Rebirth 2003

Chapter 715: The power of "News Network"


  &Nbsp;"News Network" reported the next morning of Lu Yang's annual income. Y Province K City No. 2 Middle School Teacher Office. Qian Xiaoyu held a stack of workbooks that he brought back to the dormitory for correction as usual, and walked into the office unhurriedly. Today she is the first teacher to come to the office again. Putting the corrected workbook on his desk, Qian Xiaoyu rolled up his sleeves, went to the corner to take a broom, and started cleaning the office. At the beginning, she and Lu Yang had the same internship here. After the internship, she also chose to leave this school. However, life was always not satisfactory. She returned to work here last year. When she comes back again, she can only start again from the first grade, and follow the class this year to the second grade. In fact, like cleaning the office every morning, it is reasonable to say that it is not her turn to do. After all, this school will have teachers leave every year, and every year interns will come for internships and clean every morning. The little things in the office are supposed to be done by new trainee teachers. It’s just that the interns who were assigned to the office where she worked this year were two boys, the lazy one, and basically came to the office every day at the time of work. Qian Xiaoyu is not a pretentious person. There are two other old teachers in the same office, one of whom is really very old. He keeps one eye on most things and never gets too busy. Another old teacher is not too old, a 28-year-old female teacher, who is not married at this age, is a leftover woman in popular terms! Maybe the remaining female teacher is also anxious. Maybe it's that all veterans like to eat tender grass, regardless of male or female, from the first day the two male trainee teachers entered this office. The remaining female teacher took aim at one of them. I've got this idea. How can I expect her to tell the two male interns from the same school and the same class that they should clean up early every morning? Qian Xiaoyu doesn't want to worry about these people. Since this semester, she has basically been doing the hygiene in this office. Fortunately, she has a gentle temper and no resentment in her heart. I improved office hygiene. Qian Xiaoyu didn't care about the other teachers. I took my water-blue tea cup and went out to wash it clean. I went back to the office and put a few tea leaves a little bit. After making a cup of tea, I sat in my seat and prepared to write notes for class preparation. The tip of the pen is rustling on the textbook. Lines of beautiful fonts appeared in Qian Xiaoyu's pen. If Lu Yang used to write handwritten manuscripts, the biggest feature is fast speed, then Qian Xiaoyu's text gives people a sense of beauty, the font is graceful, but there is an elegant feeling of flowing water. In fact, the leftover female teacher in this office did not know that the two male interns who came this semester had chased Qian Xiaoyu. Qian Xiaoyu is beautiful, gentle personality, good lectures, popular among students, and beautiful handwriting, no matter how you look at it. Qian Xiaoyu is also stronger than the leftover female teacher by more than eight blocks. Unfortunately, the two male interns couldn't fascinate Qian Xiaoyu at all. In terms of sincerity, Zhou Shaofeng was willing to fight for her again and again, and in the end he could not even stay in this school until the end of the internship period. On the glib tongue and the kung fu on the lips, Shao Dahai, who also pursued her back then, completely exploded the two of them. On talents and financial resources...Lu Yang exploded all of the above. Excellent man. Every woman likes it! Just like high-quality beauties, all men will be heart-warming. A few years ago. Qian Xiaoyu was also moved to Lu Yang. Unfortunately, at that time she knew that Lu Yang had a girlfriend. She was not as brave and fearless as Tong Yaqian. Therefore, she could only put this love in the bottom of her heart. Only her only roommate at the time of the internship-Wang Cuicui. In this year, many people have been in good condition, but they are always alone. Over time, they will become one of the leftover women. Qian Xiaoyu is still not a real leftover girl, but if she doesn't fall in love, she will really be left. People who have eaten delicacies from mountains and seas can hardly really like rough tea and light rice! People who have seen high mountains will no longer be surprised by the small hills in the village. Qian Xiaoyu’s situation is like this. At the age when she was most easily moved, she met Lu Yang and saw his maturity, talent, and independence. So, for those who want to pursue her later, she will unconsciously compare those people with the Lu Yang in her memory, and then she will be disappointed again and again. In life, the appearance of a good person can make our heart move and let us experience the feeling of love. The feeling at that time was wonderful, but once we can’t be together, this kind of encounter will make us Lost interest in many people and many things. For example, do women who have loved men like Liu Dehua and Liang Chaowei still really like other men? A man who has loved women like Lin Qingxia and Zhong Chuhong, can he really see the little woman next to him? Fortunately, Qian Xiaoyu's temperament is gentle, and she has a good mental adjustment ability. In the past three years, although she has not been moved by anyone, she has not missed Lu Yang's day and night. It's her attitude towards feelings. Unfortunately, today someone wanted to slap her heartstrings and make waves in her heart. The leftover female teacher in the same office came and greeted Qian Xiaoyu with a spring breeze. Qian Xiaoyu responded with a smile, still writing her lesson preparation notes. Two intern boys also came in one after the other. When they passed by Qian Xiaoyu, they couldn’t help but look at Qian Xiaoyu with complicated eyes. Qian Xiaoyu was accustomed to it. . Soon, the only elderly teacher in the office also came in, coughing with his fists in his mouth as he walked, and the two interns and the remaining female teacher couldn't help frowning. Qian Xiaoyu's writing pen stopped, and he was concerned: "Mr. Zhong! Are you okay? Is your coughing okay? Do you want me to make a cup of hot tea for you?" "No need, no! Thank you, Teacher Xiaoqian!"The wrinkled-faced teacher Zhong waved his hand and replied casually, not very appreciative. These are not the factors that stir Qian Xiaoyu's heartstrings, including the ambiguous `ambiguous` flirting words of the remaining female teacher and the two male interns. Qian Xiaoyu's brows were only slightly frowned upon hearing this. It was Liu Yuhu who suddenly walked into their office that really made waves in her heart. "Teacher Qian! Did you watch the "News Network" last night? Did you know that my junior was named and praised by "News Network"? Ah? Did you watch it last night? "&Nbsp; Liu Yuhu happily walked into Qian Xiaoyu's office and couldn't wait to ask Qian Xiaoyu this question before he stopped. Qian Xiaoyu did not understand for a while. The eyes of several other teachers in the office were all attracted by Liu Yuhu. Although Liu Yuhu is thin and small, he has a little wrist, and secondly, he has worked in this school for many years and his qualifications are there. Therefore, there are more than 20 offices in the school. There is no psychological burden to go wherever he goes. Under normal circumstances, no one would say about him in such trivial matters. Even if he was seen by the leader, the leader would mostly turn a blind eye. "Brother! Who are you talking about? Which of your juniors are so capable?"Qian Xiaoyu asked Liu Yuhu with a smile and doubts. And Liu Yuhu looked at her in surprise, and asked, "No? My junior, Lu Yang! Didn't you come here for an internship with him? Don't you remember him? Impossible. Huh? He was so popular in your session...""Lu Yang?"Qian Xiaoyu was startled, the smile on his face was a bit frozen, and his expression was momentary In a daze, no one has mentioned this name to her for some days. "Ms. Liu! What is your junior, Lu, what do you do now? Have an internship here? Are you now a very famous teacher in the country? Can you still be on "News Network"?"  ;A male intern was surprised. Another male intern glanced at the leftover female teacher, and then at Qian Xiaoyu and Liu Yuhu. He also looked suspicious. He couldn’t imagine that one was in the third middle school of K City, Y Province. Can those who have internship now appear on "News Network"? What international joke? "Haha!"Liu Yuhu seemed to have heard some big joke, and did not answer directly, but said to the remaining female teacher: "Mr. Li! My junior is here During the internship here, you also met him. What is his current status? Come and talk to Teacher Xiaofang and Xiao Tan! What I say, I am afraid that I will be suspected that I am bragging to my younger brother! Ha ha, you know , I’ve never been like that, Liu Yuhu! Haha!"The remaining female teacher squeezed out a little smile, and began to whisper to the two male interns about Lu Yang’s identity, and how he was in this school before. Some deeds. "Writing online novels? The game copyright of a recent book sold for 10 million? What is his pen name? Isn't it the starting point for Wen Chou?" A male intern suddenly raised his voice in surprise, and another male intern's expression changed slightly when he heard the words, his eyes fixed on the remaining female teacher. The remaining female teacher Li nodded slightly. So the two male interns were silent, and their eyes turned on Liu Yuhu and Qian Xiaoyu’s faces. One of them was more observant. From the change in Qian Xiaoyu’s expression, he vaguely guessed As for Qian Xiaoyu's beauty, he might have had something with that Lu Yang before. I finally understood why I chased Qian Xiaoyu a few days ago, and I never saw her look tempted. "Why did Lu Yang appear on "News Network"?"Qian Xiaoyu returned to his senses and frowned slightly and asked Liu Yuhu. She has no habit of watching "News Network" and knows nothing about the news last night. After Liu Yuhu happily told Qian Xiaoyu the whole story, and left contentedly, Qian Xiaoyu lowered his head to continue writing the lesson preparation notes, but he was not in the mood. Write it down. The first class in the She went to class 3 in the second grade. When she passed through the classroom window from the classroom corridor, she heard two boys from the class she taught Going to "News Network" and Wen Chou made her mind more chaotic. (To be continued)ps: Thanks to book friends 110617180205647, the lonely man in the west for a reward of 100 coins, thanks to the handsome Wen Hao for a reward of 300 coins, thank you for walking against the wind and going with the wind Passing ↗ Reward 588 coins, thank you for monthly pass!