Rebirth 2003

Chapter 631: "Those Years" released

On March 12, at 10 am, Shanghai Cathay Pacific Cinema was crowded with people inside and outside, thousands of fans, book fans, or holding brand-new books, notebooks, or holding them high The posters, flowers, and clappers of certain stars gathered outside the gate of the cinema. The guns and guns of dozens of news media on the scene had already been in place, occupying advantageous geographical locations. The theater also displayed a set of speakers in a coordinated manner, and a piece of music was played immediately outside the gate. The atmosphere at the scene was quite hot. The pedestrians and vehicles coming and going nearby subconsciously slowed down, and curious eyes were constantly paying attention here. A passing 20-year-old female white-collar worker just passed by here. Seeing this scene, my curiosity was greatly aroused, just to see two boys holding Tong Liya posters standing on the side of the road. The white lady hesitated, so she walked over and interrupted the two boys who were chatting quietly. "Uh, sorry! Excuse me! Are there any well-known movies to be shown here today? What is the name of the female star on the poster in your hand?" I can't blame the clumsy eyes of this female white-collar worker, but now Tong Liya's reputation is really not that big, at least she hasn't had a masterpiece that can make most of the audience remember her name. As for her good looks and beautiful? There are more and more beautiful female stars in the entertainment industry. How many female stars are known to the audience because of their beauty? The two boys who were questioned, one with pale skin and introverted eyes, is obviously an otaku who is not good at communication, the other is slightly shorter and fatter, with a cheerful personality and non-mainstream hair Rooster head. Hearing that, he grinned and said, "The girl we chased together in those years!" Didn't you know that this movie premiered here today? I heard that not only Tong Liya and Lin Gengxin will be here today. There is also Big stars such as Zhang Li, Zhao Wenzhuo, and Donnie Yen will come over, beauties! Would you like to wait with us?"Female white-collar workers: "..."Female white-collar workers Obviously, I didn't expect that I just asked out of curiosity. The head of the rooster hit a snake on the root, trying to soak her, subconsciously glanced at the five short stature of the head of the rooster, and a pair of dead fish eyes. The female white-collar worker smiled reluctantly and said: "Uh, no! I have something to do, let’s go! Bye!""Huh? Something? Leave a phone call?" The cock's head has no eyesight, and I want to fight for it again. The female white-collar worker has quickened her pace to leave and fled in a hurry. ……Yes! Today is the premiere of "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years". This movie was originally produced in the second half of last year, but in order to avoid the Lu Young decided to postpone the release date, which was delayed until March of this year. A few days ago, when Wang Lin asked him when it was released, Lu Yang was in a low mood. Just let Wang Lin decide for himself, anyway, in his impression, in the two or three months after the New Year every year. There are rarely strong films. Real strong films have generally been released in the Lunar New Year archives last year. New strong films are still being shot, with the creativity and quality of "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years". Lu Yang is not worried about its box office. This movie is in Lu Yang's memory. There are a few Chinese films that have a small cost but have a big box office. This video is compared to the original. With a slight change, the male and female protagonists have been changed. When the production was completed in the second half of last year, Lu Yang had already seen it in advance and had a good idea of ​​its quality. This premiere is slightly different from the premieres of several other films invested by Lu Yang. It is also the time when the premiere of this film landed on the big screens of various movie theaters across the country. time. At this time, the main creators of the film have already been waiting at the entrance of the theater early. Wang Lin, on behalf of the investor, was also standing with the creative staff at this time, but Lu Yang was not seen. This made the film's director and deputy director Dai Qingwa and Jiu Pao a little uneasy, and it also made Tong Liya a little disappointed. After welcoming two simultaneous guests into the theater again, Dai Qingwa returned to Wang Lin and asked in a low voice: "Linzi! Why don't you call Lu Yang again? Why didn't he come today? Is he not confident in our movie?"Wang Lin did not answer yet, Tong Liya squeezed to the side for some unknown reason and asked softly: "Mr. Wang! Lu Why didn’t you come? I heard that he had participated in the premieres of several previous movies. Is he not satisfied with my performance?" It attracted the attention of several chief creators, and they listened with ears erect, especially Lin Gengxin, who is still a newcomer. Although this kid has a handsome appearance, it is the first time he has starred in a movie. Today He was specially dressed up and handsome. I didn’t expect that not long after I came here, I heard that President Lu, the core boss of Choulin Film Company, would not appear today. He immediately cast a shadow over his mood, fearing that he would enter President Lu’s. Blacklisted, he also hopes that he will be able to take on the next film invested by Chou Lin Film Company! At this moment, when "The Girl We Chased Together" was not released yet, no one present could predict the box office of this movie, including Wang Lin, Dai Qingwa and Jiuba Knife. At this time, hearing the director and Tong Liya's inquiry, Lin Gengxin's two ears stood up, and there was tension in his eyes. Wang Lin helplessly spread his hands and said: "I have explained it several times! The reason is really not what you think! Wenda is very optimistic about the box office of your movie!"  ;Wang Lin’s explanation did not convince Dai Qingwa, Dai Qingwa asked, “It’s not what we thought, what kind of it?”Tong Liya: “Yes! What if! President Lu is really optimistic about the box office of this movie, he has no reason not to come!"Jiu Dao: "A lot of his book fans came to the scene today, just waiting for him to sign. !"&Nbsp;Since book fans know that Wen Chou’s signature can sell for a lot of money, more and more book fans want his signature in recent years. For premieres like this, Lu Yang attended Several times, every time I met some book fans who asked him for an autograph. But these fans who came today seem to be disappointed. Wang Lin scratched his head with a headache, helplessly looking at Dai Qingwa, Jiu Pao and Tong Liya in front of him, as well as the inquiring eyes of Lin Gengxin and others. There are too many people who want to know the answer, and Wang Lin has no choice but to reveal some information. "Okay! Let me tell you this! Wenda has recently been trapped by love, living in a simple way, and not in the mood to participate in any lively activities. I say this, do you understand? Huh?" "No way?""Being trapped by love?""He will still be trapped by love? Are you teasing me?"Dai Qingwa Tong Liya and others looked at each other. Although they felt incredible, they had no choice but to stop asking more wittily when Wang Lin had come to this point. It was not a good habit to break the casserole and ask the boss. Tong Liya looked thoughtful, moved slightly, and stood next to Lin Gengxin, not knowing what she was thinking. ……"Will you be troubled? Just like the **** going to the brothel. If you want to drink wine, I will leave if I don’t have good food; ask you I would like to hold a small hand with me. I don’t have the money to open a house and take a fart..."Where is Lu Yang now? In the villa of Shimao Lakeside Garden? ! He is wearing a gray baseball cap and loose sportswear. He is sitting in the car, but the car is parked not far from the gate of the Poly Cinema. "The Girl We Chased Together" movie tickets were placed on the platform by him casually. At this time, I was very boring, leaning on the seat relaxedly, resting his right hand on the steering wheel, tapping his index finger repeatedly, but he was muttering that he didn’t know where to take it. The weird words that came out were something that came out of my mind, just mutter it out. If someone is beside him at this time and hears these nonsensical words, they will definitely laugh. This is the big boss with a net worth of more than 100 million yuan, and the only quality of the 6th-level **** of the starting point Chinese website. Okay! In fact, from the beginning to the end, he is a naked character. As for the quality and the gentleman's demeanor, he has never had a chance with him. He has been living according to his own ideas. He likes to write novels. He has a net worth of hundreds of millions. He still insists on writing every day. If he wants a good car, he buys a Land Rover. He promises to give Tong Yaqian a big house and buy a villa. Think of mobile phone reading, read bookworms, think of WeChat, just do WeChat. If you want to participate in the investment of "Jinyiwei", even if you are not sure about the box office of this movie, you will still do it. In the first few years of his rebirth, his biggest wish was indeed to make more money, but in recent years, as his wealth became more and more abundant, his subconscious mindset has gradually changed. Conscientiously being a rebirth, it is impossible for him to be short of money in this life. Therefore, his plans are becoming more and more arbitrary. What he wants to do, as long as his desire is strong, no matter whether he can make money or not. Want to try it. Especially recently there has been a big problem in relationship, he has become more lazy and indulgent. Clearly wanted to watch "The Girl We Chased Together" to be released, but because she didn't want to socialize, she didn't go to the Cathay Cinema and waited outside the Poly Cinema alone. Said that he is self-willed or ignorant of the general, he did it anyway. Now, as Wang Lin said, he does not like lively occasions and just wants to be alone. When he came out today, he didn't even bring He Baiming, the only bodyguard. Sitting in the car and watching people enter the theater from time to time, coming in and out, Lu Yang was very relaxed, and he unconsciously said nonsense: "There is a girl in the village called Xiaofang, Good-looking and lewd...a pair of beautiful big babies, big and soft..."He just sang a few lines of a song that he had unconsciously changed into a mess~ The phone alarm on the platform also rang, and the mess of singing stopped. Lu Yang smiled slightly, reached out his hand, grabbed the phone and movie ticket, and pushed the door to get out of the car. The release time of "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years" is approaching. (To be continued)ps: Thank you Feng Yu 70, 18918899 for a reward of 100 points, thank you for your monthly pass! Continue to ask for monthly tickets!