Rebirth 2003

Chapter 638: Donnie?


When you came to the group list, Lu Yang found that the chat records of several book fan groups were full, and the number of chat records behind each group was 999+. 999...much like Piyanping! Without making sense, Lu Yang habitually first clicked the Kaiwen Chou Primitive Group. I think I’m fine: "This is a sad story! The male protagonist has been in close contact with the supporting actor, and the female protagonist is standing aside as an audience. The picture is so beautiful. I said you don’t believe it!" stranded: "No? How could there be such a movie? I still believe that Wenda’s morals will not do this! The upstairs must be spreading rumors, one Look is bad silver!"Dark ten generations: "Yes! The goods upstairs are the worst! Stranded, about?"&nbsp ;Gong Qingyan: "Uncle, we don't make an appointment!"The Ten Generations of Darkness: "..."& nbsp;Xuan Tianzong: "Haha! Dark stupid, right? The stranded girl belongs to me! Gong Qingyan also belongs to me! All the girls in the group belong to me! Wen Da promised, I want to lead me to lay a big harem! The girls in the group are all members of my harem! Your wolf ambition, everyone has already seen through! You have to give up!"&nbsp ;No text: "Xuan Tianzong! When did Wen Da say that he would take you to lay a big harem? Even if Wen Dazhen told you, maybe he lied to you! What did he say about you? What do you believe? You are too naive!"No more: "Said weakly, can you divide me into a girl?"& ;nbsp;The Silent Lamb: "You crooked the building so badly! Didn’t you just discuss the new movie of the University of Wenzhou? Sit up the fart, OK?"& ;nbsp;Tianai Xingkong: "Upstairs is right! "Those Years" is very beautiful. But the male protagonist did kiss the supporting actor, and the female protagonist is indeed the audience! But it is exactly that Kisses make this new film of Wenda unique. Extraordinarily touching! Stranded girl! You believe Wenda is right! But don’t believe it because of morality or something!"& nbsp;Stranded: "???"In the pond: "Wen University’s morals have long been eaten by dogs!"& nbsp;Nothing: "Statement! I didn't eat it!" Xuan Tianzong: "Hahaha! The black dog took the initiative to check in! Hahaha! Killing me! "&Amp;nbsp;Lan? People: "Puff! "&Amp;nbsp;Suifengju: "What a cute black dog! I'm planning to buy a puppy recently. I haven't figured out what breed to buy. Now I have decided! I want to buy a black dog! Ha ha! "&Amp;nbsp;y`y stray life: "Poor black dog! It's out of help! "&Amp;nbsp;No more: "Oh! Sorry! "&Amp;nbsp;...Lu Yang did not speak in the group, and watched for a while in the original group. With a smile, I went to a few other book fans to watch for a while, and I was about to go to the Dark Realm and the Thrones of the Gods to look again. The door of the study was knocked twice.&nbsp ;"Mr. Lu! Mr. Donnie Yen is here, waiting for you downstairs! "&Amp;nbsp;is the voice of the housekeeper.Is Zhen Ziyang here?&nbsp ;Lu Yang was surprised."Oh. understood! I am down! "&Amp;nbsp;Lu Yang responded, quickly put down the mouse, got up and walked over to open the door, and went out from the study.& ;nbsp;The butler lowered his eyebrows and stepped aside. Lu Yang didn’t ask him anything, but speeded up his pace and went downstairs.Zhen Ziyang, always An action superstar that Lu Yang likes very much. In his mind, among all action stars, Yen Zipeng is the most capable and fierce one. I still remember the first time I knew about this star, when I was in college, I saw a disc in the bedroom next door-Donnie Yen’s "Legend of Wolf Warriors".& nbsp;Those who have watched "Legend of Wolf Warriors" know that Yen Ziyang was very crazy in this film. When filming "Legend of Wolf Warriors", Yen Ziyang was a young and powerful year. "Legend of Wolf Warriors" is not only his starring role, but also his directing.The first time Lu Yang watched Donnie Yen’s movie was this "Legend of Wolf Warriors" "At that time, I only felt blood boiling. For the first time, I discovered that the male protagonist in an action movie was so ferocious, wild and murderous.This is the same as Lu Yang. All the action movies I've seen before are completely different, in Lu Yang’s impression. No matter which action movie I have seen before, no matter how high the martial arts the actor is. At least he is very decent and peaceful. .&Amp;nbsp;The only exception is probably only Bruce Lee.But Bruce Lee has long been a dead end, I did not expect that that day In the afternoon, a "Legend of Wolf Warriors" made Lu Yang suddenly discover another powerful, wild and fierce action star, Donnie Yen.that afternoon While watching this movie, Lu Yang heard someone next to him say that this movie was directed and acted by Donnie Yen. What Lu Yang thought at the time was—it’s really hard to become famous! There’s no such thing as an action star who can play like this before. I have heard that this "Legend of Wolf Warriors" should be his proof of his work!Those who Lu Yang thought and Yen Zirong played against at the time, It's all Zhen Zi Peng's friends, a group of people who can beat but have no talent, couldn't find a chance to show themselves, so a few people had to make a small investment movie together. I have to say that Lu Yang was still naive at the time. Only from the rough picture quality of this movie, he judged that this movie was a low-cost movie, naively I thought that the actors in the movie who fought intensely with Donnie Yen all have a superb real skill. Later, Lu Yang watched all the movies starring Donnie Yen and liked him more. The only regret is that Donnie Yen is getting older His actions are no longer as sharp and murderous as when he was young, and his temperament has become more and more peaceful. The rebellious eyes and ferocious expressions of when he was young gradually disappeared. Lu Yang has several cognitions about Yen Zipeng's impression. In the movie, he is a very good Kung Fu superstar. When Chinese action movie stars are old, young and young, they are almost out of touch. Donnie Yen The radiance is so bright, it is hailed as the best in the universe. But in the news, and in some novels about the rebirth of the entertainment industry, Lu Yang saw another side of him. Some people say that he has a bad temper in life. The most impressive time for Lu Yang was the outbreak of the contradiction between Yen Ziyun and Zhao Wenzhuo. Blame each other in the media. Lu Yang is a pure movie fan. He likes Donnie Yen’s movies and Zhao Wenzhuo’s, for what kind of person they are in their lives. He is not interested in knowing and studying deeply. For Lu Yang, as long as he can often see the wonderful action movies brought by these two kung fu superstars. If the film is good-looking, continue to support it. If the film is not good-looking, no matter how good your character is in your life, it is useless. Zhao Wenzhuo. Lu Yang has already contacted and cooperated once. I feel pretty good, and now Donnie Yen is here too, I don’t know what happened? In the process of going downstairs, Lu Yang thought of two possibilities. One is about "Jinyiwei". The other is "Guild Wars." Before the release of "Ip Man", Lu Yang, as a major investor, urged Li Rengang to sign Donnie Yen to star in "Jin Yiwei" in advance. Later, he thought of "Guild Wars" "", Lu Yang used Li Rengang to match the script and handed the script to Donnie Yen, who also signed Donnie Yen to "Guild Wars" at a low price. I don't know if Donnie Yen came over today to mention the "Guild Wars" pay. Right now, Donnie Yen is very hot in the film industry. I don’t know how many directors and filmmakers are waving checks and wanting him to appear in their movies. Open to more than 20 million. "Haha! I did not expect Mr. Zhen to be here today. Welcome!"has not been completely When Lu Yang came down the stairs, he saw Yen Ziyang and a woman with glasses sitting in the living room standing one by one, with Yen Ziyang's hands stuck at the waist. I was looking around Lu Yang's villa, and when I heard the voice, both Yan Zirong and the woman with glasses looked over. This is the first time Donnie Yen has met with Lu Yang. The last time he signed the script contract for "Guild Wars", it was Li Rengang and Zhen It was Wang Lin who signed the contract with Zi Peng on behalf of Chou Lin Film Company. Before you come. Donnie Yen had long heard that Lu Yang was very young, but at this time he met real Lu Yang. I still couldn't help but froze for a while, and then he showed his iconic smile, showing white teeth, and strode towards Lu Yang. "I should say sorry if I take the liberty to visit the door! Mr. Lu! Hello!" When we met for the first time, Donnie Yen was very enthusiastic, and she shook hands with Lu Yang. His Mandarin was not very standard. Lu Yang felt a little awkward when he heard it, but he also understood that it was spoken in Cantonese after all. I'm used to it. How many Mandarin can Hong Kong and Taiwan stars speak well? "What are you talking about? Brother Zhen, you are my favorite Kung Fu star! Usually please don't invite him. Today we can welcome Brother Zhen, it is definitely Peng Xun is brilliance!"Yen Zizhen is polite, and Lu Yang has no choice in his attitude, which is contrary to his usually indifferent temperament. I heard that she is Lu Yang’s favorite Kung Fu star, Yen Ziyang smiled happily, and at this time, the woman with glasses sitting on the sofa also He walked over and stretched out his right hand to Lu Yang. "Mr. Lu! It’s the first time to meet, I’m happy to meet you! I’m Mr. Donnie Yen’s agent, my surname is Liang!"& nbsp;"Hello Miss Liang!"Lu Yang and the Miss Liang also shook hands. "Come! Let's sit down and have some tea! Brother Zhen! Miss Liang! Please!"& ;nbsp;"Haha, good!""Well, please also Mr. Lu!" The three were polite and came to the coffee table together. The three sat opposite each other across the coffee table. Before Lu Yang went downstairs, the nanny had already made tea for the two of them. After sitting down, Lu Yang and Donnie Yen said some gossip again. Lu Yang praised Donnie Yen for her good performance. Donnie Yen praised this The villa was not bad, and after some mutual support, Miss Liang, Yen’s agent, took the initiative to get into the topic. "Mr. Lu! That's it! This time Zi Peng and I came here, mainly to talk to you about the movie "Guild Wars", to be honest Zifeng’s current value is different from the past, so I think we need to discuss the contract for the movie "Guild Wars" and the remuneration! What do you think?" Sure enough, it’s about "Guild Wars"...Lu Yang smiled, UU reading did not immediately answer Miss Liang, but Smilingly looked at Donnie Yen and asked, "I don’t know what Brother Zhen thinks about the script of the movie "Guild Wars"? I personally think that before I discuss the remuneration of Brother Zhen with Ms. Liang, the first prerequisite should be that Brother Zhen is satisfied. "Guild Wars" script! What do you think of Brother Zhen?" (to be continued)ps: Thanks to Qiankun Yizhu, Yingyou Mengyue, and Magic Bee for rewarding 100 Point coins, thanks to 4307021989 for rewarding 200 points, and thanks to Xingchen Guoguo for rewarding 588 points. Ask for a monthly pass!