Rebirth 2003

Chapter 41: Finally found the golden finger after re

   When Lu Yang was drinking with Teng Hu at night, he realized that he was thinking too much. Teng Hu didn't want to pass his Bajiquan or some tricks, but was purely upset and wanted someone to drink.

   After two bottles of beer, Teng Hu began to confide in his boredom.

   Teng Hu said, he learned martial arts since he was a child, and his family passed Bajiquan.

In this era, first is the peaceful era, no matter how good martial arts is, second, the reputation of Chinese martial arts is bad. Modern people would rather learn foreigners' martial arts, or Muay Thai, karate, or even Taekwondo, which is a Korean stick. Learn Chinese martial arts.

Lu Yang said that it’s not that Chinese people don’t want to learn Chinese Kungfu, but that there is no way to be authentic these days. For example, he has never seen anyone who knows Kungfu since he was a child. He didn’t find a martial arts club until the university , Or just established.

  Although he was drinking with Teng Hu, Lu Yang was always thinking about Teng Hu's kung fu and wanted to learn Teng Hu's Bajiquan.

   As a result, as soon as he spoke, Teng Hu said: "You are too old. Even if I teach you, you won't be able to learn anything."

   Lu Yang didn't give up, saying: "I didn't want to practice martial arts, brother, you can teach me! It depends on me how much I can practice."

   "Do you really want to learn?"

   Teng Hu stared at Lu Yang's eyes.

   Lu Yang nodded affirmatively.

At this time, the two of them had each drank six or seven bottles of beer. Perhaps it was Teng Hu Jiu Jin who was on his head. After a little hesitation, they suddenly stood up, laid the beer bottle in their hands heavily on the dinner table, and said loudly: "Okay! Since you really want to learn, I will teach you today!"

   said, he swept a few chairs next to him with one foot, opened his posture, and showed his tricks.

   "Teach you Bajiquan first!"

   As he said, Teng Hu stretched out his fists, straight punches, horizontal punches, uppercuts, split punches, hanging punches... and demonstrated them one by one, and then said, "Teach you elbow skills again!"

   said on his mouth, Teng Hu's elbows had already demonstrated five or six kinds of elbows in an instant.

   immediately followed and said: "This is the leg technique!"

After    the seven or eight leg exercises, he said, "This is the knee exercise!"


   At the beginning, Teng Hu still taught Lu Yang. The speed of the demonstration was not very fast.

After   fist, elbow and knee two or three styles, Teng Hu stomped his right foot and uttered a low voice: "Teach you the eighth form of King Kong again! This is the Bajiquan open-door fist, optimistic! This is a support hammer!"

   "This is Jianglong!"

   "This is Fuhu!"

   "Split the mountain palm! Explore the horseshoe! Hug! Bear squat! Crane step!"

   Every time Tenghu shouted, he would perform an eight-pole boxing technique as fast as the wind and fierce as a dragon.

After    King Kong's eight poses, he followed up with the eight poles and eight major moves, such as the three-pointed hand of the Hades, the fierce tiger climbing the mountain, the three-pointed approach to the door, and the overlord's rein...

   Lu Yang didn't blink his eyes when he saw it.

   Perhaps after rebirth, Lu Yang's soul in 2013 and 2003 merged together. With all his attention, Lu Yang finally discovered the biggest difference between himself after being reborn.

——That is, when he watched Teng Hu demonstrate those moves with all his attention, his mind was more sober than ever before. Although the speed of Teng Hu’s demonstration is getting faster and faster, it is no different from playing against others later, and Lu Yang still sees it. It was very clear that when Teng Hu finished rehearsing these in one breath and sat down to drink again, Lu Yang was pleasantly surprised to find that Teng Hu demonstrated the scenes of those moves just now, and it was completely clear in his mind at this time.

   Is this my golden finger after rebirth?

   Originally, Lu Yang was strange. When he returned to 2003, there was nothing different from before. Tonight, when he watched Teng Hu's Bajiquan moves with all his attention, he finally discovered that he was different from his previous life.

   If you have such a memory in your previous life, why would you only get an ordinary second book?

After this night, when Lu Yang asked Teng Hu for Bajiquan again, Teng Hu never agreed. Every time he said that he drank too much alcohol that night. Under normal circumstances, he could not teach Lu Yang these things. , Because at Lu Yang's current age, no matter how hard you study and practice, you can't achieve anything.

  After being rejected several times for advice, Lu Yang didn't pester Tenghu again.

   Teng Hu thought that it was only a demonstration that night, and it was impossible for Lu Yang to remember it.

   But he didn't know that Lu Yang was a reborn person. The biggest difference in this life is the memory.

   After watching Teng Hu’s demonstration that night, half a month later, Lu Yang only needs to remember that the scene of Teng Hu’s demonstration of Bajiquan that night appeared in Lu Yang’s mind like a movie.

   If Teng Hu didn't teach, Lu Yang practiced on his own.

   For this reason, Lu Yang deliberately cleaned up the second bedroom of his rental house, where he practiced the Bajiquan moves performed by Teng Hu every day after class and code.

   Occasionally I don’t understand something, so I searched on the Internet.

   Without Teng Hu's knowledge, Lu Yang only took more than a month to get started with Bajiquan.

   This period of time should be regarded as the most fulfilling life since Lu Yang was born again, and I felt that the time every day was not enough.

   There are classes in class, no codes or boxing, and I still have a love affair with Cao Xue every day. Even so, Cao Xue still feels that Lu Yang has left her out of the cold.

   Because of this, the two of them did not make the last step.

   Lu Yang originally planned to eat Cao Xue as soon as possible.

   But as soon as he indulged in Bajiquan, Lu Yang didn't have enough time, and the relationship did not go backwards. Lu Yang was already working hard.

   Fortunately, not only has Bajiquan Doomsday Wasteland" is becoming more and more popular.

The editor Salmon at Taiwan C Publishing House told Lu Yang half a month ago that "The Doomsday Wasteland" has been on the bestseller list in Taiwan. Although it is ranked outside fifty, it is already very good for a newcomer. Not easy anymore.

On the starting point website, since the signing of the contract with the website, the website’s recommendations have been one after another. In just one month, the number of clicks on "The Doomsday Wasteland" has climbed to more than 1.1 million, with more than 80,000 recommended votes, and collections. It has broken 15 thousand.

  Editor Tian Ge told Lu Yang that she would arrange for sales on the shelves this Sunday, and let Lu Yang write a testimonial on the shelves.

   In fact, Lu Yang still has nearly 400,000 words in his hand.

After    is on the shelves, there is no need to worry about update issues at all.

You know, before the starting point was uploaded, Lu Yang already had more than 300,000 manuscripts in hand. Since buying a computer, Lu Yang's writing speed has been greatly accelerated, and he can write three episodes every month. Manuscript.

   An episode of 65,000 words.

   Three episodes are nearly 200,000 words.

   After such a long time, Lu Yang has accumulated more and more manuscripts.

  The manuscript to the publisher is already three episodes a month.

  The monthly manuscript fee paid by the publishing house to Lu Yang is as high as 135,000.

  Looking at the increasing deposits in his bank card, Lu Yang was already considering where to spend the money.

   (recommendation and collection)