Rebirth 2003

Chapter 763: beautiful life

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   "Wake up so early today?"

   Tong Yaqian's somewhat vague voice suddenly sounded next to Lu Yang. Lu Yang turned his head and saw that Tong Yaqian had already opened his eyes, and there was still sleepiness in her eyes. When she saw her somewhat confused look, Lu Yang laughed.

He stretched out an arm to put her head on his arm, and Lu Yang stroked her shoulder lightly and said, "Yes! I have been in the hospital for so many days, I have already had enough sleep, and I can't sleep in the morning! How about? Would you like to sleep again? Son? You haven't had a good rest after spending so many days with me in the hospital."

   "No! I'm sleeping well too! Let's get up quickly! Go out and get some fresh air, which is good for your body recovery!" Tong Yaqian said.


   Lu Yang complied with kindness and agreed with a smile.

   So the two started to get up.

   Lu Yang can already dress himself. After getting out of bed, he will no longer have any suffocation while walking. Just be careful not to do strenuous exercise.

   Go downstairs and wash up. The nanny aunt has already prepared the breakfast for the two and put it on the table, millet porridge, poached eggs, sandwiches, and double milk.

   Well, there are two dishes of side dishes, one sour cowpea and one Sichuan sprouts.

  四`Sichuan sprouts are very special. They are very different from the common fresh bean sprouts. At first glance, they look like marinated olive vegetables. They taste good. After eating it once before, Lu Yang liked this. Today was the first breakfast after returning to Shanghai, and the nanny aunt deliberately bought him a small dish for him to drink millet porridge.

   This is a beautiful morning—for Lu Yang.

   There is already a red sun rising slowly outside, the wind is not strong, such a warm and gentle winter. It makes people feel good when they watch it.

   When the breakfast was almost the same, the sister Yu next door brought her daughter to see Lu Yang. When he came, he was holding a large bottle of snake wine in his hand.

Although    Xiao 囡囡 came with me. But she seemed to be very afraid of the colorful snake in the wine bottle, so she only dared to hide behind Sister Yu, with a small hand holding the corner of her clothes, and he dared not look into the wine bottle.

   "Mr. Lu! Ms. Yu and her daughter are here!"

   Butler’s report was a bit of an afterthought, because when he came to Lu Yang to report, Sister Yu had already entered the door with Xiao Nuan, and was smiling and looking at Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian who were eating breakfast.


   Lu Yang waved his hand at random and signaled the housekeeper to go to work with him. He hurriedly smiled and got up to say hello to Sister Yu and Xiao Nun: "Sister Yu! Long time no see! Nun! So you are afraid of snakes too? Haha!"

   Tong Yaqian is not very familiar with Sister Yu and Xiao Nun. Seeing Lu Yang got up to welcome, she also smiled and stood up and greeted: "Welcome two beauties, big and small! Please come and sit! By the way! Have the two beauties have breakfast? If you haven't eaten, eat with us?"

Sister Yu smiled and brought her little girl over and said: "I heard from your housekeeper the other day that Brother Lu was injured and was hospitalized in Beijing. I didn’t open it, so I had to think about waiting for Brother Lu to come back. Come to apologize! Here! This bottle of King Snake Wine was brewed in the snake garden by a friend of Old Zhong. I heard Old Zhong said that this snake wine is very good for the body. Use it to replenish Brother Lu! The worthless things. Brother Lu, don't dislike it!"

   "Sister Yu is so polite! King Snake makes wine? Haha, this thing is still a bargain? Sister Yu is really joking! If that's the case, then I'm not polite! Hehe!"

   Lu Yang is really not polite. The two are now neighbors, since sister Yu has brought it to the door in person. Then accept it! In the future, there will be good things on your side when you come and go with courtesy. Just send some in the past.

Sister Yu sent this large bottle of snake wine. Lu Yang's visual observation was at least ten kilograms. There was a colorful and lifelike snake in the large wine bottle. The large snake alone looked at least three to four kilograms in weight. A pair of cold snake eyes seemed to light up. Not only did Xiao Nun look scared with this thing, Tong Yaqian's face was also a little pale, and Lu Yang actually felt a little hairy in his heart when she saw it.

   The snake seems to be alive in the bottle.

   If this thing is still alive, if one bite it down, it is estimated that a big buffalo will fall.

   Lu Yang thanked him, took it with both hands, and passed it to the housekeeper who had just walked over. The housekeeper hurriedly hugged and sent it to the storage room.

   When I couldn't see the bottle of snake wine, Xiao Nun was more courageous, walked to Sister Yu, hugged Sister Yu by one arm, and looked at Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian curiously with her big beautiful eyes.

After being polite, Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian sat down again. Sister Yu also sat down at the table with her little girl in her arms, and politely asked Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian to continue eating breakfast. Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian were not overly polite, so they continued. For breakfast, while smiling and chatting with Sister Yu.

   Sister Yu first cared about how well Lu Yang's body was recovering, and then began to smile and praise Tong Yaqian for her beauty. Tong Yaqian also praised Sister Yu for her good temperament, and her daughter was beautiful and cute.

If Tong Yaqian was absent today, with Lu Yang’s level of small talk, I would definitely not be able to talk to Sister Yu for a few words, and the atmosphere would be much more relaxed with the hostess Tong Yaqian, two women and a little girl. From time to time, an innocent and lovely sentence was inserted, and the topics were one after another. The more the two talked, the more topics, making the whole villa restaurant full of laughter.

   Although Lu Yang didn't speak many times, he was very happy in his heart. He likes the house to be a little lively.

   This is different from before. When he was full of resentment towards life, he hated the excitement and preferred quietness. It's better to be the kind of quietness where there is no sound around him.

   Because as long as he is quiet to that level, his heart will calm down and he can always consider the plot of his novel.

   But now it's different. With the continuous increase in net worth and status, it can be said that his life value has been almost realized. Once his life is satisfactory and his heart's pursuit is realized, he can no longer have grievances with life.

When the breath that had been holding in his heart was gone, his personality began to become more and more normal, and he began to like many beautiful things in life, such as the warm family atmosphere, just like now, watching Tong Yaqian and the next door sister Yu talk With a smile, Lu Yang always had a knowing smile on his face, and there was no impatient emotion in his heart.

Tong Yaqian and Sister Yu talked, they talked about when Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian got married, and then naturally, they talked about all aspects of the wedding, especially when it came to taking wedding photos, Tong Yaqian was obviously more interested. With bright eyes, he adjusted his sitting posture subconsciously, and his upper body leaned towards Sister Yu subconsciously, and began to talk about this issue with Sister Yu enthusiastically.

   The two of them were having a good time talking about this, but Xiao Nun was getting bored as she listened, because she found that she already couldn't understand a lot of things.

   Lu Yang looked at Xiao Nun's frowning expression in his eyes, just when he wanted to see the black back raised in the villa, and the few little turtles, he reached out and quietly led Xiao Nun away.

   Xiao Nun Nuan blinked her big eyes and followed Lu Yang curiously, and kept asking in a low voice: "Uncle Lu...Uncle Lu...Where are you taking me? Are you taking me to play?"

She asked in a low voice because when Lu Yang took her hand and walked, he put a finger in front of her mouth, indicating that she was silent. At that time, Xiao Nun's eyes were bright, and the child seemed to have a sense of this kind of god. Mysterious actions are very interesting.

   Lu Yang quietly led away Xiao Nun. Yu and Tong Yaqian naturally saw her. Lu Yang also knew that she couldn't hide from them. Only Xiao Nun was still sneaky. He naively thought that mother and Aunt Tong hadn't noticed it! His face flushed slightly with excitement.

   Sister Yu and Tong Yaqian looked at them amusedly, and they both cooperated with each other tacitly and pretended to have not yet noticed, and they happened to be able to continue their topic.

   Lu Yang quietly brought Xiao Nun to the glass tank where the tortoise was raised, and motioned Xiao Nun to look inside. She saw the five small green turtles inside, and she opened her eyes wide, and her big eyes were almost on the glass tank.

   "Uncle Lu! What's the name of this little turtle?"

   After looking at it for a while, Xiao Nuan pointed at the biggest turtle inside and asked Lu Yang quietly.

   "Oh! It! It's called Obama!"

   Lu Yang said nonsense, in fact, how was he interested in naming these little turtles one by one?


  Xiao 囡囡 innocently believed, and whispered to the biggest little turtle in the glass tank: "O`B`Ma`O`B`Ma! Look here and see here!"

After calling for a while, the "Obama" didn't give her any response. The little girl wrinkled her little nose depressedly, and pointed to the smallest turtle and asked, "Uncle Lu! Where's this one? This one is called. What's the name?"

   "Oh... this one... this is just a girl! It's called Mai `Dang`na! How about it? Isn't the name okay?"

   Lu Yang continued to talk nonsense. He Baiming, who was standing there blankly not far away, listened to Lu Yang's nonsense. He didn't know if she couldn't bear it either. He shifted his gaze slightly and looked out the door of the villa.

   "What about this one? What's the name of this one, Uncle Lu? This little turtle is so fat..."

   Xiao Nun asked again, and Lu Yang's nonsense started again.

   "Oh, this one! This one is called Jin`san` fat!"

   "Ah? Why is it called Jin`san` fat? It's not golden!"

   "Uh, this... because its father is golden!"

   "Then why is it called San Fat? Are there Big Fat and Er Fat?"

   "Oh... this! This is because Big Fat and Er Fat are already dead!"

   The two people, one big and one small, had a lot of fun. He Baiming's indifferent temperament seemed to be too much to bear. Finally he couldn't help but walked out of the villa hall blankly and went out.

   looked at the little tortoises for a while, then fed some little tortoises, and Lu Yang took her little hand and went to the kennel to look at the black back. (To be continued...)

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