Rebirth 2003

Chapter 413: The only requirement


A few minutes passed in a blink of an eye. When the time came to 00:03, Lu Yang refreshed the author's backstage operation area again, and the name "Dragon Snake Rising" appeared, which meant that the book was officially on the shelves and a paid chapter could be released. NS.

   Lu Yang passed the 5 chapters up without haste, after thinking about it, he wrote a short testimonial about the shelves and posted it in the works.

   Testimonials on shelves:

   is on the shelves, I saw the chat content of the brothers in the group, thank you everyone!

   Thousands of words, I don’t know where to start, so don’t talk nonsense! Everyone reads with peace of mind, Wen Chou uses code words carefully, and the future will be long, everyone sees Wen Chou's performance!

   There are not many promises, but the stability of the update and the quality above the standard can still be guaranteed. Not much to say, I hope that in the days to come, Wen Chou will always be there by your side!


This is probably the shortest testimonial written by Lu Yang. Lu Yang writes very slowly. He writes while thinking. A few sentences are deleted in the middle. The fans have supported him enough. Let’s ask for subscription and monthly pass. If that is the case, he himself feels boring.

Tong Yaqian had been sitting next to Lu Yang. After seeing Lu Yang post this on-shelf testimony, she suddenly got up from her chair, and in Lu Yang's stunned gaze, she pulled Lu Yang's arm away and squeezed into Lu Yang's arms with a smile. When the beautiful buttocks fell on Lu Yang's thigh, he adjusted his posture twice, until he felt comfortable in his posture, and then gently pecked Lu Yang on his lips with a smile.

   Soft `Jade`Wen` is fragrant in his arms, Lu Yang also feels sweet, put his arms under Tong Yaqian's armpits, one hand on the keyboard and the other hand holding the mouse, and once again came to the Wen Chou primitive group.

   is already on the shelves, everyone is waiting in the group, Lu Yang feels that he should show up to say thank you. When I came in, I realized that the group was more lively than before.

   Brother Yuan: "Wen University actually published three free chapters just now? What kind of spirit is this? With the current reputation of Wen University, there is no need to please us at all, right? Kindness, Wen Da!"

y`y Long life: "I don’t want to tell us three more free chapters. Does Wenda want to move me? Okay! I admit that you succeeded again! I scolded the next door! Even if you don’t post those three chapters, Subscriptions, monthly passes and rewards, will I be missing you? Why is it so sensational?"

  Half-life Dianpei: "Did you find that Wenda's way of expressing feelings has become subtle? Isn't it because you want us old men to fall in love with him? No mom! I don't want to do anything! Don't do it!"

  Xuan Tianzong: "There are not many people who are so kind these days! I thought I was the only one! There is actually a literary university! This is comparable to me! It's incredible!"

   Wood King: "Xuan Tianzong is as shameless as ever! The identification is complete!"

   silently: "Xuan Tianzong is as shameless as ever! The appraisal is complete!"

   Dark Ten Generations: "Xuan Tianzong is as shameless as ever! The identification is complete!"


On the new book monthly ticket list starting this month, there are no works of top gods, not even works of first-line gods. The first and second-ranked works are the works of second-line popular authors. If you also use "God" Describe them, they should be regarded as the gods.

The reason for this is that Wen Chou has recently opened a new book. As soon as "Dragon and Snake Rise" was released, the top gods and first-line gods who originally wanted to open a new book during this period chose to postpone it for at least half a month to avoid Wen Chou. The new book head-to-head.

   The new works of the two great gods fought fiercely on the various lists. It is very cool to the readers. It is a good show, but for the great gods in the fight, it may not be a good thing.

   Winning will naturally gain both fame and fortune. Once you lose the battle, your own reputation will be damaged, not to mention, it will also affect the popularity of new books. The competition in online literature is too cruel! In many cases, the winner takes all, and others can only eat leftovers.

   When most readers look for books, they will choose the top-ranked works in each ranking. There are good things such as film and television adaptations, comics adaptations, and online game adaptations. Those companies first consider the most popular works.

   A newcomer author once complained that even if the quality of his work is not as good as that of a great god, one per cent can always be comparable, right? Why don't you have one-thousandth or even one-thousandth of the income of the Great God?

  As a result, many newcomers feel that the starting point is unfair.

   The topic is far off, get back to business!

   I mentioned earlier that this month's new book monthly ticket list ranks number one work, and the current total monthly ticket is only 1,000 votes. This is a proof that there are no top and first-line works on the shelves this month.

   A thousand-lai ticket monthly pass is beyond expectation for some authors. For Lu Yang, with the support of so many **** book fans, one thousand-lai ticket is really nothing to say.

   Everyone originally thought that "Dragon Snake Rise" will be released early this month, so most of the book fans have not voted for their monthly tickets.

   On October 15th, "Dragon Snake Rise" was finally released. At this time, many readers already had two or three monthly tickets in their personal accounts. What's more, there are those local tyrants who don't need money and have already stated that they will strongly support it tonight.

No one doubts that "Dragon Snake Rise" can win the championship of this month's new book monthly ticket list. In order to make this month's ticket competition a bit stimulating, under the suggestion of individual book fans, everyone set the goal at "Dragon Snake Rise". Within an hour of "Lu" on the shelves, he won first place!

   After 12 o'clock in the evening, many book fans are asleep, and they have to go to class or work tomorrow! With such a serious shortage of personnel, these book fans dare to set the goal to win the championship within an hour.

   The news spread to other readers, authors, and forums such as Long Kong. Some people said it was impossible, and some people thought it might, perhaps, and could be possible.

   No matter what these people think, their eyes are attracted.

   After 12 o'clock in time, after "Dragon Snake Rise" officially went on the shelves, I don't know how many people are paying attention to the monthly ticket growth of "Dragon Snake Rise" and pay attention to the ranking on the monthly ticket list of the new book.

That night, Lu Yang did not canvass for votes, but his book fans’ enthusiasm for voting was still high, from "The Doomsday Wasteland", "Legend of the Master", "Three Warlords", "Infinite Killing" and "Magic Sword Eternity" all the way. There are more and more readers becoming fans of Wen Chou, which proves that the popularity of these works is higher than that of each one.

After reading these books, many book fans can clearly feel that Wen Chou’s pen power is getting stronger and stronger, and his ability to control the story is getting better and better. Each work has a different theme and genre, and every new Wen Chou book appears. Makes people's eyes bright.

For Lu Yang, these works are borrowed from the creativity of others, but for the book fans, these are all personal innovations of literary ugliness. If such an author who is brave to innovate and can maintain quality and quantity, if he does not support it, who else will he support? ?

   Everyone’s goal is to get the first place in the monthly new book monthly ticket list within an hour. The fact is that it didn’t take an hour at all and "Dragon Snake Rise" reached the top of this month's monthly new book monthly ticket list.

   Book fans have accumulated a monthly pass for half a month. After the launch of "Dragon Snake Rise", many people have not subscribed to see the newly released chapters, so they will first give a reward and vote for the monthly pass!

   Looking at the day when every new book of every great **** is put on the shelves, the number of rewards and the number of monthly votes are generally the most. Book fans choose this day to celebrate and congratulate their favorite authors in this way! In this way, the day the work is put on the shelves becomes a happy day!

As a result, countless readers, authors and editors who were concerned about the release of "Dragon Snake Rise" tonight were shocked to find that just tonight, within half an hour of "Dragon Snake Rise", every time the "Dragon" was updated On the page of "Snake Rise", the number of rewards and the total number of monthly tickets have increased significantly.

Within this half an hour, readers who rewarded 100 and 588 starting coins were extinct. The least rewarded were 1888 starting coins, 10,000 starting coins, and hundreds of book fans rewarding 100,000 starting coins. There are no fewer than 30 book fans who have rewarded more than 1 million starting coins, there are two!

In just half an hour, "Dragon and Snake Rise" reached the top of the new book monthly ticket list with a rocket-like speed. The author of the work that was originally ranked first on the new book monthly ticket list, the passing lamb, was also paying attention this evening. The monthly ticket growth of "Dragon Snake Rise", when he saw that he was burst into chrysanthemums within half an hour, an irresistible sense of powerlessness was born in his heart, and he couldn't even give birth to the thought of resisting it. This is the top level. Is the popularity of Great God?

Click on the fan list of "Dragon Snake Rise" The passing lambs saw that there are 56 leaders, 12 grandmasters, and 44 leaders. There are countless guardians and rudder masters, the last one. The thought of resisting a little bit was extinguished.

   Such a high popularity is not just a matter of the quality of the work, it is taking the huge popularity of the first few books to show off!

   In the dark realm group, someone is already molesting him.

   The boiling dust: "Little sheep giant! This time Wen Chou giant gave you a prostitute?"

   Bathing in the mist: "Pan Dao, watching the celestial phenomenon at night, count it, Wen Chouju is the overlord `wang` prostitute this time! Little sheep giant! Is the chrysanthemum flower remnant?"

   A dark hole: "Little sheep giant! Is the chrysanthemum remnant?"

  Golden bug: "Chrysanthemum, flower residue, full of spleen wounds! Little sheep giant! Use the **** to kill!"

   Big Tiger: "Wen Chou is really a beast! Not even a lamb!"

  East, West, cheap: "Agree! Wen Chou is too beast! Too hungry!"

   Baiyi crossing the river: "Agree +1!"

   Liu Xiahui: "Little sheep giant! Use the **** as a Thai!"


   The lamb passing by looked at these people who had fallen into trouble and gloated, gritted their teeth, clicked on the ugly Q`Q name with the mouse, and then sent a message.

  The passing lamb: "Brother! You blast me again! I won't talk nonsense! I can blast me, but I also want to blast all the other guys in the group! This is my only request! You can do it!"

   laugh grandpa? Grandpa pulls you all into the water together! See if you can still laugh?

   The passing lamb gritted his teeth and thought bitterly. R1152

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