Rebirth 2003

Chapter 755: Make a move

On this day, many people came to Lu Yang. Soon after Feng Tingting and Cao Xue left, a few more book fans came together. Before some book fans left, two more reporters came, and then Ji Xintong and her cousin Feifei Here again, Ji Xintong and her cousin were stunned when they saw Tong Yaqian who was so beautiful. ,


   The smile on Ji Xintong's face faded, and Feifei couldn't help but look at Tong Yaqian more. After a few words with Lu Yang, Feifei said she was going to see Chen Lian, Ji Xintong immediately said that she would also go, Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian didn’t care much about the departure of the two sisters. Maybe Ji Xintong, a little girl, was very concerned about the mature temperament of Lu. Yang Meng had a trace of affection, but the appearance of Tong Yaqian directly extinguished the little love in her heart.


   After dealing with a few calls, Lu Yang thought for a while and said to Tong Yaqian: "I want to see Chen Lian! Will you accompany me?"


   "Okay! But you have to be careful! Don't break the wound on your body! Wait a moment! I'll get you a wheelchair over! Lest you accidentally break the wound again and affect the healing of the wound!"


As Tong Yaqian said, she turned around and went out to look for a wheelchair. Lu Yang didn't try to do anything about this. The two wounds on his body were one on his waist and one on his abdomen. As long as he walked around, it would definitely affect the wound, so get a wheelchair. good.




   Ten minutes later, Lu Yang was sitting in a wheelchair, Tong Yaqian pushed the wheelchair, and the two entered the intensive care unit where Chen Lian was located. The environment here was very different from the single room where Lu Yang lived! There are many more cold instruments. On the hospital bed, Chen Lian was still in a coma, with oxygen in his mouth and nose, a hanging needle stuck in the back of his hand, and an electrocardiogram attached to the cabinet next to him. On the electrocardiogram, a small dot is beating. Looking at this thing, Lu Yang inevitably thought if this little dot stopped beating last night. The electrocardiogram turned into a straight line. Today, Chen Lian is afraid that he has already been sent to the morgue of the hospital.


  Life, so fragile.


   An accident, close your eyes, maybe you can never wake up again.


   Tong Yaqian pushed Lu Yang to Chen Lian's bed. Lu Yang was silent, Tong Yaqian was also silent, Lu Yang thought about Chen Lian, and she thought about Lu Yang. Almost this time she might have lost Lu Yang forever.


Thinking of this, Tong Yaqian thought a lot. Feng Tingting and Cao Xue came here almost at the same time, which brought her depression and depression. When she saw Chen Lianren lying on the hospital bed unconsciously, Tong Yaqian felt a little depressed. And the depression is open.


   At least, Lu Yang is mine now! Now I am his real girlfriend! And will always be!


   Tong Yaqian said to herself in her heart.


   The two stayed in Chen Lian's ward for a few minutes, and the nurse who looked after Chen Lian reminded them that it was time to go out, so as not to affect the patient's rest.


   "Go back!" Lu Yang said lightly to Tong Yaqian behind him.




   Tong Yaqian also softly agreed. Push Lu Yang back. After returning to his ward and lying on the bed again, Lu Yang patted the back of Tong Yaqian's hand and said softly, "I suddenly want to eat lychees. Would you like to buy some for me?"


   Tong Yaqian blinked when she heard the words, and glanced at Lu Yang, in her impression. Lu Yang is very casual with what he eats, and eat whatever he has. Never specifically ask anyone to buy something for him to eat.


   Maybe it's sick and there is no taste in the mouth. Want to eat something flavorful!


   Tong Yaqian flashed this thought in his mind, smiled and agreed, went to get the Kun bag and went out. When the door of the ward was closed and only himself was left in the room, the faint smile on Lu Yang's face slowly narrowed, his face turned slightly, his eyes fell on the phone beside the bed.


   "Hey! Mr. Tian! Are you still holding that recording and video?"




   When Lu Yang called Tian Shengcai, Shanghai Tomson Golf Course.


   The name Tomson should be familiar to many people.


   Shanghai Tomson Golf Course is the only world championship golf course in Shanghai. It is luxurious and luxurious, and people who have never known it will never imagine how high it is.


   Invest 100 million US dollars!


   only said 100 million US dollars, everyone should still have no intuitive impression, so let's just mention a few more points!


  The stadium covers an area of ​​140 hectares, 800,000 square meters of lawn, 12,000 camphor trees, red maple and other trees, 30,000 square meters of strange rocks and rocks, 240 kinds of seasonal flowers, 256 rolling hills, 13 small bridges and running water...


Imagine that when we are still putting up the family’s savings for decades for a house of tens of square meters, and only enough for one down payment, when we are satisfied to bring a small garden for our house, the area here The unit of measurement is already in hectares and ten thousand.


   It can be seen how exaggerated the gathering of wealth in this world is! The poor have no place to stand, and the rich will only feel that the place where they live is empty, and feel lonely and lonely in their hearts.


   is like Song Xiangrong's mood at this moment.


Song Xiangrong wears white casual clothes, a white sun hat, and a pair of brown sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. He walks lonely on the court at random. Within a few miles, apart from him, there is only one girl caddie who serves him and stands. The driver and female secretary in the distance.


   In Shanghai, a place where every inch of land is rich in gold, he was surprised to find the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.


When he reached a ball position, Song Xiangrong looked at the hole in front of him and stretched out his hand to the girl caddie behind him at will. The beautiful girl hole immediately brought a white towel to his hand and waited for Song Xiangrong to wipe it at will. After the slight sweat stains on her hand, the girl caddy took the towel again and handed a club to Song Xiangrong's hand, and then quickly squatted forward to help Song Xiangrong set a golf ball.


   From the beginning to the end, Song Xiangrong never looked at her, but she still stood behind Song Xiangrong with a respectful attitude, not daring to appear in his sight for fear of affecting his playing mood.


If so, Song Xiangrong walked a few places and swung a few rods. The girl caddie did not sweat on his forehead. He had faint sweat stains on his hairline. He threw the cue to the girl caddie. Song Xiangrong sighed softly. Tired! Let's play here today!"


   said, he has turned around and walked back.


   has been waiting for the driver and the female secretary in the distance to meet, and trot over quickly.


   "What's the matter today? Let's talk about it!"


   When the driver and female secretary ran to him, Song Xiangrong spoke lightly while continuing to walk back. His brows frowned, life like this still made him feel tired and dissatisfied.


   The female secretary quietly paid attention to Song Xiangrong's expression. Open the notepad in your hand as quickly as possible, and quickly glanced at the content recorded on it. Softly report: "Chairman! There are not many things today. First, our company’s stock has risen slightly today; Second, Mr. Xue called this morning and asked the chairman when he has time. There is a meeting that requires you to take the time to come! The third one is... is..."


   "What is it?"


   Song Xiangrong glanced at the female secretary faintly, and frowned invisibly, obviously dissatisfied with the female secretary's hesitation.


The female secretary noticed his dissatisfaction and quickly replied in a low voice: "Chairman! The third thing was last night. Now it has spread on the Internet. There are many news media participating in the report. The chairman... The influence and attention of that person has been low. It is said that the police in Beijing said in an interview with the media that this case must be thoroughly investigated..."


   Song Xiangrong sneered slightly after listening to the report of the female secretary.


"That's it?"


   His expression didn't change at all, and he couldn't see any nervousness.


   The female secretary noticed his reaction and responded with a slightly blushing face.


"Don't worry about it! Well, you can hire some people to guide public opinion on the Internet and the media, and lead this incident to the Hengdian incident! Haha. By the way, hiring people to do this kind of thing on the Internet seems to be What is the name of the network navy, right?"


   Song Xiangrong casually ordered.


   "Yes, the chairman!" The female secretary hurriedly answered.


   Song Xiangrong waved his hand casually, indicating that this was the case. This was his original plan, and it would be fine if the things of last night were successful, in case of a miss. Scapegoats are readily available.


   He didn't know that Lu Yang already knew that he was behind the scenes.




   It's noon this day.


   Less than an hour after Song Xiangrong gave instructions, many similar remarks appeared unknowingly on the Internet. These remarks are in a reasoning tone, in places such as Longkong, Qiqiyi, Youku, Tudou, Tianya, Xinlangweibo, Tencent q`q mood and so on. Pointing the murderer behind Lu Yang's assassination to Wu Xueni and the dynasty's family forces.


   has a long story, but also has a simple one or two sentences directly qualitatively.


For example, in places such as Longkong, Tianya, and the new `langwei` blog, one of the posts read: "Last night, the famous Internet writer Wen Chou was assassinated at the Blue Moon Bar in Beijing. The murderers were six gangsters with knives. Dao is still in a coma, and a friend of Wen Chou almost died! In such a vicious case, the police can't find the messenger behind it, and it makes people speechless!


   Don’t the police know about the Hengdian incident more than half a month ago? Although Wu Xueni and Dynasty, the messengers behind the Hengdian incident, have been arrested, what about their family power? Couldn't the police find out how powerful the family power of these two people is? Wu Xueni and Wang Chao were arrested because of the ugliness, don't the relatives and friends of the two of them want to give them a sigh?


   Buying murder is difficult for ordinary people, and is it also difficult for Wu Xueni and the forces behind the dynasty?




   The full text of this post is nearly 3,000 words, and the analysis steps are interlocking. I have to say that there are talents in the network navy! After reading this article, netizens will naturally feel that the analysis of this article makes sense!


   The forces behind Wu Xueni and Dynasty have the motivation and strength to buy murder, especially when Wu Xueni and Dynasty are about to be sentenced to prison.


In addition, in the book review area where q`q mood and starting point are a lot of popular works, the remarks that appear are often only a simple sentence-"Wen Chou was assassinated by Wu Xueni and the forces behind the Dynasty! Do not believe it? Follow the police The result of the investigation will be known!"


   is so simple and rude to delineate the real murderer. (To be continued...)


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