Rebirth 2003

Chapter 66: New book upload

Lu Yang didn’t notice how the roommates of the 103 bedroom talked about him. It was after 12 o’clock that he finally wrote the two chapters and six thousand words for today. Tonight is a bit of a plot, plus Cao Xue is here tonight. After eating with her, I stayed with her for a while, so after writing two chapters, it was only then.

   The story written by Lu Yang in the book "Master Loneliness" is basically completely different from that of Lan Di Meichen's version. However, Lu Yang likes the various killing realms set by Lan Di Meichen, but he borrowed it from it.

Tonight, on a whim, Lu Yang saw an email from Editor Salmon when he logged into his e-mail. Salmon told Lu Yang in the email that the book "Master of Loneliness" is currently selling well in Taiwan, so Lu Yang can write with confidence. draft.

   At this moment, Ye Lan was quiet, Lu Yang sat silently in front of the computer, listening to the song "Sound of Silence" with headphones on, Lu Yang's heart fell silent again.

   habitually took out a cigarette and lit it.

   When the cigarette was lit, Lu Yang smiled bitterly, thinking that he might not be able to give up his addiction in this life.

In his previous life, Lu Yang had quit smoking several times, but when he was writing a manuscript, he couldn't help but want to smoke, especially when plotting and conceiving plots. Whenever he encounters that kind of time, he does not light a cigarette. , The whole person always feels uncomfortable.

   quit smoking several times, but failed.

   Every time he fails, his addiction will get worse. Later, gradually, Lu Yang stopped quitting. In life, there are always things that you can't quit.

   After taking a few puffs of a cigarette, Lu Yang thought about it and put it out in the ashtray.

   I have smoked a lot of cigarettes recently, and my throat has begun to feel uncomfortable.

   It seems that we still need to be more restrained.

   took off the headphones and turned off the computer. Lu Yang went to the bathroom and took a hot bath. When he returned to the bedroom, Cao Xue was still not asleep, and was leaning on the bedside with the bedside lamp on, reading there.

Seeing her quietness, Lu Yang liked it in his heart. He smiled and walked over and went to bed quietly. The air-conditioning in the room was very cool, much more comfortable than the electric fan in Lu Yang's study, and even Cao Xue was even more comfortable. Also covered with air-conditioning quilt.

   Lu Yang gently pulled a little quilt over him, stretched his head over, and leaned over to look at the book in Cao Xue's hand.

   After a few glances, he realized that it was another book on music theory. Lu Yang had read it or not.

   "Does it look good?"

   Lu Yang had nothing to say.

   Cao Xuebai glanced at him, but ignored him.

   Lu Yang's thieves stared at the deep groove exposed at the collar of Cao Xue's pajamas, and his lower body was a little eager to move. Speaking of which, Cao Xue's figure is getting better and better.

   I just glanced at it, and it felt so hot!

   Right now, Lu Yang shrank his head trivially, put his nose in front of the deep ditch, took a deep sniff, a faint fragrance floated into the nasal cavity, and the whole person had a wonderful feeling of airiness.

   "Bad guy!"

   Cao Xue was a little bit unable to enter the book by his wretched movements.

   "No! It's a good egg..."

   Lu Yang said that he was a good egg, but his mouth was bitten with the whiteness...

Cao Xue exclaimed. The book in her hand could no longer be held, and it fell off. She subconsciously hugged Lu Yang's head. Since following Lu Yang, especially since the beginning of this semester, she has gradually become a little bit towards Lu Yang. The feeling of getting what you want.

   For example, tonight, when Lu Yang messed up, she became emotional. Xue Bai's body quickly became hot and hot, and Lu Yang was even more irritated like a beast in heat, causing her to be bad.

   No matter how others don't care about them, tonight, the two of them are in harmony, and the room is full of spring.


   About a week later, the sample books for the third, fourth, and fifth episodes of "Master Loneliness" were sent to Lu Yang. At the same time, the manuscript fee for these three episodes was also paid.

   It is worth mentioning that because C Publishing House has already published a good sales volume of "The Doomsday Wasteland", when this "Master of Loneliness" signed the publishing contract, the publisher offered Lu Yang a little price.

   "The Doomsday Wasteland" is a draft of 4,500 episodes, and "Master Loneliness" mentions 1,000, 5500 per episode.

   So, the draft fee for the three episodes this time is 16,500.

   This is of course a good thing for Lu Yang, and it is also affirmation.

   That evening, when I opened the registered letter in the study and held these three episodes and six sample books, Lu Yang felt that "Master of Loneliness" could almost be serialized on the Internet.

The archive of "The Doomsday Wasteland", the serialization on the Internet, will be over in a few days. Taking advantage of the popularity of this book, uploading "Master Loneliness" at this time, there should be a good one. Starting popularity.

   Thinking of this, Lu Yang turned on his computer, logged into QQ, and contacted his editor Tiange on QQ, and told Tiange about his new book.

   Brother Tian is good at talking, but when it comes to business, he still told Lu Yang to send him the first tens of thousands of words in the new book before he can decide whether the book can be signed inside.

   Internal signing is almost a benefit of the old author.

   As long as there is a popular old VIP book, when an old author opens a new book, he can usually first show the manuscript of the new book to the responsible editor. As long as the quality is not bad, he can sign a contract with the website before publishing it on the Internet.

  In this way, when a new book is uploaded to the website, the website can arrange recommendations in time, which is of great help to the popularity of a new book in the early stage.

   Lu Yang didn't say anything, and immediately sorted out the first 50,000-character manuscript of "Master Loneliness", created a new document, and sent this document to Brother Tian's mailbox.

   "Wait for two days, and I will reply to you in two days."

   After Brother Tian said so on QQ, the rest of the matter was waiting.

Two days later, Tian Ge sent a message to Lu Yang on QQ. The message was like this: "Well, the new writing is good. The subject matter of UU reading www.uukā is very novel. I and the editor-in-chief saw it and thought it could be signed inside. Congratulations! If you have time, contact the contract editor Maruko as soon as possible!"

   Seeing this news, Lu Yang smiled.

   The road of codewords in this life, so far, is considered to be more smooth than in the previous life.

   I immediately contacted the editor of the contract and clarified the contract. In the afternoon, he sent the contract to the editorial department of the starting point.

   On the night when the contract was sent out, Lu Yang created a new book "Master of Loneliness" in the background of his author, and passed it five chapters in one go.

   Then, when uploading the new chapter of today’s "Doomsday Wasteland", I promoted the new book at the end of the chapter. Please try it out.

   Originally a new book has just been uploaded, and it takes 48 hours to review it.

   But after Lu Yang spoke to Brother Tian, ​​Brother Tian manipulated it. Within a few minutes, the book passed the review and could be seen by readers.

   Then, that night, when Lu Yang coded words, he couldn't help but refresh the webpage of "Master Loneliness" from time to time, and refresh the author's background to check the number of people in the collection.

   It seems to have returned to the time when "The Doomsday Wasteland" was just uploaded.

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