Rebirth 2003

Chapter 545: Bloody butcher


  &Nbsp;Lu Yang's suggestion to Shang Xuebin is to seek cooperation from major domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Before each brand of mobile phone is listed, some mobile phone software will be pre-installed in the mobile phone. What Lu Yang asked Shang Xuebin to do was to make the bookworm reading software the pre-installed software for those mobile phones through cooperation with those mobile phone manufacturers. As long as ordinary people buy those brands of mobile phones, they will see bookworms in their phones. If you want to uninstall the pre-installed software on your mobile phone, you must obtain the highest authority of the mobile phone, and not everyone knows how to obtain the highest authority of the mobile phone. When Lu Yang decided to do bookworm reading, he had such a plan in his mind. There are many mobile phone manufacturers in China. Apple smart phones have been on the market for some time. All know. Aircraft can be made by civilian masters, let alone a mere cell phone. Currently on the market, mobile phone manufacturers of all sizes have launched a variety of smart phones. As long as Bookworm Reader can conquer them, the installed capacity of this software will increase. This is the main method, of course there are some auxiliary methods. For example, Bookworm Reading enters major mobile phone assistants for mobile phone users to download at will. For example, Lu Yang uses his own popularity to promote Bookworm Reading in his own works and so on. When it comes to these promotion methods, the problem of funding cannot be avoided. It is impossible to capture many mobile phone manufacturers in China without strong funds. Fortunately, the project on the piece of land west of county m is about to start. The bank loan will come down soon. By then, funding for bookworm reading promotion should not be a problem. Now you can contact those mobile phone manufacturers first. When discussing cooperation intentions, Lu Yang had no intention of sharing the bookworm reading revenue with those manufacturers. Lu Yang was more concerned. He planned to only pay those mobile phone manufacturers the installation fee, based on how many mobile phones they had installed the software, and The amount sold, comes to the expense. When discussing this matter with those mobile phone manufacturers. Shang Xuebin also has another task, which is to negotiate cooperation with large original websites such as Starting Point, Digital Station, and Certain Heng. Strive to import the works of these several bookstores into the reading platform of Bookworm Reading. The positioning of Bookworm Reading is a third-party reading platform. They do not make original novels, but only participate in sales and divide them into novels on original websites. To put it in a fashionable way, we don’t produce water. We are just porters of nature! They don’t make originals, they only sell original novels. ……Leaving the office of Bookworm Reading Company, while Lu Yang was driving on the road, he suddenly received a call from Chizhong. The call was just connected, Lu Yang heard the sound of horror in the pool. Chizhong: "Wen University! Wen University is not good! Are you in front of the computer now? Go to the book review section of "The Master" to check it out! You have been slaughtered! Why did you offend that lunatic? Do you still want to mess with it? Hurry up and go soft with them! Brothers can't do the speed of slaughtering the pages together! Your book review section is now out of sight! A piece of blood! `Red! Bloody! I can't look directly at it anymore!"Lu Yang: "..."Lu Yang asked himself if he didn't offend anyone recently, who is this? Come to my book review section to slaughter the edition? I have so many book fans together, but they can't do it? Is there such a cruel guy on the Internet? The plots of the recently published chapters are not abused either! There is no reason to attract a large number of people to slaughter the version...I am not prepared to hear such news at all. Lu Yang was a little dazed for a while. Hang up the phone, quickly speed up the car and rush to the place of residence. Lu Yang didn't know. Just after he hung up the phone, the sluggish guy in Chizhong said in the Wen Chou primitive group: "It's done! Finished work! Visually, Wen Da is now messed up in the wind! Hey! The chances of getting him rid of him are rare. Yes! Why is this feeling so cool? Oh! There should be alcohol at this time! Well, hurry up and celebrate with two cans of beer! Hey!"There have been a bunch of guys in the group for a long time. Waiting, seeing Chinaka's words, followed by one by one. y`y life in the wild: "You are too bad in the pool! Won Wenda trusts you so much, do you deserve his trust? Hey. I'll also get two bottles of wine for Mizimisi !"&Nbsp;I think you love me: "Poor Wenda! I hope Wenda’s little heart can bear it!"Da Aimu = Rebirth: "From now on I Be careful of you guys, it’s so shameless! Even Wenda dare to molest. Damn! I’m at work and don’t have alcohol!"The car on the asphalt road: "If the Wenda I don’t update if I get angry today, that’s all Chi Zhongmeng’s fault!"Xuan Tianzong: "Visual inspection of Wenda has been played too much!"... …&Nbsp;Lu Yang hurriedly hurriedly hurried back to his residence after ten minutes, hurriedly entered the door, hurriedly turned on the computer, and then logged on to the starting point and entered the homepage of "The Master". Pull the web page to the book review area for the first time, and then stay for a while. Sure enough, the book review area has fallen, and it is indeed **** red, dripping with blood, so red! But Lu Yang had no anger in his heart, only warmth and a little dumbfounding. Because in his book review area, it is not someone else who slaughtered the pages, but the banknotes to light cigarettes. The rewards of 100,000 starting currency and 100,000 starting currency slaughtered his entire book review area. On the fan list on the right side of the book page, the first leader is already a cigarette lighter. Lu Yang moved the mouse pointer over, and the fan value displayed next to the name of the banknote cigarette lighter has exceeded 2 million. The starting point of 10,000 coins is 100 yuan, and the value of 2 million fans is 2 million banknotes. I told Lu Yang a few days ago that when his bank account was unfrozen, he would give Lu Yang a reward. Lu Yang said at the time that he didn’t use it, so he could save money to buy it for his children. milk powder. Now the banknotes are still a reward for lighting up cigarettes. The one million that Lu Yang sent him back then not only came back, but more. The warmth in Lu Yang's heart was naturally brought about by the banknotes and cigarettes, but the guy in the pool gave it to him. Obviously, it was a red reward, but he just turned it into a slaughter board. It was still **** and bright red. It is not wrong to describe it as blood. But the intention of the pool is obviously to play with him. Thinking of Chizhong, thinking of being swayed by him just now, Lu Yang immediately landed on q`q, ignoring the private messages that popped up on q`q, Lu Yang directly clicked on the original group of Wen Chou. At this time, the group is like a holiday, at least dozens of people are vying to speak, and the chat content in the group is like swiping up the screen. In many speeches, Lu Yang saw the name of this guy in Chi Zhong at a glance. This guy was triumphant in the text, and it made Lu Yang tickle but also smiled. Chizhong: "Imagine the mess in the wind at the Wen University at this moment. I don’t need to drink and drink when I drink my beer! Come! Brothers with alcohol, everyone toast together, Have a drink together! La la la...I’m a smart one! La la la... Wenda is our snack! Hahaha!"Thor Group: "Although I sympathize with Wenda, But this one must be drunk! If Wenda sees it, don’t blame me! Who made you a delicious appetizer! Hey!"The height of life: "There is no wine on hand, but There is Sprite, for the sake of food...Oh no, it is Wenda! Let’s have a drink!"......When Lu Yang landed on q`q, he wanted to come up to the pool In the second sentence, seeing such a happy scene in the group, I can't help but dispel my previous thoughts, be a human! Still need a little entertaining spirit. When you are okay, use others for entertainment, and occasionally you can use yourself for other entertainment. As a writer, isn't your greatest value to bring joy to your book fans? The thoughts in his mind changed, and Lu Yang sent a picture to the group. This picture shows an innocent, frowning kid. Below the picture, Lu Yang uttered a sentence: "I am ready to serve drinks? Weakly say, please be gentle!"Everyone probably does Unexpectedly, Lu Yang suddenly appeared at this time, the group became quiet for a moment, and then the speech began to explode. Who is the lemon: "Wenda hold on! Wenda will not cry!"Want to fly: "Wenda! Those of them are the worst, ignore them! They just paid Don’t want to say you were played by them! Come on! Wenda, now you come to tell those bad guys, did you just call ya `蠛`die?"The banknotes light up the cigarette: "Puff...Wenda! I’m sorry! I swear to Mao’s chairperson, this was not my order! The worst person is Chizhong!"Xuan Tianzong: "Alas! Wenda was played by you like this. , I can't see it anymore, Wen Da is waiting! I'll give you a few dollars to buy sugar to eat!"......Xuantianzong's words, quote There was a second voice, and everyone who had a good time followed up and said that they were going to pay a few yuan to buy candy for Wenda. Then, these guys actually did this. After the banknotes lit up 100,000 starting coins and 100,000 starting coins, there are at least more than fifty people, and you reward one. He rewarded two yuan, that rewarded 588 points, and used the reward to refresh the book review area of ​​"The Leader" several times. This incident soon spread to other places, such as other authors, book fans, author groups, and even Long Kong. Someone who had a good thing passed this incident to Longkong. However, this also makes sense. This is Lu Yang’s second work of Yimeng, and at the same time, it is also the third Yimeng owned by his works, which naturally attracts I don't know how many people's envy, jealousy and hatred. Lu Yang and his book fans, as well as those who are discussing this topic, did not know that this incident also entered the ears of a domestic game giant, which directly led to another game giant. The right to adapt this book to the game. In the evening, the amount of author's remuneration in September appeared in the author area of ​​each author, and Lu Yang also saw the September income of "The Master". With the addition of reader rewards, monthly ticket bonuses, attendance bonuses and other bonuses, the pre-tax income of "The Master" officially exceeded 300,000 in September, creating a new level of electronic copyright remuneration for works under Lu Yang's name. (To be continued)ps: Thank you for giving 588 points to Lemon.