Rebirth 2003

Chapter 726: Madden

Tong Yaqian smiled and listened to Lu Yang's phone call, and fed him watermelon by the way. Lu Yang called, she couldn't put her mouth in, so her eyes began to look around aimlessly, and she saw the computer. The first set results of "The Age of Mentors" on the screen.


When she saw the first book of more than 9,400 results, she was also stunned. She wrote the book at the starting point. A few years ago, she wrote "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms of Meng Jiao Niang" under the guidance of Lu Yang. It was published later.


   Therefore, she knows more about the first order data of an online article at the starting point than ordinary people. On the first day of its release, she has more than 9,400 subscriptions in a single chapter.


When Lu Yang finished talking with Skeleton and was about to call the next author back, Tong Yaqian suddenly bent down and hugged Lu Yang's head, gave Lu Yang a brutal kiss on the face, and praised: "Your Majesty! You are great! Is this the first 24 hours order of your new book?"


   Lu Yang looked at her with a smile, and joked: "Do you think my novel is the best or is it better in bed?"




  Tong Yaqian patted him on the shoulder, but still did not hide his bright smile.


  Women are like this, they are always proud of their men's achievements.


   Maybe it was because I was in a better mood. When Lu Yang continued to call, Tong Yaqian squeezed into Lu Yang’s arms and sat down, enthusiastically checking the background of Lu Yang’s author and the page data of "Shishi Times".


   In the background of Lu Yang's author, she not only checked the subscription, collection, and reward data of "Shishi Shishi", but also checked the relevant data of Lu Yang's previous books.


   read Lu Yang's first "The Doomsday Wasteland" one by one, and looked at it. The bright smile on her face gradually faded.


   It wasn't that she found something that made her unhappy, but it was from "The Doomsday Wasteland". Seeing the data, she gradually realized that Lu Yang's achievements today were hard-won.


   The backstage data of "Doomsday Wasteland" is not brilliant. Over the years, this book has become more and more famous with the name Wen Chou. Although it has been completed for several years, its data has been growing. There are always readers who like Lu Yang’s works, and all of Lu Yang’s previous works have been Turn it out to see.


   But even so, the data of "The Doomsday Wasteland" that Tong Yaqian saw in the background of Lu Yang's author is still not outstanding. All the data is only a fraction of the book "The Age of Mentors".


  Even if I was born again. Lu Yang is not the author of a book called God.


   What showed before Tong Yaqian's eyes was that his grades in every book were rising, one step at a time.


   And the fact is, it is more difficult than Tong Yaqian saw.


   All she saw was some data from the author's backstage. She could not see many things Lu Yang experienced.


  Becoming a god, becoming the supreme god, cannot be achieved by strength alone.


   Just imagine, if the shining gods that appeared in the early days of the rise of online literature have stayed at the starting point. What's the matter with Lu Yang behind?


   How many great gods were there with infinite scenery?


   Cyber ​​Knight, Xuan Yu, Master of Speaking, Misty Rain Jiangnan, Wild Fox under the Tree, Xiao Qian, Xiao Ding, Blood Rainbow, Cloud Sky, Drunkard, Big Devil Lawson...


   There are countless, every time when the popularity is highest, it is like the sky, the limelight is the same. But time has changed and they have gone elsewhere for various reasons. This gave Lu Yang and the others a chance to rise to the top.


   2006 is a big opportunity, this year it is another one. When the first opportunity came, Lu Yang relied on "Magic Sword Eternal". He succeeded in gaining power. This year, Shenji and others left, and "The Age of Shishi" was released in due course, which brought his godhead to the next level.


  From 2003 to 2009, the head and tail were added together. It took him 7 years to reach the top position.


   As long as the 24-hour first-order data of "Shishi Shishi" can break 10,000, it is the time when he deserves his name!


   Can the 24-hour first booking of "The Age of Mentors" break 10,000?


   After Lu Yang answered all the calls, he started holding Tong Yaqian in front of the computer and refreshed the author's background from time to time to check the latest subscription data.


One hour later, the subscription exceeded nine thousand seven, two hours later, nine thousand nine, and more than half an hour later, when Lu Yang refreshed the author's background again, the data displayed in front of him and Tong Yaqian had become five. number.




   And at this time, there is still a period of time before it is put on the shelves 24 hours.


  10028, is not the first book result in 24 hours.


   "Your Majesty! You can say ‘;!’ now!"




   Lu Yang heard this sentence, "Titanic" director Cameron raised the trophy almost frantically on the Oscar podium, and that was what he shouted out.




   translates to "I am the king of the world".


   Tong Yaqian actually told Lu Yang that he could say this.


   Lu Yang was taken aback, holding Tong Yaqian's warm body, facing her face, and whispering: "i;! Now I just want to say i;!"




   Tong Yaqian's voice also lowered.




   As soon as Lu Yang finished answering, Tong Yaqian took the initiative to kiss his mouth, enthusiastically, Lu Yang naturally responded happily.


   Success, someone needs to share!


Tonight, Tong Yaqian accompanied him to witness his success. Lu Yang was full of heart. He became the first author who made the first order from the starting point. With such an honor, Lu Yang felt naturally mixed. Once upon a time, he just wanted to Buying a house and marrying a girl you like with your own contribution fees, nothing more.


   Now, the original wish is over fulfilled.


   The first 24-hour order broke 10,000. He did it, and Tong Yaqian, who is like a flower in his arms, will also become his bride.


   After kissing, Lu Yang closed his eyes. Is there any regret? He asked himself in his heart.


   Maybe there is...


   Lu Yang's heart flashed through those girls who had appeared in his life, and it was different from thinking of them before. When Lu Yang thought of them again this time, although he had a slight regret in his heart. But no longer sad.


   Because he is holding Tong Yaqian in his arms, he has found the harbor of the soul.




   The internet literary circle is huge! For readers who have reached hundreds of millions.


  The web literary circle is also very small! For authors above Zhongshen! Because the author is above the gods. They are often included in one or two groups.


   Like a passing lamb!


   As a well-known traditional Chinese god, among the top writers in the circle, there are lambs passing by, such as the dark realm, or the throne of the gods.


After getting nearly 10,000 book results from Lu Yang, the passing lamb was shocked that he could not keep this secret, or that he had never thought about keeping this secret. He just ended the call with Lu Yang, envy and hateful. he. Just send this breaking news to the Dark Realm, the Throne of the Gods, and four or five other well-known groups of writers.


   He is looking forward to seeing the shocked reactions of other writers and other great gods.


He succeeded!


   When he spread the news to the group of writers, one of them counted as one, and the group of writers who received the news, no matter whether it was usually lively or quiet, a large number of writers were exploded in an instant.


  In the dark realm group:


  Golden bug: "Shenma? It's almost nine thousand and five? It's almost nine thousand and five before 24 hours? It's changed!"


   Bathing in the mist: "Comrade Xiaoyang! I want to remind you that today is not April 1, please take back the message you sent just now, I can assume that I didn't see it. Thank you!"


   Blood Rainbow: "The bunker is out!"


   The boiling dust: "It seems that I should go to bed! A bad spirit is prone to hallucinations. The chapter owed to readers today will only be edited tomorrow, everyone! Xiaopujie went to bed shamelessly. 88!"


Big Tiger: "Tell everyone an unfortunate news! Comrade Xiaoyang rarely lied today! I also asked Wen Chouju on the phone just now. At this moment, I just want to say: I bought a watch last year! Although the reality is very real Cruel. But everyone accept it!"


East `wanted` West` cheap: "The first order in 24 hours is over 10,000? I just went and took a look at my high order. It is less than 5,000...The average order is only two thousand and four. Xiaopujie said that he was crying and fainting. Toilet! Don’t bother me, please let me cry for a while!"


   Ashtray: "This is really a sad story!"


   A and B: "Wen Chouju is so cheating. Can we still play happily with him in the future? Who can tell me?"




   Throne of the Gods, Struggle Group, Great God Group, Code Word Worker Crowd...


Similar stories happened in each group. Most of the people who spoke were first-line gods. On the contrary, very few top gods came out to speak. Maybe they were codewords and did not pay attention to the news in the group. Maybe they saw it and felt right in their hearts. It's complicated, but it didn't come out to express envy and hatred.


   Such a hot news naturally spreads extremely fast.


   quickly spread to many authors’ book fans. Most readers were not very surprised, because they didn’t know what this subscription result meant. Only those old readers who knew the depth of it were really surprised.


   The first order in 24 hours breaks ten thousand?


How many god-level writers have finished writing a book, and the highest subscription of a single chapter may not be able to break 10,000 ~ They have everything. What is certain is that after tonight, the name Wen Chou will be more popular. People remember.


   The happiest ones are naturally the book fans in Lu Yang's 9 book fan groups. All of Lu Yang's achievements are contributed by them. These book fans generally have joined the book fan group of more than one other author.


   While they laughed and chatted in Lu Yang's book fan group, they watched the book fans in the book fan group of other authors express their amazement at Wen Chou in various ways. Don't feel this way too good.


   There are those who have the Sao package, such as Xuan Tianzong, not only watching the comments of the book fans in those groups, but also sending screenshots of those chat records to the Wen Chou primitive group for others to see.


   Xuan Tianzong got his head, and other book fans in the group followed along with the fun, taking screenshots of the chat records in the book fan group under the names of other authors. This group of wicked and funny guys had a great time. (To be continued...)


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