Rebirth 2003

Chapter 523: focus on

After posting 5 chapters and a short testimonial on the shelves, Lu Yang created a blank document and wanted to write some manuscripts, but after half an hour passed, he couldn’t find any status at all, and felt a little annoying. . I am not worried about the results of "The Lord" on the shelves, but I am stuck in the stock market with a large amount of money, and I cannot use it to do my recent plans. The land in county m can be developed and requires a large amount of money; bookworm reading must also be accelerated to get it out, otherwise it will only be necessary to wait for the mobile bookstore to be the only one, and to read on mobile phones. There is only a little soup left; and on the WeChat technology side, he has a time advantage compared with giant companies such as Tencent. Once this advantage is lost, there will be no way to play later. People, sitting quietly in front of the computer, but the heart can't calm down, and can't enter the state of codewords. Lu Yang doesn't like this state of mind, but his state of mind is not like he can do it anytime and anywhere. Swapped. Away from the computer screen, he looked out the window slightly indifferently. The sun outside the window is bright, today is another sunny day, cool summer! Lu Yang held a silver-white electronic cigarette in his left hand, and occasionally took a puff, the white vapor smoke floated out, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. His eyes returned to the blank document on the computer screen. He knew that it was on the first day today. There must be a lot of people on q`q sending him private messages. The fans who spoke in the book fan group must be Many, he wanted to board q`q to have a look, but he was a little uninterested. The sun was so bright outside the window. Suddenly he wanted to find a swimming pool to swim twice and change his mood! The mood this thing, the worse it is, the more I stay in the room. It will get worse. Thinking about it, Lu Yang turned off the computer, threw the e-cigarette on the table, grabbed the wallet, mobile phone, cigarette case, and lighter on the table, and went out to change shoes. . The life of human beings is colorful or plain as water. Sometimes when I think about it, it's really not a question of more money and less money. For example, Lu Yang. Before his rebirth, his social circle was very small and his life was just plain. It was a few years after his rebirth. He also earned a lot of money, but most of his life is still very plain. The social circle is obviously more than several times larger than that of his previous life. In life, he still lacks a figure by his side. Like today, when I am in a bad mood, I go out for a swim and have no plans to find someone else. I go downstairs alone, drive alone, and look for a swimming pool alone. It's not boring either. This is the character problem, Xijing’s temperament makes him like someone most of the time. ……The difference is. Before rebirth, when he lived alone, most of the time, his loneliness was the loneliness forgotten by the world, no matter how hard he tried and how he flopped. There will not be a few people in this world paying attention to him or being influenced by him. Now, after he finished 5 chapters and sent a short testimonial on the shelves. He went out alone to find a swimming pool to relax, but thousands of people were being affected by him. The starting point editorial department and the second editorial team came to work early this morning and have been paying attention to the subscription status of Lu Yang’s new books. At the end of the page, I finally saw that there were five more chapters in the opened area. Tian Ge finally smiled on his face. I came to work for the first time this morning, opened the catalog page of "The Master", and saw that Lu Yang hadn't released a chapter yet, and he was always depressed. At 12 o’clock last night, I opened the shelves for "The Lord". I thought that when I came to work this morning, I would be able to see the initial subscription results of "The Lord" after it was released. He believed that at 12 o'clock last night. At the time, Lu Yang must have not slept yet. In other words, those who write web articles, whether they are on the street or the gods, don’t care about the first day their new books are on the shelves? A few days before each book’s release, the author will be notified when it will be released. In the past, each of Lu Yang's works had just been opened, and he also uploaded chapters immediately, but he did not expect that he was so calm this time. Lu Yang is so calm, Tian Ge, as the editor in charge of Lu Yang, can’t calm down. To describe it in a fashionable word, he feels very painful! How can you be so calm when new books are on the shelves? Don't you know that countless readers are waiting for you to upload chapters for the first time, or even burst out? If other authors do it like this, Tiange will probably send a private message this morning, or make a phone call to remind him, and the ticket will bounce like this on the first day of the shelves, not afraid of readers’ dissatisfaction. Is the result after the shelves? But Lu Yang is not an ordinary author, he is the biggest **** under his hand. If he wants to be so headstrong, Brother Tian didn’t dare to remind him. In fact, he really wanted to remind him that he was worried that Lu Yang would forget yesterday. Shelf at night. At this time, I finally saw him sending out chapter 5 in one breath. When Tiange felt relieved, a smile naturally appeared on his face. Speaking of which, Lu Yang likes the habit of saving manuscripts, which has always made him appreciate and relieved! Just like this time, on the first day it was put on the shelves, 5 chapters were issued in one go, with more than 15,000 words, indicating that this guy still has a lot of manuscripts in this book, otherwise he would not dare to be so self-willed. The other editor-in-charge starfish sitting next to Brother Tian accidentally caught a glimpse of Brother Tian, ​​who had been frowning all morning, showing a smiling face, and couldn’t help laughing and joking: "Brother Tian! What a good thing is so happy. Huh? You laughed so awkwardly. Has the author who always said to send you a "baby" finally sent you a baby? Haha!"This is a funny thing. A few months ago, the second group added an author named Nianpo Xukong. Because of the author's ending number, he was assigned to Tiange. A pink` tender newcomer author, this guy is a weird thing, the authors and editors who have been chatting in the second group recently are basically impressed by this guy, cute, funny, wretched... …It's a weird thing! As a new author, this guy has most of the problems of newcomers. In just a few months, he has already opened three new books. The first new bookmark was booked and put on the shelves. Because of the poor results after it was put on the shelves, after half a month, I swung my knife and opened the second new book immediately. Normally For the author who has no perseverance like this, the editor of the second book generally does not consider signing a contract. This guy himself probably has this kind of consciousness. Before the second new book is released, he will pass the manuscript to Brother Tian for guidance. Come and go, I am acquainted with Brother Tian with the unimaginable cheeky of ordinary people. Brother Tian does not say to sign his new book every day, he sends private messages every day to harass Brother Tian, ​​sometimes asking If the new book is not well written, ask for advice; sometimes just ask Tiange to strike up a conversation, um, a man finds a man to strike up a conversation, but he makes Tiange crooked; sometimes he even publicly molested Tiange in the group, talking about the heavens. Brother is very hard at work. He wants to mail an inflated baby to Brother Tian to relax after work. Tian brother is not a person who can't make a joke. Every time this guy says that, Tian brother says I'm waiting for the receipt, and then asks him when to post it. Over time, almost everyone in the group knew about it. This guy still often tells Tiange like that, um, at this time his second new book has been signed. In the love scene, there is a saying called "the lieutenant is afraid of chasing the man". In fact, Lie Nan is also afraid of stalking! Well, the Lieman here is the poor editor Tiange. He was really annoyed by this guy. After helping him with some new book manuscripts, he finally agreed to sign his second book. later signed a third book. Nian Po Void, this guy is a typical fast gunner! As a newcomer, his strength is not enough, but his expectations are still high. Every time a new book is not popular enough, he can't stick to it. Just swing the knife habitually. That afternoon, when he waved the knife again, he said, "It hurts Ding Ding!" Then someone asked him if he could still open a new book. He said: "Go! Haven't heard of it? Failure is a successful mother! I have failed twice in a row. With a mother, are you afraid of not having a son?"Then someone ridiculed: "You have been cut twice in a row, will Brother Tian still sign your new book?" "It’s okay! I’m sending an inflated `baby` to Brother Tian, ​​and Brother Tian will definitely sign my new book!" Came forward and said: "You have been saying to send me an inflatable baby. It's been a few months now? Inflated in an inflated baby? Why haven't you mailed it? Whatever you say, you still miss me Sign your new book?"In the second group, there are so many conversations like this, which is naturally impressive. This is the origin of the sentence that another editor in the second group, Haixing, just ridiculed Tiange. This ridicule made the editor-in-chief of the second group, old z, also smile, and glanced at Brother Tian with a smile. Tian brother was in a good mood, not angry, took a sip from the tea cup at hand, and smiled: "Wen Chou has finally published a chapter!""Oh?"  ;Old Z's eyes lit up, and he immediately asked: "How? How many subscriptions do you have now?"Wen Chou, not only the top **** under Tian Ge, but also the best in the entire second group Popularity god, as the editor-in-chief of the second group, the popularity of Wen Chou's new book is directly related to his face and performance. Hearing this, the starfish also raised its ears and paid attention. The subject matter of Wen Chou’s new book is very strange, especially the setting in the book, not only dominated by luck, but also on the zombies. The popularity before the shelves is very high, but the results after the shelves will be How, has yet to be tested by the market, she is also very concerned. Wen Chou as the starting point of the top god, any new book will receive widespread attention, as long as the popularity is high enough, there will definitely be a large number of follow-up works, leading a trend, not to mention it. This is an important role of the top **** for a website! The top **** is not only a website signboard, money maker, but also a weather vane! Every time they innovate, thousands of authors will follow suit. (To be continued)ps: Thank you Wuhen@打赏100point coins, thank you Dongni 2008 for presenting a bowl of glutinous rice balls! Thank you for your monthly pass. Well, the latest update is relatively slow. Don’t worry, the update speed will resume after the New Year.