Rebirth 2003

Chapter 390: Human sword 1


In City H, Rui Xiaoxiu, who was watching TV in the living room, opened her mouth slightly. She never thought that Lu Yang would say this to her. The TV sound had been muted before she answered the phone, and she watched the TV screen keep changing. In the picture, she only had the sentence Lu Yang said just now in her mind.

  What is he doing? Is he openly asking me to be his lover? How could he be such a person?

   thought this in her mind, but she just felt joy in her heart. Why did he want me to be a lover for a lifetime, and I am so happy too?

   illusion! It must be an illusion!

   "Did you drink alcohol?"

   Rui Xiaoxiu finally thought of a possibility, and immediately asked it.

   Lu Yang, who was sitting on the swing on the rooftop in M ​​County, laughed.

   "No! Don't refuse! I have already decided!" Lu Yang's shameless mode continued, but Rui Xiaoxiu was speechless while listening.

   "Why are you doing this?"

   "Do you want to refuse?"

   Rui Xiaoxiu opened her mouth and wanted to refuse, but she just couldn't say her refusal. She couldn't forget him. Otherwise, she wouldn't send a text message to Lu Yang before asking if they could be a self-deceiving question like ordinary friends.

   Until Lu Yang hung up the phone, Rui Xiaoxiu was still struggling with contradictions. She sensibly told her that she could not agree to Lu Yang's shameless request, but she felt a little joy in her heart. How could she confess to a girl like this?


In    M County, on the rooftop, after calling Rui Xiaoxiu, Lu Yang felt relieved. He really couldn't be a good person anymore. He was already broken to his bones.

   I called Rui Xiaoxiu, Lu Yang thought about it, and called Zhang Li again. I haven't seen him for a while, and I miss her long legs!

   "Hello? Mr. Lu! Why did you think of calling me today? You are not in Shanghai, are you?"

   Suddenly received a call from Lu Yang, Zhang Li was a little surprised. In the impression, Lu Yang rarely took the initiative to call her, and usually contacted her by text message.

   "Where are you now? Shanghai?"

   Lu Yang asked.

   Zhang Li: "Yes! The movie is about to start. Recently, I have been familiar with the script with everyone here. Are you no longer in Shanghai?"

   Lu Yang: "Oh, it's about to turn on? I may come over these two days and ask if you are there now!"

   Zhang Li: "Well, I am here! Contact me when you arrive!"

   Lu Yang: "Okay! That's it! Bye!"

   Zhang Li: "Bye bye!"

   After talking on the phone with Zhang Li, Lu Yang slipped his mobile phone into his trouser pocket, then closed his eyes, enjoying the tranquility of the rooftop. According to the law of encounters, at this time there should be a big beauty who happened to also come up on the rooftop, and then met Lu Yang and staged a romance under the moon.

Unfortunately, there is no such encounter here. Lu Yang sat here for a while, got up and punched twice, then went back to his residence, walked into the study again and turned on the computer. It was not yet 11 o'clock, for many people. At this time, it was time for good dreams to be in full swing. For night owls like Lu Yang, 11 o'clock was still very early, so there was no problem writing a chapter.

   Lu Yang is preparing to write the chapter of "Magic Sword Eternity". Tonight, the story of "Magic Sword Eternity" will usher in a big climax, the biggest climax since the book was opened.

Lu Yang sat in front of the computer, squinted his eyes for a moment, and then began to tap the keyboard, paragraphs of text jumped into the blank document, Qin Yu Xiu entered another bottleneck, the realm of domain has been repaired by him to a perfect state. In order to break through to a higher realm, he returned to his own star-gazing building in the Qin Palace, isolated all contacts with the outside world, closed himself in it, and carried out retreat. Spring passed and autumn passed, year after year passed, the garden The vegetation in the house has withered and flourished 8 times. From the worry at the beginning to the habit at the back of Prince Qin’s mansion, in the eighth year that many people have forgotten Qin Yu, he finally touched the edge of the law and realized one thing. Own law avenue.

The sky above Prince Qin’s Mansion was originally a cloudless clear sky. Under Qin Yu’s comprehension, a breeze gradually blew, and the breeze gradually became stronger, and eventually turned into a whistling gust of wind. The whole building and black clouds pressed the city to destroy it. Just when the entire king city was in panic, the sealed black giant sword in Qin Yu's mind rioted again, amidst the buzzing sound of black With generous air, there was a panic inside and outside the palace where the giant sword was sealed, and countless people came to use their supernatural power to suppress the turbulent giant sword.

A golden light flashed in Qin Yu's comprehension, and then disappeared into his mind. The next moment, a golden light fell from the sky above the palace that seemed to be true and imaginary in his mind, piercing the dome of the palace, and rushing straight into the sealed handle The black giant sword, like a huge energy, instantly shined with gold and black light, so that all the priests in the palace could not see, only heard the clanging sound of the chain breaking, and the next moment, it was sealed. I don’t know how many tens of thousands of years of the black giant sword finally broke away from all the seals, suddenly soaring into the sky, the golden light is no longer seen, only the thick black ink around the sword can not be turned into black, the lower realm, the Qin Palace Qin Palace Observation Tower In the middle, Qin Yu clearly saw in his mind that the old man in the golden robe who had appeared many times appeared again, pushing two thick golden lights with both hands into the black giant sword in mid-air.

   The black giant sword that he had restrained before, this time the black energy was released, and it actually blocked the time for a while, but in the end, the black energy still collapsed under the impact of golden light. Just when Qin Yu thought that the black giant sword was about to be sealed again this time, the black giant sword folded in mid-air, and suddenly rushed down into the vast white mist, flashing away like a black light rushing to the lower bounds. , The old man's complexion changed drastically, and his figure flashed quickly, turning into a golden light, which hung behind him.

   The black cloud above the King Qin City was torn apart in the next moment, a black light penetrated the black-pressed cloud layer, and the next moment, like a meteor falling nine days away, it blasted the star-gazing building in the Qin Palace into dust.

   The palace of King Qin was stunned, Qin Yu's father, brother Wang, and the maid who had been serving him, burst into tears, thinking that Qin Yu had died of a natural disaster.

   The clouds above the king's city, because of the penetration of black light, rained heavily, and the golden light that hung behind it fell on the top of a palace, returning to the real body of the old man in the golden robe.

The old man in the golden robe stared at the remnant of the star-gazing building that had just turned into powder, and turned a deaf ear to the crying in the palace. Finally, under the gaze of the old man in the golden robe, he looked at the palace of Qin with disbelief. In the middle, the dust above the ruins was washed away by the pouring rain, and a black giant sword that was more than ten meters high and nearly two meters wide appeared.

   The black giant sword is deeply inserted into the rocky ground of the palace, and the black energy is lingering, and the pouring rain can't dissipate the black sword energy that lingers around it.

   Suddenly, the giant sword disappeared out of thin air, and the figure of the third prince Qin Yu, who thought that there were no bones left, appeared in the palace of Qin. He took a step forward, confused and enlightened in his eyes.

After taking a step, Qin Yu stopped again. In the next instant, his figure was replaced by the black giant sword. The people of Qin Palace, including Qin Yu's father and brother, were all dumbfounded. I don't know what this is. what happened.

"I see!"

After    appeared, the old man in the golden robe who had never said a word finally spoke.

   The black giant sword in the ruins of the star-gazing building flashed and turned back to Qin Yu himself. Hearing this, Qin Yu stared at the golden-robed old man at the top of the palace. From the initial confusion, his eyes slowly became murderous and awe-inspiring.

"No wonder you haven't been refined for so many years! It turns out that you have an external incarnation!" As the old man in the golden robe spoke, a golden light flashed in his hand, and a golden sword appeared in his hands as if it were alive. The thing was a golden sword for a while, and then it changed into a golden dragon.

   Qin Yu's pupils shrank inward, and the whole figure disappeared again, and the black giant sword rose into the sky, shooting at the golden-robed old man on the top of the hall, and a great battle began...

The plot of the story evolved in Lu Yang's mind, and there is no other way in his mind. The speed of tapping on the keyboard with both hands and ten fingers has exceeded his previous record. However, at this time, he has no idea, just wants to use the fastest speed. Every inspiration in my mind is turned into words and falls into the document before me.

   When writing, every inspiration is fleeting and cannot be captured as quickly as possible. In a blink of an eye, it will disappear in my mind. It is almost impossible to remember the inspiration at that

   This is also the charm of writing! Many codewords people always feel that they will not be able to give up web content for the rest of their lives. It is often because of this wonderful feeling that no other industry can give them.

   It is very interesting to capture every inspiration from one's own mind. Some people even describe it like this-the article is natural, and it is a wonderful hand!

   Inspiration does not know where it came from, and where it disappeared. If you catch it in time, it will be your work.

Lu Yang wrote this episode heartily. The black giant sword and Qin Yu were originally one, and Qin Yu was transformed by a ray of mind of the black giant sword. This pit was dug by Lu Yang at the beginning of this book. Yes, it was not until now that the book "Magic Sword Eternity" had nearly three million words, and it was revealed to readers. It can be said that today’s scene of Qin Yu’s human sword unity, as early as a year ago, already existed in Lu Yang’s mind. Among them, it was not finally written until today.

   It's like a secret in Lu Yang's heart. He didn't vomit, and he finally wrote it out at midnight today. Lu Yang had a hearty feeling of excitement, and finally the sword and man became one! I must wait for my book fans to see this episode, they will definitely be hooked!

The battle between Qin Yu and the old man in the golden robe finally attracted the appearance of Yang Jian, the first general in the Heavenly Court. Although Qin Yu finally retreated, in Lu Yang's writings, losing the 28th General in the Heavenly Court in a row was enough to be proud and enough. Let the reader's adrenal hormones soar.

   Lu Yang originally planned to write another chapter tonight and then go to sleep. As a result, when he wrote the plot on Xing, he wrote four chapters in one breath. R1152

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