Rebirth 2003

Chapter 669: Goodbye Feng Lan

?While waiting for the reader's book review, Lu Yang carefully considered the content of the first two chapters of his new book. After thinking for a while, it is estimated that fast readers may have read these two chapters, and Lu Yang suddenly decided to post another one. Chapter up.


Just the first two chapters, it is inevitable that most readers will mistakenly think that the actor of this book is Feng Xingyun. The death of Feng Xingyun will most likely be mistaken for him to be reincarnated and reborn, and mistaken "The Age of Teachers" as a rebirth category. s work.


   had a decision in his heart, Lu Yang didn't go to the book review area to see if there was a book review, and immediately uploaded another chapter.


   At the beginning of the third chapter of "The Age of Mentors", the actor of this book finally appeared.


   In Lu Yang's setting, the actor is originally a cynical high school student with a good family tradition, but he has nothing to do and has no goals in life. He usually enjoys finding people to fight and pick up girls.

  'S relic of Feng Xingyun, Shen Sheng told him that his brother Feng Xingyun had died for the Federation.


   At that moment, Feng Xingyu was hit by someone in the head, and his ears rang, and he could not hear anyone talking.


   Brother Feng Xingyun is his pride and his only relative.


   He was taught martial arts by his brother. When his brother was there, he always rebelled against his brother, and his brother gave him a generous life. But it also made him lose his motivation to make progress, and now his brother is gone.


  Fengxingyu is the protagonist of the book set by Lu Yang.


   Everyone thinks that the two brothers of the Feng family. Fengxingyun is the best, but no one knows that the most talented one is Fengxingyu. From birth, his memory, analytical ability and martial arts talents have been far above his older brother.


   In this world, geniuses have always been different from ordinary people.


Feng Xingyu’s talent made him learn everything very fast. The consequence of being too fast was that it was extremely easy for him to achieve anything. In addition to a carefree life, he felt that life was boring and he could not find what he was interested in. Do something. Over time, he develops a cynical character.


   In Lu Yang's setting, Feng Xingyu's cynical personality changed overnight because of his brother's death.


He wanted to see his brother again, so he went deep into the mecha game "Six Dao". According to military practice, the souls of military masters who died in battle were included in "Six Dao". The soul in "Six Paths".


   These souls live forever in the "Six Paths" like living people, and will teach various mecha combat skills to those who are predestined. Feng Xingyu went all the way into "Six Paths", saw the souls of military masters one after another, learned one combat technique after another, and defeated one master after another. In the end, it swept the entire "Six Paths", but never saw my brother in it.


   Until one day, a subordinate of his brother found him before his death. Tell him personally the real cause of his brother's death. Virtual mecha combat skills are already invincible in the popularity of "Six Dao", in the college entrance examination that is coming soon. High scores are admitted to the Military Academy of Mentors and Scholars to learn real mecha control technology.




   There are many ways to make a story attractive.


The lowest method should be Xiaohuang's essays, through paragraphs of **** descriptions to attract readers. This approach will always attract many readers, but such essays will never make it to the stage. People are ashamed to tell others, people who watch, are also ashamed to let their friends and relatives know.


   With Lu Yang's current fame, it is naturally impossible to adopt this method.


In a more advanced way, you can create one or two characters that readers love through character creation, so that readers will like it, or you can attract readers through a refreshing storyline one after another, and you can also use humorous writing to make the reader like it. Readers love.


   In Lu Yang's view, the best way is to impress readers with the intention of the article.


   To be more specific, it should be the grasp of grievances.


In Lu Yang's view, all stories cannot be of any theme or type, whether they are fantasy, fairy tales, urban, history, science fiction, and supernatural. Set, and the magnificent picture in the book, or the character of the bookworm.


   The above is just the shell of a book.


   For thousands of years, some people have said that a good article must be written to carry the message.


   In Lu Yang's view, this is just bullshit!


  The literary works should be the ideological masterpieces, or textbooks or novels. From the day of its birth, it has only one core-that is the story!


   The story is wonderful and beautiful, which is what all novels should pursue.


   The content and form of the novel can have countless faces, but what runs through it must be the emotions shared by human beings such as grievances, grievances, greed, anger, and ignorance.


   These emotional lines are arranged appropriately, so that the reader can completely stand on the side of the protagonist, take the role of the protagonist from the ideological level, and follow the protagonist with the same joy and sorrow.


   Various emotional lines are not arranged properly, and the story cannot be truly exciting.


   For example, it is also the protagonist killing people. Some books make readers very boring to read. It feels like the protagonist kills innocent people like a reckless man, while the clever work, the protagonist kills, kills the readers heartily, and I hate to replace him.


   At the beginning of "The Age of Shishi", what Lu Yang tried hard to achieve was to make readers recognize and look forward to Feng Xingyu's next powerful and revenge action.


   Only this point can hold its ground, and all the following plots will be what the readers expect.


   This, in Lu Yang's view, is similar to the divorce stream.


   When the divorce stream first came out, the reason why it became so popular that readers liked the book deeply was because the beginning of the divorce plot made readers recognize and expect the protagonist to break out.




   After the third chapter was also posted, Lu Yang felt much calmer.


  Because he has confidence in the plot and quality of the third chapter, as soon as the third chapter comes out, I believe that no matter who sees it, he will never mistake Feng Xingyun as the protagonist of this book.


   The opening of each book is the most labor-intensive. For this beginning, Lu Yang changed his draft several times and did not take the usual path. Finally, he finally made such a satisfactory opening.


   This book he did not use any web articles in his memory.


   After posting this chapter, Lu Yang did not continue to sit in front of the computer waiting for the book reviews to come out. His heart about gains and losses has calmed down.


   Every author who has confidence in himself must have confidence in his own work before a new book is published. If there is insufficient confidence, it means that he himself does not recognize the quality of his work.


  If you don’t recognize it, how many people can expect to recognize it?


Turning off the computer casually, Lu Yang smiled and walked downstairs relaxedly. He Baiming, the housekeeper and bodyguard who hadn’t slept downstairs, walked out of their respective rooms when they heard the movement. Lu Yang smiled and waved to them. , Said: "Don't worry about me! I'm going out for a walk alone! You guys have a rest!"


   Butler and He Baiming stopped this time.


   The night outside was dim, and the sky was full of stars. Lu Yang came out of the villa, and a cool breeze with water vapor was blowing in front of him. He immediately became sane.


Lu Yang didn't drive, and didn't intend to go far. He just wandered around the villa area on the island. He was reborn for a few years. He still likes the dark night. The vegetation and mud on the side of the road will relax his mind.


   The city during the day is too noisy, there are pedestrians, vehicles everywhere, and noise everywhere. Only at night is it quieter.


   The hazy night, the sky full of stars, the faint vegetation and the earthy breath can make him clear. Although he feels a little lonely, his mind is exceptionally clear, no matter what he thinks about, he can think like a pearl.


Lu Yang walked aimlessly in the shade of the dimly lit street lights. He suddenly heard a lot of voices not far away. He subconsciously paused. The first thought was to change direction and not to go forward, but he hesitated. But still walked forward slowly.


   Maybe subconsciously, he likes to be lively too! People are always contradictory.


   Not far forward, after turning a corner, Lu Yang saw a sports field in front of him.


There are two sides of the sports field surrounded by steel wire netting, and the other two sides are made of green bamboo. The green bamboo is planted on the ground and shakes with the wind. There are people playing basketball and badminton on the sports field. Children's play facilities, there are already more than a dozen adults and children playing together.


  Slides, swings, seesaws...


   laughter and laughter.


   Looking around, there are basically children, girls, and women over there.


   Most of the men play basketball in the other corner, while several couples are playing badminton.


   It’s not far from Lu Yang’s villa. He rarely visits here in the evenings on weekdays, but it is the first time he knows that it’s so lively at night, with bright lights on the sports field and soothing music.


   Seeing such a happy scene, Lu Yang was envious, smiled, walked inside, and sat down in an empty corner, where there was a stool for people to rest.


Suddenly, Lu Yang heard the laugh of a little familiar little girl. He followed the prestige and saw the little girl from the neighbor’s house just squeezed down from the slide with some children, little guy. The laughter spread far and wide, and people can infect her happiness at the moment.


  囡囡 is over there, presumably my neighbor sister Yu is also over there.


   Lu Yang looked among the nearby adults, and he saw Sister Yu. What surprised Lu Yang was that there was another figure he knew well beside Sister Yu.


   wore a black tunic dress, a pair of high-heeled sandals, shawl black hair, and a pair of exquisite black-framed glasses on the bridge of the nose.


   was Feng Lan who hadn't seen her for a long time.


  How can she be with Sister Yu?


   Lu Yang was a little puzzled. (To be continued...)


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