Rebirth 2003

Chapter 525: goodbye

  &Nbsp;Swimming a dozen times in the swimming pool during such summers, the heat is gone. When he comes up from the swimming pool, Lu Yang feels a lot more comfortable and his head is clear. Ignoring the gaze from the surroundings, he calmly walked to the recliner and took the mineral water that had been thrown on the recliner to the small table next to it, and Lu Yang picked it up. After wiping the water stains on his head and face with his towel, he lay down on the recliner. Even if he is lying down, his pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles are still clear. I don't know how many people are envied, and how many young women are quietly paying attention to him. Unscrew the mineral water cap, take two sips, Lu Yang still frowned, still wondering where the large sums of funds for the development of the three companies will come from. He never thought that because of temporary funding difficulties, the development of the three companies that have been stranded has already begun. In his life, he has never lacked various difficulties, just like he wrote novels over the years. There will always be all kinds of sudden difficulties, gritted teeth, crossed over, will enter another world, failure... It is very likely that you will return to the liberation overnight. forward. In life, everyone will encounter all kinds of difficulties. No one’s life can be smooth sailing forever. The biggest difference between people who are mature and immature is probably only one thing-people who are immature, encounter difficulties, complain about others, and the first thing that comes to mind, is how so unlucky? who can help me? When encountering difficulties, I want to shrink back. Mature people, no matter what difficulties they face, have the strongest thoughts in their minds. Just how to get through this difficulty. In short, in the eyes of the weak, it is difficult to look ahead. In the eyes of the strong. There is no hurdle to pass, there will always be more solutions than difficulties! If you can't think of a solution, it's definitely not that there is no way, but it's just that you haven't thought of it for a while! Lu Yang didn't think so much, he just wasn't reconciled that he would be planted here. He didn't allow himself to fail again and repeat the same mistakes he had before rebirth. So. He must figure out a solution to the current predicament, he must! Drank two sips of water. Lu Yang put down the mineral water bottle, lay on the recliner with his eyes closed, thinking quietly, he believed that the solution must exist! ……Lu Yang did not notice. When he came up from the swimming pool, the eyes of the two young women fell on him on the two adjacent loungers diagonally opposite the swimming pool. One of them looks plain, slightly fat, not a beautiful woman, but better than young, and looks seductive, well, in the case of wearing a three-point swimsuit. Oh, everyone knows, a slightly fat woman. The chest is usually grooved! There will be fire if there is a ditch! Another young woman is a real beauty. From a distance, she looks a bit like Liu Yifei, round face and oval face. The skin is dazzlingly fair. Slim, jeweled and round to describe her, all appear pale. The hair resembles a black waterfall and the eyes resemble cold stars. Qiongbiying's lips and curly lines are exquisite. While Lu Yang closed her eyes to think about the problem, the fat woman next to the beauty chuckled her lips and said softly, "Jingjing! The animal on the other side has beautiful muscles. Ah! I’m a little wet underneath, are you wet?"If it is normal, Bai Jingjing will definitely curse a rotten woman, but now, she opened her mouth. , But didn't say anything. He looked at Lu Yang on the deck chair diagonally across from a swimming pool with a dazed expression. Yes, Bai Jingjing, she is Lu Yang's high school female classmate Bai Jingjing, a girl who had a short history with Lu Yang. She has not seen Lu Yang for a few years. In a few years, Lu Yang has changed a little, but her changes are even greater. Bai Jingjing, who is in her twenties, has a young girl's youthfulness. All faded, ten men will see her, at least nine men will feel bright. She has a face somewhat similar to Liu Yifei, but her body is much better than Liu Yifei. Hei is long and straight, and white is rich and beautiful. When used to describe her, there may be only one word "rich" that needs to be discussed. She deserves the other points. The fat woman next to Bai Jingjing did not get Bai Jingjing’s answer. She was a little strange. Looking at Bai Jingjing, she couldn’t help but ask again: "Jingjing! Jingjing! Don’t be shy! Tell me you are wet. Are you there anymore?"Bai Jingjing glanced at her speechlessly, curled her mouth, and stood up without warning. She stretched her hands forward and merged in a beautiful water-entry position. She jumped into the pool and quickly faced her. Swim away. The slightly fat woman stared blankly, and whispered to herself: "This is so wet..."She wanted to follow, but she was tired just now If people get fatter, their physical strength will be worse. After hesitating, they lie back in the lounge chair and look at Bai Jingjing in the swimming pool with a puzzled look. Then he smiles and looks at Lu Yang on the lounge chair diagonally across, um, she His eyes are mainly on Lu Yang's pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles. Just like men like women who are protruding and curling up, women generally like men with good figures, especially those with pectoral and abdominal muscles. Soon, Bai Jingjing swam to the other side of the pool, clutching the handrails, and went ashore with a slightly complicated expression, and walked to the empty lounge chair next to Lu Yang. The fat woman on the recliner diagonally across her eyes raised her eyes, almost screamed, and whispered: "Damn! This little bitch! I'm just talking about it, she actually did it directly! Normally She's not like this! Spring is still far away, so spring is coming?"Light footsteps passed in front of Lu Yang, and Lu Yang with his eyes closed had a sharper hearing than usual, subconsciously slightly. When I opened my eyes, I first saw a dazzlingly white-skinned body, and then I saw Bai Jingjing's face. Like Bai Jingjing's reaction when he saw him, Lu Yang was also startled when he saw Bai Jingjing's face clearly. The two of them looked at each other and did not speak for the first time. They looked at each other with a slightly complicated look. The gaze never left Lu Yang's. "Long time no see..."Lu Yang finally said hello. Still lying on the recliner without moving, no matter what thoughts flashed in his mind. At least he was still calm on the surface. If time can be turned back, he may still choose to separate from Bai Jingjing, or even never start. See you now. Bai Jingjing's beauty made him a little surprised, the clear water came out of hibiscus... Bai Jingjing just came up from the swimming pool with drops of water on her body, making this sentence appear in his mind. Hearing Lu Yang's "Long time no see", a faint smile appeared at the corner of Bai Jingjing's mouth, as if feeling ironic. Watch Lu Yang said: "I heard that you started a company in M ​​County. Why are you also in Shanghai?"If Lu Yang wants to continue her relationship with her, he should say at this moment: "I'll find Yours!"The reality is that Lu Yang said flatly: "There is something wrong here!"None of the two expected to see you here today. When Bai Jingjing came over just now, she wanted to ask Lu Yang a lot, but at this time she really met, but found that she couldn't say anything. Goodbye. Look at each other speechlessly. Bai Jingjing suddenly looked away and looked across the pool. Her girlfriend, the fat woman, saw her looking over and gave her a thumbs up, thinking that Bai Jingjing was trying to talk to a strange man. Woolen cloth! "Did your girlfriend not come?"Bai Jingjing suddenly asked such a sentence after looking away. Lu Yang could hear what she meant. He used to have a good impression of a woman and was not sure if the other party had a boyfriend. After a few conversations, I often ask the other boyfriend? "She is at home and did not come today!"Lu Yang also turned his eyes. Sit up and look at the wavy pool water surface not far away. "You..." paused, but Bai Jingjing didn't look back, and said: "I have always wanted to ask you a question these years. Can you tell me the answer today?"  "What?"Lu Yang looked at her again, seeming to have a tacit understanding, and Bai Jingjing also turned her head at this time. And Lu Yang looked at him again: "Have you ever liked me before?" The same question, Lu Yang wanted to ask Feng Tingting the same before. But he hadn't asked it before, but he knew that the person who asked this question wanted to hear what the answer was. Therefore, after less than a second of silence, Lu Yang nodded. "Like it?"Bai Jingjing looked at him directly, and Lu Yang finally felt a little ashamed in his heart, sorry for her. In this rebirth life, Bai Jingjing is probably the girl he is most sorry for, because of a momentary impulse, he played with her feelings. It was a little difficult to face Bai Jingjing's gaze, Lu Yang looked away again and nodded again. "Thank you!"For a while, he heard Bai Jingjing's low thank you, and then fell silent between the two. This silence made Lu Yang no longer want to stay Here, he sighed and got up with a little smile, and said to Bai Jingjing: "I have something to do, let's go! Goodbye!""Goodbye!" Bai Jingjing lowered his head in response. Lu Yang didn't know what else to say, nodded and turned away. Shortly after Lu Yang left, the chubby woman diagonally across from the pool swam across the pool, smiled and landed ashore, and lay directly on the recliner Lu Yang had just lay on, with her back on the recliner. After rubbing a few times, he sighed with satisfaction: "There is still body temperature! It seems that the animal was lying under me just now, this feeling...Ah! So cool!"Besides Bai Jingjing on the reclining chair rolled her eyes slightly and said nothing, only that the strength of her whole body suddenly disappeared a lot, and she lay down. "How? Brave classmate Jingjing! Did you get your mobile phone number with that handsome guy just now? You can't just enjoy good things! Come on! Take it out and share it! Hey, you don’t Are you reluctant?"The slightly fat woman suddenly sat up, looking very hungry, thirsty and interested. "No!"Bai Jingjing replied with closed The slightly fat woman naturally didn't believe it: "Cut! A belle like you! Which man would not give you contact information? Oh! The world is so cruel! Women like you have been chased by so many men, and they take the initiative to attack, and will they give us a mouthful of soup?" (not finished To be continued)ps: Thanks to the original heart Rulian for rewarding 100 points, thanks to book friend 100215224843189 for rewarding 300 points, thanks to Ning Liangjiang for rewarding 588 points, and thanks to fly attachment for rewarding 1888 points Coins, thank Tianai Xingkong for rewarding 5888 coins again! Thank you for your monthly pass!