Rebirth 2003

Chapter 386: 1 is not as good as 1 is still


The conditions for Blood Thickness to open this time can be described as very sincere. I have to say that Blood Thickness is a very capable person. Although the digital station did not shake the starting point of the hegemony in the end, this does not mean that the Blood Thickness ability is not good. Want to challenge the previous overlord, it was originally a very difficult thing.

   If Lu Yang didn't know that the gap between the digital station and the starting point would get bigger and bigger, Lu Yang might actually go to the digital station in response to the conditions set out by the blood thicker this time.

  Unfortunately, Lu Yang knows that the spirit of the digital station has been lost. It will not be long before Xuehong and others will return to the starting point. The digital station will gradually become a paradise for novices in the online literary circle, shifting the focus of support to cultivating new authors.

   The strength of xwenxian is still not enough, and Shanda can't fight for funding.

   However, Lu Yang did not directly refuse the blood thickening like the previous two times.

   Lu Yang: "Blood! Let me think about it for a few days? I'll give you an answer after I think about it, how about?"

   Blood thick: "Huh? Haha! Good! We are really sincere this time. Not only do we don't want your other copyright shares, but also the electronic version buyout fee, you can also compare the blood rainbow!"

   Lu Yang: "I feel the sincerity of blood, and I will give you an answer after a few days of thinking about it!"|

   Blood thick: "Good!"


   Wait for the price!

   This is the idea that Lu Yang had in his mind when he received the **** call. Without a competitor, he would not be anxious at the starting point, and it would be difficult to give in without anxiousness.

   Even if Lu Yang didn't have the idea of ​​leaving the digital station, at this time, he obviously needed to let the starting point know that he might have this idea, so that he could fight for the greatest benefit for himself.

   More than an hour later, Lu Yang saw the olive branch handed over by a sword on Q`Q, and responded in the same way.

   The two websites handed out an olive branch to themselves. The remaining question is how to let the starting point know about this. If the starting point does not know that someone is digging other people from the beginning to the end, the possibility of the starting point concession is extremely small.

   How did you reveal this?

   Lu Yang thinks of Long Kong, and then you think of your book fans and authors.

   Long Kong was the first to be ruled out by him, why?

   He doesn't like posting in Longkong!

  Book fans...

Lu Yang also ruled it out. Although he knew that as long as he revealed it in the group, someone would definitely spread it out, but Lu Yang just didn’t want to do that. By doing so, he was using his fans. Although Yushu fans did not lose, he I knew in my heart that this was a use.

   As for the author group, Lu Yang still didn't want to talk about it. It was meaningless, and he didn't want to make matters worse.

   Lu Yang finally chose to do nothing!

   As long as you drag it for a few more days, the starting point will naturally associate in this respect, drag it for a few days!

   made this plan, and in the next three or four days, no matter what the editor-in-chief old Z told him, Lu Yang just said to let himself think about it!

   Brake statically! No movement is better than silence!

Sometimes, if you solve a problem and do nothing, you can achieve your goal. The matter is progressing as Lu Yang expected. On the fifth day, Old Z finally let go, and should follow all the things Lu Yang had put forward. condition.

   1. For other copyrights sold from the starting point, the starting point can be divided into 30 and the upper limit is 500,000.

   2. This contract is valid for five years. Within five years, all works under the name of Wen Chou will apply this contract.


   negotiated a contract with the starting point, and Lu Yang once again apologized to the editor-in-chief of Xueqi and a certain sword.

All this was going on very secretly. Lu Yang didn’t say anything to the outside world, but the news still leaked out. It could be from the digital station or from a certain sword. The afternoon after Lu Yang declined the digital station and a certain sword, Someone sent the news to the battle section inside and outside the circle of Longkong.

   The title is named-a certain point of the new contract is too overbearing! The ugly and **** nature is not enough, unexpectedly succumbed!

   As soon as this post came out, the industry added another gossip. There was a lot of discussion from the outside world. Lu Yang received a dozen private messages from great gods, middle gods, and little gods to inquire about the inside story.

   has won the most forgiving contract for himself, and Lu Yang also kept the terms of the contract confidential for the starting point. He only said that his arms could not twist his thighs, and he had to give in.

   As for whether this answer would upset other great gods, Lu Yang didn't care about it. He still had to mess around at the starting point. He really hated the starting point leadership, and it did no good to him.


In the past few days without signing the contract, the update of "Dragon Snake Rise" is still one chapter a day, with three thousand words, because the number of words is less than 50,000 words, it has not entered the new book list, but the results on the data have already made a lot of People were stunned.

   has just passed 10,000 words, with a total of more than 120,000 hits and more than 10,000 recommended votes. There are already 14 leaders on the fan list. There are more than 2,000 posts in the book review section and more than 4,000 replies.

   These are all data that outsiders can see. In the background of the author, which is invisible to outsiders, the number of collections of "Dragon Snake Rise" has exceeded 10,000.

   The benefits of seamless connection of new books are undoubtedly revealed at this time.

Book fans who are following "The Sword of Eternity", even if they don’t feel much about the book "Dragon and Snake Rise", many people have not read it yet, but this does not prevent them from adding this book to their bookshelf and keeping it Slowly fatten up.

   If this new book were not classified in the starting point of martial arts, the number of collections might have doubled.

  Wen ugly new writing martial arts?

   This is naturally another piece of heavy news. Many people say that martial arts is dead. Regardless of the street writer or the god-level writer, they dare not touch this subject, but Wen Chou dared to write about it.

   Some people say that Wen Chou killed himself.

   Some people say that ugliness and courage are commendable.

   Some people also said that if the author of this book is not Wen Chou, and a newcomer writes it, the popularity will definitely not be as exaggerated as it is now.

These views are mainstream views. Since the emergence of online articles, the protagonist has frequently killed an army, split the mountains and rivers, and formed a moat. Readers have opened their horizons. After eating big fish and meat, they want to make readers like vegetables and carrots. , Looking back to see the protagonist with a punch, at most he can only break a stone and cut off a tree with a crooked neck. The difficulty is too high.

   At this time, the power of the book fan is revealed.

No matter how many people are not optimistic, as long as Lu Yang still has fans, there will be fans trying to poison any new book that Lu Yang opens. After the poison test, as long as there is no poison to die, the fans who have tried the poison will be in the book fan group or This is the book review area, where you publish book reviews, likes, and likes.

The word-of-mouth of a book fan and two book fans can’t pull the popularity of a book, but if there are hundreds of such fans, or even thousands, even if there are occasional reviews of black works in the book review area, it will be very fast. To be submerged, or to be madly sprayed by book fans, to put the post high above the book review area, and accept the corpse of the latecomer.

   How about the quality of "Dragon Snake Rise"?

   Lu Yang has never been worried. With the memory of "The Romance of the Dragon and the Snake" as a reference, although Lu Yang can't remember the whole storyline, Lu Yang still remembers the general setting and writing style.

   Under this big framework, even if the plot is written by Lu Yang himself, this story still feels very impactful to readers. Brightness, Darkness, Transformation, and the Way of Sincerity...

  Muscle training, bone training, skin, fascia, marrow training, mind training...

   The detailed description of hair and blood has made many readers who do not believe in Chinese martial arts shaken after reading a few chapters of this book.

  What is national martial art?

   Only kill people, not perform! It's for the martial arts!

   This sentence is very cool, and it also makes people wonder whether the martial arts seen in the world are really just performance-based displays. The real Chinese martial arts are really hidden in the folk? Only kill people without acting? Does China really have such real kung fu?

   The 17-year-old Xiaogang started to know and like the author of "The Magic Sword Eternal".

   Because he knew that Wen Chou's time was too short, he was naturally not in the Wen Chou original group. Later, under the strong suggestion of everyone, Wen Chou expanded 6 book fan groups before he entered the Wen Chou group 5.

Recently busy with the final exams, he hasn’t used the Internet for some days. Until this afternoon, he finally finished the last class. He was like a wild horse. He finally rushed into the Internet cafe next to the school with cheers. Well, it’s safe to use the Internet today. , Even if he is bumped into by the class teacher, he will not be punished.

  As a high school student who usually has a heavy learning task, Xiaogang naturally has no time to play online games. Most of the time online, he either reads novels or plays a few single-player games such as "Landing on the Beach".

Xiao Gang, who rushed into the Internet cafe, the first thing after turning on the computer is to enter the starting point Chinese website and find "Magic Sword Eternal" on the homepage recommendation ticket. A few days ago, this book happened to be included. Xiao Gao's tide, I haven't had time to surf the Internet these days, and I have been thinking about the story behind.

   I held back in my heart for a few days, and now I can finally surf the Internet, of course I have to take a look.

   entered the catalog page of "Magic Sword Eternity" and saw that there were more than a dozen new chapters after a few days, Xiao Gang rubbed his hands in excitement, and hurriedly logged in to his starting account and started to watch the new chapters later.

   Just after reading two chapters, Xiaogang saw a single chapter. In the single chapter, Wen Chou said that he had just published a new book called "Dragon and Snake Rising from the Land".

   "Is there a new book? Is this book going to end? Too early?"

   Xiaogang is a little confused. For him, this is not good news. He also hopes that this "Magic Sword Eternity" can be written more! What a pity it ended so soon? What if I can't find such a beautiful book in the future?

   Xiao Gang, who has read many online novels, knows that even the same author, the quality of different works written is completely different.

   The name "Dragon and Snake Rise" is a bit interesting! But in Xiaogang's eyes, it's just a bit interesting!

   was a little depressed, but Xiao Gang went on to read all the remaining dozen chapters in one breath. More than a dozen chapters, thirty or forty thousand words, Lu Yang had to write for several days, but it seemed to be very fast.

   After watching, what are you going to do? Go to play two games of "Landing on the Beach"? "Violence Motors"? Or should I look for two more books?

   An accidental thought reminded Xiaogang of the single chapter that he had read before, the new book called "Dragon and Snake Rise". R1152

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