Rebirth 2003

Chapter 751: Developments


  &Nbsp;Coming out of the inpatient building where Lu Yang was hospitalized, and walking on the boulevard of the hospital, Tong Yaqian walked towards the outpatient building where the fee was paid unhurriedly, with thoughtful eyes in her eyes. Seeing Lu Yang's condition with his own eyes, the appearance of high fever, coma and weakness, Tong Yaqian not only felt distressed, but also angry. If Lu Yang's injury was more serious, would he still be alive? That is her Tong Yaqian's man! After walking for a while, Tong Yaqian suddenly stood still under a camphor tree and took out her mobile phone to dial her father’s number. Unfortunately, her father told her that his influence would not reach the capital, so he could only comfort him. She took good care of Lu Yang, and when Lu Yang's injury recovered, she took Lu Yang back to Shanghai for training. At the end of the call with her father, Tong Yaqian didn’t have much disappointment on her face. She was still thinking of a way, but for a while, but couldn’t think of any effective way. Two points...but you need to think more about how to do it. Pressing down on the thoughts in her heart for a while, Tong Yaqian continued to walk to the outpatient building. ……When Tong Yaqian paid the fee and returned to Lu Yang’s room, she just walked to the door and saw a fat man standing on Lu Yang’s bed A round-faced youth with a medium stature and wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, when Tong Yaqian saw him, he was holding a black mobile phone and taking pictures of the wounds bandaging Lu Yang's face, abdomen and waist. Seeing this scene, Tong Yaqian, who was already annoying in her heart, frowned immediately, stepped quickly into the ward, walked up to the chubby, round-faced youth, and asked coldly: "What are you doing? Who are you? Give me the phone!"Said to give me the phone, Tong Yaqian had already stretched out her hand, very unceremoniously grabbing the phone from the round-faced youth, and glanced at the screen of the phone. The video shooting on the screen was still going on. Tong Yaqian only glanced at it, clicked a few times on the phone, stopped the video that was still shooting, and then deleted the video just taken. I saw the fat round-faced youth. Suddenly, she rushed to Tong Yaqian subconsciously, pressed her hands forward repeatedly, begging: "Don't don't! Don't delete, don't delete! I'm not a bad person! Really, I'm not a bad person! I am! Wenda book fan Weimo Xiaochen! You, are you Wenda’s girlfriend? Please, please! I made this video to show other brothers in the group! I came to visit Wenda on their behalf Yes! You believe you believe me! By the way! My mobile phone q`q is still hung up! If you or you don’t believe me, you can open the Wenchou original group of Wenda University to see if my name is in the list of group members Really! I really just want everyone to understand the current situation of Wenda!"The fat, round-faced youth, who claims to be Lu Yang’s book fan-Wei Mo Xiaochen. I came to shoot this video today just to let other book fans in the group understand Lu Yang's current situation. After listening to his explanation, Tong Yaqian looked at him suspiciously, and then really operated a few times on his mobile phone. Click on the q`q he hung on his phone. In his q`q group list, Tong Yaqian really saw the name of the original group of Wen Chou, clicked and glanced, Tong Yaqian saw that the group owner was indeed Lu Yang’s pen name, and confirmed With these, her face looks better, so she thought about it. He handed the phone back to the round face youth, his tone eased, and said, "I'm sorry just now! Thank you for coming to see Lu Yang! I am his girlfriend Tong Yaqian! When you go back and send the video just now to everyone to watch. Also help Let me say thank you to everyone for Lu Yang! Thank you for your concern!"The round-faced youth, that is, Wei Mo Xiaochen took his mobile phone, breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile:" Hello, hello! No need to apologize! It’s okay! I understand your concern for Wenda! If you say, I will help you bring it to the brothers! Everyone cares about Wenda! This, when I came just now. I bought it by the way Order fruits or something, just put it over there! I wish Wen will get well soon!"Tong Yaqian heard the words. Following the direction of his fingers, he looked at the blue cabinet next to Lu Yang's bed. There was indeed a fruit basket on it. There is also a handful of carnations. I couldn't help but believe it again. After the misunderstanding was resolved, Wei Mo Xiaochen stayed here for a while, and by the way, asked Tong Yaqian about Lu Yang's injury. Actually, Tong Yaqian has just arrived this morning, and he doesn’t know much about Lu Yang’s specific injuries. Wei Mo Xiaochen doesn’t have to learn from Tong Yaqian. It doesn’t matter if he said something, he said a few more words. In other words, he ran to the nurse's desk, claiming to be Lu Yang's cousin, and asked the nurse about Lu Yang's injury. When he returned to the ward and said goodbye to Tong Yaqian, when he came out of the hospital building, he immediately dialed out with his mobile phone. "Chizhong! Wenda’s injury is not very optimistic! Unlike what you told me last night, Wenda’s injury has worsened now! When I went to see him, he was having a high fever I am in a coma! My complexion is very ugly! Wait until I post the video to the group, you will know it! Also, I just saw the Wenda girlfriend, which is even more beautiful than the photos exposed on the Internet! But , I had a misunderstanding just now and I almost deleted all the videos I took..."Wei Mo Xiaochen was talking on the phone and gradually moving away. He was talking to Chizhong. Tong Yaqian is still thinking about how to help Lu Yang get justice, but she doesn't know that Lu Yang has arranged it. ……Shortly after Wei Mo Xiaochen left, a reporter found the building where Lu Yang was hospitalized. When the reporter found Lu Yang’s ward, Tong Yaqian was Together with the two young nurses, we are going to transfer the ward for Lu Yang. A single ward with better conditions has been arranged. The arrival of this reporter temporarily interrupted Lu Yang's change of ward. After listening to the other party's self-introduction, Tong Yaqian considered for a moment, and instead of rejecting the other party's interview, she cooperated. As a result, this reporter’s interview is not over yet, another reporter came outside the ward, and then the third, fourth, and fifth...  In such a situation, not only did she look a little bit dumb with the other people in the ward, Tong Yaqian was also a little puzzled. She didn't understand why these reporters seemed to have made an appointment. The difference between the arrival time and the arrival time was less than half an hour, half an hour. Inside, I was stunned by reporters from more than a dozen news media. Is it the news from the fat man who just left? Haha, classmate Wei Mo Xiaochen, in Tong Yaqian's heart there is only a fat man, I don't know if classmate Wei Mo Xiaochen knows, he will feel sad. What is Wei Mo Xiaochen doing now? He was in a teahouse near the Beijing Third Hospital, and he ordered a pot of tea alone, sitting alone on the seat next to a potted plant, operating with his mobile phone. If you look closer to his mobile phone screen, you can see the place he is paying attention to at this time-Wen Chou Primitive Group. A few minutes ago, Wei Mo Xiaochen uploaded the video previously taken in the hospital to Youku and other video sites, and just posted that video on Youku's address link to the original group of Wen Chou. Under the address link he sent, only three or five people have replied briefly. In the pond: "I'll go and see!"Banknote movie: "Come back after watching it!"Drink: "I I also went to see it!"Passing by to see life: "First escape!"Below the video address link that Wei Mo Xiaochen just posted, only these few replies, in Before he posted this link, there were dozens of people in the group who were speaking. Wei Mo Xiaochen was not in a hurry. He knew other brothers and sisters who were online and did not reply under the link he posted. Eight or nine of them went directly. Watch the video. The fat Wei Mo Xiaochen didn't wait long, and more and more people spoke in the group. Timber King: "Thank you! Is the situation of Wen University so serious? Last night, when he was fighting with those gangsters, he was so vigorous! I didn't expect to say anything... Now! I hope Wenda can get well soon!"Little mouse: "The Wenda in my mind has always been strong! I used to look at his photos and see him being so tall and strong, and then I listened to it. Saying he has been practicing boxing, I am even more envious! I always thought that Wenda was always so energetic. When I watched that video last night, I saw that Wenda was so good at fighting. I still thought so, but I didn’t expect Wenda to enter the hospital. , On the contrary, I was in a coma... Wenda's face is so pale! It's paralyzed! Who did it? The one who wrote the novel by Wenda, who provoked someone? It's unreasonable!"Yiqiu:" There are so many brothers in our group. It’s a pity that we were not around Wenda last night. Otherwise, we will only be able to beat those flats into meat sauce with one punch! Too awkward! Hope Wenda I can get better! There are still a lot of plots in "The Age of Mentors"!"Not popular to steal incense: "If I hadn't seen the video made by Wei Mo Xiaochen, I wouldn't believe that Wen Chou would be so down. It feels so sudden! It was okay yesterday!"Just don’t remember: "Wenda’s girlfriend is very beautiful! But seeing that Wenda is so pitiful in the video, I can’t be jealous of Wenda! Wenda Station Get up! If you fall, we will grab your girlfriend! Asshole!"......Dozens of book fans expressing anger and sadness Later, Wei Mo Xiaochen sent a few more photos to the group. The person in the photo was not Lu Yang, but a young man who was strange to the book fans in the group. The young man had oxygen inserted in his nose and mouth, his abdomen was densely wrapped with bandages, his face was the same ugly, and he seemed to be in a coma. Someone in the group is already asking who is in these photos? Wei Mo Xiaochen silently wrote in the chat box: "It was the person who saved Wenda last night! Brothers and sisters who watched the video last night should know that if it wasn’t for this person last night, Went to Wenda. At that time, the sharp knife might have been pierced into Wenda’s waist. In that case, Wenda should not be in a coma today..."This passage was sent to the group and the group was quiet. In two seconds, one person continued to speak. Dongni 2008: "What is this person's name? How is his situation now? It seems to be more serious than Wen Da's situation?"We have not yet Reply, a few more people have spoken below. Mumu Yutian: "Damn! Almost two lives! What did the police say? How do those murderers plan to punish?"Nick Chen: "Thank you for this Dude! Indeed! It is not University should have left us forever!" (to be continued)ps: Thanks to Special Service 761 for the reward of 100 points.