Rebirth 2003

Chapter 396: Feng Lan


   At 8:10 in the morning on July 16, a car that turned around stopped in front of the family building at the back of M County No. 1 Middle School. Looking back, it was a black-headed car without a license from a regular taxi company. Most of them were private cars. They ran back and forth between M County and Wuhu City every day, bringing passengers from the county seat to the city, and then bringing them back from the city. The county seat is endless.

This kind of looking back, timid people don’t dare to ride, worry about safety, and don’t know who to look for if something goes wrong, but many people like to ride this kind of car because the fare is cheap, and regular taxis carry people from the county. In the urban area, it costs thirty to fifty dollars, if it is night, it costs hundreds of dollars, and most people are reluctant to sit.

But when I look back, it takes three or four guests for a car to leave, and there is no need to hand over the money to the taxi company. For one person, it usually costs 15 to 20 yuan. Even in the middle of the night, it’s only three. About ten.

People who are used to turning around will like this kind of car. Just leave the phone number of the driver who turns back. When you want to go out, or when you come back from another place, make a call and the car will soon drive to you to pick you up. . Someone may ask, what is the use of a number? Is that car waiting near you 24 hours a day? In case you are in the county seat but the car is in the city, how long do you have to wait for a call?

actually not!

There are also small gangs who often run a line. They usually form a small circle to fight against the suppression of regular taxi companies. They usually receive calls from old passengers. If they are not nearby, they will use internal channels. Notify others to pick up the guests.

   It is precisely because of such a small circle, so whenever you call, they will always have a car to pick you up soon.

The car stopped in front of the family building, the door opened, and a tall, well-proportioned beauty got out of the car with delicate crystal sandals, a pair of slightly loose black jeans, and a light green butterfly shirt, white as a lotus root. On her right arm wrist, she wears a ladies watch with a leather wristband. It doesn’t have a hint of pink, and it is also beautiful. The pure black shawl and long hair are simply tied with a ponytail and the hair is just a piece of light green. Head rope.

   There are no rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, only a water-milled blue backpack in her hand, beautiful, clean, and indifferent. This is her first impression.

After getting off the car, the driver's eldest brother hurriedly got out of the car and opened the trunk for her, and took out her black suitcase from the inside. The woman took out her wallet and prepared to pay the fare. This handsome guy, who was less than 30 years old, blushed and waved his hands again and again. Refused: "Don't! No money, no money! This...that...beauties! Can we make friends? Just give me a mobile phone number!"

   "Hold it!"

   The cold-faced beauty put the straight twenty dollars on the trunk lid, dragged the suitcase and turned around, the handsome guy stood in the back of the car with a blushing face and stopped talking.

Beautiful women are always pursued by all kinds of pursuits. This handsome guy can pick up this beauty once or twice a year. This time he finally mustered up the courage to make friends with her, but ended up in this way. It is inevitable that there is a deep Frustration.

   The cold-faced beauty was very calmly carrying a backpack on one shoulder, dragging the suitcase with one hand into the family area, and all the women she met along the way greeted her with a smile.

   "Xiao Lan! Are you back from vacation?"

   "Yo! Xiaolan is back?"

   "Xiao Lan? She looks pretty again!"

The young men I met were constantly looking sideways. After they walked over, they couldn’t help but look back. Even the two little boys who were fighting, saw this Xiaolan from a distance, and subconsciously stopped the fight. Looking at it blankly from a distance, I only think this big sister is so beautiful.

   In this world, many women always think that they are beautiful with makeup. In fact, the ones who really touch a man's heart are often the beautiful women without makeup, and they are just as beautiful as they are.

This Xiaolan is obviously such a beautiful woman. It is a little regrettable that her expression is too cold. The sun in mid-July shone on her face without her frowning. A small dog rushed over when she saw a stranger. When she called out, she just glanced coldly, not surprised.

There are four family buildings in County No. 1 Middle School, and the cold-faced beauty all the way to the westernmost courtyard of the last building, a small courtyard with some flowers and plants planted in it, and the hollow courtyard door is empty. Under a jujube tree, a middle-aged man of about fifty years old with white sideburns wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, lying halfway on a mahogany lounger, quietly reading a newspaper, and a stone table next to him Purple clay teapot, a pair of traditional intellectual style.

   Hearing the footsteps outside the courtyard, the middle-aged man slightly moved away from the newspaper in front of him, only then did he see the cold-faced woman who finally showed a little smile outside the courtyard.


   "Xiao Lan? You came back so early?"

The middle-aged man was surprised. He got up from the recliner, put down the newspaper, and quickly walked over to open the hidden courtyard door, reached out to pick up the suitcase in his daughter's hand, and turned his head and shouted to the house at the same time: "Wang Juan! Lan Lan is back!"

   As soon as the father and daughter entered the small courtyard, a woman with an apron on her waist quickly came out of the house, and she was also happy when she saw Xiaolan.

This woman seemed to be just an ordinary housewife. Although she was clean and tidy, she didn't have the skill of a working woman. She took the backpack on her daughter's shoulder neatly when she came up, and then looked at herself up and down for half a year. The daughter who hadn’t seen me murmured happily: “I’m back! I’m back! Her dad, look at our family Lanlan! It’s more beautiful than when we went out last time! A few days ago, the vice-principal Zhou’s house talked to me. I said, I want our family to order Lanlan to her Dawei!"

   The girl with cold noodles was Feng Lan, the school flower recognized by the whole school when Lu Yang was in high school.

Feng Lan’s mother is just a housewife, but her father is one of the highly experienced vice principals of a high school. The couple only has such a daughter. With the skills of Feng Lan’s vice principal, they originally had the opportunity to work in the county, but in order to be able to do more She trained her daughter for some time and stayed in No. 1 Middle School as a vice principal. With his careful training, Feng Lan did not let him down.

   is not only beautiful, but also enough to embarrass countless boys in cultural classes. In the college entrance examination, with a score of 750 and a score of 30 in physical education, Feng Lan actually scored 714 points in the exam, ranking first in the school and third in the county.

   This is also the way Feng Lan came back. The young men who met, obviously grew up with her, they looked at each other frequently, but it was the real reason why they couldn't say hello.

   Fenglan puts too much pressure on them.

When I was in high school, the whole school didn’t know how many people had a crush on Fenglan, but only Wushun had the courage to pursue it. This was because Wushun’s father was the deputy county magistrate. Even so, when I was in college, Wushun voluntarily gave up. To put it bluntly, when Wu Shun pursued Feng Lan, his confidence was not enough.

   Hearing her mother's words, Feng Lan frowned slightly, and Vice Principal Feng chuckled, "Dawei wants to marry Lanlan, too? I dare to think about it!"

Fenglan’s mother, Wang Juan, also smiled when she heard that, with a little pride in her smile. She is not tall, but she looks pretty good. Vice Principal Feng looks mediocre, but she is tall. The daughter who came out actually inherited all the advantages of the two.

   For the vice-principal Feng, who is weak in fame and fortune, his daughter is the most proud work of his life.

"Lan Lan! Did you pass this time?" When the family came in, Vice President Feng asked casually. Under his suggestion, Feng Lan did not plan to take a job after graduation. After being admitted, Vice Principal Feng and his wife were not worried.

   The couple have absolute confidence in their daughter's learning ability.

  Sure enough, Feng Lan nodded slightly and gave a hmm.

  Wang Juan suddenly thought that her daughter came back so early and might not have eaten yet, so she quickly asked: "Lanlan! Have you eaten yet? If you haven't eaten, Mom will make it for you now!"

   "Mom! I have eaten!"

The family was talking. Suddenly they heard a soft sound from the courtyard gate. Wang Juan’s ears were sharper, and she ran to the gate to look at the sound. When she came back, the father and daughter saw that she was holding a beautifully printed sheet in her hand. The large advertising bills, nearly two feet in size, made both father and daughter curious.

  Feng Feng asked, "Wang Juan! What are you holding?"

   Feng Lan also looked at the advertisement paper in her mother's hand.

   "It seems to be selling a house!"

   Wang Juan spread the advertising paper on the dining table, and the family leaned over to look at it, and found that it was indeed selling the house. On the exquisite advertising sheet, there were patterns and brief introductions printed on them.

   The advertisement is printed on both The front is a very beautiful building with a modern atmosphere.

   On the other side, the planning map of the whole county is printed, and there are five or six house plans.

   "Prosperity Home? The house next to the county government?"

Vice President    Feng pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and got some interest. In 2007, no real estate agency in this small county had ever done such a large and exquisite real estate advertisement. The novelty was full.

  The name of the building is good, the location is good, and the pictures on the promotion are beautiful enough, which immediately arouses the interest of the family.

Wang Juan said: "This house is not bad! It hasn't been built yet? Buy now, it can be 30,000 yuan cheaper? Lao Feng! Should we also buy a set? After we buy the house, we rent it to others. Have a lot of money in the year, right?"

  Vice principal Feng did not immediately agree or veto. He looked at the daughter next to him and asked: "Lan Lan! Do you want it? If you want, Dad will buy you a set!"

   Fenglan shook his head slightly, but in his heart he remembered the chat message that he saw in the high school class group a few days ago, next to Shengshijiayuan and the county government? Isn't this made by my classmates? Now that the house hasn't been built yet, it will be sold?

Seeing her daughter shaking her head, Wang Juan disagreed, saying, "Lao Feng! What are you hesitating about? Such a beautiful house! If Lan Lan comes back in a few years, how good is it for Lan Lan to get married? Lan Lan has her own marriage. The house, after getting married, her husband’s family didn’t dare to show her face! Besides, the housing prices in the county have been rising in the past two years. 30,000 cheaper!" R1152

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