Rebirth 2003

Chapter 466: New Year's Eve is another year

Lu Ping’s face is even redder. Lu Ping is not young anymore. After the New Year, she will be 21 years old. She is only two years younger than Lu Yang. In Lu Yang and his hometown, she is used to counting false years. In other words, Lu Ping will immediately I'm 22 years old, I'm already a junior, and I'll go out for an internship in another six months.


Lu Ping, who is about to 22 years old, will be more beautiful. She is slim and beautiful. Her skin is not as dark as in the previous two years. She is nearly 1.7 meters tall and has a well-proportioned body. She stands in the kitchen and is better than her mother It's half a head tall.


   "Brother! Let me do it!"


   Lu Ping's skin was thinner, and she was a little overwhelmed by her mother's training, so she came to fight Lu Yang again.


Lu Ying was already quick to help choose vegetables. Lu Fei's eyes rolled around, but he didn't find what he could do. He just saw Xiao Hei coming in from outside, his wet hoofs stomping on the floor tiles in the kitchen, and his eyes suddenly As soon as it turned on, he kicked Xiao Hei when he walked over. Xiao Hei whimpered and turned around with his tail in grievance and walked out.


The second mother Lu Yang smiled again after training her daughter, and said to Lu Yang: "Yangtze! Pingping is about to go for an internship. What kind of experience do you have as a big brother, tell her! This girl is stupid. , You know nothing except studying, my uncle and I are worried that she will suffer a loss when she enters the society in the future!"


   Lu Ping became more and more embarrassed. Lu Yang didn't let her chop the mince. She didn't know what to do. She just blushed and stood beside Lu Yang, twisting her hands together, watching Lu Yang skillfully chop the mince there.


   He raised her head slightly and glanced at Lu Yang when she heard her mother let her elder brother teach her internship experience. When Lu Yang saw that Lu Ping was so shy, he said to his second mother, "Second mom! Don't keep talking about Pingping! Always criticize her, it hurts her self-confidence. There is nothing to encourage her!"


   "! Pingping can't praise! This girl is not praised! I can't call her even if I scold her, but I can praise it? If you praise her, she won't know how high the sky is and how thick the ground is!"


   "Mom! Who doesn't know the sky is thicker? Why am I not boasting?"


   Lu Ping finally couldn't hold back, and said a word.


   Lu Yang’s mother was also helping her. Lu Ying hid beside her while choosing dishes while watching her sister’s jokes. Lu Fei occasionally gave Lu Ping a sneer.


   The atmosphere in the kitchen became cheerful, and Lu Yang's second mother wanted to train again. Seeing everyone smiled, Lu Ping was a little bit offended. I froze for a while and then laughed and cursed: "Look! I said that this girl is going to scold me! It's all like this if I don't praise it, but if I do it, I still have it?"




   After two o'clock in the afternoon, my father and my second uncle came back from selling fish, and the brothers were in a good mood. They drove an empty tricycle back. They drove an electric tricycle.


As soon as he walked in, the second uncle said happily: "The fish for the New Year is still good for sale! Today, no matter the big fish or the small fish, there are people rushing to buy it! The big slap fish can also be sold for five yuan a piece! The boss makes a big profit today. Now! At least more than two thousand! If it sells so well every day, the boss will post it!"


   Around three o'clock in the afternoon, many people nearby began to worship their ancestors. The sound of firecrackers was one after another, and Lu Yang could smell the air when he stood at the gate. The smell of firecrackers, burning paper money, and the aroma of various dishes wafted from elsewhere. Brand new couplets were posted on the doors of every household. Looking around, the children in the village and on the road basically put on new clothes and new shoes. Lu Yang saw a child who had not yet changed his clothes and wanted to change his clothes. The adults in the family refused to let him, and he had to wait for the New Year’s Day. Just wear it. As a result, the child pouted and sulked under the eaves. Say nothing.


   The taste of the new year in the village is getting stronger and stronger. Some villagers who don't usually smile will say hello with a smile when they meet.


Lu Yang's father and second uncle began to serve their ancestors. Lu Fei, Lu Ying, and Lu Ping were all kicked out of the living room. Lu Ying and Lu Ping, the two girls, were even reprimanded by the second uncle in the kitchen and refused to give it. This is the rule of ancestor worship here. When worshipping ancestors, women and children have to avoid them. Only when they kowtow, do they give the boy three heads in.


   Lu Fei stood outside the gate and watched with a grin. When he was inadvertently seen by his father, he just stared at him and uttered a low voice: "Don't laugh!"


Lu Yang’s father and second uncle are very solemn to worship their ancestors. This is also the custom here. The Eight Immortals table in the living room is placed in the middle of the living room. There are four stools on all sides. On the table are chicken, duck, fish, tofu and other dishes. The chicken needs to be whole, the duck needs to be cut, the fish can only be used whole fried fish, and the meat needs to be braised. Tofu can use raw tofu or fried tofu, but no soup.


  The rice should be served in one bowl and then buckled into the other bowl to make the top of the rice round.


There is also white wine. When serving ancestors, one must be filled with a cup. When pouring the wine, one cannot touch the table or stool. Once the wine is poured, one must use chopsticks to put a little dish in each bowl, and then the family man One by one according to seniority, he knocked three heads, knocked once, and made a click.


Lu Yang has experienced a lot, and has been watching it properly. When it is time to kowtow, he kowtows three heads behind his second uncle. After this ceremony is carried out for the second time, Dad goes out to set off firecrackers, Lu Yang Consciously took his brother and sister to the corner of the house to burn paper money.


This year’s paper money was made by my dad himself. At this point, my second uncle, who had been outside for many years, did not say that he was going to buy printed paper money. The rough yellow paper was cut into a square slightly larger than a palm. Then use iron nails to make holes on it. This kind of paper is not easy to burn, and it is easy to go out. It needs to be separated a little bit and put a little bit on the fire to burn it all down.


Lu Fei was a little impatient. Lu Ying and Lu Ping thought it was funny. Lu Yang burned quietly. He thought it was good. After a few years, some officials even proposed to abolish ancestor worship. Lu Yang didn’t know how such people became officials. Even if you don’t even want to worship your ancestors, such people don’t even respect their ancestors in their hearts, so what else is there to fear? Is there a bottom line for being a human being? Not to mention being an official.


   Before it gets dark, every household bolts the door and eats the New Year’s Eve dinner at home. The same is true for Lu Yang’s house. Starting from the New Year’s Eve dinner, the door cannot be opened again until 12 o’clock in the evening.


   After twelve o'clock, open the door and set off firecrackers outside the door, the more the better, to welcome the God of Wealth.


The atmosphere of Lu Yang’s New Year’s Eve dinner this year is much warmer than in previous years. The two families get together, you toast me and I toast you. No one will persuade others to drink less this evening. If there are women who talk too much, they dare to call their own men today. Drink less, a man with a bad temper is likely to turn his face.


   You are busy all year, so you are not allowed to drink any wine during the Chinese New Year?


To eat and drink, and when it came time to give out the New Year's money every year, Lu Yang prepared three red envelopes with 1,000 yuan in each. He only smiled when his parents and second uncles and mothers gave the new year's money to several juniors one by one. He divided the three red envelopes to three younger siblings.


This made Lu Fei, Lu Ying, and Lu Ping very pleasantly surprised. In the past, Lu Yang had never given out New Year's Eve money. Just today, just when his parents and second uncles gave out New Year’s Eve money, one of them gave Lu Yangfa. It's a hundred!


   He himself is still receiving lucky money.


   This is also the rule, as long as you are not married, your parents will give it every year.


When the New Year’s money was issued, the second mother pulled Lu Yang’s hand, and after forcibly stuffing the money into his hand, the second mother said with a smile: "Yangtze! You are one year older now! 24 years old! New! Is it time to start a family in one year? I heard your mother tell me that you have two beautiful girlfriends, right? Which one to marry as soon as possible! Let your parents and your mother hug your grandson sooner too! I and your second uncle I'm still waiting to send the new year's money to my grandnephew at this time next year! Haha!"


The second uncle drank some wine, and blushed at the side and smiled and said: "Yes! Yangtze! You are the boss! You see, Pingping is a big girl, she is about to graduate from college and can marry someone. Yes! You, the eldest brother, can’t marry if she doesn’t get married in one day!"


My mother smiled and persuaded: "That's right! Boss! You see that your second uncle and mother said so, or you will get married next year! You are about the same age, and my father and I are your age. , You are two or three years old! If you don’t get married, you either have no money or no girlfriend, you have both, so don’t delay!"


   Dad also looked at Lu Yang with red eyes. His eyes were red because he was drinking.


   "Get married early! You get married early, I have a task with your mother!"


   Lu Yang listened helplessly, with a smile on his face, but his younger brothers and sisters were also nearby to coax, Lu Fei said: "Yes! Big brother, you'll get married!"


   Lu Ying also said: "Brother! Everyone is waiting to eat your wedding candy!"


   Lu Ping also pursed her lips and said softly with a smile: "Big Brother! Everyone has passed all the votes, you can't escape!"


Lu Yang experienced this situation every year after he was 24 years old in his previous life. When he got to the back, his parents even talked, and his eyes were red, almost begging him to get married, and it is more common to call him on a blind date. Thing.


   At that time, he always kept silent.


  The career was unsuccessful and there was no girl he liked. In addition, the younger brother and younger sister got married, and the younger brother had a child, and the Lu family had a future. Lu Yang has been reluctant to get married.


   Today's situation gave Lu Yang a feeling of reappearing yesterday.


   was a little sad. The first thing in my mind was Feng Tingting, a girl he could not marry in a previous life. In this life, if he wants to marry her, she should be very happy, right?


   What a He doesn't want to marry her anymore.


   Cao Xue...


   Lu Yang wants to marry her, but there is a Tong Yaqian and Rui Xiaoxiu, how can I explain to them?


   "Boss! You are showing a stand! Everyone is waiting!"


   Mom was urging again, and Lu Yang smiled helplessly: "I think about it! I'll tell you when I think about it!"


   The people at the table were not satisfied with this answer, and continued to persuade you every word and I, Lu Yang could only continue to practice Tai Chi with them, smiling perfunctorily.


   At this moment, the mobile phone in Lu Yang's pocket rang. It was a temporary relief. He took out his mobile phone and took a look. It was sent by Tong Yaqian.


   "Your Majesty! Happy New Year!" (to be continued)


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