Rebirth 2003

Chapter 606: Occasionally unreasonable


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That Huang Xiaolei has an acute appendicitis attack and needs surgery right away! Who of you two will pay the fee?""Huh?"  ;Bai Jingjing immediately stood up and walked over, and while walking quickly to the nurse, she hurriedly asked: "Appendicitis? No? How much? How much? How much will I pay? !"&Nbsp;Lu Yang also turned his head when he heard the words. He was also a little surprised. Acute appendicitis...he had guessed it before. The nurse handed the payment slip to Bai Jingjing and urged: "Go ahead! Appendicitis is just a minor operation! As long as the operation is timely, there will be no problem!"  ;"Oh oh! I'll hand it in! I'll hand it in!"Bai Jingjing repeatedly agreed, the nurse saw that she did not express any objection, turned around and left, Bai Jingjing hurriedly walked away Go to the payment window. But just after walking a few steps, she stopped and subconsciously reached out and touched the two trouser pockets. There was a mobile phone in the right pocket, and dozens of dollars was taken out in the left pocket. But only a few dozen dollars. As for the upper body? She is wearing a sweater today without a pocket. Bai Jingjing subconsciously looked back at Lu Yang who was sitting there. Without her speaking, Lu Yang knew what was going on. Without saying anything, she stood up and walked over. Received the bill from her. "Let me hand it in!"Leave this sentence aside, Lu Yang has walked towards the payment window, Bai Jingjing stood there, looking at Lu Yang with a somewhat dazed expression Back view. After ten minutes, Lu Yang paid the fee and came back. She was still standing there motionless, Lu Yang walked up to her silently, without saying anything, just handed the bill to her. Bai Jingjing looked at him, and stopped talking. In the end, many words turned into a low "thank you", and took the bill and walked quickly to the operating room. Lu Yang glanced outside the glass wall not far away, and the lovers had disappeared. Their appearance seemed to be only for Bai Jingjing to see when Bai Jingjing fell out of love. Sigh slightly. Lu Yang turned and walked towards Bai Jingjing. ……Some people say: Only when you have loved can you know how to cherish, and only when you have been hurt and hurt others can you know how to be compassionate. This sentence actually makes sense. Just as at this time, Lu Yang came behind Bai Jingjing and looked at her anxiously at the door of the operating room. Looking at her weak shoulders and helpless look, she didn't play with her feelings a few years ago. And Lu Yang, who felt so guilty, really regretted what happened back then for the first time. This moment. He thinks a lot. He suddenly discovered that after being born again, he had been trying to prove something. Perhaps he hadn't noticed it before, but subconsciously, because he was deeply hurt by Feng Tingting, after rebirth, he always wanted to prove that he could conquer many women, and wanted to use facts Tell her, can't afford it! Even if you like me again, I won't be with you! Because there are so many women around me who are better than you! "Is that what I think?"Standing a few steps behind Bai Jingjing, Lu Yang asked himself in a soft voice, a little surprised. He felt like it was, because he did do this in recent years, but he didn’t think it was because when he was reborn, he did have the mentality of playing games with women, but later When he met Cao Xue, he changed his mind. But...why do I think of this at this moment? ……people, in fact, you can’t ask your own heart! Because everyone is not perfect, once you ask yourself, you will inevitably fall into self-denial and then become unhappy. This is how Lu Yang is at this time. For a while, Lu Yang did not step forward to disturb Bai Jingjing. He sat down on the bench in the corridor outside the operating room and waited quietly for the results of the surgery. Bai Jingjing probably heard the movement behind her. When she turned her head, she saw Lu Yang sitting on the bench. After hesitating, she walked over and sat down beside Lu Yang. Lu Yang glanced at her, then looked away. Not long ago, Bai Jingjing questioned him, as if still lingering in his ears. He began to a little dare not look at her eyes. At this moment, she was helpless. Eye. "Lu Yang!"Lu Yang did not speak, but Bai Jingjing spoke instead. Lu Yang turned his face to look at her, waiting to hear what she said. Bai Jingjing seemed a little embarrassed to look at him, lowered her head slightly, put her hands on her lower abdomen, twisted them together, and said quietly, "I was in a bad mood just now. I was wrong if it was posted on you! Sorry!"Lu Yang did not expect that she was apologizing. After she finished speaking, Lu Yang blinked, and a few seconds later, he said flatly:" It's okay! You are right! I am sorry for you!"Bai Jingjing raised her eyes and looked at him when she heard the words, opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say for a while. Lu Yang smiled faintly, stretched out his right hand in front of her, and in Bai Jingjing's puzzled eyes, said flatly: "I borrow your phone to use it!"" Oh!"Bai Jingjing promised and quickly took out her mobile phone from her pocket, and then asked: "Your mobile phone is dead? Or are you in arrears?"" Um, no battery!" Lu Yang replied casually, took the mobile phone handed by Bai Jingjing and brought it in front of him, pressed the phone button, and found that the screen was locked. He handed it back to her, Bai Jingjing saw him, took it back and unlocked the screen, and then handed it to Lu Yang. Lu Yang smiled faintly, after receiving the phone again. Slightly turned the phone screen to make Bai Jingjing unable to see what he was operating on her phone. Seeing him like this, Bai Jingjing thought he was trying to make a secret call, so she subconsciously looked away for the convenience of Lu Yang. And what about Lu Yang...He found the "Zheng" number in Bai Jingjing's mobile phone address book. He glanced at the person's number, and then wrote it down, then quit the phone address book, and handed the phone back to Bai Jingjing. "Forget it! I don't remember the number, I will call it later!" Lu Yang explained. Bai Jingjing has no doubts. After receiving the mobile phone, he asked with concern by the way: "Is it an important call? Or, should you go back first? I'll just wait here! I'm sorry today, I've already troubled you a lot!" Lu Yang smiled and shook his head. "It's okay! It's not an important call, I'll wait with you!"……Huang Xiaolei's surgery is not long, not long It was pushed out from the operating room. The doctor said that he needed to be hospitalized for three to five days, and asked Lu Yang and the others to go through the hospitalization procedures. Bai Jingjing didn't carry much money. Naturally, Lu Yang paid the fee this time. It has been more than half an hour after Huang Xiaolei is settled. Bai Jingjing wants to stay here to take care of her, and it's time for Lu Yang to leave. Bai Jingjing sent Lu Yang to the inpatient department and said to Lu Yang, "It's okay to have you today. I will pay you back the surgery and hospitalization fees when I have time!" Lu Yang shook his head slightly: "No need! You know, this little money is nothing to me now! No need to pay it back! Call me anytime if I have something to do in the future! I can help. I will definitely help you!" Bai Jingjing was a little surprised by Lu Yang's promise, so she took another look at Lu Yang. But he insisted that he would pay back the money Lu Yang used today. Lu Yang did not argue with her either, and said goodbye. Waved his hand and left. Bai Jingjing stood at the inpatient department and watched Lu Yang leave. She turned back to Huang Xiaolei's hospital room until he was no longer visible. As soon as I walked in, I heard Huang Xiaolei smile and say: "Jingjing! I think your old classmate seems a bit interesting to you! How about? Do you want to dump your Zheng? Your old classmate lives in a villa and drives a luxury car! Marry him, you don’t have to worry about anything in the rest of your life!" Go to the corner of the door and pour a glass of boiling water. Before, she received a call from someone Zheng to break up at the hospital payment window. At that time, Huang Xiaolei was in the operating room. She didn't know that she had broken up with that person just today. So, Huang Xiaolei's joking words at this time are very harsh in Bai Jingjing's ears, and they belong to the kind of pot that can't be opened or which pot. Huang Xiaolei noticed Bai Jingjing's strange expression, and the smile on her face slowly reduced, and asked puzzledly: "Jingjing! What's wrong with you? I think you seem to have something on your mind?" "It’s okay! You have a good rest! Try to be discharged early! By the way! I called the boss to ask for leave! I almost forgot to ask for leave with the boss!"Bai Jingjing said, just Put down the water glass and started calling the two leaders in front of Huang Xiaolei. Huang Xiaolei complained depressedly: "What a bad luck today! Well, I suddenly got acute appendicitis! Can I make it even worse?"...... Let’s talk about Lu Yang's side. Back in the car, Lu Yang drove the car out of the hospital. After leaving the hospital, he parked the car in the parking space on the roadside, then took out his mobile phone and entered the Zheng in the dialing area. Someone’s cell phone number. The call is connected after a few rings. "Hello? Hello! Who is it?"A young man's voice came across the phone, kind of very polite. It seems that just breaking up with Bai Jingjing did not affect her mood. Lu Yang asked blankly: "Are you Mr. Zheng?""Ah, yes, yes! I am Zheng Shaojian! Are you?" Zheng Shaojian, when Lu Yang called him Mr. Zheng, his voice became more enthusiastic. Lu Yang: "I heard that you sell cosmetics?"Zheng Shaojian: "Yes, yes! Sir, do you want to buy cosmetics for your girlfriend? I There are various grades of cosmetics here! If you want to buy it, sir, I can give you more discounts!"Lu Yang: "Where is your store? Let me have a look! "&Nbsp;Zheng Shaojian: "Huh? Sir, do you really want to buy? Okay! I will send you the location of our shop by text message, sir, where are you now? Probably how long Can I come here? I can wait for you in the store!"Business literacy is not bad...This thought flashed through Lu Yang's heart, but a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth. . "I'll be here soon! Send me the address!"Lu Yang said flatly. Zheng Shaojian: "Oh, good, good! I will send you the address right away! Please wait a moment! Looking forward to your visit! Thank you for your patronage!"Call When it was over, Zheng Shaojian quickly sent the address to Lu Yang's phone, and Lu Yang glanced at it and threw the phone in the passenger seat. What does he want to do? Of course, take that grandson! Although Lu Yang had hurt Bai Jingjing, this did not prevent him from hating the guy named Zheng Shaojian! It's just hitting someone! Hit if you want! As for Lu Yang, does he have this position and qualifications? If you don’t have a position and qualifications, you have to go! Sometimes Lu Yang's personality is also unreasonable. (The novel "Rebirth 2003" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there will also be a 100% lucky draw gift for everyone! 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