Rebirth 2003

Chapter 528: The wolf that smells fishy

So cheating, it was Wang Lin who called at this time. Lu Yang took out his phone in a very unhappy mood, and saw Wang Lin’s name displayed on the phone’s screen. He was speechless for a while. Why didn’t this guy fight so early? The phone is coming, not calling it late, but this time? It's as if it's time, it's a pitfall! "What's the matter?"Lu Yang suppressed the depression and complaints in his heart, and asked with a gritted smile. Where can Wang Lin on the other end of the phone see Lu Yang’s expression at this time? Listening to Lu Yang’s voice, I thought Lu Yang was in a good mood, so I only heard Wang Lin chuckling and asking on the phone: " Wenda! There was a heavy rain just now, and the air is very fresh! It’s not sultry outside anymore, what are you doing now? Should we go out for two drinks? In such cool weather, don’t go for two drinks, I’m sorry. Great gift! Haha!"It turned out to be for drinking...Lu Yang has been unable to complain, pouted and refused: "I'm sorry to tell you man, brother. I’ve drunk just now, and now that I’m full, you should go find someone else! Didn’t you talk about a girlfriend? In such a good weather, if you don’t deepen your relationship with your girlfriend, you will truly betray God. A generous gift?"Wang Lin: "Ah? Are you full of food and drink? Why don't you call me? You can do such a thing by eating alone?"  ;Lu Yang rolled his eyes and said out of anger: "It's all right! Go make an appointment with your girlfriend! I don't want to be a girlfriend again! All right! That's it, I'm hanging up! It's outside!"Wang Lin: "Hey! Wenda! Which girl did you drink with?"Wang Lin's heart is full of gossip Ignite. Lu Yang was not interested in answering any more, and hung up the phone directly, still feeling very depressed. Just now I almost grabbed the inspiration and thought of a solution to the current predicament, so I was interrupted by Wang Lin’s cheating phone call. However, this kind of thing is not easy to send out even if I get angry, I can only feel bored in my heart. . I paid for the wine and vegetables and came out of the winery. Lu Yang was still trying to remember the aura that flashed in his mind just now until he got into the car. On the way back to the hotel, Lu Yang kept thinking about this in his mind. But inspiration is always very naughty, and it is always fleeting. Often the thoughts that have just come out just now, after being interrupted by someone, when you think about it, you can't remember what the thought that was about to surface just now is. Until he returned to the hotel room, Lu Yang didn't remember it. He always felt that the idea was in his head. It seemed that he could remember it immediately, but he just couldn't remember it. This is a very torturous state, which seems to be far away. As if within reach, but always unable to grasp, walking around in the hotel's own room. Lu Yang almost scratched his head, just couldn't remember. Turn on the e-cigarette switch, take a hard puff, but still can’t remember. Lu Yang frowned, sighed, and sat in front of the computer. The left thumb was pressing on the temple, and it was a headache. If the inspiration has not flashed, then forget it. It happened that this thing flashed in his mind not long ago. Before he could see it clearly, it disappeared without a trace, like a stunning beauty, I really want to see it. Clear her true face, but regret that only the fate of that shocking glimpse. ……While Lu Yang continued to contemplate that inspiration and that idea, Wushun drove to the KTV of Chen Yi’s home in M ​​County under Wu` Lake in a province. After entering the door, no one stopped him, and no one at the cash register asked him who he was looking for. He is a classmate and friend of Chen Yi. He has been in and out of here frequently over the years, and no one here does not know him. What's more, Chen Yi had already explained it when he came over not long ago. Wushun came to Box No. 288 on the second floor. The box numbers here are not coherent, they are all auspicious numbers, such as 206, 226, 228, 266, 288, etc. When Wushun entered the box 228, Chen Yi was already inside , Was holding a singing **** lady singing "You Are Wind and I Are Sand" to the large LCD screen, with a pleasant smile on her face, obviously in a good mood. When Wushun entered the door, Chen Yi's voice kept singing, and his smiling face nodded slightly to Wushun, still singing intoxicated. Wu Shun knows his temperament. The two have been together for so many years, and they know each other very well. It is a bit vulgar to say that the other party is going to shit, but But it's a fact, each other's eyes can be instantly understood. This is the real good friend! Wu Shun did not interrupt Chen Yi’s Gexing either. After entering the door, he sat down on the sofa opposite Chen Yi, smiling, twisting a piece of orange on the coffee table and peeling it to eat. The movements were not hurried or slow, and from time to time he glanced at Chen Yiyou's lustful hands on the leg of the singing lady. Until Chen Yi finished singing the song, Chen Yi patted the lady's thigh and signaled her to leave the box. The music in the box was also turned down by him and played immediately. The box that was still booming just now became quiet and elegant like a coffee shop. At this time, Wu Shun stuffed a piece of reed orange into his mouth, and said at will: "Your little days are so happy and celestial! Tell me! Tell me, what can I do? ?"&Nbsp;The two are so familiar with each other that there is no need to circumscribe anything. Chen Yi leaned on the sofa comfortably, with Erlang's legs upright, with a thick smile on his face, and said with a smile: "Making money! What else can it be? Don't tell me your thoughts about making money. No interest! As long as this ticket is made, it will be really popular and spicy in the future! Like the little girl of the previous grade, don't say let you touch it at that time, and put it in front of you when you are naked. There won’t be any interest! What? Come! Tell me now, are you interested yet? Yes? Or not?"Wushun saw Chen Yi speak so confidently, not like a lie, naturally When I became interested, another piece of reed orange was brought to his mouth. Because of what Chen Yi said just now, he stopped in his mouth, his eyes flashed, and then he smiled and put this piece of reed orange into his mouth. Without chewing, he leaned on the back of the sofa, his clothes were clean and listened: "Is there such a good thing?"His eyes flashed again, before Chen Yi answered, Wushun had already Try to ask: "What... are you talking about the land in the west of Lu Yang city?""Slap!"Chen Yi snapped his fingers with a smile, and said: "Bingo! Wushun! You are so smart, you will answer! Don’t you want to take that opportunity? That piece of land is so big! It’s the best location on the west side of the city! The opposite of Jinjiang has already been assigned to the city, Lu The bridge that Yang mentioned before will also start construction soon. The land price there is now one price per day. You must know better than me if your dad sits in that position! Given our relationship with Lu Yang, don’t tell me you don’t want to. Get on this fast train of wealth?"Wu Shun also smiled upon hearing this. "What use do you want? The funds we can raise have been invested in the land in the south of the city. The construction of the south of the city is halfway through. Now it is too late to withdraw funds, even if Lu Yang agrees Let us invest in the Chengxi project, how much money can you and I raise? Such a big land is not a small project. If we invest a little bit, the gain will be big!""Hey!"  ;After listening to Wushun's words, Chen Yi smiled, sitting upright, leaning forward slightly, staring at Wushun's eyes on the opposite side, and said, "You are right! But we have no money, Lu Yang How much money can be spent at this time? Don’t forget! Although his investment in Shengshijiayuan has been recovered, he has invested in two movies and one TV series, unless he invested in these two movies and TV series. All of them can be sold out, otherwise, how much money does he still have to start the project in the west of the city? It's just a vernacular, but he can't build a house! I guess, for a while, he will not be able to spend money to do it for a while on the land in the west of the city. Even if he doesn’t want to wait for the project to build a house, he has to wait for the completion of the project on the west side of our city and recover all the investment, so that he may have the funds to start the project in the west of the city! Think about it, right?"  ;Wu Shun stroked his slightly stubborn chin with one hand thoughtfully, and nodded slightly. The same sentence, he and Chen Yi are good friends, and the relationship with Lu Yang is not so close. Moreover, in the face of such a wealthy opportunity, even if he and Lu Yang are real good friends, It is also difficult for him to make up his mind not to blend in. M county here, his father is the county magistrate, here, he has long been subconsciously regarded as his own territory, in his own territory, there is such an opportunity to make a fortune, how can he Will you miss it willingly? "How? Are you moving? Hey!"Chen Yi leaned forward again with a thicker smile on his face. "Should we ask Lu Yang's opinion now? Tell him about the issue of our equity participation at that time?" Wushun asked Chen Yi squintingly. Chen Yi smiled and shook his head: "No! Didn’t I analyze it for you just now? He has to wait for our funds to be returned now! He just doesn’t want to he himself We don’t have much funds to start the Chengxi project. Taking advantage of this time, we will continue to find ways to raise more money while waiting for the funds for the Chengnan project to be returned. Two years later, it is still impossible for Lu Yang to have enough money! At that time, when he sees that we have a lot of spare funds on hand, he will come to the door and ask us to participate in the shares! That is to say! This money is worth it. It’s time for the two of us to make money! Haha! What a chance, the city walls can’t stop it! Hum, I don’t regret entering the real estate industry with Lu Yang now! At the beginning, we thought he had taken the wasteland in the west of the city. A big failure, now it seems that I have to say that this kid Lu Yang is still very forward-looking! I am a little curious now, who is his book fan who gave him the news in the city, and he could tell him so early in advance. The opposite side of the Jinjiang River will be placed in the urban area, and a bridge will be built on the Jinjiang River in the west of the city! The news is so well informed!" (to be continued)ps: Thanks to the wind and rain after 70, Xiao Shengsheng rewarded 100 points Coins, thank you for rewarding 3,000 coins, thank you for your monthly pass!