Rebirth 2003

Chapter 457: Reasons for the emergence of Yimeng

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   All 100 million coins were rewarded. Suddenly, when the banknote lighted the cigarette, I thought about a spoof idea, so I posted a post in the book review area. The post was very short, with only one sentence.


   "Wen University! I heard that you are injured, so let's take this money to buy some tonics to replenish your body! A little money is disrespectful! Hope to accept it!"




   At this moment, I don’t know how many people who are paying attention to this reward, who happened to be drinking water again, sprayed a screen.


  Nimei! The one million reward is actually to buy supplements for Wen Chou to replenish his body? Are supplements so expensive now? Is this to buy some tiger tonic?




In Beijing, a female employee in Sheli, she has recently left Shanghai. Feng Tingting, who came to Beijing to work, looked at the huge rewards displayed in the book review area of ​​"Dragon Snake Rise", and then looked at another webpage displayed on the browser. When I moved the mouse, the web page was displayed. It was a video that had already been played. Feng Tingting clicked on the video again in silence. He watched Lu Yang sitting in an Audi car talking and laughing with a cute and lovely beauty. The gangster attacked and watched him quickly solve the three gangsters neatly and quickly. Then he was surrounded by four gangsters, and then solved two in an instant. Finally, he fought alone with the gangster with very powerful legs. Watching him suffer and get hurt, watching him rolling around on the ground, being stamped on him with his feet, watching him suddenly break out, and finally knocking down the gangster and using a knife against the gangster. Disciple's neck...


   Feng Tingting's heart is mixed, he has indeed changed! It was no longer the Lu Yang she had known before. Drive a good car, there are always beautiful women around, I don't know when, even his skills are so good.


   The book fan named Banknote Lighter just now. She also saw the post after the huge reward. The reward of one million was actually said to buy tonics for Lu Yang to replenish his body.


   Feng Tingting didn't know that the book fan was just talking about fun and believed it to be true. This was especially exciting for her, and finally realized the huge gap between her and Lu Yang now. She can only earn tens of thousands of yuan a year, and he has so many rewards for a book fan.


   I couldn’t walk with him before, and it’s even more impossible in the future, right?


   A touch of sadness appeared in Feng Tingting's eyes. First love is always the most memorable, especially the first love that fails.


   Time to let go!


   She said to herself in her heart.




   A province o city, still in that rental house, a young woman with a baby sitting at a distance in front of the computer. It seems to be afraid that computer radiation will affect the baby. The video was also playing on her computer. When she saw a little beauty sitting in Lu Yang's car, she smiled lightly. The smooth jade hand pinched the baby's small face lightly, and said with a smile: "Baby! Look at your dad! Still so carefree! You can't learn from him when you grow up!"


   When she saw a commercial car suddenly crouch in front of the Audi, three men with knives and baseball bats suddenly rushed down from the car. When they were about to attack Lu Yang, the smile on her face was immediately replaced by tension. The baby looked at the picture curiously, and the young woman subconsciously blocked the baby's sight with her hand. The baby’s sight was blocked, and she took her small head to arch her palms in dissatisfaction, and groaned. She was just watching the video screen nervously while shaking and coaxing the baby. The snow-white jade hand was zhōng blocked. Before the baby's eyes.


After watching the whole video, she breathed a sigh of relief, and finally removed the palm that was blocking the baby’s sight. The little baby who could not speak yet looked at the computer screen with big eyes, and did not see any villains on the screen. Hit à, and suddenly her mouth slumped, as if she was about to cry.


The young woman shook her arms and hummed nursery rhymes to coax the baby. After a long time, she calmed the baby's emotions. The picture on the video just now still exists in her mind. She saw Lu Yang being the last one wearing a hat and a mask. The man hit several times, especially when his front legs hit Lu Yang's neck hard. That was the neck! He must be injured!


There was concern in the young woman’s eyes. After hesitating for a while, she finally picked up her mobile phone. There were two mobile phone cards in her mobile phone. She found Lu Yang’s mobile phone number in the address book and pointed to the number displayed on the screen. After hesitating for a while, she pressed the dial button. It had been a long, long time since she had dialed this number. The young lady's heart was a little nervous, and her nervousness was mixed with concerns about Lu Yang's current injury.


   "Sorry! The phone you are calling is currently on a call, please try again later!"


The young woman was stunned, a little disappointed, and at the same time relieved. In her heart, she actually didn’t want to talk to Lu Yang because she felt embarrassed and she didn’t know how to position the relationship between herself and him. xì.


   He didn't know that she gave him a child, maybe he had forgotten her.


   She thought so in her heart.




At this time, Lu Yang was indeed on the phone. The call was from a big tiger in the Dark Realm group. Before receiving the call, Lu Yang was preparing to rest. Zhang Li had been called away by him. It was not that he was injured today and could not do that. Zhang Li is not allowed to stay here, but he knows what happened today, plus he was injured, someone may come here to visit him at any time, and it is not impossible that even a journalist with magical powers can touch the door and knock on the door. .


In this case, leaving Zhang Li here is not good for him or Zhang Li. In case of being photographed by reporters, Zhang Li’s just-begin acting career will suffer greatly even if it’s not completely destroyed. frustration.


Lu Yang didn’t know that a book fan offered him a reward for the Yimeng. When he received the big tiger’s huà, as soon as the huà was connected, he heard the big tiger say: "Wen and ugly! I want to protect my health! I want to A dragon!"


   Lu Yang was taken aback at the time, and said, "If you want to protect your health, you can protect your health, you just go! Why tell me?"


   As a result, the big tiger said: "Don't pretend to be a fool! I mean you ask me to protect my health and a dragon! Comrade Wen Chou! To be too shabby is to have no friends!"


   Lu Yang was even more confused.


   "Have you heard that I was attacked today?" Lu Yang asked.


   "I heard it! One pick five! Everyone knows it!" Big Tiger.


   Lu Yang: "You heard that I was attacked, so I asked you to protect your health? Which country is the truth? Are you gloating?"


Big Tiger: "Huh? That's not right! I know that one million is for you to buy supplements to replenish your body! But do you really use that much alone? I want to protect your health once! Just once! "




   talked to the big tiger for a while. Lu Yang knew that a book fan had rewarded himself with a million.


   was still a little bit disbelief in her heart, and quickly went to turn on the computer that had just been turned off, log in and open the webpage of "Dragon Snake Rise". I saw the rewarding information and the current high hundreds of millions of fans when the banknote lighted cigarettes before I finally believed it.


   "How about? This time, I should be healthy, right? If it weren't for me, would you know the news so quickly?" The big tiger was still scornful.


   "Okay! Got it! You come here anytime and I ask you at any time! Hang up! 8!"


Lu Yang had no intention of talking to the big tiger. He hung up the phone and boarded Q`Q. As soon as Q`Q landed successfully, the beeping new message notification sound kept ringing, and dozens of people had already sent him private messages. NS.


  Some are from book fans. Some are sent by other authors and editors, basically congratulations to him, the first Yimeng. The original time and space only appeared in a few years, but now it is a few years in advance.


   Lu Yang had also imagined that he would have such a day, but he had never thought that this day would come so early, and he was very puzzled now. I really want to ask about the banknote to light the cigarette right away. Wouldn't it be the nutrition cost for him?


   simply replied to these private messages. Lu Yang opened the Wen Chou primitive group. There was already a lively scene in the group. Book fans felt incredible about the emergence of the first Yimeng under the name of Wen Chou, and they were discussing this matter at this time.


   Someone asked if the cigarette lighter was really a supplement to Wenda?


  Some people say that the banknote alliance is mighty, please take my knees!


   Someone asked if the cigarette lighter has made a fortune recently? Win the lottery ticket? Or is it getting promoted, marrying Bai Fumei, and embarking on the pinnacle of life?


   Someone asked if the Banknote Union wanted to warm up the bed? Can warm the bed, cook and ask for support.


   has everything to say. There is a guy who shamelessly asks whether the banknote league is engaged in a foundation? Can't accept chrysanthemum` flowers...


   But Lu Yang went through dozens of chat records continuously, but he didn't see any record of the banknote lighting up the cigarette. Did he not show up in the group?


   It was a little surprised. Before Lu Yang opened the Wen Chou Primitive Group, he thought in his heart that the banknotes should be lit by cigarettes at this time, and everyone should be flattered in the group! After all, this is the nature of banknotes lighting up cigarettes. Every time you get a reward of more than one thousand yuan, you will come to the group to show off and listen to other people's compliments.


   Today’s situation is a bit abnormal!


   Lu Yang thought for a while, found the name zì of the banknote lighter in the group member list, and sent him a private message.


   Wen Chou: "Thank you! Are you there?"


   After waiting for more than twenty seconds, there was no reply from the banknote lighting. Just when Lu Yang thought the banknote lighting was not online, the banknote lighting replied.


   "Yes, Wenda!"


   Wen Chou: "Why didn't you speak in the group today? Everyone is talking about you!"


   This time the banknotes light up and the recovery speed is a bit faster.


   "I saw it, but I don't want to talk."


   Wen Chou: "What's wrong?"


   Lu Yang is a little puzzled, this is not the character of a banknote lighter!


   Cigarette with banknotes: "Wen University! Do you have a favorite girl? I like the one I like very much!"


This question was weird. Lu Yang was taken aback for a moment. Feng Tingting and Cao Xue appeared in his mind. Feng Tingting was the first to think of him. The question of cigarette lighting made Lu Yang feel a little sour, and he was silent for a moment before replying. :"Have!"


   Cigarette with banknotes: "I have too! But now I want to marry a woman I don't like at all! Wenda, can you understand the feeling in my heart?"


Looking at this Lu Yang was silent again. He could understand the mood of the banknote lighting up a cigarette. If he could get out of the psychological shadow that Feng Tingting left him in his previous life, he would not be 29 years old. A person, no woman can think of him, just appearance, in the final analysis, he himself has not paid for others sincerely.


   "So you gave me a million reward today?"


   In a bad mood, spend money to vent!


   Lu Yang finally knew the reason for the emergence of the Yimeng. He was a little disappointed and relieved. With his current fame and the purchasing power of the people's currency, it is very unusual for the Yimeng to appear at this time.


   Cigarette with banknotes: "Half and half! I really like your book, too." (To be continued...)


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