before. Now movies, Hollywood blockbusters, not to mention, even if they are Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan films, investment and star lineups are also getting stronger and stronger. Correspondingly, when the movie is released, the competition will become stronger and stronger. In Lu Yang’s memory, Wu Qian starred in the movie "Wolf Tooth". Lu Yang himself watched it very well. I felt that Wu Quan used a lot of thought in this movie, and the quality of the film is at least acceptable. First-class, but such a movie, under the strangulation of blockbusters such as "Ip Man", the box office seems to be very unsatisfactory. What does this indicate? Lu Yang believes that in the next few years, it will be more and more difficult for low-cost movies to get high box office. It is not that small-cost movies can not make good movies, but that big casts and strong star lineups The rival movie is too strong! The picture quality of the movie alone is not a grade at all. Coupled with the box office appeal of those big stars, the movie has not been released, and it can be concluded that most of the small-cost movies will be strangled properly. . Just like the release of "Gate of Rebirth" this time, as a small-cost movie without a star lineup, the theaters are generally not optimistic, and only one or two theaters can be contacted for theaters. On the first day of the movie's release, only 52 theaters showed it. And what about "The Disciples", which has a large investment and a strong star lineup? Almost from the beginning, it was screened in theaters across the country, and the first film copy was more than 800 copies. Compared at all. How many movies have a box office of more than 10 million each year and can’t pay back? The film market is so risky, how can Lu Yang dare to make a script like the first time and start shooting right away? Not only Wang Lin is asking about Lu Yang’s new film scripts and plans, but the five or six rich book fans in Lu Yang’s book fans group have recently sent a private message to Lu Yang, saying that as long as Wenda gets a new movie, they can. How many tens of thousands of investment. For example, leader Pan Niu and Lan? People, banknote movies, pools...There are also some great creators in the dark realm group. Recently, a few have sent text messages or called Lu Yang, indicating that they are also interested in In the new movie invested by Lu Yang, invest some money to participate in dividends. Among them, there are big tigers, boiling dust, passing lambs, and three young masters. It seems that the success of Lu Yang's "Gate of Rebirth" gave these people great confidence that as long as Lu Yang invests in another film, he will definitely be able to make money. Among these, many people were confused by the 30 million box office of "Gate of Rebirth" on the mainland. I thought that the mainland box office alone was enough to make Lu Yang more than 10 million yuan. ...In addition to these people, there is also Teng Hu. I called and said that I contacted a few close friends. Everyone has one or two skills. Recently, I might have to come over to meet Lu Yang for an interview. All these upset Lu Yang. I don’t want to make a hasty decision about a new There is also good news. It was Wushun who called to tell Lu Yang that it was the county in his hometown. He recently went back to watch it. There are a few plots of land suitable for building a house. asked Lu Yang if he wanted to take it down as soon as possible. (To be continued)ps: Thank you, Mr. Niu Bin, for the reward of 100 points.