Rebirth 2003

Chapter 569: Cao Xue vs Tong Yaqian

Shao Dahai breathed a sigh of relief and was a little disappointed when he took the phone to his eyes, because the call was not from Lu Yang, but from his girlfriend.




   After answering the call, Shao Dahai's tone was a bit aggressive, not only because his girlfriend had been quarreling with him recently, but also because the call had just scared him.


   "My colleague's friend company is short of people, 2500 a month, would you like to check it out?"


On the phone, Shao Dahai’s girlfriend’s tone was a bit blunt, but from the perspective of her helping him find a job, she still cared about him. Hearing that, Shao Dahai was a little surprised. After two seconds, he said, “I know! Send me the specific location and the contact number of the other party. I will contact myself!"


   Nannan: "Good!"


   The phone was hung up, and within a minute, the girlfriend's message was also sent over. The message was the address of the company, as well as the last name and contact number of her colleague and friend.


   But now he dare to stay here to work?


It’s no secret that he is in city a. Many students know that with Lu Yang’s current ability, he will soon be able to find out his current position. He blackmailed Lu Yang twice. This time he not only blackmailed, but also sent the photos to him in advance. His girlfriend, Cao Xue, and Lu Yang didn't even answer his phone, obviously they were really angry.


   Shao Dahai suddenly cried. A big man just buried his face in his hands and started to cry. After crying for a long time, he wiped the tears from his face with the back of his hand. He dragged out the suitcase from under the bed and started packing. He was leaving here, it was too dangerous to stay here.




   When Lu Yang returned to Shanghai, it was already past four o'clock in the afternoon. He was in a bad mood. When he returned to his residence, he brought a few cans of beer on the coffee table, picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, while watching TV absently. While drinking, drinking beer after beer, his drunkenness gradually surged. I don’t know when he drank, his hand was loosened on the sofa, and half of the beer can slipped from his hand and fell. Beside the sofa, gurgling beer flows from the mouth of the can, with white bubbles. And Lu Yang was already asleep, and there were a series of programs still playing on TV.


   one day, two days, three days...


   For three days in a row, Lu Yang didn't have much energy, nor was he in the mood to code words. Either drinking dull, or watching TV, or looking for movies on the computer, or looking for broken-hearted songs.


   as a rebirth. He always thought that he would never lose love again in this life, especially as he made more money. When the career gets bigger and bigger.


   stepping on a few boats just made him feel guilty. Never thought that Cao Xue would voluntarily leave him.


Over the past three days, his cell phone has been turned on 24 hours a day and kept on hand, hoping to wait for Cao Xue’s call, even if it’s just a text message. Unfortunately, for three days in a row, Lu Yang received a lot of calls and text messages, but none of them. None of them were called or sent by Cao Xue.


   She seems to have disappeared from his life.


   In three days, the box office of "Dragon and Snake" has continued to rise, and there are still no new popular movies released. "Dragon and Snake" has been on the big screen from the 16th, and now the total box office has exceeded 20 million.


   This is only the box office that was released in mainland China. Just a few days ago, "Dragon and Snake Fight" was also released in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Wang Lin called Lu Yang and said that the box office in those two places was good and the situation was gratifying.


Fortunately, the update of "The Master" is supported by the manuscript, otherwise, the three days will be interrupted. Three days ago, Lu Yang made a one-week scheduled release at a time, and he didn't need it for one week. Regardless of the update of this book.


   is also because of this scheduled release. Lu Yang had a very decadent life here, and his book fans didn't know at all, and they were still watching his work in a hurry.




   Where did Cao Xue go?


  Lu Yang didn't expect that on this day, Cao Xue came to the city of g province, why did she come here?


  The reason is very simple. Tong Yaqian recently came here to perform with the orchestra.


In a coffee shop named Ming Dian on the coastal road of s city, Cao Xue wearing a white princess dress sits in a position by the window, with a window on the right hand side, a wall behind him, and a pot of leaves not far to the left. Very big bonsai.


   She always drinks coffee and likes cappuccino. It tastes sweet and easy to import, but today she ordered a latte, which is her mood these days.


People usually have a very self-abusing habit and have suffered a major blow. They like to yell under a thunderstorm, or run to KTV, order a lot of alcohol, drink heavily, and shout hoarsely one after another. song.


   Mingming was bitter in his heart, and still wanted to drink bitter coffee.


   Except for an oil road outside the window, there are beaches and the sea. The undulating sea is beautiful, but in the eyes of sad people, the beautiful sea also has a sad color.


   Cao Xue stared at the sea outside the window, her expression unchanged for a long time. It wasn't until a melodious high-heeled shoes approached rhythmically that she seemed to be awakened suddenly and looked back.


   Tong Yaqian is here.


Long burgundy hair, two big crescent-shaped earrings, exquisite face, big bright eyes, slightly upturned, smiling corners of the mouth, slender white neck, tall and handsome figure is a bright red outside Under the windbreaker, there are two long, round and smooth legs exposed. Below is a pair of exquisite white high heels. From the moment she walked into the coffee house to now, everyone's eyes gathered in the whole coffee house, regardless of age or sex. On her.


   She is more beautiful than before! People who don't know, at first glance, out of ten would think she is a big star.


   Seeing Cao Xue, Tong Yaqian smiled without saying a word.


"Cao Xue? Why do you have time to see me? When I just received your call, I couldn't believe it! Where's Lu Yang? Did he go to the bathroom? Are you here to travel this time? "


   While talking to Cao Xue with a smile, Tong Yaqian stroked the hem of the trench coat behind his hips and sat down gracefully opposite Cao Xue.


Cao Xue's expression was very calm. He did not yell like ordinary women when they met, and even rushed to scratch Tong Yaqian. After Tong Yaqian took her seat, Cao Xue faintly smiled and lightly opened her lips: "He is not here, I am alone. Come. By the way! What do you want to drink?"


   At this time, a waiter came over with a pen and paper and politely asked Tong Yaqian what he wanted.


   "Cappuccino! Thank you!"


   Dismissed the waiter, Tong Yaqian was a little surprised: "Lu Yang didn't come? Is he busy lately?".


   was taken aback, Tong Yaqian chuckled again and said, "That's right! He has an investment movie released recently, I'm afraid there is no time!"


Cao Xue smiled right, neither saying yes nor saying no. Tong Yaqian was very enthusiastic. Maybe she regarded Cao Xue as her greatest love rival, but she was a smart woman, even if she had another opinion on Cao Xue, she would reunite after a long time. , Especially Cao Xue came here alone this time to look for her. On the surface, she still showed a warm attitude to entertain Cao Xue, an old classmate and roommate.


Tong Yaqian enthusiastically introduced Cao Xue to some interesting places here, as well as some good clothing stores, snack streets, etc. Cao Xue kept smiling and listening, and her expression was very calm, until the cappuccino that Tong Yaqian asked for came up, Tong Yaqian With a graceful smile, when he picked up the coffee cup and was about to take a sip, Cao Xue suddenly said something completely irrelevant to Tong Yaqian's previous topics.


   "I'm getting married! Will you come by then?".


In a word, it was like an arrow hit Tong Yaqian's heart suddenly, and it was like a petrification magic was suddenly applied to her. Tong Yaqian's elegant smile was fixed on her face, and the coffee that had been brought to her mouth stopped there, even She kept her head down because she wanted to drink coffee.


Cao Xue didn't speak any more, Tong Yaqian had no other reaction for a while. The atmosphere between the two of them solidified suddenly. After three or four seconds, Tong Yaqian kept smiling, raised her head and asked, "Really? With whom? Lu Yang ?"


   At this moment, Tong Yaqian suddenly had some fluke in her heart, because today Cao Xue came alone and Lu Yang was not there, that is to say, Cao Xue might have broken up with Lu Yang.


   Even she knew in her heart that this possibility was very small, because it was too sudden, but compared to what Cao Xue said just now, at this time, she could only think like this.


   Unfortunately, Cao Xue's answer broke her fluke.


"Well, who else is there besides him? You know, I have been with him in my freshman year, and it has been five years now! I can't live without him, and he can't live without me! You say yes Bar?"


   Cao Xue's expression is still indifferent, but the smile on her face is a little more intensive.


   The smile on Tong Yaqian's face is a bit unsustainable, while reluctantly maintaining a smile echoes: "Yes! Yes! He can't do without you..."


While lowering her head to drink the coffee in her hand, she used the gesture of drinking coffee to hide her mood at the moment, but her trembling right hand betrayed her heart, and the coffee was dangling in the There are some Suddenly it spilled on her snow-white delicate jade hand, and the coffee just brought was still a bit hot. Tong Yaqian hurriedly put the coffee on the table, and in a hurry, she couldn't find the paper towel for a while.


   "Here! Wipe it!"


   A snow-white tissue appeared in front of her, which Cao Xue handed over.


   Tong Yaqian said thank you in a low voice, and after receiving it, she lowered her head and wiped the coffee on the back of her hand.


   At this time, she was upset and depressed.


Cao Xue was not in high mood. Tong Yaqian lowered her head and wiped the coffee on the back of her hand. She looked at Tong Yaqian in a dazed expression. She wanted to hate Tong Yaqian. Before coming, she thought that Lu Yang would tell her in front of Tong Yaqian. Married and hurt Tong Yaqian, she will be happy in her heart.


   But when she did that, she realized that she was not at all happy.


Why is this?


   Cao Xue wondered. (To be continued...)