Rebirth 2003

Chapter 367: Teng Hu comes home

  Starting a company, Lu Yang was the first time a girl went on a sedan chair and was engaged in real estate development. This is even more so. What he is not good at should be done by someone who is good at it!

A lot of money has been spent, and Lu Yang did not hesitate to hire a few people’s wages. After taking the land, Lu Yang went to the bank to run a loan with Chen Yi and asked Wushun to help find a professional manager. As for the real estate side, Lu Yang went to the bank to run loans. Lu Yang is not in a hurry to develop. Anyway, the land has been taken down. In the next few years, the land will only continue to increase in value. If you develop it later, there is no problem.

There is no problem with borrowing from the bank for the mortgage of two hundred mu of land. All that is needed is the review and approval process. The land that Lu Yang has taken is currently in a bad location, but it is within the county. The purchase price was 4.8 million, and there was no trace of moisture.

   Lu Yang doesn't expect the bank to lend a huge amount of money. As much as possible, it is better than nothing! After all, he is not a tyrant with billions of dollars! Tens of millions of net worth, may be a huge sum of money in other industries, but it is still a bit scarce to use for real estate.

  Professional managers have not been found yet. The financial staff and cleaners have been found first, but Tang Jing, the newly recruited financial manager of the company, said that it was very speechless to face the nearly bottomed out of the company's 100,000 yuan.

   doesn't have a soldier under him, so it's fine to be a polished commander, and there is no money on the account. What kind of finances are you looking for?

   If her daughter had not been weaned recently and came back to work, it would be difficult to find a job, I am afraid that she would turn around and leave, and the office location is also very awkward! It's still a real estate company! The office place is actually only a dilapidated second floor, and I feel embarrassed to talk about it.

The cleaner is an aunt who lives nearby. One afternoon when she went out to take out the trash, she happened to see a notice of hiring cleaners posted here. Seeing that the monthly salary was 800 yuan, the aunt carried a broom and dustpan and walked into the small. On the second floor, if it weren't for the broom and dustpan in her hand, she would have to stay here and use it.

The real estate side was still too early to start construction, but Teng Hu brought a few young people to the door first. When he received a call from Teng Hu, Lu Yang was coding in the room. Real estate is to make money, and the code is his. Hobbies!

   When Teng Hu called, he said that he had already arrived in Wuhu. What should I do next?

Before that, Teng Hu had called and contacted Lu Yang two days in advance, saying that he would bring a few friends to meet Lu Yang. Lu Yang knew what he meant, and saw that Lu Yang invested in "The Gate of Rebirth" last year. Then, Teng Hu wanted to find Lu Yang to invest in a Kung Fu movie. To be honest, Lu Yang felt helpless for this request. Are Kung Fu movies selling well these days?

   Except for a few Kung Fu superstars' Kung Fu movies, newcomers want to make their debut with Kung Fu movies, but there are almost none. In Lu Yang's memory, there is a bit of fame, and it seems that there is also a "Street Fighter".

   is such a well-known newcomer kung fu movie. After Lu Yang watched it, he was speechless and played really well, but the plot was too bloody! The lead actor does have real kung fu, but his acting skills are too bad!

   Is he going to help Teng Hu film that "Street Fighter" in advance?

  Because Teng Hu taught him Bajiquan, it is not easy for Lu Yang to directly refuse Teng Hu's request. He couldn't say not to come if the other party wanted to come to him.

   On the phone, I told the address of the small county and asked Teng Hu and the others to take a taxi. Lu Yang saw Teng Hu and his party at one o'clock in the afternoon.

   Lu Yang waited at the entrance of the mobile lobby. Teng Hu and others got out of the taxi. When they exchanged greetings and met, Lu Yang had already carefully looked at the young people who had followed Teng Hu.

One is tall and thin, with three or seven minutes of hair; the other is short and chubby, with a round head and round brain, with a body shape similar to Zeng Zhiwei, with a cheerful smile on his face; the third is wearing A pair of gold-wired glasses looked white and quiet. When Teng Hu introduced him, he said that he was practicing Tai Chi.

   The last one was a woman with short hair combed her ears. She was about 1.6 meters tall and well-proportioned. She was wearing a camouflage uniform. From a distance, she thought she was an armed police officer!

Lu Yang asked, knowing that a few people hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so naturally he first found a restaurant to fill their stomachs for a few people. On the way to the restaurant, no one like Teng Hu and others mentioned about making a movie. There were few others. When talking, Lu Yang and Teng Hu were basically chatting.

On the way, Teng Hu glanced over the small county town that had not yet developed, and smiled: "Why don't you buy a house in the city? When we came from your urban area, we saw that there was a good development! With your current wealth, There is no need to nest in this small county, right?"

   Lu Yang lowered his head and smiled slightly, with a smile on the corners of his mouth, and said, "What's wrong with the small county town? Just like it!"

   Teng Hu smiled and shook his head. He touched Lu Yang with his finger, and said, "You! Why don't you earn money or keep it? Haven't heard of it? I'm sorry to make money or not, I'm sorry for the country! Haha!"

   A word made several people laugh.

When he arrived at the restaurant, Lu Yang took the menu presented by the waiter and handed it to Teng Hu, asking them to order anything. The restaurant Lu Yang chose was not far from where Teng Hu and the others got off. It is a small restaurant in a big city, but in a small county. It was a medium-sized restaurant, and Lu Yang specially asked for a box so that Teng Hu could talk to him at the dinner table.

After a few people ordered a few dishes, Lu Yang added a few signature dishes from the store and asked for a bottle of Moutai. On the way to the restaurant, Lu Yang had heard about it. This time, Teng Hu and the others are all Coming from different cities across the country, no matter whether the final movie can be negotiated or not, Lu Yang can't eat and drink without entertaining him. Otherwise, it is not Lu Yang who is embarrassed, but Teng Hu.

Lu Yang originally thought that after a few glasses of wine, Teng Hu would mention the purpose of their trip. As a result, most of the wine and food were eaten. Teng Hu and the others were just chatting with Lu Yang, and Lu Yang took the initiative to bring up the filming. At the time, Teng Hu waved his hand and laughed: "Don't talk about this! When we are full, you can take us to find a clearing or park somewhere, and wait until you meet with some of their men to talk about it!"

   Lu Yang pursed his lips helplessly. It seems that Teng Hu is very confident in the skill of these people! This is even more difficult. After seeing the efforts of these people, what do you say? If you refuse at that time, I'm afraid it will be even more ugly for everyone, right?

Holding his arms and pressing his temples, Lu Yang reluctantly said: "Brother! You are giving me a problem! Don't see that I have invested in a movie. It seems to have succeeded. In fact, I am still a layman for movies. , I almost lost money in the last "Gate of Rebirth". If it weren't for some crooked ways, that movie would never have such a high box office! Not to mention kung fu movies, I don't have any confidence in other themes! You! Didn’t you see me that there is no new movie plan yet?"

   After Lu Yang said these words, the box quieted down, and the few who came with Teng Hu either sipped a vegetable or two, or sips a drink quietly.

   Teng Hu frowned slightly, holding the wine glass, without moving for a while, tilted his head, and squinted at Lu Yang.

   The dull atmosphere stopped those who were drinking and eating.

Lu Yang frowned, picked up the wine bottle, filled himself with a glass, held the wine glass in both hands, and said, "Brother! You taught me my kungfu, which has benefited me a lot. From the bottom of my heart, brothers need it. I helped, I shouldn’t refuse anyway, but I’m really not sure about this. I won’t say anything else, I will fine myself a cup! I will reimburse all the money for the round-trip tickets, brothers. Brother, have a fun here! I'm sorry, brothers!"

   As he said, Lu Yang picked up his glass and was about to drink it in one sip.

With a big rough hand covering Lu Yang's wine glass, Teng Hu sat still, and said in a low voice, "We don't want to be paid! We just want to help Xiaoyu realize this dream! She started martial arts in elementary school, and her biggest dream is one day. , Can star in a kung fu movie! Xiao Yu's kung fu is good! Unfortunately, for these years, she has been on the set as a stand-in! She will get married next year, and she promised her family and married, she will no longer act as a stand-in! There will never be another chance to realize this dream in the future!"

   When talking about Xiaoyu, Teng Hu looked at the only woman across the table-Wang Xiaoyu.

Several other men looked over, and Wang Xiaoyu bit her lower lip tightly, and suddenly stood up and said, "Brother Tiger! Forget it! Anyway, I can't be an action star. It doesn't matter if you shoot or not! Let's go back! "

   said, turning around to leave, Teng Hu frowned, and said in a deep voice: "Glasses! Hold Xiaoyu!"

  The young white man with gold glasses agreed, and quickly stepped forward and took Wang Xiaoyu's arm. In Wang Xiaoyu's struggle, he pushed her back to the seat. Teng Hu looked at Lu Yang again, was silent for a moment, and then said: "Lu Yang! Xiaoyu is our younger sister! It doesn't matter whether we participate in the performance or not! I'm here to help Xiaoyu tell you about it. A few of them come here, they are action actors prepared for you. You need them. They can spare time to come and shoot for you at any time. No, they won’t come again after they go back today! Don’t worry! No matter how much you invest in the movie, no matter how much you lose, A few of us will pay you back slowly in the future!"

The short and chubby Li Zhong interjected: "I hate some of us who are brothers. We don't have much money. We can't help Xiaoyu invest in a Kung Fu movie. If you are brother Hu, it is our words! No matter how much the movie loses, we I will definitely pay it back in the future!"

Lu Yang stopped talking. Hearing Teng Hu's words, Lu Yang moved his compassionate heart. He looked at Wang Xiaoyu on the opposite side of the dining table. He narrowed his eyes subconsciously and looked carefully. Although this Wang Xiaoyu is not a beautiful woman, he Don't have the heroic aura that a woman rarely finds, her eyes are very divine, look at her arms exposed outside the sleeves, her skin is wheaten, her skin is firm, her fingers are not slender, but they look very powerful.

   "What kung fu are you good at?"

   Lu Yang asked suddenly.

   Except for Teng Hu and Wang Xiaoyu, the eyes of the other three youths all lit up. Lu Yang finally no longer refused directly. Now that he asked what kind of martial arts Xiaoyu is good at, then...

   The three of them glanced at each other, and the corners of their mouths were full of joy.

  Wang Xiaoyu frowned slightly, first glanced at Teng Hu who nodded at her slightly, and then said dryly: "Bagua Palm!"

   Lu Yang frowned. The other people frowned when they saw Lu Yang frown, and they didn't understand what was wrong with this answer.

Lu Yang frowned, looked at Teng Hu next to him, and said, "Brother! You said she is your younger sister, why do you practice Baji, Tai Chi for glasses, and gossip practice for her? Palm? Is your master a great master who is proficient in several types of boxing?"

   This loophole is too big! If Teng Hu couldn't explain this question, Lu Yang couldn't believe what Teng Hu said before.

  Unexpectedly, after Lu Yang asked this question, several people present laughed, including Teng Hu and that Wang Xiaoyu.

Teng Hu's mouth moved, and he smiled and explained: "We all live not far from home. When we were in junior high school, because we were in the hometown of martial arts, there were a lot of fights and fights. We basically played out. Friendship! Only Xiao Yu met because he was bullied and rescued by me. Later, a few of our teenage children, and later they regarded me as brothers and Xiao Yu as sisters! What I said before is all It’s true. If you don’t believe it, a few of us can prove it!"

   As he said, Teng Hu took out his wallet and took out his ID card. Several other men also took out their ID cards with a smile. The ID cards of several people were put together. Sure enough, the home address was all in the same place.

  Wang Xiaoyu didn't move. Teng Hu raised his chin to indicate that she took out the ID card from her body, and it was indeed in the same place.

   Lu Yang looked speechless for a while, where is this? So many martial arts practitioners?

   You must know that Lu Yang has grown up ~ I have never seen anyone in his hometown who knows kung fu! Of course, this may be because Lu Yang himself is ignorant, and his circle of acquaintances is too small.

Looking away from the several ID cards, Lu Yang took out the cigarettes, except Wang Xiaoyu, who threw one away, and finally put one in his mouth, squinted to light it, and while smoking, Lu Yang thought of it. I'm already considering whether or not to take this matter.

   Kung Fu Movie...

   is still a woman as the protagonist, and that Wang Xiaoyu is not a big beauty either. Is there something wrong with such a movie?

   If he continues to refuse, Lu Yang is a bit unable to tell. These people have already said what they have said. Don't pay for it. If the movie loses, how much it loses, they will pay it back slowly in the future.

   Not to mention, if they really lose, will they fulfill this promise? At least at this time, Lu Yang can't question this. In the impression, Teng Hu is not the kind of character that doesn't count.

   Lu Yang smoked his cigarette and didn't speak for a while, and everyone else kept quiet. They knew that the most critical time had come, and if they agreed, they should be thinking about it for a few minutes.

   For a while, the small box was filled with smoke, so quiet that you could hear each other's breathing.

After smoking half of a cigarette, Lu Yang suddenly put out the remaining half of the cigarette in the ashtray, smiled a little, nodded, and said: "Okay! I will try to make this movie this year, but the script is my It takes some time to prepare, don’t rush me! Also, I have to look at her kung fu first! I can’t help it if the kung fu is not enough!"

   In a word, Teng Hu and others in the box were all happy. R1152

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